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BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND' : DEATHS, AcimuM?mec^ naler tha hading mat b* JulCKiticsted b' Iht lutn* i:>i addras o" the ?Aw. end ?4 is>crtcd sr ? <A?t;c ?r T?j >a:-riEKs .isd Jsxp*r^<? cam vr!i?l not rsrl*edii*j S'e iincy; over Sve lirxs, SLtj?iic? a*r :iw;. Air<ytia-aients in which £ rrjwrjl mn z*raa<xm*ni is nude ?.-? charged for as if the j "esth ard runetm! ww iepuat* amnQooe luents, namriy:—Tlw mLoinmm dnrse <?! 2/1 ?=d 5/11 J??*?j4irf:r. ) In M?tEorUin and Death ?.trertfe*???!?.s cmtaio ">r reference io nx> than one <i?Ms&i are <*?yiJ S/<= MA io.- e?di d<v>Msrd r><aiion*J, Sena "^ <i;?lin?l and separate anoorooe. BIRTHS. GALVIN (nee Beryl Alford). —i)n fae Ird j Ffibruar%\ at Noigf WanlV. TaTa^v^-za. I Peters, to Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Calviu—a duceli- I ter. ; ; WARD (nee Tess Smith). —On tUe 7i!i >?'?*? i ruaiy. at Nnrse nairw*. trt Mr. and Mr>. <". I. I W?rd, Jerrois-sucet, Peterborough—a Jaugbter. Both well. , CARPENTER <??. Myrtle Stokes.).—On '.he   I SOtli January. at l?ri?-atc Hu^iittl. T?ir*^ ?iiUv. I to Mr. and Mrs. E. Cari?ait:j. .if MillJ.r.jok—? |am <LKli? Basfl). / SHORNING.—On the 3rd Febnurv. at bi-Mrr   JVaMiV Xursins Jlomr. rm fhc Kcneirerion-r.-ud. to Mr. end Mrs. Fred Shorning, ot Mount Lofty —a ton. Both doim; wit. BROCK <n-w Bertha Baum). —On i!io Srb Febniarr, st Mc?ride Nnreins Home. Mpdindi*-. to Mr. and Mrs. Noel U. Brock—a ?on <<i ! Frant PuOlip). Xo %T?itors. i BERRY (nee Ray Christie).—On the 7th   February, at 20, John-street, Solomontown, to   the wife of Charles Berry—a daughter (Heather). Both well.         MIELS (nee Grace Wilson). —On the sth February, u> Mr. and Mrs. DougUs E. Mii-Li. Uttlchampton, late of Lotton. at Sister Buck's Private BosptUl. Mnrray Bridge—a MB <Dudley Wfl*jn>. Both ueU. HAWKE.—'Jn the 1?t F?*ru?ry. at Ilalitu filml, t.j Mr. and Mr. Sfenlev lUnke—a Aiuli ter. Both ?eU. " ? ENGAGEMENTS. i JOHNS—TRIGG.—The ensarennait is an-" nooncvd uf tiitvi t,. (of WaltcrriH.->. eldest j daoshter "f Mr. and Mrs. J. Johns, rickera. to; Ceorge E, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. G. A I Triss. ol Stoctmell. Keswick. 38,10-2/ HOWARD—DOBSON.—The en^gemrnt is an >raonc?il ot Gwendoline. yoims*st <ia<nrht(T .if Mtf. A, Hotnird. of Kent To?n. to Clifford younge?t non .rf A. Dubson, of Yorkshire, England. ,   WEBBER—PAULSON.—The engagement is announced of Marjorie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Webber, 24 Wellington road, North Norwood, to Eylirt, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. Paulson, of 43, Coorara-avenue. South Payneham GERS—GATES.—^JIie engigemenz is ann-rarceoi of Evolyn Veronica, <4dest danghter of Mr. ard Mrs. a. Ger?, of Wtljiam-ttreet, Brotcn Hill, to Bin William Stanley, eldest ton sf Mr. and Mm- A. V. Gates of Minpiry. J DENNIS—SKELTON.-The engagement is announced of Eva A., youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Dennis. Franklin-street, Adelaide, to Arthur J., third son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Skelton, Geraldine, Western Australia.   DEATHS. BONYTHON. — On the 9th February, at "Carclew," Montefiore Hill, North Adelaide, Marie Louise Frederica, dearly beloved wife of       Sir Langdon Bonython. MARSHALL (nee Hounslow). — On the 10th February, at the Adelaide Hospital, Clara, be-   loved wife of W. J. Marshall, of Clarence Park, aged 52 years. Peace, perfect peace.   OLIVER. — On the 9th February, Katherine   Oliver, beloved widow of the late Captain Chas. Oliver, sen., of Milang, aged 68 years (suddenly). BORLACE. — On the 10th February, at her resi- dence, Albert-street, Goodwood, Margaret Jane, second daughter of the late John and E. A. Bor- lace. Melbourne papers please copy. QUINLIVAN. — On the 4th February, at her residence, Crystal Brook, Catherine T., beloved wife of the late M. Quinlivan, of Appila-Yar- rowie, aged 75 years. R.I.P.     COLES. — On the 10th February, at No. 266, Ward-street, North Adelaide, Elizabeth, the be- loved wife of Thomas Petherbridge Coles, late of Port Pirie, aged ?2 years. At rest. LANGHAM. — On the 10th February, at home, Lottie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lang- ham, of Glen Osmond. MAHER. — On the 8th February, at 26, Ada- street, Adelaide, Alice Maher, beloved niece of Mrs. M. I. West, late of No. 4, Cator-street, West Hindmarsh. Loved by all who knew her. —Inserted by Margaret Isobel West.   HENDY. — On the 9th February, at Adelaide Hospital, Raymond, third son of Albert and Una Hendy, of Forest-avenue, Black Forest, late of Broken Hill, aged 10 months. Broken Hill papers please copy. TROTTER. — On the 9th February, at Adelaide, Charlotte Trotter, age 78 years. Rest after weariness. HENLEY. — On the 10th February, at Adelaide Hospital, Sarah Annie, dearly beloved wife of William H. Henley, St. John-st., Adelaide, 53 years, leaving five sons and two daughters to mourn their sad loss.   WALKER. — On the 7th February, in Melbourne (suddenly), John Rowland, the beloved husband of ???e Walker, 52, King William-street, Adelaide,   aged 36 years.   HALDANE. — On the 6th February, at the Port Pirie Hospital, Elizabeth Jessie, beloved eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Haldane, of Union Park, aged 24 years. KING. — On February 10, 1924, at Hindmarsh, Annie Amelia, dearly loved wife of John King, of Light-street, Ridleyton, aged 39 years. At rest. REED. — On the 9th February, 1924, at his late residence, Coglin-street, Brompton, Gilbert, dearly beloved husband of Nellie Reed (nee Hassel), aged 48 years. At rest. fljQB FUSEBAI, XOTTCtS yEE~PAC!E 3L> I |_ Adr. _sers are requested to aend Xotiots of In Memorism and Herow ?f tke Crtmc W*r not mUt dun 4 1 fML Copj- tor those intended far Saturday's isnie tooled be aapplied not later than 4 pja. ?o Thundaj. IN MEMORIAL. BLANCHFORD.-In l??1nc menjorj- ?s tor   darlfr- ijit c Biily. who died Frteuary 11 K?K. Th? znejxory- o! his dear lisle ni) WS3 I'mgor sitii a? *1J tror Artu: Sw? tittle flower, too lovely tustzr Cod called liim home to lead us tbe war —Inserted by bis loving <sther and mother. ' ,* BOWDEN.—ln 10-.tos; Taomorv ot nor d-? T ?nether, ?bo dcpifieA this lifr. Ftbnary JUUt, Sleep oc. <Jeir roother. ?i kind ant true. No one on. earth ?? fatitter -fjun \-ou. For uk you Jiwjr; did yoor beat, " Mjjt Cod jrram job etcrsil raft. —innted ry h?r foi-in? was and dan^Mera. ,?' : CHALLENGER.—UoURr, Ctol Fetomarr :i.i 101 S. Eonetiae with tearlen eyes Til sec cwect laaa, filill in memory. ! —Vidab K. Hat?ou. jj DENISON. —in 1?\-Snir mereorr of our dear fans bind and :?h?r, -Jcory- Berber; IVaior^ nha . leased sway on Tdmury U 19S>, throagh ia- , juriei TT^eixed at SUIe-Cx). S^.R. ?-?? i nut : J?t f?gotte?."—lnsmcd br bs Jorioj *?c, K. " A. l>ni?m. and fanrfj-. j EDWARDS.—In loving memory or oar tor father, who died at Forest Range, February 11. Will "re ever forset to love him? Woes Uw ran forpri ?o <4ifale> Yon will always be remembered i mi w n?>et in yondct dimr, —Inserted h\ liis loving son and dasuutcr-iu law. Jim aud Addy. Hope Valley. / EDWARDS.—ln fond tin loviic nmnori- ot rr.y dear fattier, ?bo rui?ed j?;y nn lVbruan- 11 , K>£X . ' IWinUi (or loiich sod Li*'* my *r*ii:er. | R<-?tSr,ff in j>pjci- vith ?iod. - I know you suffered pafai. dear dad. llt ne!d> us -arvep mod cry. j ]To thinfc i<r could do notninc j iV- T.O slomlr uw you di-. —Inarrted b> k:s lovinjr *<faushi^r and eoii-:a- . law. Fli>rrie. Tom, and little grandsons ,:e~-ie Tt*sk*z R.or?. EDWARDS.— In lovinc cieanr> of ray deir feUfTand. -?lio lui^nd aw?y jk Ijezuwood, Kehru&ryj lie !ert . vi liru n?nd ' To tl^iw ?lm wiih-d holp &:j> r.^ t p.-ii ?.f .#ha: he d< . Hut kept it ro ii-iTiarlf. Ris beort ira b al?-?>? ii< X*. tars'*. Ho toile-i .ii.i h.i* b?r. I "ii<> Jwiv a;s pair, he burr- it ?cli. ? Ami htm- lw sufrr^d =one oar *?1".. i —Inserted br !>;?< lo?irr w-tf,-. r. A. t>lrrar>l-. ? ? EDWARDS.—In loriic rcnvnibran.v <i our <l?ir fjiturr. tvlio r**-*?! i-rir on r?^>r?^rv :i i Iftr*. Tl? Irtni ss.i.l. "f ~i?>. I ta'?^ ; !?> r<.t irrirr^: vo.<r fatlKT i- i II- due">l> ?-:Ui M- in Vh- kin=>lon; iiw?. Sarrouniled l?y Anfrel?. pear*, and lnv?*. ' —Inverted !?y iij? lovinjr Sansiiter and *DO-iE-bjr, j" Dai?y and CdrMl. ( ELLIOTT.—In loviirc memery of onr d<?r j J wife and mother, vtho pas6ed away <m Febroary 1 11. 1952. We Tcpr* not there at tlie htfar et death. ! ' To bear her laet faint sifrh. I " Or ju?* <wie loring word I Or even cay pood-by**. j | A beautiful memory left beiiinil 1 Of a Win; wife, both true and *in-i. I —InsertMi !>>? to Jorioc ho.*33<J ltd han'lr 'l WaiVt-rio. * | GOOLE.—In :oriric; mrtno'r of my dear motrer,T<l Kho Jici rVwasry I:. n?i?. j Smi? tiTi^. ftirne da;r. ry ?^e? shall ??-" j Tbe tie? I hrf.d in ?aitnu.Tv. J ! —Inserted t>r b?- lovusr .lau^httT, Dela. t^yrtip. GRINDLAY.—ln loving memory u f our   j sister. w!? passol away February in. l!U<i. . Notliiiq: l?nt a runnory as v.o journey <>n. TjOnjrui^ for a fcrv tliat has T!wrr i? only a ?rav<>. lim it (rets our ?sre, , For my darling bist?T is sleeping iln*n\ by her loving broth?T and riytcrv. HARNDEN.—In lovicp meraorT- of H"flJ trho died Febmarj Uth, IP2O. U>\?d in life, rf menibcred ;n death.—l^p.^rteJ I>y A.ft. HARNDEN.—In Imii.jt rcmombrar.-v .if ..<ir dear fatlier and crandpa, wlw px.--,nl iv.-^v Februarj 11. I^io. IVjtelullv (Jrt-pinc.— Tnfrted by his lnvinic Will, vi.l rf>-:^itcr iE-:a.v. P---K jt.l gra:>4??i. P.i.Ii HENDERSON.-fc lo^:* ini-::, t -> of iJrU <;<osve. M"!:c .ii?<s 9th I'rtirjjr.i. I>?|.-.. 1 vj<%\ I^iivl a&d Htt*dv hnj?.r -M <L?U^? ""t the .-.icr <-, ~?f. rur^? o>ck asot icr Itif. ~ ! '-t-andfr. jgnemtgal far father, maisr. tsxen, < ?sl IsnttsVk WaUaioo Mia*. i

i IN MEMORIAM. HAWKE.—In itivl;^: nj<ni.,rv ot ;.v^ c:?ni-. ? i?l *: i!n.j!iT.? Conlro. l.-th Fubrau?'. I'Jll ?Ji-i 'uii.,n? hc.?l. Pcarcfollv ;i: r->l. 1 t —Ins-iti'4 l,\ ii.viii^ iiarcuu anJ "ti=.U'r*. ' HIGNETT.—ln l'?vtns xn?^non" ?*! ortv t!-ar   . iat!.?r. vlio dir..< at. i:iv. r.-jii." S.A.. F?hru-iy t 1*? i"-i*-il. tviid irjfiii'"Tif' ?>. —!ns*'ritil 1/v Jiifi ? j*t<?r. I.::_-.. who puavi J?a> a; Xin?-strrt-l I 1 K-!b..JT I ).. .<-. f*S.i-u?ry ]jrj,." TV.. | Wh.tL h?H#y \li\s- *??? (Huy vw^rr^l. | ? ~li??rtM by tier iciic^ sister, N~!it?* sc. ? t/--dtJifr-:.-i-^o-. Uii. HUSSION.—In ! 3 .inr ri.nii.rj -x" our ??? \   I W-!i..>?r!i.'. .>n I-VUruwy mJi_ lyir. J He '' w. "ni:t? tier w'flciKi"< ttj*A^l>*P4i. j ?X wii.' ht.. ]??!; vs lo rwn.yniv-v i 1 No:,- vii (-jr.h ?.-jj, tlI hpr t>tat?.-. J— lirs*n..-I i.r b-.r ]-?vi:i^ jad <ji itr. .' : HUSSION.—ln l<.v:.. = ai?oiur>' ->: mv .l^:ir ?=*?   trr, Imv\, <i^i.. pjssi-J an^v at Kim^jlrwl. i:--: fc?UT>>-. *~:l :V:'i*;. mh, UilV. I In my hean tt.^v'-. a !>i9utsul piiriiir".. j 11-? *?i.!c^"Vn!-. l*'.V/r-.->S''"M> SSir,' ! tt!io i-- UiJ U?-[. >Iou;i i;j ijx- .^.j. j ir my .!itin? I hn kia-l f^.-. Awl fciss h-r loii^- l.r??. J But in mv f.chiiz; ln*art X Louw i We tav.- no 1.-.KJ- ????. I j—lrsencd i,y j:.t ;.jiij.~ Im-.i;,.,. lUr<>;4. aTi?l M.-Trr-m-im. Cjidy,. I HUSSION.\--|- Vn-iu; o?iiot> of m< d?r -i- : irr, Ijh;-*". vho p^A^v! awDj *ii King-scrc^i. Mi-:-j buuriK, on r?4)nljr; lUh. :i*!7. j L'ndw tlir drnio- fod, I Ij* 1^ my <Jirtii}jr sister. J fi?liDr in puac -ailh "lod. i —lrw>r!<^l by ti.r lqnine si-slcr, CUra. ?nl truthcr-iii-lsT.-. Uml,l. / HUSSION.—ln ijxiuK ?nemor}- <rf m.v opir m i^r, iAK-v, ulio parsed awdy el Klnf-str^t. Be' bourne, un !-Vbroary Titli. 19IT. I In our lirarK }v.ur mt^norj* i: "P*' ! ?.??> ?i'J aI?N ihink of y<ra. j —lm?T:...' liy h.r lovirer s-sfr. Lily. KEYNES.—Iu loving m?Bory o! o? .l-nr father, who pas*d iw on KAruary v. IOiV. Siijlv missed. —Insmed by I>?is and Stan, Bordertosra. / KEYNES.—In the lo?ins nusnory oi deir f?i;i?r. rho ditJ Irfiraary 11. ?Jc. TVwiiy hrinre hiok sad maiicrifs.—lnserted by Fjank and Wfc?!. MANTON.—In loving memory of ??^J- Nan ton, viliu died m W.xxlrillr on Frbiiury U.I IS2?.—lr.wrtwi liy his loving daughter. Etwi-in- j law. and granddaughter*. / j MARTENS.—In loving incmory of our ?!i-ar j iii-.ter. Florrir. vlio passed mv at Adftlide Hot fitai, Frbraart- 11. 1919. ' tn mcirK>ry*> A?n^? we -ail! '&c^ri ti^.". To u& fiho ?-afi one of Th" Intz. —tosntnS liy lisr tii-HT, Boto and lrf?i?. McMARTIN.—in Ji>?-inir menoO" ?rf ?w ">Vr ?nntb-r. ?ho was callrd lwoic oo F?s>Minry 5? -1919. Corr from u£. I>ul lecvinr momories IVath can m>v take ?wa>: |j>iTM. raiirtnbcn'd. longed tor a'wayp, ?Jliile upon tbis earth ?c slay. —Inserted iv lier affectionate dangfatcn, Addw saj K!o, OLDFIELD.—In loving memory nt our d?.r Cl<ro. ?tK> died February 11. I?23.—lnsortc<! by hie family. / TRENORDAN.—In lovme memorj' *" our dear prandmj, abo w*?vl a?ay on itie '.Its Kebn. ar>-. "?rt>iie. but nur forpotl?n."—lnserted by her loving daughter, noo-in-lavr. and grandeba. drvn. / SCRIVEN.—A loviag tribute i" t'j? memory of our dear ?ife and motlHT. ?lio i>-is~.>.l a?-ay Frbruarj- 11. 1522. Sime day ?t will uud^r gtand.—^ln*i?lrt<>d hy lorixur hustacd aad lamilj-. SCRIVEN. —In iovinc momorj' of my darling nvv. May Boairirv Scri?vn, \vh'> |iauvd i?-y February- 11. IVJS. Pearw. jx^rfv^ |<eacc. — Inserted by her loving auntir, Harriot Mivrf. I ' I SCRIVEN.—In tad and Itnms memory <£ jnr t oulv dau^htT. May H'vtrice berivcru v.iio ]usuetl j ?way Fdjniary It. lui2. So d?arly io??.l sol tutdly mifised.—lnserted hy }u.r loiin-^ nhillitn. F. Grieve. Broken Hill papen i>l^ise <i-r.v- SCRIVEN. —In lot ing inemuij nf ny oalj EisKT, May, vho paawd avay oa February 11, 1922. Another year its changvs bring. Though death divides, fond nremory dings. —Inserted by G?.?ri;e, Ada. and Slay. ' ; SCRIVEN.-nx Uuah).—ln lovittg in?snor}- or   d?r ?Jlj;, ?i!o die.l at. Bwlirn Hill. P"eoruar? v. UiJ." llc<i> in my i^.rt there's i memory. Streti, tender, fond, and (roe; A-- Jh.' j??rs so by. *-3t Mi), I Mill alw-Jj> rsmeniber j*oj. —Insertod <>y lier jjioi; (rien/i. Blary Trwnj^i. S'ax-nphnm. -' SINCOCK. —In Jorine memory of oor dearlr loved and onlr <4iM, who rai**d away February ! 11. IBIJ. ?c<- 4{ jwar.. You arr alv>a\-s in our iliou^riu. dear Mirj, Tfc. tw?ai to breathe your name. { And -we via* -you, as we lor*4 you. t lou were the sunshine of our norar. j IjOie n<^^er die?, although seven years ] H?ve slowly pa>se<i my. All that it xnear.L <a lo*e you. Msry J Ouly our rad hejr;- kiic?. —Insertrd by her lovinsr father and uothzr, I ?0. Vill^tre..--.. DuUicli. ; i SINCOCK. —In luvirjr memon- of my darlic? j little siecp. Slan*. who pasted away February* { Ilth. 1317. ape 4J years. Ju~t a sad. svvet memory. fond and true, j ?ftfca a token of lov. war Uuy, of you. j —Inserted by bcr loving auntie, 11. Cbee^nan, i Sioraunrilie. / j SINCOCK.—Tn lorinc nmnory of our cousin,! Mart, -Kin) pi-srf a?ay at 20. Mii]-<?iret, Dul- ? v-idi. February Ilth. 193 7, age 44 jTam. ;' Dearer to memory than v-ord* can tell Are incustits of Mary we loved so well. ; —lE?.?npd by her lovhur cousins, Rdx* and M. , I>ro>idi:. CauinpJd. Victoria, and Edna. VarVj- < 1:11 a. i SMITH.—In fond rt^urtnlnaitce of oar ?K-ar] lioslund and tather. Frvd<-rirl Charlns ) ?ho fiawd iiway February 11. I9Sl.—lttt-rW ! by hif fond wif*. bod, and daufhirr. : TOTHILL.—III l<nicc rn.aiorv of Frtd. rick. Trim ptsefd airay at rat-nctiam on i!:b iv:,niary, ; IS2I. Always rvtaemliered by hi? I.Mvd ou<-s" i SUGARS.— In memory of a loving mother, who   was called home February ?? 1920. Sadly missed by Fanny, Edith, and Anne. TRARNORDEN.—Iu lovinc memory of nur doar ? grandma. w^o jejj adeep F<4wuar>- l"l. 1U25. j We monrn for you dear, granduia, I But not with outmard Ehow; ] For they that mourn the deepeol ? M.?m rQeotly and low. — £vrr trmrmWnA hv her loxin^ frandkn, IliiTy and Linda, and family. , WALTESS.—lu loving memorr of mv dear *-m and bmtiwr, wbo ims*-J *???}?'^n the'ir>ti F<*>- ? i \i" often sit and thiiA of you. TVar Km. when we air a!l alaar : | Fcr n.?m>T is th.- only frietid ? i That crio* ra;i cal1 itn own : —Irw-rrw! 1-y hi* loiic^ motSM- a?l suu r ?i>S! broSicr-m-Un-. Vi-ltt a.-rf fltotre. / I WHITTLE.--Ir Ij.irer arewn" .; m^ .I~- hu? j berd ortd oarlinj ua-idy, who~pasiietl*<iway IVi raarr nth. 1K2.-InsrrWd ?„? hi> ;?^-iii ?:i? aro UOV Jau^irr. Waisjivt: ! WILSON.—ln Iminc mt-taory cf mr dariiit :     Harold. it)w died Kibraarj- 10. 191 s. I rnciouf dsrlir-S, t* lus left us, j IWt us for nvnnori-. ) Bui ??<? li.iriv to meet our lo>?d tn- ' flta that bripht and happy shon. J wtS y l"" loni * ?ttrmu'- ?? "*,*-]