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SOUTH AUSTRALIA. THE KERNEYS. - It has been rumored for some time past that the Kerneys had confessed to several of the crimes for which other persons have been convicted and imprisoned.     This is to some extent true, but as yet no official investigation has taken place. We understand that John Kerney has acknowledged having been concerned in the attack   upon Mr. Rankin (late councillor) and in the robbery of Messrs. M'Nicol and Baldwinson, for, which Henry Allen was convicted and sentenced to 14 year's imprisonment. He also says that he believes two of his associates were the parties who stopped Charles Sowter at Kent Town, for which Patrick Kennedy and James Hamilton were sentenced each to 14 years' imprisonment. It is said on their own authority that the Kerneys, commenced the practice which was commonly known as "sticking-up" simply for a lark, and finding they met with so little resistance were induced to prosecute their evil calling with other   intentions. They have asserted that many robberies which they committed have never been made public. Among them was one in which the elder Kerney, being prevented by his brother from getting a pistol, sallied forth with an cau de cologne bottle, and on coming across a man put it close to his cheek, and demanded his money, on which the victim in great alarm handed out the   contents of his pockets, which, however, were handed back to him. On another occasion David Kerney himself was waylaid by his brother and another companion, and gave   information to the police, who escorted him to every suspicious corner of the city, confronting him with all sorts of persons, each of   whom they were sure was the veritable Thunderbolt. This was no doubt one of Kerney's dodges to become acquainted with the views of the police authorities, and to find out whom they suspected of the robberies   which at the time were prevalent. Nothing, so fair as we are aware, has yet transpired concerning any of the affairs in which the horse was used, except that John Kerney had described the manner in which it was   disguised by the painting of a white blaze on its forehead, white patches on its feet, tying up its tail, and so on. He says that on one occasion he was chased by three policemen, who always pulled up as soon as he did, and when he went on again followed as before. He casually remarked about Langford's affair that he believed the man who shot Langford must have done it in mistake; and when he heard that Mr. Langford had been obliged to leave the colony in consequence, he said he was "sorry for that." These desperadoes are   respectively 19 and 22 years of age, and were in the habit of padding and using high heeled boots in order to alter their build and appearance. - Observer.