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MONDAY, JUNE 7, 1897.


A special forecast, interesting chiefly to shipping, and issued by the Weather Office on Saturday evening, was repeated last night.

Heavy south-east squalls and rough seas are to be experienced,, with some rain, be- tween Clarence Head and Cleveland Bay, and small craft north of Cairns are warned.

Thomas Maher, a resident of Rosalie, was knocked down by an omnibus on the Too wong-road on Saturday night and killed.

A woodcutter named Gunderson was killed on Friday at Coorparoo through falling from a wood-laden dray while endeavouring to aid his son in holding a bolting horse.

The attendance at the Exhibition <

Saturday was larger than usual, there being among the visitors about 300 excursionists by the Toowoomba train.

The Q.R.M.S. Duke of Westminster, from London, reached Thursday Island on Satur-

day evening.

Mr. R. A. Ranking, P.M. at Rockhamp- ton, has been appointed to the Land Board to act at Rockhampton during the absence of Mr. W. A. Tully.

The Logan Village Bridge was formally opened on Saturday by Mr. B. J. Stevens.

The Italian residents of Brisbane are or- ganising a movement for the celebration of the Diamond Jubilee.

Forty-seven out of fifty members of the Cairns Naval Brigade have joined the en- campment at Townsville.

Redwater has appeared in a mob of cattlo trucked from Hughenden on Friday last.

The steamer Nuddea has left Thursday Island with a portion of the Duke of Devon- shire's cargo.

The steamer Derwent broke har propeller shaft just after crossing Wide Bay Bar on Sunday, and was towed back by the pilot steamer Llewellyn.

The Acting Premier of Victoria intends to propose some important amendments in. the Commonwealth Bill.

Heavy losses of stock have been caused by the drought in Victoria.

William Snell has ridden from Menzies, Western Australia, to Melbourne on a bicycle in twenty-six. days.

Justice Hood, in Melbourne, granted an order for 'statutory meetings of creditors ,of four banks in liquidation to consider the

scheme for forming an assets company to take over the assets of those institutions.

A conference between representatives of the miners and the colliery proprietors has been held at Newcastle to consider the claim of the men for increased wages, but the proprietors declined to malte any con-


Sir Henry Norman, who has been engaged

1 on the West Indian Sugar Commission, will

resume his duties as Agent-General for Queensland in August.

Mr. Justice Vaughan Williams, in London, has given the sanction of the court to the rearrangement scheme of the Queensland

National Bank.

The committee appointed by the debenture holders of the New Zealand Loan and Mer- cantile Agency Company have recommended an important scheme for readjusting the capital account of the company.

The Premiers of Victoria and South Aus- tralia have arrived in London, and were conveyed in royal carriages to the Hotel


Mr. Balfour is not disposed to release the Irish dynamite prisoners on the occasion of the Queen's Jubilee.

The British, French, and Italian Em- bassies at Constantinople are opposed to any retrocession of Thessaly to Turkey.

Terrible distress prevails amongst the Groek refugees in Thessaly and Epirus, many of whom are naked and starving

Alfred Dodds obtained First Prize 1892, and a Silver Medal 1S95 (highest award), for Mechanical Dentistry.*