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The Brisbane Courier.

TUESDAY, APRIL 13, 1897.

Generally fine weather is anticipated in Queensland, with a tendency to electric

disturbance inland.

At the half-yearly meeting of Queens- land National Bank shareholders yesterday, Messrs. James Milne and G. S. Murphy were elected directors, and Messrs. W. Bul- cock and G. C. Horstmann auditors.

The parade states at the Lytton Encamp- ment yesterday showed a total of 1223 officers and men in camp. A good muster of Volunteers is expected on Thursday.

At the meeting of the South Brisbane Council yesterday, the Mayor stated that he had interviewed the Acting Premier, who had stated to him that only three bills would be brought forward by the Go- vernment in the next session of Parlia- ment before the Premier returned.

According to this statement the Govern- ment proposed to defray half the cost of the Victoria Bridge, the Maryborough Bridge, and the bridge to be built at Bundaberg, to include provisions in the Local Government Bill for consolidating all the indebtedness of local authorities, and to introduce an electoral reform measure.

In a divorce suit, Phillips v. Phillips and Bryant, heard before the Chief Justice yesterday, the jury awarded the plaintiff £750 damages, and his Honour gave judg- ment against the co-defendant for that sum and costs, and made an order nisi for the dissolution of the marriage.

The Chief Justice yesterday reserved judgment in the action Cox v. Bourne and


An examination of witnesses In the estate of S. Berliner woe held in the Insolvency Court yesterday, before his Honour Mr.

Justice Cooper.

At the delegate meeting of the 'Queens- land Rugby Union held last evening, Mr. F. C. Lea was appointed chairman of the Executive Committee for the year.

A man named Chrlstopt Homann died suddenly at his residence. Eagle Farm, yes- terday morning.

The first consignment of goods passed over the South Brisbane Wharf Railway yesterday.

The Mining Commission have finished tak- ing evidence at Georgetown, but are still on the Etheridge goldfield.

The Lands Commission are visiting Hugh- endon, and leave at once for Cairns, via


At an adjourned conference of stork owners and others at Rockhampton, a num- ber of resolutions were adopted dealing with the tick regulations, which are re- garded as oppressive.

Bishop Cani had nis shoulder dislocated through being thrown from, his horse at Rockhampton.

Mr. Pagan, accompanied by the district engineer, has proceeded over the route of the proposed railway extension from Ma-

reeba to Atherton.

The Hon. R. Philp is now visiting Towns- ville, and will proceed to-day to Hughen- den. "

A deputation representing the city and country newspapers waited upon the New South Wales Attorney-General to ask for an alteration in the law of libel, so as to give fair play to newspaper proprietors, and received a favourable reply from Mr.


Gordon Foster, a palmist, has been com- mitted for trial In Sydney on the charge of fortune-telling.

The draft bill to constitute the Common- wealth of Australia has been completed, and is now being discussed in Committee by the Federal Convention at Adelaide.

The bill provides for the " indissoluble" union of the colonies in a Commonwealth under the Crown of Great Britain, and generally follows the'lines of the old Com-

monwealth Bill.

The Melbourne City Council has donated £1000 to the fund for erecting an Infectious diseases hospital as a memorial of the Queen's record reign.

The Melbourne Council have decided to regulate bicycle traffic in the metropolis.

The British Channel Squadron is to pro- ceed to Malta and remain there during the present crisis in Eastern Europe.

It is stated that rich auriferous quartz has been discovered at Asmara, in the Italian colony of Erythrea, North-east

Africa. -

Great Britain and France are sending warships to New York to take part in the ceremonies in connection with the General Grant monument.

French financiers aro stated to be sub- mitting to Rus3ia a plan for supplying the Porte with funds to carry out reforms in Turkey.

The Greek irregulars who crossed the Turkish frontier in Macedonia have burned four Turkish outposts.

Latest news with regard to the action of the Greek irregulars, who are stated to have been equipped by the National League, are conflicting, but no further fighting of serious character has occurred.

The Greek Premier states that no regular troops have been concerned in the incursion into Turkey, but it was impossible to re- strain the men acting under the National


The Porte has protested to the Powers against the Greek invasion, and states that the Turks are willing to retire when the Greek troops withdraw from the frontier

and also from Crete.

The report that the Island of Inyack, at the entrance to Delagoa Bay, was to be occupied by the British Squadron at the Cope, is denied.

Canada wishes to send a regiment to take part in the Jubilee celebrations in London, and officers and men are not only clamour

ing to go, but ore willing to pay their own


The Royal Geographical Society is organ- ising an Antarctic Expedition.

One hundred and forty thousand slaves have been freed in Zanzibar.

Mr. Goschen, First Lord of the Admiralty, speaking at a banquet, said that the power of the Empire was behind the British High Commissioner in South Africa, and the pre- sence of the sailors and redcoats at Cape- town was a guarantee that Great Britain would maintain her supremacy.

A report of further rich gold discoveries

on the Yukon River, in Alaska, is causing I a rush there.