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Anctiona. _ ABSTRACT of SALES ty AUCTION THIS DAY. Elder's Wool and Produce Oosspinv—At the Cor poration Yard*, at 11.30—Cattle air. J. H. Pair.—At Boase's Bazaar, at 2—Horses, venktcs, &c Sir. C. W. t^rkst— At Di?den, at 7.30-Land anl house racpirty. Messrs. IV J. Bottinemd Co.—At the Mart, at 11— F-amiMre, pianos, ?Tgans, firearms, jewellery, book ilt-sasC Biuce. Akfridgc, and Co.—At Goodwood Swill, at 2—iit&ding plant, drays, &c. The SUictione\linj?Company.—At the Mart, at 10.30 - Kuinitun ecd miscellaneous goods, ftrssrs. LuKmcere and Co., Elder's Wool and Produce Company, K. J. Coombs and Co., at 9.3o—Hides, fcld.r's W-eol and Produce Company, Lnxmoore and Co art 2—Kangaroo skins. Ue^ifi. S. t&rnard and Co.—At?oasc's Bazaar, at 2.30 -Hw. dray. &c. XHl&uAl iMouuav), April o, at 11 o'cioeK. CT THE ADELAIDE AUCTION MART. MSWVED TO THE MART FOR CONVENIENCE OF SALE. UNDER A REGISTERED BILL OF SALE. AND ON ACCOUNT OF A GENTLEMAN WHO HAS LEFI THE COLJNY. FIRST-CLASS HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. PIANOS, ORGANS, RIFLES, AND GUNS, PERSONAL EFFECTS OF H. ARTHUR, DECEASED. CARPENTER'S TOOLS, &??. ALSO, EY ORDER OF THE OFFICIAL RECEIVER BOOK DEBTS IN RE BRUCE SUTHERLAND, PUBLICAN, INSOLVENT. FJ. BOTTING and CO. * [have been instructed to sell, at tneir Mart, Xhis Day (Monday), April 5, at 11 o'cljck— HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Pianos, Or e Tins. Harmoniums 5 Drawing-room Suites in Cretonne and Rep 3 Dining-room Suites oak frames and leather and horsehair). Oak Sideboard (mirror back), Oedar Sideboards, Chiffonnieres, Dining Ex tension Tables, Round and Oval Tables, Mirrors, Overmantels, Brackets, Carpets, Wardrobes, Duchess Soites, Sewing Machines, Bookcases, Icechests, Fancy Chairs, Occasional Tables, Bedsteads (Single and double, brass mounted), Matlrasses and Bedding, Toilet ware, OIL PAINTINGS, E.P. WARE JEWELLRY, Rules and Guns. AMP By order of Public Trustee in re H. Arthar, Deceased- Lot Carpenter's Tools, Wearing Apparel, &?., tc ALSO, In the Insolvent Estate of Bruce Sutherland, Publican, Jamestown- All the Uncollerted Eook Debts, amounting to £31* 14s. 3d. " ON AX EtRLY DAY. ' "AT THE DOCK, PORT ADELAIDE EY ORDER OF THE WESTERN AUSTRALIAN TIMBER COMPANY. UK JANE WtODBURS, JUST ARRIVED FROM LOCKEVILLE. W.A. 177,000 FEET PRIME FULL-CUT JARRAH. FJ. BOTTIKG and CO have been ? favored with instructions from the Western Australian Timber Company to sell, at the Dock Wharf, Port Adelaide, on an early day— Ex Jane Woodburn, just arrived from W.A. 177.000 FEET PRIME FULIrCCT JARRAU. t£T Specifications in course ot preparation. *gt Tola DAY (Monday), April 5, at 1 o'clock. AT BOASE'S BAZAAR. 6 YOUNG UNBROKEN HORSES. PARR, JAMES EL, wfll sell, as above, for Mr. J. Grundy, Jan., Second Valley, at 2 o'clock— 6 Young UNBROKEN HORSES, Et for tram or trolly work. For Mr. W. Blinman— Waggonette, to carry six, with brake, &c. On another account— Light Trolly, 10 cwt. Entries tai hour of Sale. IH THE SUPREME COURT OF SOUTH AUS TRALIA. BY ORDER Of AND WITH THE APPROBA TION OF THE MARTRR OF THE SCPREM2 COURT. In the Matter of tie Estates settles by the Wills of W3liam Yourghnsband, Esq., and Loufai Marshall his daughter, both deceased. Pursuant to the Order herein da ed the 13th day of November, ISSS. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION in tbe OLD EXCHANGE AUCTION MART, ADELAIDE, on THURSDAY, Eth of APRIL, 18S6, at 2 o'clock, all those VALUABLE CITY PROPERTIES, namely, GRENFELL-STBEET, COMMERCIAL INN, and GILBERT - PLACE, FORMERLY MESSRS. YOUNGHUSBAND & OO.'g OFFICES, Mid being ARTS of TOWN ACRES No. 112, No. 77, and No. 78, CITY OF ADELAIDE. PARR, JAMES H., haa received Instructions to sell by auction. In his Mart, the Old Exchange, King William-street, Adelaide. on Thursday, April 8,1856, at 2 o'clock— The following VALUABLE CIIY PROPER. TIES, with the approbation of the Master of the Supreme Court of South Australia, pursuant to the above order— 6RENFELL-STREET. —All tba& piece of Land ?itnate on the south side of Grenfell-street, Adelaide, and known as the Commercial Inn being part of the Town Acre, No. 112. in the Provincial Survey marked with the letter A having a frontage on the north side to Grenf ell street of 67 ft 6 in. or thereabouts, with the same dimension on the south side, next a private road, by a depth of 195 feet or there abouts on the east side next a private road, as well as on the west side next other part of the ?aid section. There is a right-of-way running from Grenfell-street all along the whole of the eastern boundary, and then turning and run ning' along the whole of the southern boundary, the eaia right-of-way being of a width of 15 teet- OTLBEET-PLACE.—AU that piece of Land situate in Gilbert-place, off Hindley and King William streets, Adelaide, being part of the Town Acres Kos. 77 and IB in the Provincial Survey marked with the letter A, having a frontage on the east of 81 feet to Gilbert-place, and a dimension of 60 feeton the west, next part of Town Acre 77, by a depth of 80 feet on the north side, next a private road, and on the south side thereof, next to Town Acre 110. There is a right-of-way of the width of 12 feet along the whole of the northern boundary, and a right-of-way ot the width of IS feet along the whole of the eastern boundary to Hindley-street. This Property is for sale, together with all Build Ings and Stores erected thereon, and was for man years known as the offices ot Messrs. William Young Time Properties offer to the mercantile and trading communities very special advantages, the OrenfeU-street Property especially, as it has a right of-way of 15 feet on the east side leading to the real of the land on the sooth, where there is ample room for the *tm*h*]w% of goods and taming of drays. The Gilbert-place Property is in the immediate vicinity ot King William and Hindley streets, and In the centre of some of the leading bosinese bouses. ir.ttM?—One-third of purchase-money cash en fall ef hammer, and the balance within one "innth or option of purchaser may remain on mortgage for three yean at 6 per cent, per annum. Particulars may be had from the Auctioneer: and from Messrs. Stow & BakeweU, Soiicitora, Albion Chambers, Waymouth-street, AiM.m? 63.6.9iw90-8r65-8? THIS DAY (Monday), April 6, at 7.30. AT LAWTON'B SCHOOLROOM, BOWDEN CW. PRIEST is instructed by the ? Executor of the late William Kent to sell by T as above^ That Valuable ALLOTMENT of LAND No. 163, of Section 3SS, Hundred Yatala, laid out as Brompton, measuring 99 feet to Chief-street by 193 feet deep together wth the five-roomed House, cellar, veran dah, *c, fee ; also, three rooms, back verandah, Ac Large gan1 en, vines, and fruit trees; also pines and shrub*. Real Property Act Title, vol. xL, folio 155. Stuate just north of Ethelbert-sqaare. not tar from JBtaUScbooL in wide street, and near Mr. Pickering's. If not sold in one Cne will be subdivided-^The three-roomed House and 33 feet by 198 feet deep; the five-roomed House, with 66 feet by 198 feet deep. I have the reserves, which are very low indeed. We memn tntmett. Good part of purchase money can stay on mortgage This Day, at 7-30 etarp. z9sz THIS DAY. AT THE MABT, 31, CRENFELL- " STREET. AT MJO. ?^^?T?I?^DILDEBS AND CONTRACTORS LARGE LOT OF DEAL PLANKS, JARRAH. AND STRINGY BARK. 1W SCABCA^£^ AB&CHii E LAR3E oHfifiiSS?^ X will hold their Regular Sale, as above. Terms Cash. No reserve as usoaL F. BRADLY. Auctioneer. 31, GrenfeU-atreet. THIS DAY (Monday), April 5, at 11_S>. AT THE CORPORATION YARD 3. 200 PRIME FAT BULLOCKS. EJLDER'S WOOL AND PRODUCE I COMPANY (LIMITED) wffl aeU, as above- EORG E LAUGHTOM, LIVE STOCK AUCTIONEER, ' WOOL, HIDE, SKDI. AHD TALLOW SALESMAN, CURRIE-OTREET, ADELAIDE. SOScxSllc

Auctions. THIS DAY (Monday), April s,|ati o'clock. ON THE PPEMISES KNOWN AS MR. H. PRE wrai's, goodwood south. TO EUILDEES #.ND OTHERS. DRAYS, BUILDING PLANT, 4c "UNDER INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE TRUSTEE IN THE ASSIGNED ESTATE OF H. PREWTTT, BUILDER. BRUCE, ALDRIDGE, & CO. hare received instructions to sell, a* above— The Whole of the PLANT, cowprisint;— Scaffold Boards, Poles Hand Barrows, Carpenters' Benches Rkteteappirg, Rop'*, s?., &c, Ac. ALSO, t Drays, lot Harness AND Large quantity of Sundries. lists obtairaUe from the Auctioneers. TO-MORROW (Tuesday), April 0. AT THE PORT DuCK, PORT ADELAIDE (On arrival of the Train). TO TIMBER MERCUaMS AXD BUILDERS. EAURI PISE. PITCH PIKE, JAKHAH, FLOORING. G ALVANI ZED I UOis. BRUCE, ALDRIDGE, & CO. have received instructions to sell by auetior, as above. FuU i articulars in Citilognes obtainable from the Aucfoieers. TO-MORROW (Tuesday). April 6. AT THE PORT DOCK, PORT ADELAIDE (On arrival of the 10.5 Train). TO TIMBER MERCHANTS, BUILDERS, AND OTHERS. DEALS, JUST ARRIVED FROM GRIMSTAD. BRUCE, ALDRIDGE, & CO. have received" instructions to sell by auction, TLe CARGO of the CHRISTIAN SCRIVENER RED and WHITE DEALS, Full particulars in Slips obtainable from the Auctioneers. A DELAIDE HIDE SALES. TO-DAY. LIXMOORE & CO. atlTa). ELDERS WOOL AND PRODUCE COMPANY, R. J. COOMEES & CO. following. KANGAROO SKIKS. ELDER'S WOOL AND PRODUCE COMPANY, 2 o'clock. I.UXMOORE A CO. following. THIS DAY (Monday), at 2.30. LOASETS BAZAAR. S BARNARD aud CO. will sell, as ? above- Bay Horse, Spring-Dray, and Harness, unicr execution Local Court. - TO-MORROW (Tuesday), April 6, at 11 o'clock. AT THE ClTt "AUCTION MART. 4S NEW AND ELEGANT OVERMANTELS OF THE LATEST AND MOST APPROVED DESIGNS, CONSISTING OF WALNUT AND SATINWOOD. EBONY AND GILT, AMERICAN, WALNUT, AND DARK MAHOGANY, Fitted with the best British Bevelled Plategtass, with Oval, Circular, and Square Centres, Deco rated Cone Tops, Incised and Painted Panels, Hush-Hoed Shelves, Cupboards, &C-, also GILT ETAGERES AND GIRANDOLE 3. JUST LANDED EX EARUNGA. A MOST UNIQUE ASSORTMENT. TO FURNITURE WAREHOUSEMEN, ART FURNISHERS, PRIVATE PERSONS, AND OTHERS MAURICE SALOM and COMPF. (LIMITED) are instructed to sell by auction, at their Mart, To morrow (Tuesday), April G, at 11 odeck, as above. Now on View. 10-SIORROW (Tuesday), April 6, at 11 o'clock. AT THE CITY'AUCTION MART. FOR POSITIVE SALE. TO CLOSE ACCOUNTS. SUPERIOR ENGLISH AND CONTINENTAL MADE DRAWING-BOOM, DINING-ROOM, AND BED ROOM FURNITURE, HANDSOME PIERGLASSES, DRESDEN CHINA WALL PLAGUES. ORNAMENTS. MARBLE CLOCKS. BRACKETS, AM) A LARGE QUANTITY OF SUNDRIES. TO PARTIES FURNISHING. MAURICE SALOM & COMPY. (LIMITED) are instructed to sell oy auction, at their Mart, To-morrow (Tuesday), April 6, at 11 o'clock— ; The Eajancc of an Extensive Shipment of Superior Eiiglith and Continental made FURNITURE, comprising— , Handsome Walnct Drawing-room Suites Oak and Mahogsny Dining-room Suites American Black Walnut liedroom Suites Corvtd Gilt ai.d Black-and-Gold Chimney , Glaaes Towebails, Musicstoois, Work Tables, Black ; and Gilt Corner and Wall Brackets, Fancy Folding Chairs, Hall Mirrors, Occasional and I Centre Tables, Jet-and-Gold Fancy Fruit and ( I lower Backets, Flower Vaies, Dresden China I Wall Plaques, llatrails. Saloon Tables, Bronze I Figures, Wah.ut Davenpoits, Corner Whatnots, j Footstools, Work Tables, Hanging Bookshel res, I Commodts, Canterburj-s, Inlaid Writing ! Tables, Office Washstands with Fittings, I Smokers' Companions, Comer Tables, Pedestal I Washstands and Dressing Tables, Oak Side | board, Occasional Chairs, Oil Paintings, ; Peranibula*or Chai'S, American Walnut : Cabinets, Occasional Easy Chairs, Chippendale I Tables, Inkstands Mechanical Clocks with ! Figures, &c, &c 1 < j _ For Absolute Sale Without Reserve. ! ~ TO-MORROW (Tuesday), April 6, at 11 o'clock."" | AT THE CITY "AUCTION MART. ' ; SHIPMEItT OF VERY MASSIVE FRENCH AND HALF-TESTER BEDSTEADS AND DOUSLE ; WOVEN SANITARY MATTRESSES. | JUST LANDED. i TO FURNISHERS, IRONMONGERS, PRIVATE 1 PERSONS, HOIELKEBPERS, AND OTHERS. MAURICE SALOM, and COMPY. (LIMITED) are instructed to sell by auction, , '. at their Hart, To-morrow (Tuesday), April 6, at 11 i : o'clock, as above. ! j On WEDNESDAY, April 7. ! ! ON ARRIVAL OF THE 10.5 TRAIN ; ! AT PORT ADELAIDE. . ! BY ORDER OF MESSRS. H. MTJECKE & CO. THE ENTIRE CARGO OF THE DAVENPORT, ; JUST ARRIVED FROM KAIPAUA, S.Z. [ i 121 LOGS (ISS.OOO feet) PRIME SELECIED I ' KAURI PINK. . : £3,000 FEET KAURI FUTCHES. : TO TIMBER MERCHANTS, BUILDERS, CABINET ; MAKERS, TURNERS, CONTRACTORS. WHEEL , I WRIGHTS, AND OTHERS. MAURICE SALOM and COMPY. (LIMITED) are instructed by Messrs. 11. ; Muecke & Co. to sell by auction, at Port Adelaide, on < Wednesday, April 7, on arrival ot the five minutes 1 past 10 train— The ENTIRE CARGO of the DAVENPORT, just arrived fiom Kaipara, HZ, consisting of— 121 Logs Prime Selected KAURI PINE (163,000 . feet super.) 1 AXB 1 23,000 feet Kauri Pine Flitches, all 6 inches thick ; and from 14 to 30 inches wide. ' The Auctioneers desire to call the attention of the trade to the above shipment. The Logs have all [ been specially picked; many of them are of very ' large size and longest lengths ever sent to this 1 market, their average measurement being nearly 1,600 feet each. I ! I ' On THURSDAY, April .8, and the following day if ! i necessary, commencing eich day at half-past 10. ? ! ON T"v- PREMISES, HINDMABSH. i! BY ORDER OF THE TRUSTEE IN THE i AbSIGNED ESTATE OF ROBERT JARVIS, I WHEELWRIGHT, COACHBUILDER, AND CONTRACTOR. THE WHOLE OF THE EXTENSIVE AND t WEEL-ASSORTED STOCK IN-TRADE AND ALSO, HEAVY TROLLY, UARKET GARDENER'S VAN, CANOE EXPRESS, AND SPRING CAbT. WITHOUT ANY RESERVE. MAURICE SALOM and COMPY. (LIMITED) are instructed by the Trustee , in the Assigned Estate of Robert Jarvis to sell by auction, on the premises, Hindmarsh, on Thursday. : April 8, and the following day if necessary, com mencing a***^l day at half-past 10 — ' The Whole of the Extensive and Well-assorted STOCK-IN-TRADE and MATERIALS of a WHEELWRIGHT, UOACUBUILDER, and CONTRACTOR, In all about 600 Lots. AI£O, Heavy-block Trolly, Market Gardener's Van, Spnng-cart, Canoe Express, and Secondhand Drays and Spring-Carts. Catalogues in course of preparation. TOMORROW (Tuesday), April 6, at 2 o'closk. JOHN BULL YARDS. COMET, WELL-KNOWN HURDERACER. PAIB PONIES, WITH THEIR HARNESS. 20 HORSES. BARKER and CHAMBERS are instructed by Mr. Pack to cell by auction— COMET, bay gelding, 5 years; would make a. good hunter. For Mr. Wendt— Handsome Pair Black Ponies Set of Double Harness. On other accounts— 20 Horses, all sorts. 10 MORROW (Tuesday), April 6, at 11 a.m. AW. SANDFORD and COMPANY ? will offer by auction— A Full Catalogue of DAIRY and FARM PRO bUCE (Sales every Friday and Tuesday each week)— Prime Fresh Batter, Eggs, Bacon, Lard, Honey, Pouter, tc Also, regular consignments of New Zealand and Victorian Cheese and Potted Butter. 95-6 j

Auctions. TO-MORROW (Tuesday), April 6, at 14-15. ON THE PREMISES OF MR. BAN FORD, FULLAR TON ESTATE, GLEX OSMOKD-ROAD, 10 minutes' walk from the FOUNTAIN INN. The Parkside CARS leave PI R!E STREET. ADELAIDE, at 0.30 and 11 30. ami PASS the DOOR. UNDER REGISTERED BILL OF SALE. FOR ABSOLUTE QUITTANCE. EXCELLENT WALNUT OVERSTRUNG, IRON FRAME, TKICORD PIANO. BY ROESNBR. BERLIN. GENERAL FURNITURE AXD EFFECTS. COW AND CALF AND NUMEROUS SUNDRIES. ES. 11 UOII E S is instructed ? to sell- Superior PIAXO, Dining Loo, Dressing, and Kitchen Tables, Chiffonliiere, Dining, Bed room, and KiK'hcn Chairs, Tubular Half- Tssttir Duul.le and Single Bedsteads, Pal liasses, Horsehair and Flock Mattresses, Pillows, Child's Cot, Chest Drawers, Wa?li stands, ToiK-t Services, Commode. Child's Combination Chair, Solas, Rockers, Carpets, Floorcloth. Tubs, Kitchen Utensils, Glass, China, Wringer. Washing Furnace, Safes, Di-shcoverF, Grindstone, Itenches, Verandah Blind?, lircsstr. Wire Lino, 6" feet Hose, I'.nsuy Pole, Saddle and llridlc. Collars, Cow and Calf, Poultry, Spaniel Pups, aud numerous Sundries. Under Registered Bill of Sale. To the Highest Bidder. On WEDNESDAY, April 7, at 11. THE ESTABLISHED 81-WEEKLY SALES. FURNITURE AND GENERAL GOODS. FEDERAL MART, GRENFELL-STREEI (Just cast of Gawlcr-placi.'). ES. HUGHES will hold his next ? General Sale on Wednesday, at 11 o'clock. Goods received till Morning- of Sale. Immediate Cash Settlements. Furniture and any Goods Purchased for Cash. KAI'UNDA MONTHLY MARKET. TO-MORROW (Tuesday), April 6. McLAREN, WHITE, and CO. will sell by public auction— AT ELEVEN O'CLOCK SIIAEP— KA FAT AND STORE PIGS. AT lIALF-MST ONE O'CLOCK — 28T6 FAT ANl> stoee siieep -100 Prime Fat Sheep, for Mr. C. Pohlner 300 Fat Wethers, for Mr. J. Schuld 3$ Good Store Wethers, } For Mr" E <**!* COO " " " for Mr. W. Rogers - 200 4-b?th Merino Wethers, weU | For Tra3tC e> 300 ?ootii to full-mouth Merino ( Jl*? *?Shan Ewes, to lamb end of April, ) noa May, ) ISO C and 6-tooth Merino Ewes, in ) For Mrs. E, lamb, to lamb in April, f Farrow. 300 Merino Ewes, bred by Mr. P. If.) „„ „ v Murray, and in lamb to Murray's J- rfj* J^lSL rams, ) s ' gg FAT AND STORE CATTLE. 11 Fat Cattle, for Mrs. D. Shannon 7 " " for Mr. Dunstan SO " " for another account. HORSES AND SUNDRIES. ITorse, Buggy, and Harness, for Mr. Cotton Horse, Cart, and Harness, lately used for Kapunds mails, for Mr. Tom Collinan Several Head useful Light and Deary Horses. 93,5*93 TO-MORROW (Tuesday), April 6, at lL AT TORRENS-ROAD. OYINGHAM, The Residence of Mrs. Rowland (Widow of the lab Mr. Walter Rowland, formerly Clerk Adelaid< Local Court and hctuming Officer for the District of VcEtTorreus). ALL TIER VALUABLE MODERN lIOUSEHOLI FURNITURE AND EFFECTS AND PIANO. JOHNSON and COMPANI will cell by auction, as above— All the Valuable and Modern HOUSEHOLC FURNITURE, comprising— Handsome White Horsehair Suite, Couch anc Eight Chairs. Brussels and Tapestry Carpet (nearly new), Damask and Satin Occasiona Chairs, Piano by CoUard and Collard. Lck Table, Curtains, Occasional Tables, handio? Ornaments and Pictures. Rugs an 4 Mats Fendeis and Fireirons, Dining Table ajt Cuairs, E.P. Ware, Cutlery and Glassware (go x ?juality and splendid order), AlagniQceu; Gil Ornaments V 0 x 50, Cedar ChifTonnieres Curtain Poles and Rings, Hall Latnj, Verandit Chairs, Rifle and Cartridges, Kidder Carpets Wardrobe. Double aud Single Half-tester anc French Bedsteads and Beddinz, Toilet Tables Toileiwate and Glasses, Patent Copper, Kiteiei Utensils in great variety and good condition Gardening Tools, and a host of Sundries. Catalogues at tbe Mart. Goods on Mew This Day. The special attention of Parties Furnishing and others is directed to this Sale, as the Furniture is o! pood quality and in capital condition. TO-MORROIV (Tuesday), April 6, at :> o'clock. AT THE MILE-END YARDS. 200 SPLENDID FAT CATTLE. ELACGHTOS and CO. are in ? Etructed to s*U, as above— SCO FAT CATTLE, including a number verj choice from Padd^ks. 93-6x93 Sl 5 a iJ o T~, ? STOCK, STATION, AND COMMISSION AGENT, FREARSON*B EXCHANGE, Knse W'CLLIAM-STEKBT. Sales of all kinds of Stock constantly held, wltt prompt ft*ttl"tn*?nt?, 157a00x1550 Edncation. ADELAIDE HIGH SOHOOI (Senior, Intermediate, and Kindergarten Departments), ST. ANDRE W'S HALL, WAKEFIELD-STREET. Principal—MlSS J. E. STEVENS. This School is conducted on principles Bitnilai to those of the London High Schools, each depart ment being in charge of a. competent teachei with ecch other assistance as may be required, and the whole supervised by the Principal. THE SENIOR DEPARTMENT School course of study includes French and German Drawing, Needlework, Class Singing, and Calisthenics in addition to the usual branches of an Enrich educa turn. Optional Course.—Music, Solo Singing, Painting Swimming, and Dancing. TBE INTERMEDIATE DEPARTMENT Consists of children promoted from.or just above th< age for admission to the Kindergarten, and tho* whose attainments are not sufficient to allow of theii being satisfactorily taught with the more ad vanes: pupils. Careful attention will be given in this depart ment to prepare for the work of the Senior Classen. KINDEUGABTEN DEPARTMENT. In this department the principles of FroebeFi method are adapted to the requirements of an Eaglisl commuiiity, physical exercises and playground game being judiciously blended with studies suited to thi age. of the little ones, care being taken to promote! healthy development of the physical and menta powers. In addition to the Teacher's Certificate from thi Lords of tbe Committee of tbe Privy Council oi Education, Miss Stevens possesses valuable Officia Reports aud Testimonials from the following anc several other gentlemen whose names are well knovn in tlie educational world:— Matthew Arnold, Esq., LL.D.. H.M.I.S. Sir Archibald Michie, X.C.8., formerly Agent General for Victoria. The late Frederick Jno. Gladman, Esq., M.A,, B.Sc recently Principal of the Central Training College Melbourne. Henry Cover, Esq, Member of the London School Board (15 years). The Rev. W. L. Rosenthall, LL.D., Chairman of hi School Management Committee for the Forestall London Board School. The Rev. Canon Money, M.A., Vicar of Chelten ham. Ladies not in the School may attend classes foi Languages, Painting, Singing, Drawing, and Dancing Masters attend for special subjects. Terms and full particulars on application. Next term will begin the 6th of April. 36uai35 QITY GYM HASIUtt SELECT CLASSES for INSTRUCTION In BOXDK are held on TUESDAYS and FBIDAT EVENING] from &80 until 10.30. The Gymnasium Is open to the public for jym naetio exercise on Wednesday and Saturday Even Inga from 7 until 10 o'clock. Terms and further particulars may be obtained from J. B. Barry at the Gymnasium any evening afto 7 o'clock. glTOaalo DRYBURGH HOUSE SCHOOL, PALM-PLACE, HACKNEY. Principals—Mrs. Haecus and Mrs. Kelset. The mxt term will begin on Monday, April 12. 79,82,5.90.g.6,9.102x79.<?3r r\AKC!KG CLASS, SEMAPHORE JLr INSTITUTE.—Mrs. H. H. THOMAS'S PupOi Reassemble Saturday, April 3,9.30 a.m. Terms, in eluding calesthenics, £1 Is. 91-5 HERR YON REYHER, Phofessob of Music, Piasofortk, and Sixoixo.—Nexl Quarter commences April L Open for a School Tavistock-atreet, off North-terrace. 82c HARDWICKE COLLEGE, COLLEGE PARK. pj nriM . J Mrs Ttllt, "u>clPalB( Misses Tillt, A.C.P., London. Professors in attendance. Roll at 915 a.m. or Mopday, April 12. 56, LADIES' COLLEGE, SOUTH TERRACE, ADELAIDE.—Mrs. and the Missel HOPKINS; English, Science. Mathematics, Rev. W Hopkins. Second Term 1886 begins APRIL 0. _ 81.8,91,5,8,103 MISS PUTTALlNN~liaving a few hours to rpare while in the city (attending the University Lectures) would be happy to receive t few Advanced PUPILS for tuition in PIANOFORTE or for an Elementary Harmony Class. For particular! a*?s y BeirC. PUTTMANN. Black wood. ARTIN LUTHER COLLEGE, FLINDERS-STREET. The Second Quarter of the current year com mences on Tuesday, the 6tb April, at 9 a.m. 82-6 THE COMUnTEE. MRS. TURNBULL, Teacher of Music (pnpli Herr J alias Herz, Melbourne), Whit uaore-gquire. Quarter commeDcea Honda;, April S. 8W1,8,5

' Edncatton. Mrs. j. j. whitby's school, SOUTH-TERRACE. The Second Term will begin April S. Boarders re ceived for the Advanced School. 89,91,3,5 RS. HUBBE and Miss COOK, KTiTTKNBOEOI "ill STREKT, KSIOnTKDEIDGE. The Next Quarter will begin on Monday, April 5. j 80.8,91,3.5.7 MOLESWORTH-STREET, NORTH ADELAIDE.—Mrs. CHARLES WRIGHT'S ; SCHOOL. Second term will commence Monday, April j B. 84,6,8,90-5 MRS. CHARLES WRIGHT has made arrangements for additional hoars of 1 study—2 until half-past 3 o'clock. 93-5 MISS SENNER'S SCHOOL, BARKARD-STREEC, NORTH ADELAIDE. The next quarter will begin on Tuesday, the 6th April. 82-8.90-7x86-93 MISS AUIiERT, 5, PALM-PLACE, lIACKKKY.—The next Quarter will begin on I Thursday, April I. 90.2,5 MIKS ADAMPON, DOWKSHIRE HOUSE, KENSINGTOX-TERRACE, , NoItWOOU i Kpxt term will l?egin Monday, April 5. A large class-room is in course uf erection, which I will prmidc acuouiiuodation tor ?v iiiia-eascd number j cf pupils. SSuaic .IT^ "I Gli'f "SCITo O L.—Mr- G. E. j -H SWANN'S, Olarke-stieet, Exeter, Wednesdays I ai.d Kriiiajg, at 7 p.m. 95,7* ULTEK E Y-STREET SCHOOL.— Kext <iuarter liegius April u.—\Y. 11. Howard, Headmaster. 93-5 XiR LNCE ALFRED COLLEGET The SECOND TERM cf the current session begins _ i on MONDAY, April 5, at 9.15 a.m. -1 \ New bojsthould conic up, if possible, in the fore noon of Saturday, the 3rd. FREU'EKIC CUAPPLE 8..\..8.5c 91-7x93114 Headmaster. SEMAPHORE COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, SEMAPHORE, and SOUTH AUS TRALIAN COMMERCIAL COLLEGE, NORWOOD. —Next term commences Monday, April 5. Boarders roceived at the Semaphore branch.—Thos. Caterer. Uy. P. Macklin. 92-5 ViHOIiTHAKD (Pitman's) CLASSES [ 1 IO for instruction now forming (correspondence I and reporting) Write for prospectus. — Huirden 1 Bros., Victoria Chambers, Victoria-square east j 54.6.8.tf0.2,5.7.100 OHOKTHAKD (Pitman's). — Persons I O in .the country rapidly and thoroughly taught I by correspondence. Write for prospectus.—Muirden Brothers, Victoria-square cast, Adelaide. I 84,0,8.99.2,5,7.100 THE ADELAIDE GYMNASIUM, Pnuc-STBEBi bast, conducted by Herrn A. ! LESCHEN. Classes In Calisthenics and GymnaeUoi lor ladles. Gentlemen, and nhiMr<. n 11-lflalwlfg 3 ffIHE MISSES BROWN'S MORNING X CLASSES, KORTH-EAST-ROAD, MBDINDIE. t.ext Quarter begins Monday, April B. 89-95 3 fIWRMORE, BUXTO-V-STREET, "S.A- — JL The Misses McillKXS School. The nest Quarter begins April 12. Y'IOLONC£LL<). — Herr J. GUT MANN, Teacher of Violoncello, is prepared to ] receive pupils. Quarter commences from first lesson. , Address Royal Chambers, Currie-street 90,2,5 i Houses and Land for Sale. A BARGAIN. —Detached HOUSE, four rooms, bath, kitchen, passage, verandahs, : near Kensington terminus; small deposit—*' James,' -? this office. z j9-95 ? ? XfOR SALE or TO LET, eight-roomed 1 JL? HOUSE with every convenience, Edward ' fctreet, Korwood. Apply Kippist & Gooden, Town ! Hall, Norwood. Etec ' i ifOR SALE, near Windsor Hotel, ; JL 1 North-East-road, within five miles from G.P.0., i a eeven-roonied HOUSE with 19 acreso! land, garden, s ; stables, &c; terms easy. Apply Gerard Holmes, a j Gules Plains. 460 b ! Ij^O? SALE, cheap, or TO LET, SHOP, ! JL? with dwelling:, Portland Ward.-J. Turner, j ' fruiterer. Commercial-road, Port Adelaide; or W. I Turper. Carey's Onllr. Bt-99 . i "|i?OR SALE, good FARM, near :, JE SALISBURY. 217 acres. Price £7 per acre. : FOR SALE, cheap, nice five-roomed COTTAGE, ) ! near Adelaide, close to tram. ! Immigrants' Land Orders purchased 1 1 Shares bought and sold on commission. j TO LET, Ctnve, cheap. 1 Shop, Stables, and Yard, O'Connell-street, nest to 3 the Caledonian Hold, 10s. per week. 1; Stable for two liortes, nc^r Post-Office. Carpenter's Workshop. 1 13w RICH AUU VERCO. Flmders-Btrert. \ TpOR SALK ot i£XCIIAJ!fGE, im -1 JU proved FARM, three miles from Queenscliffe, { HUNDRED MENZIKS, K.I, Sec No. SS, containing , I 370 Acne, about 60 ck-^red, on which is erected a 1 j fcurittautial'v.bmlt iSf-ne Uouseof four rooms,stables, I dams, &c foe tenue, ie, apply on the farm to , !?cxaae A. FKO3T. 1 1 p O R SAL 8 . TWO HOUSES WILLIAif STREET. Near comer of Kent-terrace, NORWOOD. A good opportunity for residence or investment TO BE LET. HOUSE, six rooms, GILBERTON, near Mackinnon* parade, convenient situation; low rent COSIGRAVE & COLLISON, I iSluacxSlc Licensed Land Brokers. IT OR SALE, Sice PROPERTY at GLENELG, near the sea, worth £1,250, for £950; easy terms.—J. S. Jaffrey. 92uaic IpOR SALE, three COTTAGES, land ! 30 s9O feet, in City; title, R.P. Act; price £300.— W. Paddock, Mctoria-square east BSaiuc ' XHOR SALE, comfortable Four roomed JL? COTTAGE in good neighborhood; land planted fruit trees and vines, bearing; tanks, water laid on. Ambody needing a home ohould inspect this. Old-established GENERAL STORE and DWELL ING, Eplendid position; no stock; small cash re quired. An undoubted bargain, t £suai97 E. S. HUGHES. Grenfeu-street r TL^URNISHED HOUSE TO LET in b JL- South Adelaide, six rooms, bath, pantry, &c, for six or nine months; good piano and house well furnished in every r^r^^nlar. * FOR SALE. r KORWOOD.—Four roomed HOUSE. Five-roomed HOUSE. , MARKET GARDENS in the HILLS and on the PLAINS. WALTER D. REED, B SE4uaic B, Mutual Chambers, City. I TQ^ O & SALS. r BOlVD£K.—Lots 18 and 21, corner of Port-road, Gibson and First etreets, with twelve HOUSB3 erected thctcon; cheap, and on terms. ' KENSIXGTOK.—Thornton-street HOCSE, live II rooms, OUTHOUSE, and land E9 x lIS feet, and 9 cellar; £350 term?. c BOWUEX.-Lot 161, Olbson^treet, HOUSE cf bret * roomts adjoining Port railway line. ' OIIY.-Oray-etreet. House, four rooms. SOUTHWARD—Lot 5:4; cheap. c ClTY.—Three vell-bnilt Houses, three room! ] each. ?i JAMESTOWN.—Town acre Allotment, No. SS. I OLARA VILLE.—Lot IS; cheap/^ a A. J.BARNES t CO. Surveyors and Land Brokers, Adelaide, telephone Ko. SIS. 289aino FOR SALE or TO LET, near Miteham Railway-Station, DWELLING and (SIXTEEN 1. ACRES of LAND, now occupied by C Mauen, Esq. aoianc HENRY SCOTT. Eagle Chambers. FOR SALE, SOUTH-ROAD, HOUSE, occupied by late Mr. W. W. Gall, eight rooms, II 10 acres land, with stabling and outbuildings, watei laid on, four and ia half miles from Adelaide; easy i- terms. Apply to Ayers, Ayere, to Gall, Solicitors, WaymonMH?treet 60naio FOR SALE. FOR SALE. ROSE PARK—Frontages to Hewett and Watson avenues, Allotments, each SO feet x ISO, with 20 feet right-of-way. Easy terms. Easy terms. SPEClAL—Allotment So. 189, Watson-avenue, ? For Sale, cheap. TO LET for a term, HOUSES of six and seven I rooms at Unley and Parkside. 3 HOUSES and LAUD FOB SALE in nearly eren suburb. JOHNSTON & DAYD3S, Land Agents, " Gilbert-place. i. MONEY TO LEND in large or small amounts. 275ua10 J XJUNDRED TATIARA-—Two Oil JUL PROVED FARMS FOR SALE, 800 Acres. Easy terms.—WUllam Thomson, O*HalloranHiu. f S6Bcx26So IN T. H. GLASSON'S ASSIGNED ESTATE. ? PORT GERMEIN. —"GOOD BUSINESS PRE * MISES, suitable for a Butcher and Baker's Busi s ness; Four Rooms, sood Bakehouse, Underground Tank.&c " For the Purchase of these Premises TENDERS : will be received until April 15. A very low price ? will be taken, but the highest offer not necessarily ? accepted. GILES & SMITH, 92.6.7x93 Waymonth-street SEOTIONS 969 and 1016=140 acres, seven miles east of Adelaide. Exchangeable for city ot suburban property. Apply Box 109 GP O 1 806ao : £15 DEPOSIT- £15 , lialaiicemaybcpaidhyeasyweeklyiiistalments. Four roomed \ IL.LA at the Semaphore; front and back verandah, bath-room, pantry, and cellar. Good sea 90.2,5,7 MATTERS & CO., Mctoria-square, ' 4**kii CASH, Balance 6 per cent., L &mtem^J NEW COTTAGE, halt-mlnnto bom J tram.—J. HOOP. Eiwra-ood rPartcaide). SOSualo 5 _,i_ " " S"*O balance 20s. weUfinlshed yiLLoT^JvB rooms, bath, verandaha. ?Jllft^Ei.Ka ooraica^centre flowers,re. 1 nll?inM glft^BTtCT'oveB: ***** JjPy^MKfcSSJSM Melvln Chambers, Sing William-street.

flonaea and Land for Sale. TWVJ UABE£T GARDENERS.—FOR X SALE. FRUIT and VEGETABLE GARDEN in tlie Bine, about fifteen miles from town ; running waer, bouse, stables, and 6heds.—Knox, G Wynne, and Hargrave, Victoria-square. 92,5,7 Konsea and Land Wanted. WANTED to PURCHASE (for cash) in the city at reasonable price, COTTAGE PROPERTY. Address ??Genuine." this office. 91c W/ ANTED to RENT, about 30 Acres, II with COTTAGE, about five miles from city. Particulars to " A.C.5.," this office. 92uail0i Houses and Land to Let. UiuUr ti.4* hriuhnj (if yrejiaid), IS words, one ii.srrtwn, U.; tltree insertion*, Ss. Cd. EACONSHELIi BUILDINGS. —TO LEl\ OFFICES in occupation of T. S. Horn, Esq.; first floor; possession early. Apply Messrs. BODnin and Roue, solicitors, VVajmouth-street. 93-107 UaCKWOOD.—TO BE LET^ Family B.ESU DENCE and Land, close to station. For terms or permission to view, W. F. Stock, Clifton Chambers. 69inao g "(UTTAUKS. three rooms; rent, 6a. per week. \_y Apply So. 1, Carne-strcet, East cud Parade, fcorwood. 93-8 OTTAGE TO LET, Uurray^etreet, North Ade laide; rent 13a 64. per week. Apply to Gavin F. Gardper, 21, Exchange. Pine-street. 35c I??AST ADELAIDE INVESTMENT COMPANY.— X!i TO LET, HOUSE, eight rooms, newly, decorated. Sixth-avenue; also one of seven looms. Apply lie ABTHTJR HARVEY. Gilbert-place. EAGLE CHAMBERS.—OFFICES to be LSI on first and second floors, Including some large rooms suitable tor a company or society. 23Sac HENRY SOOTT. X^XCELLbNT OPENING—DRAPERY.—SHOP, six Mid rooms, Allen's Corner, Kent Town, key fanev Eliop opposite; HOUSE, Parade, Norwood, late doctor's residence eight rooms, stable, &c Apply E. Elliott, Osmond-terrace. Norwood. 95,7,100 IALNNISS STREET, NORTH ADKLMUE, on the " Tram, TO LET for a term, furnished or unfur -1 nibhed, handsome five-roomed VILLA RESIDENCE, every convenience.—Charles Fuller, on the premises. 95-7 TTUtIEEN SHILLINGS BENT.—New tivc-roomed JP VILLA, enclosed verandah, bath, mile from city, good situation.—R. Uirrett, Stow Manse Chambers. 95-7 ?7> W^ 5 V L E O O X F m HAS TO LET, Large Factory, Waymouth-street, near King Wil liam-street, known as Allen's Factory. Allen's Corner, Kent Town, Arcade Shops, Bs. 6d. Bosina-etreet, Shop and seven rooms, 188.64. Office, Xork Chambers, Franklin-street, Es., front Franklin-street, Shop and three rooms, 255. DWELLINGS Compton-street, close Central Market, 5 rooms, 13s. Goodwood—Charles-street, House, five rooms, kitchen, bath,&c.; rent, Us. King William-street, south, four rooms, 14s. Card w ell-ttreet, three rooms, detached, Bs. Hindley-street west, Shop and three rooms, 10a. Findon, near Woodrille, House, garden, and paddock of five acres; rent, £52 per year. Apply Mr. W. S. Crabb, Strangway's-terrace, North Adelaide; or, to the undersigned. Franklin-street, Harf s Buildings, six rooms, 225. , Eliza-street, three rooms, central, Ss. 64. Fenchurch-street, North Adelaide, three rooms, ss. Cd. Lombard-street North Adelaide, five rooms, 10j. I Stanley-street, four rooms, 95., near tram. I Waymouth-Etreet, five rooms, 135., centraL 1 Parkeide, St. Ann's Place, four rooms, 125., detached. I Paraside, to let, or for sale, first-class residence seven rooms. Chance's Corner, cheap. Gilberton, nice House, dose to foam, detached, six ; rooms, Ms., on the WalkerviUe-road, new. Bindley-street, Cottage, three rooms, shop front, Ss. £OR SALE, College Park, two Houses, seven and 1 eight rooms, baths, &c. FOR SALE or TO LET, Childers-street, comfortable , Family Residence, nine rooms, bath, pantry, and garden, and a fine lawn. Rent, £C 5. F. W. BULLOCK, Land and Estate Agent, lCSamo York Chambers. Franklin-street. OLEKELG.— TO LET, that very nice HOUSE in Jetty-road, near Miller's Comer. " Flora Villa," now in the occupation of Mr. J. M. Solomon, contain ing seven rooms, bath-room, pantry, and cellar. Apply J. M. Solomon, jun. z92iau7 , d~\ LEJ.ELG.—TO LET, from Ist May, comfortable VJT and convenient family RESIDENCE, garden, fee. Rent moderate.— *' L.." this office. 78naic I Tl? AKCHAAT -\ KENSINGTON. — De- JJM tached HOUSE, four rooms, bathroom, kitchen; rent, 13s.—Moulden & Sons, Eagle Chambers, 1 Adelaide. 92,5.7 "XT'CELY Furnished four-roomed COTTAGE, with i^| hath, TO. LET, cheap, Kornood.—C. T. barnsley. Church-avenue, off Parade, Norwood. 93-6 1 TkTORTU ADELAlDE.—Comfortably Furbished J._> eight-roomed HOUSE To LET for six months. Convenient locality.—" Tram," G P.O. 95-6,8 11OP and DWELLING.—PAWNBROKER.—Now occupied, all necebsary fittings; splendid chance tor pawnbroker or dealer.—Eastern Pawnshop, Run , die-street east. 90c ; CJEMAPHOKE.—HOUSE, six rooms, bath, John- O street, Clairville; one minute's walk from beach. 1 \\aJlace* ilacDiannid, so icitore, Port. 95c HOP and SWELLING TO LET, Hogg's Buildings! Glen Osmond-road, Parkside; immediate posses sion.—J. Hogg, Fastwood, Parkside. Sauaig BtAbli>t KEMIILSCK TO LEE, Fairneld, Somer ton, ten rooms, stable and coach-house, £ acres ot land, and garden; splendid situation; corner of Brighton-load and Whvtc's-road; lately occupied by Mr R illiaui Uiekford. Brighton and Soinerton trams pass the property. KXvX, CWYXXE, & HARGRAVE, j OOinalf'a Victoria-square. n*O i-hX, cheap, furnished three-roamed COT- M. TAGES, with attics; use of-bath.—P. Power, Power street, Halifax-street tast 95 O L IE T.— ClTY.—Halifax-street, Villa of six rooms, Us. \\ hitmore-square. Cottage three rooms, bs. I'AUKSIDE'— Young-street, Cottage, four rooms, 10s. Robsart street, Cottage, four rooms, detached, 9s. Porter-street, Cottage, three rooms, Bs. Stam ford street. Villa, five rooms, 13s. UNLEY.—Chanesstreet, three rooms, 7s. Thomas- Etrect, nice new Cottage of four rooms, 10s. NEW GLENELG.—Bath-street, Villa, six rooms, bath, Eheds, garden ; £3 per month. 1 feAST ADELAIDE. — Third-avenue, Villa, six rooms, bath, cellar, 20s. DAVID TWEEDIE, ; SSSc Advertiser Chambers. King Wiriam-street ; fIW LET. FARM of 117 Acres, only five miles JL from Town, near Stockade, Dry Creek. Apply Fenn & Hardy, G2, Kinc William-strtet, Adelaide. [ 92,5x93 L riW LET. KENT VILLA, Osmond-terrace. Nor- I wtod, a superior and charming residence of eight rooms, kitchen, pantry, cellar, bath, wash house ; surrounded by garden of choicest fruits and flowers. Apply M. Itingsborougb, Pine-street 90-6 fl^O LET, two SHOI-S, with dwelling and eubles, 1 in Commercial-road; rent, £1 lus. per week.— J. Turner, fruiterer, Commercial-road, Port Adelaide. l 81-99 ; ft'-O LET. four commodious SHOPS in HINDLEY -1 JL STREET. For particulars apply McLean Bros., Rigg. &Co. 3?>o r?W LET, FAIHFIELD HOUSE, GLENELG; nine 1 rooms, stables, and coachhouse; rent low. Apply R. Griffiths, IJrighton-road, opposite public-schooL 02-8 fjio i-t-i, eupenor FAMILY UESIDKNUE, corner i Scutfa and East terraces, 605.; Shop and Duelling. 165.; Lodging House, 12 rooms. North. terrace. 40e. week.—J. BounseveU. 870 i fjnu LET, M GLENELGJ HOUSE ot seven P rooms. 600 JOHN CHAMBERS, Currle-street 1 TVyO LET, superior three-roomed COTTAGE, Wake , JL field-street, Kent Town; rent, 9s. 6d. Enquire | on premises. 93-6 fW\O LET, near the Company's Bridge, a comfortable I JL four-roomed COTIAGK and Garden ; rent low. —J. B. Scarce, Gilberton. 93-G r|W LET, Usmond-terracc, Korwood, eight-roomed X HOUSE. Apply Thomas Pitman, Osmond -1 terrace, Norwood. 93-C f|AO LfaT, Fisher-street, off Kent-terrace, four- JL roomed COT CAGES; rent low. Apply T. SLudren, Gray-Btrtet, Korwood. 934 nyo LET, in the best bu mess position inJAUIfS^ I SOWN, adjoining the Town and Country Bank, ' SIIOP, with storeroom and duelling-hoase of three rooms. Apply T. Thomas, Jamestown. 93c TV\O LET, a six-roomed HOUSE, situated at Pros- JL peet East. Rent, 12s. 6d. weekly. Apply General Agency Company. 87, King William-street. , 93waill8 L Tt\O LET, Furnished Six-roomed HOUSE, Clifton- X fctreet, Prospect; rent, 255.; unfurnished, 12s. Cd. S. Corry, KlB, Bundle street. 92-5 r|V> LET, Carrington-street, newly-papered four- X roomed HOUSE, also three and four rooms. Rents low. D. MeKamaia, Carrington-street 92-5 > fT\O LET, Three-roomed HOUSE, passage, batRT I JL Es- 6d. per week.—Henry L. lomlinson, Clyde street, near Yvaverley. 92-5 ' fllo LET, FACTORY, behind Salvation Army . X Barracks, Rundle-etreet; rent, 10s. per week. Apply B. Briant, East-End Market 91-7 ' FT>O LET, the PREMISES lately occupied by X Townsend & Son, next E S.-& A.C. Bank, KING WILUAM-STREEX. Apply to Frearson & Brother, Printers. Grenfell-street 4Sc fIM) LET, Rose-street Glenelg, four-roomed JL HOUSE, next Rowe's; cheap rent Apply E. , Fringdorf. Victoria-squaie east. !>0.3,5 ffyo LET, on easy terms, Four-roomed COTZAGeT X with Store and Post-Office, at Lower Light. Apply G. Qu filey. Lower Light 92uaic I f|"\O LET, Cheap, near Magill, HOUB6, five rooms, J|_ cellar, one and a quarter acres garden, water laid on. Apply G. Cracker, Magffl Store. 92,6,7 fJIO LET, eight Acres, five-roomed HOUSE, good JL water, rent 12s. weekly. Abstainer preferred. Apply W. Weeden. New Glenelg. 90,2,5 ftyo LET, HOUSE eleven rooms, Whitmorc-square I X cast; immediate possession. Apply W. G i Lang. 67, King William-street 90,2^ IN THK ESCAIE OF H. L. VOSZ, DjfiCfiASED." fno LET, the following PROPERTIES :— The RESIDENCE of the lateTMr. H. L. Vosr. KOETH TERRACE SHOP and DWELLLNG in" RUNDLE-STREET East joining Mr. Thomas Leitcli, Draper. DWELLtNG-HOUSE ot Six Kooms, Kitchen, and Bathroom, In Flinders street, near Hyde-street Two DWELLING-HOUSES in Moseley-street,Glenelg. For particulars apply to Mr. Uantke, at U. L. Voez's, Rundle-etreet, or the undersigned, W. F. STOCK, Clifton Chambers, 85uaic Solicitor to the Executors. TT\O LET, Mill-terrace, HOUSES of eight rooms.— M. ?- Odium, Jeffcott-etreet 78uaic nnWO good SHOPS In Wayniouth-etreet TO LET, I and two TWO-STORIED HOUSES in fin* Wnllam-etreet south. Apply Mo. 10, Pirle-street lianalo n\O LET, a most complete RESIDENCE of ten 1 rooms and offices, situated in best part of Lefevre-terrace, North Adelaide; excellent stabling accommodation if required. Apply to Jno. H. Lux. Moore, Unity Chambers, Currie-street; or G. H. C. Meyer, German Club. Pirie-street 7?aiuc TMU LEI, GABUEN and PAUDOCA at Walter ville, eight acres, six acres plantel with trail trees; known ac Durbidgc's garden. Apply to J. 8. Cocker, Kentish Arms, Stanley-street, ftorth Ade laide. 7<Jiuazo

Hott?C? ?nd Land to Let. mo LET, a nice five-roomed COTTAGE and bath, M. Capper-street, Kent Town. For key, &c, apply next door, or Mr. Bamett 74ai00 iVrALKEIiVILLE. —TO LET, well-appointed ff RESIDENCE, lately occupied by Mr. W. A. Horn; also very comfortable House of six rooms, in same neighborhood; beautiful situation. Bents very lew. W. B. WILKINSON, 2, Pirie-street, Adelaide. 90inal02 W" OODVILLE.—TO BE LET, eU-roomed HOUSE, stable, and paddock. Apply to M. Minihan. 88aio9a General Merchandise. ft PRBLLBR * 00. Celebrated "Globe" Brand OLABETS AND CHABLIB. Obtainable at all Wine and Spirit Merchant*. OOLLTN ft COMPANY. SOLE AGENTS FOB SOUTH AUSTRALIA. glluao TXARROLD BROTHERS ? 1 HAVE ON SALE ALES.—Bass's, bottled by T. P. Griffin &Co-; also, the Anglo-Bavarian Brewing Company's. PILSEN BEER—Schwenzen & Fehrs. STOUT.—Guinness's, bottled by T. P. Griffin and Co. BRANDIES.—N. Barriasson & Co.'s Vve Emfle Sequin & Co.'s, Lucien Foucauld & Co.'a Le Fils de 1L G. Nadaod's, Bobertaon, Eothschild, & Co.'s, and Poyne's. WHlSKlES.—tcoteh—John Graham 8c Son's famous "Old Trossachs Blend," and Cook's " Glen TukenV" Irish — Parnell ft Co.'a " DonegaL" BUM.—Francis Higgin's, case and bulk. CHAMPAGNE.—Lefoumier, Jne.'s, " Dry" ;and " Ex. Dry." BURGUNDY WINES.—"StiII" and "Sparkling," shipped direct by the well-known vigneron, - Portron Bafsot. ... -?'% CLARETS.—JuIes Lafont & Cie.'e, in'quart and pint bottles. CORDIALS.—Francis Higgin'e Lime Juice and Raspberry. PORT WlNE.—"Stewart S. Hutcheson's." TOBACCO.—W. D. & H. O. Willis's celebrated " Bird's-E^-e" and other brands. CIGARETTES."—Our Soldiers'" brand. jESCULAP NATURAL MINERAL WATER. EAU-DE-COLOGNE.—Johann Maria Farina's. COFFEE AND MlLK), inr p ?_„ "?^ r v.-" ?? COFFEE EXTRACT ( W-P- Branson ?.Co a. ? QUEENSLAND SUGAR, in parcels. '' 7i -~ CEMENT—J. C. Gostling a: Co.'s Portland'and Keenc's Coarse and Superfine. ft~~~a - = BLASTING POWDER.—Kames brand. ~ INDENTS of all Classes of Goods Execitedon the most Favorable Terms. ADVANCES made on all kinds of produce con signed to us forjsale in the Home, Foreign, or Colonial markets. Hiuie 1|" OR R O 0 X S & O~O^ IKDENT AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. IISDCBTKIAb BUILDCCOB, king william-stbeet, adelaide. Losdos: DODSON, HOBROCKS, ft CO., 8, GRACECHURCHSTRKET. COSTIXESTAL COSBESPONPENTS: GBANET, BBOWN, ft CO. Baxkeks: GENOA, ITALY. SPECIAL FACILITIES for keen buying ; caretol attention given to the Indenting of British or Foreign Manufactures or Produce. HORROCKS & CO., ADELAIDE, MELBOURNE, SYDNEY. | 327aiu232 ! /~VN SALE by the Undersigned— i HEW ENGLAND CABINET ORGANS, j Unsurpassed to quality of tone or beauty of design. |. Inspection Invited. I BURNETTS FLAVORING EXTRACTS, JAMAICA GINGER, FLORIMET, tc HORSFORD'S ACID PHOSPHATE. B. W. Crown and Amprlran GLUCOSE, AURORA and EVENING STAB EEROSINE. AMERICANWAGGONd, BROOMS, and GASOLINE. OILMEN'S STORES, frc. PHILIP SANTO & CO., CITY AND PORT ADELAIDE. lfinaUf ON SALE— Orebag?, Woolpacks. Wire—6 and 8 Drawn. Do.—7 x 9 and 9x U SteeL Cement. Galvanized Iran, 24 and 26 guage. Corrimony Fencing. Patent Steel Standard* and Droppers. Wrought Iron Standards. Swiss "Dairy" BrandMOk. Gladaline, Strychnine, Window Glass. Graham's Carbon Block Filters. Indents for all classes of Mannfaetoree executed od lowest terms in all parts of the world. AppV lor Circulars, &c GEO. WILLS ft CO., mala Oavendish Chambers, Orenfell^treet. Booka, Stationery, &c. SEDUCED PRICES^ GEORGE ROBERTSON & CO. are now offering a selection of BOOKS from their stock atGREATLY SEDUCED PRICES. Inspection invited. OPPOSITE THE TOWN HALL. SBlnae mHS CHEAPEST AND BEST WEEKLY PAPER PDBUBDKD IS THB i OSTBALASIAN COLONIES i is I THE CHRONICLE. PRICK FOUBPENCE. The aim of the Proprietors of this Paper has evet been, and still is, to suit all tastes by a judicious selection of matter, and by engaging writers thoroughly well qualified to treat upon the subject! dealt with In the several departments. The weekly contents of the paper embrace such a wide range that no cue can fail to find something of interest in iti ages, and to this tact is largely due the Immmy culation it has attained. ORIGINAL ARTICLES. These comprise comments on passing events at home and abroad, written by men of acknowledged ability, who possess not only the faculty of discerning clearly the current of events, but of as clearly explain ing their view? to others. In the LITERARY DEPARTMENT no expense is spared In securing the latest worke of the most popular writers of tile day, and this policy the proprietors intend still to pursue, resultc having amply shown the wisdom of the course adopted. SUNDAY READING. Under this heading are published the cream of the utterances and writings of the best speakers and auttiors, both FE"c?gi* and ColoniaL THE T.Anina & portion of the paper is devoted to the tnterestt of the gentler sex, the able letters of our Lad; Correspondent in London keeping them well posted in the leading fashions of the great metropolis down THE YOUNG FOLKS j and their wants are carefully studied, and a portion of the paper ia set apart weekly for their especial benefit. AGRICULTURE, HORTICULTURE, THE VINE YARD. POULTRY, AND THE BEEHIVE are matters to which much care and attention an given. The columns devoted to these subjects are carefully edited, and the original articles dealing with these different branches of industry have fortneli aim the diffusion of practical knowledge, a principle which is also kept in view in selecting articles for the various departments. ~ SPORTING. Xhls Is made a special feature In the Ckronide, and Its readers are kept well informed of what Is going on in the Sporting world; Racing, Cricket, Football, Aquatics, Polo, Quoits, and all other outdoor sports and games being well reported. The department being in the hands of Editors of larg? experience is a guarantee ol the ccrrectoes?Ol the views given undei fids heading, and of our readers being kept well posted In the sporting news of the day. CHESS AND DRAUGHTS. These columns have attained a world-wide popu larity, and the interest in than is well kept np by the publication of problems, games, and the able analyses of games which are furnished by the editor in charge of this department, who is a recognised authority on all matters relating to these popular and skilful games. The Chess Notes give an excellent rtsuml of the current newt relating to toll king of games. THE WEEK. Under this beading a record in brief of passing events is published, which embraces colonial and foreign topio? of interest. Under the heading GENERAL NEWS win be found reports of all the important meeting! held both In town and oountry. and other matters of general interest. MISCELLANEOUS. Beetdee the many subjects above mentioned, to which special attention is devoted with a view to making the Chronicle a thoroughly interesting and comprehensive newspaper, its pages contain all the tttst Telegraphic New?, Shipping and Commercial Intelligence, Proceedings of the Law and Criminal Courts, and a host cf other matters whlota need not bf parUcnlariser 1. THE CHRONICLE a (BE CHEAPEST AND BEST WEEEXY PAPEB IE THB AUSTRALASIAN COLONIES. * PRICE FOUBPBNOB PER COPY. Bubscription, Including Postage— A.IQ na.vlta.vta4) V VPAID IB AOVAHOB. 16/- "* """"?? j An Early Edition of the Chronicle is published oa Friday morning for circulation In distant places, and ! a Late Edition, containing the Latest Items of News, on Saturday morning (or circulation in localities nearer the metropolis. dx

Books, Stationery. &c j^ E N T E N_S BASON: DEVOTIONAL LITERATURE. Tuttietfe, Bey. L., Manual for Day of Confirm*, tion, Sd. Bickersteth's Catechism on Confirmation. Id. Oxenden's Confirmation, 6dL Maclear's, Dr. G. F., Order of Confirmation with Prayers and Devotions, 6d. SeweU's Self-examination before Confirmation, la. 64. Oxenden's Counsels to those who have been Con firmed, Is. Cutts 1, Bey. E. L., Addresses to Candidates fsr Con firmation, Is. Goulburn'e Thoughts on Personal Religion, 3a. 6<L Daily Bound, Ihe, Meditation, Prayer, ami Praise, Daily life; Expositions and Exhortations, 4s. Cd. Barry's, Dr., Religion for Every Day, Is. The Consecrated Life, by the Bey. EL Boys, M.A., Is. Manual of Beligions Instruction on the Prayer Book, by Canon Norris, M.A., 3s. Cd. Not Tour Own, by Bey. G. Everard, M.A., Is. Prayer Book Commentary for Xeachers and Students, The Student's Prayer Book, by the Bey. G. W. Wall. M.A., Ss. Cd. Church of England Catechism. ' Churchman's Altar Ilanual, with Collects, &c. 2s. The Catechiser'6 Manual, by Bey. A. Bamsay. M.A., Is. 6d. Tlie Communicant's Manual, by the Her. M. F. Sadler, Ed. Wilson's The Lord's Sapper, Ss. The Harrow Way—M?"i"*l of Devotion, 6d. Eucharistica—Meditations and Prayers, Is. Oxenden's Earnest Communicant, Is. Oxenden's Lord's Supper Explained, la. Oxenden's Great Truths, Is. Oxesden'B Earnest Churchman, Ss. 6d. GEORGE ROBERTSON & CO., IDS, KING WILLIAM-STREET, Opposite the Town HalL 78oaic TjiNGLISH DICTIONARIES. Warne's Bijou Dictionary, Is.; posted. Is. Sd. Walker and Webster's Dlnstrated, Is.; posted, Is. Sd. Webster's Pocket Pronouncing, Is.; posted, Is. 3d. Illustrated National Pronouncing, Is.; posted, Is. 3d. Stormonth's School Etymological, 25.; posted, 2s. 4d. New Pronouncing Dictionary, la.; posted, Is. 3d. Gollin's Globe Dictionary, 2s. 6d.; posted, 3s. Id. Kuttall's Standard Pronouncing, 2s. 6d.; posted. 3s. Id. Sullivan's English, 35.; posted, 3s. 6d. Ogilvy's Smaller, 3s. Od.; posted, 4s. Etymological Dictionary of Difficult Words, 63.; posted, Oe. lOd. Stotmonth's English, 6th edition, 7s. 6d.; posted, Stormonth'a English Inflected Words, 55.; posted, ss. Cd. Annandale's Concise, cloth, 10s. 6d.; posted, lls. 84. Annnpdale's Concise, half mor., 155.; posted, 16s. 3d. Stormonth's English, Llbraryed, half mor., 31s. 64. Ogilvy's Comprehensive English, doth, 255. Ogilvy's Comprehensive English, half bound, 32*. Collin's Library, doth, 10s. 6d. Collin'B Library, half mor., 15s. Webster's Complete, illustrated, 31s. Cd. Oguvy's Imperial, 1 vols., cloth, £5. Ogilvy'e Imperial, 4 vols., hilf mor, £C 6i w. c."bigbt. Importer of Books and Stationery, KIKG WILLIAM STREET. 95aine S. WIGG & SON'S ADVERTISE^ ? WENT. THEEE YEABS AGO we commenced the manu facture of Account Bcoks and Stationery as a branch of our business, and it bag steadily advanced until now we have one of the most complete Factories in Adelaide, fitted with the latest and beet machinery and our Customers will please cote that we make ?m Epeoalty of Good Work. All Accounts Books maun, factored by us we guarantee to be of ""?lli?nt work manship. Commercial Stationery of every description kept in Stock or made to order. BOOKBINDING, Strong, neat, and durable, Suitable for Circulating libraries. Institutes. Law Books, Hueic, and Yearly Volumes, 4c, 4c well bound at moderate rates, E. S. WIGG & SON, Bundle-street TWXBE AUSTRALIAN HANDBOOK JL for 1686, complete with Haps, Plans, 4c Price,los.6d. Posted,lls.lOd. E. & WIGG & SON, Bundle-street J^" E~W j[~O O X S. Financial Reform Almanac, Is. 3d,; posted, Is. Cd. Life of George Eliot, 3 vols., 15s. The Parnell Movement, by T. P. O'Connor, IBa. Life of Father Thomas Burke, 2 vols., 30s. The Kelima-Kyaro Expedition, Sis. Grevaie's Journals of the Reign of Queen Victoria. 8 vote., 365. Twilight Tales, by Kennard, 7s. 6d. Dreams by a French Fireside, 7a. Gd. Spurgeons Sermons, new voL, 7& Sylvan Heath, by F. Heath, Us. As in a Looking-glass, 6s. Life of Henry Fawcett, 12a. 6d. Christian Symbols and Emblems, 12s. Across the Jordan, by Schumacher, 6s. Ihe Water Babies, by Kingiey, 12a. &L ? E. S. WIGG & SOS, Rnndle-Etreet POPULAR AND CHEAP LITERA TURE. The Ironmaster, price posted, 2s. 3d. Goblin Gold, do., Is. &L Leaves from a Prison Diary, M. Davitt, do.. Is. 91. Ihe Brother of the Shadow, do., Is. 2d. Eve at the Wheel, do, Is. Sd. A Singer's Story, do.. Is. 2d. The Prophet of the Great Smoky Mountain, do., Ss. 4d. The Canon's Ward, do., Ss. 44. Legends and Lyrics, by Adelaide Proctor, do.. Is. 3d. The Broken Shaft do, 16. 44. The Gladstone Umbrella, do.. Is. ad. Cld London Cries, illustrated, do.. Is. 24. Sensational Tales, by Marcus Clarke, do., Is. Sd. Bumaby*s Bide to Khiva, do., Is. lCd. E. S. WIGG & SON, Bundle-street A LARGE SHIPMENT of the popular American Adhesive WALL-HOOE&. These ornamental Hooka will carry a meight of 2 or 3 lb., and will be found useful in ornamenting the dwelling-house. Price, posted. Is. IM. per box. 9uaicx9lc E. S. WIGC & SOX. Bundle-street Conveyances and Livery Notices. IHTEHDINC VISITORS TO THE COLONIAL EXHIBITION OF 1886 SHOULD CAREFULLY PRESERVE THIS NOTICE. "THE WONDER" COACH Carried 1.935 Passengers last Season. Six Horses to be driven up HblyweU Bin, st- Albsns. Dr. Bumney (of "RIDGE'S FOOD"fame)is again running his celebrated ax-horse Stage Coach, "THE WONDER," between London and St. Albans, leaving Hatchetfs Hotel, in Piccadilly, London, every morn ing at 10.45, returning to Piccadilly at 6.15 p.m. Ample time is allowed at St Albans for lunch and for passengers to inspect the CATHEDRAL, which is one of the FINEST and OLDEST IS TtTE WORLD. The trip is one of the most delightful that can be taken, and the price charged for the return fare is fifteen shillings. For Time Cards and other particulars apply to "WONDER"Coach Office, Hatchetfs Hotel, Picca dilly, London, EnHand. 67ai137x65A135 Insurance Companies. THE MUTUAL ASSURANCE SOCIETY OF VHJ. TOBIA (LOOTED). FOB LIFE ASSURANCES AND ENDOWMENTS. DIRECTORS In~ADELAIDE I Oaub Peacock, Esq., JJ., m..!-"..., L.A. jEBSOP.Eeq.,J.P. F. Babxdov, Esq., M.P. Bon. JOHM Dora, Jan., H.L.O. Eec Society Is purely MUTUAL, and an profiti are divided amongst the members. LOANS granted on personal security combined with Ufe Assurance, also on Mortgage of Freehold Property ?i current rate*. W. RALPH pAHinni, Beg. See. 138aina34xl36affl COLONIAL MUTUAL FIRE IN BUBANCE COMPANY (LIMITED). Oapltal _ _ _ £250,000. Tarn, Hauhb, EmoRU Gcakastbb, Ootosd asaesbi Aoctckkt, ash Loss chskb Fun Glass Empkotzxs LiAEmn bnu?a?cc? at Lowest Aciorl?Sl. Office—7l, KING WILLIAH-STBEEC. njtatio W. BDBNET. Resident Secretarr. SOUTH AUSTRALIAN LNSURANCB COMPANY (LIMITED). Capital—£l,ooo,ooo. Bass?V? Fcxd—£ Board of Dibectobs :— George Scarfe, Esq. (Chairman). iArtfaer Scammell, Esq. (Dcputy-OhairmanL Charles 1L Uuirhead, Esq.. J.P. Arthur Waterhouee, Esq. James Counsell, Esq., J.P. FIBE and MARINE RISKS at Current Bates. HONEY LENT ON MORTGAGE. Insurance Chambers, Adelaide; and at every Township in the Colony. Buaio THOS. P. DbCEAK, Secretary. CTHON FIRE AND M&RINB INSURANCE COMPANY OF HEW ZEALAND. GAraAl^£2 t tt?,ooo. Dwelling!, Bents, Haystacks, Standing Crop! ?mired against Fire at Lowest Bates. arine Bisks to all parte of the world covered. W. tterrert pmT.T.iPPa, Manager, S2lina:22s Oavendish Chambers. VICTORIA INSURANCE COMPANY (U>). CAPITAL, £1,000,000 STERLING. FIRE and MARINE RISKS accepted at Lowest Cm-rent Bates. CLAIMS promptly settled In the Colonies or ia London, at option of assured. WOOL insured with average on each bale. HAYSTACKS&STANDINC CROPS INSURED AGAINST FIRE, DAMAGES BY LIGHTNING PAID. FBKDE. WRIGHT, Agent for Booth Australia. 54. Exchange, Adelaide. 48iwa137x6M85 UCTIONEERS 1 POSTERS made a speciauty at the ADVSBTISKB GENERAL PKQiTING OFFICE. Bend orden tot Poatmi with advertisements.

Printed and published daily by the pro prietors, Fbedebio Britten Bcbdes and John Lakgdon Boktthon, at the offices of the South Australian Advertiser, ChnmtdU, and Express, King William tn-1 Waymontb street*. Adelaide. - ?