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Advertiser and Chronicle Offices, Monday evening, February 22. GENERAL MERCHANDISE.

The day's business in the import market has not been marked by any events of interest, and sales made have been purely of a retail description. In sugar we have nothing fresh

to report, and values remain unaltered. Co morrow the market will be publicly tested, when some 0,000 packages will be offered under the hammer, comprising fine whites, jam and brewing crystals, yellows, and Victoria Sugar Company's whites. In tea, coffee, and cocoa no sales are reported. American salmon re mains timi at 7s. Cd. to 7s. 9J., with stocks email. _ The market for metals is without alteration, with values as last. In other markets, including jute goods, cement, and liquids, we are without a single sale, liy the arrival of the Fillipo, from New York, 6tocks of kerosine have been augmented to the extent of some 0,000 cases. We understand that most holders are storing in the absence of any special demand. Values remain nominal at our last quotations. Share Market. On Monday Commercial Banks sold at £3 14b. to £3145. Cd.; Day Dreams at 235. 9d. to 255. cum div.; I'mberamberkas at 153. l.'.d. to lGs.; Broken Hills at £24 to £25 7s. Go.; and Broken Hill Souths (promoters) at lls. Mr. G. H. Cargeeg reports having sold over 500 Commercial Banks at £3 1U. 6i., £3 13s. Cd., and £3 12s. Cd.; also, Town and Country Banks (£3 10s paid) at £2 12s. Messrs. Knox Brothers report having sold Commercial Banks at £3 14s. Mr. J. Stuart reports selling 200 ITmberum berkas (ss. paid) at 155.1.'.d.; 100 Day Dreams, 235. ltd., cum. div. ; 30 Broken Hills, £21153. to £25 55.; 300 Commercial Banks (£4 paid), £3145. Mr. C. Proud reports having sold 70 Broken Hill silver shares at £24105., £21 12s. Cd., and £24 155.; Day Dreams, cum div., at 25a,; and Commercial Banks at £3145. Cd. Mr. H. M. Alexander reports having sold 35 Broken Hill Proprietary Silver Company (Limited) at £25, 20 do. at £25 53., 30 do. at £25 7s. Od.; 200 Umberumberkas Silver {ss. paid) at 16;. per share cum div.; also, 500 Broken Hill South Promoters at lls. per ebare. Mr. G. A. W. Alexander reports having sold 400 Commercial Banks (I*4 paid) at ililSi. Cd., 10 at £3 145., 500 Adelaide Marines at £L 7<j. tid., 25 Adelaide Banks at £G 7s. <ii. Grain Market. The market is very quiet to-day, and no transactions are reported. Wheat keeps firm at 4s. 3d. per bushel for large parcels, 4s. and 4s. Is. for farmers' lots at Port Adelaide, 33. lOd. and 4s. at the ontports. In fl ;ur a steady trade is doing at last quotations. Bran, Is. 3d.; pollard, Is. 3id. At Port Adelaide Messrs. W. G. Harrison and Co. quote as follows:—Flour (roller), £10 55.; wheat, 4b. 2Jd.; bran, Is. 3d.; pollard. Is. 4d. Messrs. Tnomas & Co. quote:—Flour, £10; wheat, 4a. 2d-; bran, Is. 3d.; pollard. Is. 4d. Insolvencies. George Raynor, Outalpa, maildriver. Francis H. Cottrell, late of Glenelg, artist. Henry Dangerfield^-hundred of Ninnes, farmer. Charles William Stuart, jun., late of Ade laide, clerk. Sydney W. Wardell, Dry Creek, guard. Horace D'Elmaine, late of Adelaide, comedian. William H. Rosman, late of Norwood,   accountant.