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(From Our Own Correspondent.)

July 7.

The cold weather of last week has been unusually severe, there being six consecutive frosts. On two mornings the thermometer went down to a little over 25deg.; add to this that the past month has been exceptionally dry, and it goes -without saying that the crops are at a standstill, and that the dairying in- dustry has suffered considerably. It has been deemed advisable to close the Tam- bourine Co-operative Creamery, owing to the short supply of milk, but it will be started again as soon as grass and crops

begin to grow.

The action of the Government in send- ing Mr. W. Collin, of Mundoolun, to America with Dr.. Hunt to make Inquiries into the cattle tick business has given universal satisfaction. It may not be generally known that Mr. Collin, with his brother, now the member for the Albert, visited America in the early seventies, going through the principal cattle districts. A series of interesting letters were published in the "Queens-   lander" giving their experiences, and comparing the colonial and American methods of dealing with cattle matters. Mr. Collin will take nothing for granted,

and his facts will be reliable.

Aß gTeat numbers of fat cattle go from these parts to the Tweed River and the Ramornie Meat Works, it is to be hoped that the New Pouth Wales Government will not quarantine Queensland cattle. The trade is not confined to fat cattle ; for several mobs of dalry stock have passed through lately for the Tweed, where the dairying industry seems to be in a flourishing state, it being impossible I am told, to buy heifers suitable for dairy purposes, except at fancy prices.

The Rev. Mr. Knatchbull, the new Church of England clergyman, has been round the district, and has arranged to hold services at places hitherto unBerved. It seems-certain that a large amount of support will be given to Church work, and if r energy and earnestness go for anything^ ¡it will be only right that Church matters should prosper in this

district» ' 'I