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ARRIVALS. September 20.-- Barque Prince of Wales, 356 tons, Henry Robins Rich, master, from London ; Wm. Jackson and Co., agents. Passengers-- Thos. Aird, James Tulloch, Margaret Tulloch, Mary Tulloch, J. M. Tulloch, F. Samuel Tulloch, Charlotte Nicholson. DEPARTURES. September 18.-- Brig Peri, 145 tons, J. W. Tre- gurtha, master, for Adelaide ; R. Green, agent. No passengers. September 18.-Steamer Shamrock, 200 tons, G. Gilmore, master, for Melbourne; Thompson and Co., agents. Passengers,-F. Stevens, Esq., Capt. Gibbs, James Gibson, Esq., G. R. G. Fletcher, Esq., G. Anderson, Esq., Mr. Simeon, Mrs. At- kinson, Miss J. Atkinson, Mrs. Thompson, and thirty-seven in the steerage. IMPORTS. | September 20.-- Barque PRINCE OF WALES, from London. 8 hdds. brandy, 8 cases champagne, 40 qr. casks vinegar, 225 casks beer, 10 hdds. rum, 100 boxes 18 bales 7 pkgs. I case manufactures, Ilarriott & Bysss: 44 casks beer, I cask gin, I hdd. port, 4 do brandy, J. Barrett ; 426 deals, 10 hdds. brandy, 12 qr. casks sherry. 200 bags salt, 10 hdds, 10 barrels Burton ale, 6 bales bags, I case candles, 6otcasks whiting, 28 tonscoals, 2cases glass, I8cases sherry, 21 pkgs. I bale manufactures, W. Jackson and Co.; 10 hdds. brandy, 20 barrels beer, 5 bales bags and twine, 3 cases perfumery, I box 2 pkgs. manufactures,order; 20 hhds. beer, 122 kegs 2 cases manufactures, J. Crookes; 35 casks beer, 25 pkgs. raisins, 5 barrels currants, 5 hogsheads brandy, 10 .quarter casks Marsala, 10 ditto sherry, 6 hogsheads rum, 4 tierces sugar, 82 packages 6 cases 5 bales 20 casks manufactures, Carruthers, Peters, & Co.; 30 hhds. beer, 10 packages paper, 15 cases 84 packages manufactures, S. E. Harvey; 6 hhds. beer, .1. Waldron ; 30 quarter-casks Marsala, 78 kegs nails, I cask brushware, William Bayles; 5 boxes 3 cases manufactures, 1 machine, 2 wheels, as addressed; 8 cases manufactures, .1. Robertson; 4 cases 32 packages ditto, J. Bradshaw; 2 boxes ditto, A. Stackisouse; 15 casks ditto, W. Upton; 7 packages ditto, T. Parramore; 20 casks blacking, I. Green; I case maps, E. Sweetmans; 3 cases manufactures, 1i. Dowling; 60 pks. do, W. Birch; 3 do., Lewis and Sons; 8 quarter casks vinegar, Henry Hopkins; 3 cases manufactures, G. and T. Dugard; 38 kegs ditto, T. White & Son; 103 packages 14 cases ditto, Moss & Nathan ; I cask 2 cases ditto, F. Bebra; I case ditto, Wm. Archer; I case 4' packages ditto, L. C. Stevenson; 2 casks glass. Stevens and Harcourt; I case manufactures, H. C. Adams. EXPORTS. September 18.-Brig PE11. for Adelaide. I case leather, T. L. Button; I ditto plants, Sutherland; 1 tub honey, Hammnant; I cart and harness, Crow;

I bogatelle table, 3 boxes apparel, b horses, Hann; I case leather, 3 horses, Williams; 143 bags oats, J. Mlunro; 120 ditto potatos, Tsregurtha; I horse, Nightingale; 3 horses. Pitcher; 17,200 paling, 1,800 posts and rails, it. Green. September 18.-Steamer Si A 5t [LOCK, for Mel. bourne. 280 bags flour, Thompson & Co. ; 6 horses, Charlton; 4 ditto, Brown and Sons; 00 cases brandy, W. Jackson and Co. ; 45 bags oats, W. Williams. Biarque Prince of (Vales, justarrived from London - IVyclife discharging - IValer Scott, discharglng IVarratah, refitting Brig Panama, loading for Portland hay -- William Hill, loading for Sydney -- Raven, Indeuinite Schooner Alice, loading for Portland Biay Will O'the IWisp, laid up -- Crescent Ciy, discharging