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Charles Farrell's Part In Australian Film

NATIONAL Productions Ltd., Syd-<*> ney, in announcing this week that Charles Farrell will play the title role in "The Flying Doctor," at National

Studios, Pagewood, will be paid the highest fee ever earned by any motion picture artists in Australia, " an expense which the company feels is more than justified." "Many aspects must be conririmed when casting a, film," states Mr. Miles Mander, director of The Flying Doc tor,' who chose Charles Farrell for the part. A very important factor in the mind of the producer, is the commercial angle. In the case of Charles Farrell. Mr. S. S. Crick, managing director, Fox Film Corp. (A/sia) Ltd., which cem pany will distribute the film through out Australiasia, and Mr. Alan J- Williamson, who represents Gaumont- BriUSh Picture Corporation Ltd., In this country, were unanimous in their enthusiasm over his popular appeal. "My experience in the business 6ide as well as the production of films has given me much opportunity for study ing star, values, and I know personally Farrell's value as a draw card in both the United Kingdom and UJS-A. This is a most important point in his favor, for we have very seriously considered these foreign markets in the mnfring of "The Flying Doctor..1 I have been sent to Australia by the Gaumont- Britlsh company to make, for the first time an Australian picture of inter national as well as local appeal, and to ensure this it is necessary to include In the cast at least one important Hollywood star. A picture will not eell in England or. America without star value." Mr Mander added:—"Despite bis good looks and the universal feminine adoration. Charles Farrell is every inch a man's man. I only know two others in the whole of Hollywood who strip better than he. One is the famous Olympic MfifiTning champion. Johnny ?Weissmuller, who has also ap peared in a number of films, and the other is Joel MoCrea. This was a point to be considered whsn asking him to play the part of Snowy in The Flying Doctor.' which Captain J. O. C Orton has adapted for the screen, because Snowy has an import ant sequence in the wrestling ring at the Sydney stadium, and only a man of perfect physique would be suitable for such a part." Farrell, who is married to Virginia Valli was bom on August 9. 1902. He is 6 ft. 2 in. high, has brown hair and eyes, and weighs 178 lb. He has had no stage training, and entered films eight years ago as an extra. His first big opportunity came when he was selected to co-star with Janet Gaynor in '?Seventh Heaven." Amongst his most outstanding pictures since then are "Old Ironsides." "The Bed Dance." "Sunny Side Up." and "Tess of the Storm Country," the latter two pictures with Janet Gaynor.