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Photo Christmas Cards, Midget Size, 10s. per dozen. Finished two d&ys.


Hule in Central American republics is somewhat arbitrary. Mr. Richard Harding Davis, who has lately visited Nicaragua, says in " Harper" : " There was a merchant in Tegucigal- pa named Santos Soto (he is there still, I believe), and about a year ago Presi- dent "Vasquez told him he needed a loan of ten thousand dollars to assist him In his struggle against Bonilla, and as Soto was making sixty thou- sand dollars a year in the country, he suggested that he had better lend it promptly. Soto refused, and was locked in the quartel, where it was explained to him that for every day he delayed In giving the money the amount de- manded of him would be increased one thousand dollars. As he still refused, he was chained to an Iron ball, and led out to sweep the streets in front of his shop, which extends on both sides of the principal thoroughfare of the capital. He is an old man, and the sight of the chief merchant In Teguci- galpa sweeping up the dust In front of his own block of stores had a most salutary effect upon the other merchants, who promptly loaned the sum? de- manded of them, taking rebates on. Customs dues in exchange, with one exception. This merchant owned a Jewellery store, and was at the same time thes English consular agent He did not sweep the streets, nor did he contribute to the forced loan. He values in consequence his tin sign which Is not worth much as a work of art-at about ten thousand dollars."

The London " Times" reports : " The ordinary general meeting of the Aerated Bread Company (Limited) was held at Cannon-street Hotel. Major John Bolton, who presided, said they had no reason to fear com- petition. Four new depots had been opened during the year, making eighty, and they had taken premises for six moro On a proposal being made for the ie-election of Sir Benjamin W. Richard- son as a director, Dr. Furnival asked if he was in favour of giving the girls em- ployed by the company some additional advantages. If they did not give them one meal a day he considered they were a mean and shabby lot. The chairman, in reply, said the board had taken great care of their employees during the post year. Not a girl went into the com- pany's service now who did not receive 10s. a week, with constant promotion, and they also gave them one meal a day. In addition, the board provided a hot dinner at a nominal price for those who wished to- avail themselves of it."

~~A decent-looking man asked a London magistrate recently for advice as to what he could do with a drunken wife. Mr. Paul Taylor: That is one of the incon- veniences of matrimony. Applicant: Am I bound to keep her? Mr. Paul Taylor: You have taken her for better or for worse. Applicant: Yes, sir; but do not you think this is very much -worse? Mr. Paul Taylor: I ara not here to argue with you, but will tell you that the fact of her being a drunkard does not relieve you J from your liability to maintain your wUfc