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A speoial meeting of the Brisbane Munioipal Oouucil was hold in the Town Hall buildings at noon on Saturday for the purpose of electing a Mayor for the ensuing year. All the aldermen woro present. The intorest taken in the pro- ceedings by the public was not eo great as is usually the case, the altendunco of spectators being fairly largo,however. Ex-MayorSpUthall and ox-Aldermen M'Klnnon and M'Loan, with Mr. A. Cunningham, occupied seats near tho Mayor's chair. Ex-Mayor Fraser, as returning ollioor, took the chair, and announced tho losult of tho elections. The Town- Oi.krk {Mr. Marshall) was then voted to tho chair, lind announced that the business ot the inootinn wai to ¡--elect a Mayor.

Mr. M'MAKitii moved that Aldorman Fraser bo Mayor tor the ensuing year. Ho hoped that a majority of tho moruben of the council would support the motion, nnd he was quite suro that if a poll of tho citizens woro taken ho would have a majority in favour of his oandldato. (Applause.) Mr. Fraser had fulfilled tho duties of Mayor very efficiently. At the last meeting of tho old council each alderman boro testimony to tho excollent way in which ho had discharged tho duties, and from his (Mr. M'Master's) oxperioneo in the ohair ho had como to the conclusion that it would oftentimes bo in the interests of the city that the Mayor should havo a tenuro of office for two year*. Thoro wera many things that a Mayor commenced, particularly a man new to tho chair, which ho had not an oppor- tunity tofinish bacauso.ho was only getting well into harness when ha had to vacato tho posi- tion. No matter how long a man was an alderman ho had a lot to learn when he becama Mayor of tho city. Ho hoped that whon tho Local Government Act was amonded the Mayor would bo given a two years' tenuro of ofiioo. Mr, Fraser had dono credit to tho offico, and ho thought he should be ro-clccted. (Applause)

Mr. Watson seconded tbo motion, agreeing with what had been said by Mr. M'Mustcr in

favour of the candidate.

Mr. Raymond moved that Alderman Thorne be Mayor. He was much surprised at hearing Mr. M'Master advocate a two years' tenure of office. No one doubted Mr. Fraser's fitness for the position, but if length of service in the council was any recommendation for the position of Mayor, then Mr. Thorne was entitled to it, as he had served a much longer term than Mr. Fraser. Mr. Thorne had proved himself well fitted to preside over the delibera- tions of the council, and he did not think it was right for two or three gentlemen to take the chair year after year to the exclusion of the new members. Mr. Thorne had given ample proof of his ability during the eight years he had occupiod a seat in the council.  

Mr. Wurra flooondod tho motion, not only from a senso of Mr. Thome's personal qualifi- cations and his long services ns alderman, but from the principio of fairnoss in regard to the wards. Whilo admitting that Mr. Fraser had been a good Mayor, he pointed out that if ha woro re-oleotod tho East Ward would have had livo Mayors during the past eight years. Ho askod if thora would bo any justice in such a proceeding. It scorned as if the East Ward and tho Valley Ward woro to monopolise the position of Mayor. [Mr. M'Mahtcu : " Thoy have boon good Mayors."] li Mr. M'Master woro not Mayor himself, ho must havo tho making of tbo Mayor. [Mr. M'Makieh : " I do not go touting around for it."J Neither did he. It would not bo fair to tho rest of the oity if Mr. Frasor woro re-olected. If thoy woro fluoh duffers in the other wards as not to be

fit to oeoupy the position it would bo different. Mr. Thorne was iu every way qualified to fill tho position. Ho was a man of education, of ability, and also had eufiioiont leisure to give the requisito timo to tho duties of the ofttoe. It thoro wero any doubt as to who should bo olioson Mayor, ho considered that

the man of leisuro should bo elected.

Mr. Gr.Miic said that ho would support Mr. Thorno's nomination. Ila had no objoation to Mr. Frasor, who had conducted tho business of the counoil with oredit, but ho thought that for tho reasons advancod by Mr. White Mr. Thorne should bo oleotod Mayor. Ho had always maintained that every member of the aounoil Bhould aspiro to the position of Mayor; if ho did not ho had no-right in tho counoil. [Mr. M'MAS-run: "No."] Mr. Tliorno had served eight years in the counoil, and ho was certainly qualified to fill the ohair.

Mr. Tiiuiu.ow also supported tho nomination of Mr. Thorne. Out of twonty-nino Mayors tho Wost Ward had only had two, and ho would have boon pleased to have supported his oollcaguo had ho been a candidate for tho offioe. Kangaroo Point had not givon a Mayor to the city since 1882, and ho thought as Mr. Tliorno was well quallfiod to fill tho mayoral ohair that ho ought to bo elected.

Mr. M'Mastkk statod that the North Ward had bad as many roprosontativo Mayors as the East Ward, for it ought not to bo forgotten that for many years tho oity was not divided into wards. No mombor of the counoil could say that Mr. Fraser had during his term of ofiioo shown favouritism to any of the wards ; and ho challenged Mr. White or anyone else to show that tho Valloy Ward had bonefttod more than any other ward whilo ho (Mr. M-Master) was Mayor. Ha thought that Mr. Fraser ought to bo allowod to oompleto the salo

of tho debentures.

Mr. Prob aontonded that wards ought to be loft out of oonsidoration altogether, and that the bost man ought to bo eleoted.

On a division Mr. Thorno's nomination was supported by Messrs. Thurlow, Whito, Clark,

and Raymond,' and that "of Mr. 'Fraser' by Messrs. Hipwood, Proe, M'Master, and Watson.

The voting being equal the council adjourned till to-day, on the motion of Mr. White, seconded by Mr. Oura.



The South Brisbane Municipal Council met at noon on Saturday for the purpose of eleoting a Mayor. There were present-Aldermen Jones (ex-Mayor), Hardgrave, Nott, Duncan, Fishor, Sinclair, Midson, Fish, Luya, Stephens, and Heaalop. Alderman Dibley was the only mem- ber of the connoil absent. Only three or four of tho ratepayers were present.

. Mr. Nott, in moving that Mr. Jones should bo re-elected Mayor, said that as far as he oould gather the motion was likely to be carried unanimously. He hoped that it would be._ There were some very important trans- actions uncompleted in which he for one was prepared to give the late -Mayor a very large amount of credit for the way in whioh he had carried them out so far. One of these matters was the leasing of the wharves, and another the question of the rating. Ho hoped, with regard to the latter, they would be able to do something to relieve the taxpayers to some extent. They wanted a Mayor with some experience and some backbone, and who could keep a pretty stiff upper lip. Ho believed they had found these qualities in Mr. Jones, and he had very much pleasure in moving that he should be re-eleoted. (Hear, hear.)

Mr. Midsok said he rose with a great deal of pleasure lo second the motion. He agreed with Alderman Nott that there were matters to be arranged of great importance, such as the leasing of the Musgrave Wharf, and he thought it was desirable that the completion of those matters should be left with Mr. Jones. As he (Mr. Midson) had said when supporting Mr. JoneB's election last year, Mr. Jones had an axe to grind, and that axe well ground would be used in the best interests of the ratepayers. He was confident that it had been so used. There- fore he had great pleasure in seconding the


Mr SrNcr air said that as a now member lie had very much pleasure in supporting the motion He did not think the council could do better Mr Jones had an excellent record, and he was sure that his re election would be the best thing not only for the aldermen but the ratepajera generally (Hear, hear)

The motion was then put by the low s Clerk and earned un-mimouslj

Mr Jon'es said he thanked them for the confidence they had shown in him by re electing him for this year He accepted the position last year with hesitation He accepted it again with more hesitation and moro diffidence His experience had shown him ihat a good deal of «oik was required of the Mayor of the South Brisbane Municipality, and considerable ability He was very muan afraid that he possessed neither the time nor the ability that was required [Mr Heaslop

" Question as to the ability ' ] That was hi3 opinion, at all events He gave a lot of time to the mamoipahty last year, and he thonght it had resulted in benefit to the mumoipahty He thanked them for appreciating that, and he took his re elootion as a token of appreciation of his services last year Last year the finan

cial position was not what tjiey would have liked it to be and he was sorry that it was not what it should be .vet They had still work before thom and he trusted that the members of the counoil would give him all the

assistance they could There wero many |

important matters which required attention Ono of the most important of these was the reduction, if not the removal, of the tolls on the Victoria Bridge Then there was the qnestion of the land they possessed, which at present was a burdon upon them He trusted that some means would be devised for the utilisation of this property There was also the completion of the leasing of the Musgrave Wharf, which he would endeavour to carry out If, in addition, anything could be done towards getting the railway extended along the wharves and towards the diversion of flood waters it would have his most hearty support (Hear, hear )

Notice of Motiov

Mr Tish gave notioe that he would move at the next meeting of the council,-" With reference to certain statements contained in a

circular distributed by Mr Riithning during the

late atdermanic election for No 2 Ward of this borough, refieotmg on the honour and integrity of the valuer of this mumoipahty, I beg to move that a committee be appointed from the members of the council to investigate the matter in question, and any other assessments they may think necessary, and report to the next meeting of the oounoil '

The proceedings then terminated


The Coorparoo Shire Council met at noon on Saturday to elect tho president for the current

j ear. There was a full council-namely,

Messrs Groom Barnes King, M'Dermott, Lade, Francis Winterbottom, and Bardsley

After Mr Lape, as returning oflioer, had announced the election of Mr Francis for No 'i Ward, and Mr King for No 3, the Cleri

(Mr Hen7ell) took the chair and called for nominations for president No one responded for a few seoonda, though all the councillors appeared to be m a genial mood Mr Barnes, at length, BUggeBted they had better sign the attendance book, and the book having boen signed there was an awkward silence, whioh Mr îbascis brake by i «marking that he felt himself in a difhoult position as a new member, and would have been more at home in the South Brisbane Council Mr Buives then rose, and there was an evident expectation that business was now to have a beginning But ho quickly dispelled hopea on Una soore by remarking that ho was not going to propose anyone for the chair, but to intimate that whoever was oleoted should have his loyal support Ile, however, counselled judgment in the selection, as there was some important work yet to be done in connection with the Burnett Swamp Bridge Some good humoured chaff was then indulged in as to the weightiest man on the council the honours resting between Messrs Groom and M Derraott, who said he Bcalod 12st 71b This appeared to bring matters to a climax, and

Mr WivrEnuorroM proposed Mr M Dormott as president ne thought a representative from No -i should occupy the chair as No 1 and No -2 had had their turn and he con Bidered Mr M Dermott who had been a justice of the peace, v, as well qualified to give satis


Mr Bahdhi E'i seconded tho motion Though BometimcB thoy did not agree with Mr M'Dermott's actions he thought if the responsibility were laid upon his shoulders ho would prove equal to it as was the case with the late president Of oourse they all knew that the president was not the pivot on which the shiro revolved the position was only a ugurehead at the most

Mr M'Dntitoir said ho had not coveted the position, but if they pleased to elect lum ho would do his best for the district If however, thoy wished to elect unyono olso, thoy were

welcome to do so

Mr Piusas approved of a contest for tho presidentship, and in looking round thoso present, ho said there was one gentleman above all others who was fitted to occupy the chair with orcdit to the shire He had eat with that gentleman in the South Brisbane Council Chambers for foui years, and during that time he did not know of a question befoio them whioh did not receive his careful attention Ho had known him to fight single handed for what he considered was right, and montually gain bia point, though sometimes losing Friends by so doing He referred to Mr Blook sidgo Ho knew that there had been some ill

feeling against him, perhaps lor some hasty judgment, but he thought they nbould bury it, as they had sunk their differences with Mr M'Oorkindalo Ho was quite oeitoin if thoy got Mr. Blooksidge's servioea they would not roRret it

Mr Barneh sooondod the nomination of Mr Blookaidgo He thought ho would fill the ohair woll, and thoy had past expononoo to prove it.

He believed that in Ioool government they should seleot the most capable man for the chair, though at one time he had held thoopinion that the presidentship should go round the wards. However,'that opinion had been ex- ploded, and so long as he sat on the council he would vote for thejbost man.

Mr. Blocksidqe said there had been friction in the council, but he thought they had got on very well for some time past. He had always done his best for the council, independent of wards, and if they elected him he would not be president for No. 1 Ward, but for the whole shire. He recognised the importance of the work before the council, some of whioh would require careful handling. At the same time he admitted, though he bad differed with Mr. M'Dermott, that that gentleman was quite capable of accomplishing anything he under-


Mr. Winterbottom differed with the olerk on the question of reoeiving, nominations for president, and thought the matter should be decided by motions and amendments, as was done last year. Considerable discussion ensued on this point, but it was eventually decided in Mr. Winterbottom's favour on rcforring to the proceedings of last yoar.

Tlie nomination of Mr. M'Dermott was then put to the meeting, when only three voted for -the mover, seconder, and himself-and the remainder of the council against.

Mr. Blooksidge's nomination was then put, when five members-Messrs. Franois, Barnes, Groom, Bardsley, and Blocksidge-voted for, and three against.

Mr. Winterbottom olaitned the right to move an amendment, and proposed Mr. Fiancis, which was seconded by Mr. M'DKnsiOTT. Mr. Francis, however, expressed his opinion that Mr. Blooksidge was elected, though to satisfy his nominator be was willing to allow the matter to go to the vote. Considerable discussion followed. Eventually the council adopted Mr. Barnes's suggestion, and elected Mr. Blocksidge unauimously.

Mr. Blocksidge returned thanks, and the meeting terminated, having lasted over an




A special meeting of the Ithaca Shire Counoil was held in the Council Office, Bed Hill, on Saturday, for the purpose of eleoting a president for the ensuing year. There were present Messrs. C. B. Fletoher (retiring president), J. Storie, jun., J. H. Shaw, W. Charteris, Robert Speedie, S. White, J. H. Stewart, George Horsfall, and S. E. Lintern.

Election op Pbesident.

On the motion of Mr. C. B. Fletcher, seconded by Mr. J. Storie, jun., Mr. S. E. Lintern was unanimously elected president for' the ensuing year.

Mr. Lintern-, on taking the chair, thanked the councillors for the confidence placed in him, and said he would endeavour to be fair and just to all.

Appointment of Committees.

The following committees were appointed : Finance Committee-Mesars. Fletcher, Stewart, and Storie. «

Works Committee-Messrs. Speedie, Hors- fall, and Charteris.

Legislative and Health Committee-Messrs. White, Storie, and Shaw.

Appointment op Officers.

It was unsîûimously deeded,-" That the officers of the board as now appointed stand reappointed for the ensuing year at the same


Messrs. Stewart and Storie were appointed delegates to the meeting of local authority representatives to eleot members for the Trafilo



The annual meeting of the counoil for the election of a president was held at the offioo, Toowong, on Saturday, at 12 o'clock noon. There were present : Messrs. W. F. Wilson, Hon. A. C. Gregory, Holdway, Kibble, Jones, Maskrey, Patterson, Payne, and Standring.

The Betubnino Officp.r (Mr. F. W. Wilson) read the result of the poll, and stated that the newly-eleotod councillors had signed the required declaration.

Mr. Wilson moved,-" That the Hon. A. 0. Gregory bo elected president for the following year." The motion waa seconded by Mr. Patne, and carried unanimously.

Mr. Gregory thanked tbe counoil for the honour they had conferred upon him.



A meeting of the Windsor Shire Council was held on Saturday at noon for the purpose of eleoting a president, and appointing the Finance, Works, and Legislative Committees for the year. There were present-Messrs. T. L. Peate, W. Baker, W. Mooney, W. H. Lane, H. Cameron, C. Perry, T. S. Hawkins, K. M'Lennan, and E. F. Morgan. The clerk was

voted to the chair.

Election of President.

It was proposed by Mr. E. P. Moboan, seconded by Mr. H. Cameron, and earned unanimously, without discussion, that Mr. W. Mooney be elected president.

Mr. Mooney, having been duly installed in the chair, briefly returned thanks for his eleotion, and promised to do his best to work harmoniously with the whole board.

Date of Meeting.

It was agreed that the board meet at the same time a; heretofore-namely, 7.30 p.m. on the seoond Tuesday of each month.

Appointment of Committees.

It was resolved that Messrs. Morgan, M'Lennan, Peate, and Lane be the Finance Committee; also, that Messrs. Hawkins,Perry, Baker, and Cameron be the Works Committee. In accordance with precedent, the whole counoil was appointed the Legislative Com-


Tanning; and Fellmonoerino Establishments.

Mr: Peate drew the attention of the council to the fact that Professor Anderson Stuart, of Sydney, had reported that fellmongering and wool-scouring establishments and tanneries were hot injurious to. .the publia health, and, therefore, should not be classed as noxious trades. In tho city of Liverpool, and, ho believed, throughout Great Britain, all such businesses had been oxempted from the operation of the Noxious Trades Aot. Conse- quently, he thought the Windsor Shire Counoil

would do well to follow the lead of the authorities elsewhere, and interfere with similar works within the jurisdiction of the council as little as possible. (Hear, hear.)

The proceedings then tormlnatod.



The Munioipal Counoil met at noon on Saturday for the purpose of eleoting a Mayor for the onsuing year. The retiring Mayor (Mr. J. A. Hayes) took tho chair, and there wore present-Aldermon A. W. Field, G. T. Light body, W. II. Bell, R. W. Kingsford, F. W. B. Mann, J. PoUb, L. R. Jaggar, and T. Strong. The Mayor moved that the town elerk (Mr. Southerdon) take the obair. This motion having beon curried, Mr. Kinobkord moved that the counoil adjourn to tho Mayor's room. This was seconded hy Mr. Field and carried.

After half-an-hom's abBenoo the oounoil resumed. Mr. Ki.nuhkoru proposed that Mr. G. T. Lightbody bo bloetod Mayor for tho ensuing twelve months. Mr. Lightbody had filled the position of alderman now for fivo years, with orodit to himself and honour to the counoil, and by seniority had a prior olaim to the chair. Ho had the requisite knowledge and ability for tho position, and when his Exoollenoy the Govomor como to Sandgate ho would bo able to entertain him.

Mr. John Porra- said it gave him great pleasure to second the motion, which, on being put by the town olerk, .waB oarried unani- mously.

On assuming his position, Mr. Liqiitoody thanked his brothor aldermon for tho high honour conferred on him, and said ho would endeavour to satisfy (he ratepayers and his

brother aldermen by- doing his duty consis- tently ; and he would try to sustain the dignity' of his position.

Mr. Bell congratulated the Mayor on his eleotion, and assured him of every assistance from himself.

It was resolved to hold the first meeting of the new oounoil on Tuesday next, at 3 p.m., in the Town Hall, at whioh meeting the officers of the counoil for the ensuing year will be 'appointed, salaries fixed, and oommittees


Ex-Mayor Hayes said that, on behalf of the oounoil, he had the pleasing duty of congratu- lating Mr. Lightbody on being elected to the highest position the town could confer on him, and to offer to him the hearty co-operation of all the aldermen in doing his duty to the town, and ho would, at the same time, thank the aldermen for the kindly assistance always ren- dered him during his late term of offioe.

' At the invitation of the Mayor, the aldermen then adjourned to the Sea View Hotel, where light refreshments were provided, when Alder- man Jaguar proposed the health of the newly eleoted Mayor. The Mayor thanked those present for the very kindly way in which the toast bad been received, and said he could only repeat what he had said in 'the Council Chamber, hoping that all would have the same opinion of bim that day twelve months as they had now. Mr. W. H. Bell proposed the health of the retiring Mayor, and the toast was duly responded to by Mr. Hayes. The Mayor (Mr. Lightbody) proposed tho health of tho new alderman, and Mr. Jaqoah replied in a few well-chosen words..


[By Electric Telegraph.]

(fbom oob own correspondents.)

IPSWICH, February 9.

Alderman Tallon was elected Mayor to-day. Great interest was taken in the eleotion, a large number of ratepayers being present.

TOOWOOMBA, February 10.

At a special meeting of the Toowoomba Municipal Council yesterday Alderman Malcolm Geddes was unanimously elected Mayor for tho year 1895.

At a speoial meeting of the Gowrie Divisional Board, Mr. George M'Cleverty, jun., was elected


DALBY, February 10.

Alderman M'Queen was eleoted Mayor of Dalby yesterday.

WABWIOK, Fobruary 9.

At the Municipal Council meeting at noon to-day Alderman Allman was elected Mayor for the ensuing year. Alderman De Conlay was the other candidate proposed, but Mr. Allman was chosen by five votes to four.

BUNDABERG, February 9.

Alderman D. M'Convillo at noon to-day was eleoted Mayor unanimously for the third time.

ROCKHAMPTON, February 9.

Alderman S. W. Hartley has been eleoted Mayor of Rockhampton, and Alderman Frank Power Mayor of North Rockhampton.

MACKAY, February 9.

Alderman P. M. Hynes was to-day eleoted Mayor of Mackay. He was strongly supported.

TOWNSVILLE, February 9.

At noon to-day Alderman E. J. Forrest, solioitor, of this oity, was eleoted Mayor of Townsville. The eleotion created a deal of interest, and there was a large gathering of citizens present.

CAIRNS, February 9.

The eleotion of Mayor took plaoe to-day, when Mr. James Lyons, an old resident and member of the Mamoipal Counoil, was unani- mously elected.

CROYDON, February 9.

Alderman J. M. Temple has been re-eleoted Mayor of Croydon.