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4BU Opened at Bundaberg "EPOCH IN TOWN'S HISTORY"


In the presence of a representative gathering Bundaberg's radio station, 4BU, went on to the air for the first time to-night.

The managing director of Bundaberg Broadcasters, Ltd. (Mr. W. Harvey), introducing the Mayor (Alderman B. McLean, M.L.A.), who officially de- clared the station open, said the com- mencement of broadcasting by 4BU marked another important epoch in the history of Bundaberg. He acknow- ledged the assistance rendered by the manager of station 4BK (Mr. A. Rob- ertson) and the chief engineer (Mr. A. L. Dixon). Alderman McLean declared the station open. Mr. H. M. Bayley, assistant manager of The Courier-Mail, extended con- gratulations to the people of the dis- trict and to the body of people who had been responsible for the enter- prise. One of the most interesting develop- ments in broadcasting, Mr. Bayley said, had been the alliance of radio stations with newspapers. This was a natural development, because, obviously, the Press and radio had a great deal in common, and each had as its basic purpose service to, and the education of the people.

SPIRIT OF PUBLIC SERVICE The Courier-Mail organisation wel- comed 4BU as an ally, because it realised that the management of 4BU was inspired by similar ideals to its own, and had a policy built on the spirit of public service similar to the policy that had brought station 4BK to the front rank of Australian broad- casting stations. "There is a great augury for 4BU, which this night begins its career as the leader of radio entertainment on the North Coast," Mr. Bayley con- cluded. "May it flourish as greatly as has the district which it serves." The president of the Chamber of Commerce (Mr. F. G. Marshall) said that he was confident that through the agency of 4BU Bundaberg would be able to inform the outside world of listeners of its many and varied attractions. Representative citizens were subse- quently entertained by the directorate of Bundaberg Broadcasters, Ltd. After the health of the Mayor had been honoured the Deputy Mayor (Alderman F. H. Buss) proposed the toast of 4BU, his remarks being sup- ported by Mr. A. E. Aitkin, P.M. Messrs. A. J. Christensen and R. G. Curtis (directors) responded. Mr. A. D. Leyland submitted the toast of The Courier-Mall and 4BK, Messrs. Bayley and Dixon responding. Mr. C. V. Woodland is manager of the new station, and Mr. Philip Dauth assistant manager.