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John Joseph Weldon Flemming was this yesterday charged, on remand at the South Brisbane Police Court, before Messrs W.   Yaldwyn, P.M. and S. Dalby, JJ.P, with bigamy. Senior sergeant Love conducted the prosecution. The defendant conducted his own case. The following evidence was called for the defence -

Charles E. de F. Pennefather stated that he formerly commanded a vessel called the Pearl belonging to the Queensland Government. Henry Ernest Weaver was his chief officer. The photograph shown him was Weaver's. Witness was introduced to a woman that Weaver told him was his wife. He believed the woman, Florence Flemming, in court was   the same woman. He last heard of Captain Weaver on 4th Decembor, 1893, when he received a letter from the Superintendent of Prisons, Suva, Fiji, asking for informa- tion respecting a convict named Henry Ernest Weaver, who had been convicted of murder at Fiji in 1889. Witness believed that Henry Ernest Weaver was the same man whose photograph was shown him in the photograph book. He had reason to believe that the man Henry Ernest Weaver now in Suva was the same man who served under him in the schooner Pearl.

Joseph Samuel Sneyd, senior warder at the Boggo road Gaol, produced a book of photo graphs. It contained a photograph of Captain Weaver taken in 1884. There were inquiries made at the gaol by the police about a Richard Weaver, who was a different man from Captain


Wm. George Sargant, of the firm of Potts, Paul, and Sargant, stated that a man named Captain Weaver was in the employ of the firm as clerk. He did not know whether Weaver was married or single. The photo produced was like Weaver, but he could not swear to it.

By Senior-sergeant Love: Weaver had not   been in the firm's service for over fifteen years. Witness had not heard of him for the past ten


Mrs John Murray said that she had heard of a Captain and Mrs Weaver, but she never saw Captain Weaver. That was about fifteen years


James Buyers, accountant in the A. M. P. Society, stated that he knew a man named   Captain Weaver. He had not seen him for several years. He could swear positively that the photograph produced was Captain Weaver's. Weaver always passed for a married man. Witness spent an evening about eighteen years ago with Captain and Mrs Weaver. He believed the woman he had been shown to be the same Mrs Weaver.

Mrs Catherine Hesse said that a Captain and Mrs Weaver lived on Spring Hill about seventeen years ago. The woman in court was the same woman that witness know as Mrs.


Mrs Mary Miller stated that all the time she knew Mrs Flemming the latter passed as defendant's wife.    

Mrs. Florence Flemming said she married defendant in 1885. She then declared herself to be Florence Weaver, a widow. She was

formerly married to Captain Henry Ernest   Weaver. The photograph produced was that of her former husband. She married Captain Weaver in London in 1873. Her maiden name was Florence Tucker. She was married in a registry office in the Strand.

By the Bench: She last saw Captain Weaver in Sydney about three years before she married Flemming. He went to the South Seas and she   afterwards went to service. Not hearlng of him for about three years she considered herself a widow. She had not seen her first husband since she married defendant. She lived with defendant till 1890.

By Senior-sergeant LOVE: Before marrying   defendant she told him that she had no positive proof of Weaver's death, although she believed him dead.

The bench discharged the defendant.

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