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New Rowley Park Speedway Spectacular

The Rowley Park speedway built in a Brompton pug-hole proved at its opening last night to be a highly spectacular track.

It has been modelled on the   latest English speedways, which enable the drivers and riders to   take bends at full speed.   A thrill for the crowd was pro- vided in the first event, when E. Brecknell crashed into the fence during the first lap and was thrown six feet into the air. He was treated at the speedway for a lacerated hand. Last night's crowd was offi- cially estimated at over 5,000. The promoters are all ex- drivers. The luckiest people were the owners of houses along Coglin street, overlooking the speed- way, who invited neighbors in to share an excellent grand- stand view of the course. Re- sults:— Solo scratch, three laps—First heat, J. Young. 56 sec. Second heat. B. Leverenz, L. Jamieson, J. Williams, 57 sec. Third heat, M. Harding, W. Maddern, H. Denton, 56 4-5. SSSSTsiaS?* J- Toun& *? Sidecar ncratch. lour laps—First neat, K. Ratten, s. Dyson. V. Grat ?er. 1.22 2-5. Second heat. O. Robertson. U. Snow. c. McCounell. 122 3-5. Final. M. Snow. S. Dyson. G. Robertson. 1.23. Solo handicap—First division. M. Harding. B. Leverenz. J. Kelvin. 1.17 4-5. Second division. B. Maddern. J. Young. T. ButterSeid. 2.1a ?-5. Stars- solo match race—B. Lever enz, U. Harding. B. Maddern. 55 Speedcar scratch race—First heat. H. Neale, E. Buppatz. J. Bounnan, I^2 2-5. Second beat. S. Easunrtby. R. Barney. I_9 4-5. Third heat, O. Halnes. A. Goldrtg. I_2 i-s. Final, S. Elsworthy, R. Harvey. H. Neale. I_2 2-5. Bidecar handicap, four laps—First beat, Mai Snow, O. Robertson, C. McOonnetl. 130 2-5. Second heat, K. Batten. V. Gratter. 6. Dyson. I_B 4-5. ~_Bl. V. Gvatter. Mai Snow. C. McConnell. 1.28 4-S. Speedcar handicap—Plrst heat. B. Harvey. J. Brisgs. 1.76. Second beat, G. Halnp?. S. Elsworthy, J. Bowman, lie. Ftnal—B. —lEWorthy, J. Bowman. G. Halnes. I^7 4-5. Sidecar wiatrh race, three laps— M. Snow. V. Gvatter, V. McAUen. 1_ 2-S. Interstate match race, three laps— Sam EUworthy. H. Neale. 57 4-S. Six lap itiiiecar handicap—G. Bob ertson. V. Gvatter. e. Dyson. 2j6. Speedcars "all-tn batchers' ptcnle,** 10 UP? —H. Neale, S. Elnrorthy. G. Hainea.