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GENUINE FREE TRIAL AND PROOF THAT YOU NEED NOT SUFFER FROM RHEUMATISM An KngHjh Research Chemist has discovered flflHlH^^^l ! that Uric Add has nothing to do with the pain, swelling and stiffness of Rheumatism. H^^A ; B :';%i^^^H } THE TRU£ CAUSE OF RHEUMATISM K^^BJ^H fe a toxic condition of the blood originating in the deep veins of the leg. These toxins cause :::^l^H the stiffening of the muscles and the hardening and enlargement of the Joints by becoming i^LHa^P':*/a^H | localised in certain parts of the body and there ftsflHr Vs%.?Bj producing exactly the same sort of inflamma- a?HlitililiPtflHl tory thickening of the* tissues as toe result from a boil, nicer, or any similar localised in- To rcaon the cuk arhethei HH^^B^V^s^H *i Douglas Cunon's , tla. Sciatica. Arthritis, or JMB way to one ol the tJynvTttis. ft Is necessary lo (fESB mOSt remarkable i ??'^? the pain:.,, eliminate. MM mM £d? ?o WRhK!K& < the poisons from the Mm**: ana IUkIS i^lpM '"Verm (II build ip Ike Nerroos SjJU-m <WBR ? ======^=== : Mr. Doigla* Canon's neir de- djs?^K -3Jbb| foment ariuUSeall, ..rnbrnes I^EjM* *lnV J^SSLt^ \ and prorldes these essentials, and llatwiaV??W ?onderfol lot of e?od ?y Its speed*, safe and certain IsbH^LV 5 Sn **"?- "*lk^ Si' ?ctkn not only deflator, assisb '^^?^V J (ore UH.,' ,£or fa banishing the pain, swdlinz J^^H^E <3 trratment he conldni and rtl?-e- h.. boU d. re*..- jBCJ -? n lk VSu^iJSj ucc acalnst fntarr altarte a ____| B ___g_, mt?a Tanr'trealnrnl ??'-???* ? . for Kheaautismi— BBCC TBCATUCUT bb^bblsbbbbbbH CH^., Wilson SJ?. rKEE 1 KCATMENT HbV^bbbbbbbl "? ??? ?7 pleased to Zoo are Invited to send tne torn WfMttBSaKKIEU *J! >rce '""" pain ?t the foot ol this announccmem lerta, ?nd lmmedUtely receive fre? or atheomaUsn in the v du W a M ab Ura tlon:- ? *£?"$* "o^! S^sT*^ Or" <U A -PPI, .1 Anawc r.b- SeeTveJfo, Si SeoSa'tte '"' pa^S lea to ?i?c Instant relief in legs, and ar* lihShl tad In m"/2Sl& m"2? >"-liT" ""^ carrlKO to3i ihonMers and Sy or Artkritif Khenmatism. the 6K?(J to kneeTare better than Theie taMets are runnind every part ol the ther hare been for ?o">??k-l"l?iy.tannle?.^i oody resulting In Sg? "Srs fa facT renuksUr c?cadrat in re- (Ii sloggUh clr- ?"b Seej dom to Itortaa; Kbeaaiatir Pains coJation; <2i do tbJnn I ?SoM not .hrrmr.ll.sM coneestion and do oreT^ttlrtr <3> DBin and years."—ej|^_ Can- I) A supply ol tUlennia swellul? naai(ra P.O^ ?to taxln EHaainanC Tbi? .^^^m^-^*?^^^?— Bordertovrn. S.A adenti?e eoaabinatlon I tones np ttc Utct- — ?r^naf?y dH| Idireet APPLICATION FOKM 1 action on the bkwd Tbe Controller. ! It aaleld? and safely * 3 Anglo-Australian Laooratones , I reduces mrenhH and I 26 Hunter st. (Box 4242XX) Sydney I stlffDess- Piease send me the supply ol Analgesic ? rabtets and Rheumatoidn Ellmlnant Dro- J If you Miller trom Rneunu- mlsed free of eharse and nbllnrinn tlsin In any form, you vllJ f not allow put disappoint- nauf ment. dlscourmgeme?upre- ""*"* Indices or Udt ol faith to stop von from cutting oat . ADDRESS completing and posting tbe J (Print in Block Letters ana encm application form on the I iu,? >t>mn lor return.! A.A-3/12/46||

Bedford design gives you longer life and easier handling with — BIG PLATFORMS and SHORT WHEELBASES ?*- ? g^l rt*^ Better load distribution means /\ / \ economy and easier handling. Modern design means longer life. scientifically proportioned between the axles. Bedford's inbuilt design means there is a short This pays dividends in lengthening the life of "bridge" between axles without any sacrifice the truck, relieving rear tyre wear and tail of platform length and area. Result is there wag, increasing braking efficiency and in is extra rigidity, extra strength and longer life. making steering easier and more positive. e Rugged Trucks in 5 Capacities 30 ewt. Truck: Maximum gross rating 9,000 lbs. Wheelbase 120". 9" platform. 4 body styles. 2/ Tenner: Maximum gross rating 11,500 lbs. Two 120" with 9' platform in 4 body styles and 143" with 12' platform in 4 body styles. 3 Tonner: Maximum gross rating 13.000 lbs. Two wheetbases. 120" with 9' platform in 4 body styles and 143" with 12' platform in 6 body styles. 3/4 Tonner: Maximum gross rating 16,800 lbs. Two wheelbases. Ill" in 2 body styles and 157" with 14' platform in 6 body styles. I 4/5 Tonner: Maximum gross rating j 9.488 lbs. Two Shatter wheelbase means wheelbases. Ill" in 2 body styles and 157" with 14' i ; anorrer wneeioase means platform in 6 body styles. handier turning circles. Thc long mode , of fhe 3 3/4 ana 4/5 The driver who works in cramped Tonner is ovoHable as o tipper with NASCO Trojon conditions appreciates Bedford's Hi dr ??Ho'^L , l. b j;., fllr _:_JT^-irrlac Cor ;„,.„„,„ UTILITIES: The range includes two Utilities — the handier turning Circles, l-or instance 6 tMX CarryaM cna the Half Tonner each in Panel Van the big 157 W.B. Bedford with a — Wellsides or Coupe Front Utility models. 14' platform turns in 511'. a BRITISH BEDFORD Buy From Your Local Bedford Dealer. Metropolitan Distributors: FREEMAN MOTORS LIMITED Zls-223 Grenfell Street, ADELAIDE 'Phone CHI. _Sold and Serviced by_Bgdford Dealers throughout^ Australia. i 3 jp

SHIPPING. AIRWAYS NOTICES AUSTRALIAN SHIPPING BOARD. INTERSTATE CARGO SERVICES. (Subject to alteration without notice.) MELBOURNE. McDwralth. McEacharn, Ltd.. noting bookings. sroKEr Tie Adelaide Steamship Co.. Ltd- not ing bookings. NEWCASTLE. 1 Huddart Parker, Ltd., noting bookings BRISBANE AND FREMANTLE. Hovard Smith, Ltd, noting bookings. ESPERANCE. Howard Smith. Ltd.. noting bookings. THE ADELMDE STEAMSHIP COMPANY. 1 ? T.TMITFTI COASTAL SAILINGS (Circumstances permitting I. PORT LINCOLN AND TDUBT BAY. M.V. MINNIPA. Mon. and Thtlrs.. 7 p.m., ceIU Tumby Bay. Monday trip only. General cargo received until 10 a.m. Fruit and veg. 'o 3 P-m. sailing days. KRNO. COWELL. WALLAROO. WHYALLSr. S3. ?aDORNA. Tuf.v. 3rd Dec. noon. Leaves Wallaroo at 3.30 p.m. on Thurs day (or Cowell. General cargo received until 4 P.m.. i Monday: fruit and veg. to 9 a.m.. Tues. PORT LINCOLN. WHYALLA. PT. PIRIE. PORT AUGUSTA. M.V. MOONTA. Sat.. 7th Dec, 7 p.m. General cargo received until 4 pjn. Friday: fruit and veg. and parcels up to 9 a.m. Saturday. Freights prepaid to Tumby, Arno. Whyalla. : rOAST STEAMSHIPS LTD 1/ SAILINGS. ARDROSSAN AND STANSBURY. Kopoola. Mondays, noon. PORT VINCENT. EDTTHBURGII. Karatta. Wednesdays, 3 p.m. KANGAROO ISLAND. Kuratta. Mondays. 3 pjn., Fridays, noon (Calls Glenelg Fridays I. TRANS-AUSTRALIA AIRLINES 1 RANS-AUSTRALIA ATRLINIS announces the inauguration of it.< ADELAIDE-PERTH and ADELAIDE-MELBOURNE Services. ; TAA Luxury Airliners now link ALL CAPITAL CITIES in the Commonwealth. FARES. : AUELAIDE-ftELBOURNE . £4/17/9 ADELAIDE-PERTH £14/13/3 ADELAIDE-SYDNEY . . . £10/8/3 ADELAIDE-CANBERRA .. . £9/15/6 ADELAIDE-BRISBANE . . JU6/9/P ADELATDE-HOBART £10/4/- ADELAIDE-LAUNCESTON £8/14/3 Luxury TAA Airliners depart daily froip ParaHeld for Perth at 12.45 a.m. and for Melbourne twice daily at 3.10 pjn. and > 6.45 ajn. Full information regarding ' passenger aid freight bookings from TAA Booking Office. Anchor House. North terrace. Adelaide Phone Cent. 7545. Australian National Airlines Commission. CTEAMER AND ATR PASSAGES TO ENGLAND ! AMERICA. SOUTH AFRICA NEW ZEALAND. *c.. 4x All information and bookings a< THOS. COOK ft SON. LTD.. 91 -KING WILLIAM ULVKKI , ADELAIDE AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL AIRWAYS DAILY SKYLINERS SERVICES TO ALL CAPITAL CITIES (except Perth—on Mondays). AIRWAYS HOUSE. 132 North terrace. C6134. ANSETT ATR SERVICES. Dally to Mt. Gambler, Melbourne. Sydney. Canberra, Wagga, 91 King I William su Cent. 2514. After 8 pjn. (Mr. Petersen), Cent. 3563. GUINEA AIRWAYS. Regular passenger service to Darwin, Port Lincoln, Whyalla, Fort Plrie, Kan ' garoo Island, Cleve, Cowell Broken HiU, 1 Renmark and Berri. Bookings:— GUINEA AIRWAYS LTD.. Airways House. North ter. C6I3V , MOTOR TOCKS PIONEER. PIONEER. DAY TOUHS to Adelaide Beauty Spots. INTERSTATE TOURS to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. GRAMPIANS TOUR every Saturday. INFORMATION AND BOOKINGS PIONEER TOURS. National Mutual Buildings. 91 King William street. Cent. 2514. ? A BONDS BONDS. ? DAY AND HOLIDAY TOURS rhe Grampians. 6 days. £9. West Coast, 7 days. 10 gns Sonth-East, 6 days, £9. Central Australia end Darwin Bookings now open for June.' Interstate Round Tours. Victoria and , NSW, all Inclusive. 30/- per day. | BOND'S TOURS, C4428 and 4429. I MODERN car leaving for Sydney Thuxs i Wday noon, room two or three passen- I wrs (freff). Phone X7798.

FALSE TEETH Can Not Embarrass Wearers of raise teeth have suffered embarrassment because their teeth dropped or slipped at just the wrong time. Do not live in fear of this happening to you. Just sprinkle a little FASTEETH on Siur plates. Makes false teeth, stay place, feel comfortable. Sweetens breath. Get FASTEETH at any chemist. Refuse substitutes.


IPs wonderful! i>^^ .. how Kiwi White f?pU* '^B makes your shoes.. I Here's why j^£llA£A]& *^ * M tS the I Kiwi White takes of your shoes! p - _ _ _ i I Sold in tubes, Kiwi White makes white shoes dazzling H OGSI OUV ? S white. 100% pure and safe, it actually protects as it Si J whitens -which means that white shoes last longer K *" Doesn't nib Off .easily §§ ?'nen cleaned with Kiwi White. H .. a _ I Kiwi-whitened shoes stay white .. . they never look M OneS eXlm f|lricldy M streaky, never turn yellowish. M i^ _ . . . . m Kiwi White gives a perfect finish on everything you H "X* C3SieSt tO flPPiy M whiten—buckskin, suede, kid or canvas. I * Lasts longer 1 tonom'ta' because it's all cleaner! M m W' I' te ** a th'ck smooth, concentrated paste. m -X- Jlnd if mck Anlu ft There's no watery mess, no bottle-shaking, no waste. ?it ?nu n costs omy | And a little goes a long way Kidney Trouble Causes sitting Too Much Backache, Puffy Ankles S^ dESQSS?eS ***** =?*SFSr£ Leg Pains. SwoUen Ankles, Rheu- No Benefit —No Pay 2L ?mL P£?? C!5 d!SS lly- S! &BHXS& cause- makes you feel likennranffT' a^i ? method of living prevents Buffl- Wrong foods and drinks, worry. Srbertata wettJ^mdraS' that ?*?* exercise befig obtained and "SSUISf 111^ ?*£ "" Cyste^wSl atisfy yo?S)leWy a constipated TSnSitton naturally 2Sta?s? U\S MIJ? ace*J??S vy tbey a* vou to 6y it uada I results, in cases of that type some fffl^mri^uTteinSd^g ney &<* euaHmtS. YtaSbTthS H^B is needed to assist NataK. propa?? rrfresh^Su? Wooded Shf? ??*?^?9sr -tfalted Ju* Dr. Morse's Indian Boot Pffls usLhJS ar-sss Md ssjaws. packa?e -*?* s^'^swasfMrrs Help Kidneys Oeeters'Way JS^*^U^tt. cS Hnlsta"ld and^ais^ fc^d^ They ja-sa^wws'js ssh^kb??ee- m^^awi tual practice that a quids and sure #?—-*, Am..- /?r opening and tonings tte^ngested way to help the kidneys clean out ?„, VSI.C3£ ???m e t s system and makmgit better able excess poisons and acids is with a 9m^*** ? lap de ? to combat Life's little Dally Bis. scientifically prepared prescription ' Tke cn.i?n..j Treatment rheumatism o P> ' a ~*4 ' ANOTHER ' \ ><^^^v,p. MINTIES ? \ *\ MOMENT ? ' * V\ TdKT*^Y^7 MBVriES ' s*'ll a* velvely, smooth and delicious Mj\. ""\^ i7# as ever ' have *?een "tops" in public favour for ?f-=-^PV \^v/^' V/' over twenty years. 'F^is^A ' ?= —. Tliis nationally known cartoonist pays tribute I rt \ s^S^C ? lo lne popular national sweet in this series of (£lij^+~J?A*~ S^^ ""' "Minties Moments." _^ it's momenta l?sSm!k LIKE THESE YOU NEED Mad? ONLY fry Jim Sndmin-HrnilMTCii'i Swccu Ltd., "Sweeucni", Rncberj'. NAW, und Andlnj, NJC — 17*