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The monthly meeting of the coun-   cil of the Chamber of Manufactures was held on Wednesday afternoon. There were present Messrs. F.N.

Simpson (president). A. H. Dobbie. E. C. Vardon, MP, A. R. Uren, W. J. Barker. A. W. Jones, P. S. Schole- field, P. Ifould, John Todd, T. J. Richards, F. L. Runge. John Frith, O Trudinger, J. A. Rinder, P. Mot- teram, J. H. M. Hawkes, H. Cox, H. G. Pank, W. E. Hay, R. Johnsen, Arnold Sims, and T. Kean. The proposal of the Government to transfer the Exhibition Building and grounds to the University authori- ties was discussed, and action was de ferred until the next meeting. The opinion was expressed that the build- ings and grounds should be retained for exhibition purposes, and for the holding of public functions. Several letters were received from members in regard to the coal posi- tion, emphasising the serious draw back to industry brought about by the coal shortage caused through the present disastrous strike. It was re- solved to call a meeting of members who were coal consumers to consider the position generally, apart from the situation caused by the present strike. A communication was received from the Returned Sailors and Sol- diers' Imperial League, inviting the chamber to co-operate in a display to assist trade within the Empire. It was decided to send a copy of the letter to all members of the cham- ber, recommending their favorable consideration. The Chamber of Commerce wrote asking support to a proposal for a uniform meal hour for the shipping, warehouse and carrying trades. It was decided to support the sug- gestion provided it did not apply to the retail warehouses. The Australian Natives' Association wrote offering to assist the chamber in its Made in South Australia cam- paign. It was decided to thank it for the offer, which would be taken ad vantage of. The following new members were elected:—Harold Whitford, Flinders street: Magraith Bros.. Prospect-road, Prospect: James E. Watson, Arthur-, street, Unley; Knuckey Rubber Com- pany. Grenfell-street: Crystal Glass Manufacturers, Limited, Grenfell street; Pope Sprinklers, Limited. Robert-street, Croydon Park.