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At the meeting of the University Council on Friday a letter was read from the Commonwealth Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, sug-

gesting co-operation with the Uni versity in establishing the Common wealth centre for soil research at the Waite Institute. The work woitfd be in charge of Professor Prescott. The latter suggested that if the Univer sity would provide the capital for the erection of the laboratories tni council would provide the equipment, and be responsible for the cost of the staff required by Professor Prescott. and for maintenance. The chairman of the finance committee (Mr. W. J. Young) read a letter that he had re cfeived from Mr. Harold Darling, who says:—The offer which the Council of Scientific Research has put for ward is certainly attractive, and brings the Waite Institute into the fore ground as a national institution. It certainly reflects very great credit on the Waite Institute and the name that it has established in so shore a time. Soil research is a subject that has not received so far in Australia the attention it deserves. There is a tremendous field to work on. and its study has untold possibilities. Soil after all is the raw material of the agriculturist and pastoralist. and these people should be as familiar with, its characteristics as the steel maker is with his raw material, rurther more, the application of chemical substances to soil is quickly expand ing, and it is becoming more and more evident that a study of soil is a positive necessity if Australia is going to range alongside other nations, and also make provision for a larger population. On behalf of my sisters, brothers, and myself I have very much pleasure in conveying to the University that our family is very happy indeed to donate £10.000 to the building in question, and in doing so welcome the chance to in son.c way heln the national work that the University is doing by means of the Waite Institute. May it continue in the way that it is going, and from an Australian reputation expand into an international one." The Chancellor, in accenting the sift on behalf of the Cniversit.v. recalled the previous Rift o;" £15.000 for medical laboratories from the members of the Darling family in honor of their father. Tt was decided to withhold publication till the Commonwealth Council was informed, and the Minister in charge (Senator Pearce) had approved of the scheme. A telegram was received on Tuesday ratifying the proposal, and consenting to publication.