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Port Adelaide wharves, which will benefit mostly from the £586,000 three-year reconstruction plan proposed by the SA Harbors Board, were inspected yesterday by members of the Public Works Standing Committee.

. , SAILING TOMORROW BarranflDna. for Bnmie, from No. 11 '? berth, morning. Elder. Smith & Co. : Minnipa. for Port Lincoln, from No. 3 ' berth. 1 pjn. Adelaide Steamship Co ARRIVED TESTERDAT Daringtan CoDrt, from Colombo. No. 1 berth, 10 ajn. R. Flicker & Co. Matthew Flinders, from Hobart, F berth. Birkenbead. 10.30 ajn. H. C. Sleigh. : Cycle, from Newcastle snd Sydney, Mo. 18 berth. 1 pjn. She has about 1.000 tons of steel and 4.000 tons of general cargo, and will load 2.500 tons of coda ash next week for Melbourne end Syd ney" Howard Smith. ' Kesrinea. from Western Australia. 190. IB berth. S p.m. McDwraith, MeEacham, Neora. from Tasmania. No. 13 berth. .7.20 a.m. Adelaide Steamship Co. Malcra, from Melbourne. Musgrave whart. B ?jn. she will load at Copper Co. wharf today. Adelaide Steamship Karalta. from Ardrossan and Stans bury. Princes wharf, S p.m- Coast Steam ships. SAILED VESTERDAT Karaw. for Stenhouse Bay. night. Mac donald. Hamilton. Oorama, for Port Lincoln, tun. Ade laide Steamship Co. Quanta, for Spencer Gulf ports, 3 p.m. Adelaide Bteamship Co. IN rORT Empire Farley, at No. I berth. Outer Harbor. McllvTaith. McEacharn. HDlcra. at Musgrave wharf. Adelaid* Steamship Co. , Oarinc<?n Cmrt. at No. I berth. R. Pricker jfe Co. | MoonU. at No. 4 berth. Adelald* Steamship Co. Carinda, at No. 5 berth. Macdonald. Hamilton. Mmpba. at Mo. 10 berth. Adelaide S?<-anv;hit> Co. * B?i?ii*?m, at Mo. II berth- Elder. Smith & Co. Voo-.. at No. 13 berth. Adelaide Steam shin Co. Koorinn. at No. 18 berth. Mcllwralth. McEacharn. Ovcjf. at No. 39 b-j-Ui. Howard Smth. Dorriro. at sb?3l Co. wharf. Mel bourne stea<"£hlo Co. MaUhrw Fl>nA>n. at F berth. Blrken head. H. C. Slflph. Tanilra. at D berth, Btrkenheed. Afle laide Steamshln Co. EXPECTED SOON July IB- Era, from Port Pirle. Howard Smltb. Perim, from Melbourne. Elder. Smith and Co. Tonlooae. from the Continent, evening. Dalgety & Co. Qarr<ml>a. from Melbourne. Macdonald Hamilton. rNTEESr/ITE MELBODBNB. July W.—Arrifpd—S?m say. from Newcastle: Watpawa, from UK. Sailed—Empire pmwess. for Uverpool. OVEKSE&S NEW YORK. July IS < A APl—Arrived —Crystal PaVirr, from Adelaide: Bope Ptsfc, froni Bluff. Chris tob<l.—Arrivial—Crystal Bock. from AucOand. Ships In Wireless Ranee The following shlpi are mtrrtrA to be within ?rlr?lese range today:— Sydney—Adamant Adelong, Arunta, Qooloocena. CMtnl. Ortula, Cowra, D?ro nla. Dnmosa. Derrentdale. Ectraca. Fort Dnouesne. Fort Rentselaer, Halcelbsnk. Hicfcory Knoll. Idommeus. KaStnna, Kltp fonteln. Koolin. Koitenae. LosElehsnk, Maeonarie. Maetmvcker. Har*oot*. Mar- Dcv?ia, Mo&tcrrv. Pictaein. PeUrvla, Rangl. tata. Rimutaka. Rl<?r River Loddon. River Mitte, Rnys. Salamaua, Sentanl, Strathaird. Sura. Swartendondt. Trienu. Tiiona, Vangalen. Vanldnsber gen. Westralla. Brisbane radio.—Ambla. Adelaide.—Aeon. Broadway. Chopra, Clan Mecaulay, Dorrigo, Empire Fawley, Emnlre Rome, Ecbimga. Falkner ParK, Tren Knnh. Kurow. Naimbank. Ooorama, Port Halifax. Port Melbourne, River Glen elc. River Bordekln. Perth. —Oiomed. Port Etatrer. O. B. Wai den. KinijMlcar, Mutbera. Samlyth, Tre velyan. Toalouse. Melbourne.—Caledon. Cltv of Toko bama. Clan Macdonald. Empire Prowess. KinL Nalrana, Ocean Vesper, Ulooloo. Hobart. —Ngakuta. Poonbar. Cunningham's Cough Mixture: National Service Chemists only. Ad.

Committee members, tbe chairman (Mr. Christian, MP), and toe secretary (Mr. J. P. Steele* were accompanied by the chief engineer and general manager of the board (Mr. H. C. Meyert, the Harbor Master and Port Superintendent, Port Adelaide <Capt. W. F. Baddams). the de signing engineer (Mr. F. A. Andrest, and the assistant chief engineer (Mr. E. H. Pricei. Inspections were made of derelict wharves. North Parade wharf. Darling wharf. Nos. 6. 8 and 9 berths. The wharf end shed of No. 1 berth <Queen's wharf), which is now rarely used except as a re- Citing berth, were shown to members. It is proposed that, with tbe construction ol a reinforced concrete wharf. Mo. 1 berth will be tin- Interstate passenger ship centre. The committee also visited the more modern wharves in a launch. Timber Ship's Useful War Work As one of the two Australian vessels, which carried all the materials for wharf construction work After the New Guinea) landings, the steamer Matthew Flinders! bad an exceptionally useful war career. The vessel arrived at Port Adelaide yes terday with a careo o! piles for the Ade laide Cement Works. Built at Burnt- Island (Scotland). In 1938. itbe In specially constructed for timber carrying, and was ideally suited for her war Job. The Matthew Flinders and the James Cook were the only ships used to carryl wharf material! to the islands, end pro bably had more war work, with tbe ex ception of troopships, than any other Australian registered ship. Bath are owned by RCS Coasters Ptv. Ltd. The Mattl^ew Flinders carried cargoes; to Darwin and Port Moresby in the erim; days, and reached as far north as Brunei Bay. I Of 2,225 tons, she has only two hatches, which are 70 ft. and 63 ft. long re spectively, and gear capable of lifting 10 tons. The master is Capt. W. D. Archi bald, of Mew Zealand. Busy Period Continues With tbe arrival yesterday of five! "stragglers." which had bene delayed on Monday by bad weather, the unusual ac tivity at Port Adelaide reached Its peak.; Fourteen ships were berthed at Port Adelaide and two at Outer Harbor. The! Blrkenhead side or the river was crowded; with the Dorrico. Kurow. Matthew FUd-I ders and Yandra. which will resume on I the South Australian coastal trade on Saturday. The tnflujt of shipping win continue today with the arrival of five vessels. Every available wharf laborer Is engaged. and no night labor Is possible. DUE TODAY r?rt Melbourne, from New York, via eastern States, No. 20 berth, morning. Glbbs Brtuht. Biver denebz, from Newcastle, wttb ?bout 7.000 tons of coal. Osborne. S p.m. Howard Smith. Aeon, from Newcastle, with about 4.000 tons of coal. Semaphore anchorage, B p.m. She will probably berth tomorrow mora ine. Howard Smith. ; KopooU. tram Sbenhnuse Bay. Cane]! wharf. Coast Steamships. I Biver Fitrroj. from Sydney. No. 12 berth, early morning. Msoaonald. Hamil ton. SAILING TODAY \ Empire Fawley, for Durban, from No < 1 berth. Outer Harbor, p.m. Mdlwralth. McEacharn. J. Rawlings & Son. Port! Adelaide agents. Chopra, for Ceylon, with 19 railway waggons, from No. 3 berth. Outer1 Har bor am Macdoneld. Hamilton. K?ora. lor Melbourne, via Ardrosnn! and Edithburgh. from No. 13 berth. Ade laide Steamship Co. I Momba, for Melbourne, from No. 10 berth, p.m. Adelaide Steamship Co. Darrig*. for Fremantle. from Shell Co. wharf, night (or tomorrow morning). Mel bourne Steamship Co. Kaimtta, for Port Vincent and Edith-1 ?wrgb. from Princes wharf. 5 pjn. Coast £teamshins. DUE TOMORROW Ocean Messenger, from Port Pirie, No ll berth. Howard Smith. BDnnlpa, from Port Lincoln and Tumby Bay. No. 2 berth. 1 a.m. Adelaide Steam ship Co. Karaite, from Port Vincent and Edith burgh, Princes Wharf, about T p-m. Coast Steamships.