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?BMttBBBBBm&E'IF^ t\w ???^???flBBffJlBDiSWV^BlBBB&^fittBBBBBBBv ?* M Boyi' superior ?m oB\ _? quality Nevy aX ? # JfcW~ breostcd Knicfcer V^^ ???? Suits, well mad*. I KBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBjk with high erode trimmings. Sizes 7 to 12. 32/6, and 14 COUPONS. Youths'O'COATS Both single and double- *m ??> # V^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B biccisltsd styles in a M v<Hy neat and service- £mjj * Obic moteriQl. SfnOTTn cut and fully lined. Greys and Blue ?ifc^r Greys. 2J/-. In fixes 10 to 13, 10 COUPONS; ?izM 14 to 16. 20 COU- pons. l^H OVERCOATS Neatly mad* from high a M ? erode Wool Tweed, and I?% / _ fully lined. Sizes 00 to *J I ' 5 lf/*'and <0 cou" ?^?VIIIvH^BSSSSK^ : ?idm*nts in mm gmm ' /^J^BBB^BBBBBBM Boys' All Wool | | # # I aJU^B^B^B^B^B^H lor* sJeeve I I I # l/Aft^^^^^B P-j I I mm. ? ? # ? W ??^^^?^^^^^^^H < mode in plain ?^?^^^?^^^^^^^H knit rib bonds and V neck- As ?VaVaVaVaVaVaVaVaVaVaVA sorted ?<?. Only 11/7 eoch, ! and NO COUPONS required. DAVID MURRAY fr CO. ( 60 GAWLER PLACE.

*?2? Bn)p pier CiMfciM_MCvp '?flUgW^M?^aaa-a-st?i-s-assa

Tbe Adelaide Safe Deposit, 22 Grenfell street. Providing Becurltji for itorafe at cub. Otfvds. Oovernmrnf BODda. Jevrll^rv ttrr c CHARLTON. U*lUgn. F212U2/8 Yearly Rental of Safes, from 25/.

V MinGeS / /v. fS&Jf&fi \ In Ihfa scrim of ?MIMTES MOMENTS' /^? vC"\h 'At/A another nationally known cartoonist V^"i \ !t^C\Mnff^r pays tribute to an equally popular <^s^ X^/^f/l "flV^^ national sweet. UJC'vLI MINTIES, Aantralia's favourite for ***^\ ovrr two deradrs, are still a* popular, . *j^^^y delifjoun and piquant as ?v?r. It is hoprd supplies will soon be plentiful <^~ / IT'S MOMENTS -/^~ LIKE THESE YOU NEED >mm* ' i^Hw!wC?^ _________^__ ________H__2j' jBSSF*^^ -4BwWa^I^^IPPIIBIP^IWHIP^^^W M?4? ONI V br Jam S?><imi - Hm*i???'? bm Lrf, "Sitmooh", Ro—h?n. N.S.W, an rf Anrtland. N.Z.

= I MEtBOI'BXE FISH PRICES MELBOURNE. June 11 Fish prices In Melbourne today:—Gar fish. l /; soapper. 1/2. SHIPPING, AIRWAYS NOTICES rIENT LINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS M G. ANDERSON & CO.. 10 King William ?t.. Adelaide. CB3OO. P. & O. ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS.— Elder. Smith & Co.. Limited, agents, Curries:.. Adelaide. Tel. C3OOl. Joint booking agents, tourl.-i class. George Wills & Co- Limited. Gilbert pL C 3060. AUSTRALIAN SHIPPING BOARD. INTERSTATE CARGO SERVICES. (Subject to alteration without notice.) ! MELBOURNE AND SYDNEY. { The Adelaide Eteamship Co.. Ltd., I noting bookings. j NEWCASTLE. The Melbourne Steamship 00.. Ltd.. * noting bookings. i BRISBANE. : Howard Smith Ltd.. noting bookings. I . FREMANTLE AND ALBANY. I Kooringa. June 14. McHwratth Me ! Eacharn. Ltd ! HOBART. ; Kooyong. Mcllwraith. McEacharn, ; LtdL THE ADELAIDE STEAMSHIP COMPANY, LIMITED. Coastal Sailings (circumstances permitting). PORT LINCOLN I R.M.V. Minnipa. Thurs.. 13th June. 7i ; ; p.m. General cargo received until 10 a.m.. I fruit and veg. lo 3 pjn. sailing day. : PORT LINCOLN AND TUMBY BAY ' | R.M.V. Minnipa. Mon. 17th June. 7 I p.m. Careo received until 9 a.m. Mon. : ARNO. COWELL. WALLAROO. 1 S.S. Quorna. Tuesday 18th June. noon. '. Leave, wallaroo at 2.30 p.m. on Thurs ; day for Cowell. ] ' : Cargo received until 10 a.m. Tues. . ' UNCOLN. WHYALLA. PIRIE. AUGUSTA. ', MV Moonta. Sat.. 15th June. 7 pm. .General cargo received until 4 p.m. Fri ' umil S r?'m. aSalurdl^. j Freights prepaid to Tumby. Arnn. Why : /K)AST STEAMSHIPS. LIMITED. I U SAILINGS ' ARDROSSAN AND STANSBURY.— r'Karatta. Tuesday. June 18tb. noon. , PORT VINCENT. EDITHBURGH — Karatta. Wednesdays. 5 p.m I KANGAROO ISLAND -- KARATTA. Fridays, 6 p m. ; Geueral CBrgo received until 2 p.m.: [ : pc?rishnb>^ 3 p.m.. Un ?,ai:iiif; days. ANSETT AIR SERVICES - DAILY to Mt Oambier. Melbourne. Canberra. ??W??i. 91 Kinz William si. Cent 2514 I'Mier hours (Mr Peter-icni.JCenl 25h3 - IUSTRftUAN NATION AI. AIRWAYS : ft PTY.. LTD I DoU?lat Vrllnrr; to all Capital Cities AIRWAYS HOUSE. 132 NORTH TERRACE C 6134. U~I N E~A A~I R~W A Y~S : Regular Passenger Service to Darwin I Port Lincn'.n. WJiyalla. Pnrt Pir'.?. Kan- | RrnrnirV and B?rfl. Bookings— ' | GUINEA AIRWAYS LTD. Airway* House. North terrae*. C6l3*.

I LIVE POULTRY j Hiel?ft Market Prtcps aiwij-j i Export GrsdinK. Cmte? etipplicd. ' A. E. HALL & CO.. LTD. 176 MOKPKETT STREET, ADELAIDE.

MOTOR TOURS I 1 ** ! ! BONDS. B O S 3 €. ! DAY AND HOLIDAY TOURS FLINDERS RANGE. ? RIVER MOHRAY. : WEST COAST. SOOTH-EAST. CENTRAL AUSTRALIA, DARWIN BOOKINGS, BONDS TOURS. CENTRAL 7678. I CENTRAL 4428. I | AAAA AAA AAA j PIONEER TODRS. I PIONEER. I PIONEER. i PIONEEK. i Travel with Pioneer for the ulf. -| your holiday tours. Pioneer i blue-and-siiver road cruisers I o?er you a tumpiuo-usly upim> stered reclining aircraft type chair, full-view windows, raoio with driver commentator, and the attentive counear and ser vice of selected driver-guides. For your next holiday tour con sult the Pioneer Travel Expert &t 91 Kins William st.. Adelaide. Telephone Central 2514. PIONEER ! INTERSTATE TOURS. INTERSTATE TOURS. ) EVERY WEDNESDAY. j SINGLE IRIPE UH KOU.tU TOURS. I Pioneer regu^ir weekly round tours and j single journeys conheciing Adelaide with Me.bourne and Sydney as loUows:— ADELAIDE-MELBOURNE : Every Wednesday, wa Duke's Highway , ana me Grampians, and returning via Great Ocean road and Prince's Biguway. ADELAIDE-MELBOURNE-SYDNEY ' Biery Wednesday, via Duke's High way and the Grampians to Melbourne, thence via Bega to Sydney and returning i via Canberra, Amury, Melbourne. Great! FLINDERS RANGE. FLINDERS RANGE. EVERY MONDAY—7-o.ay Tour to FLIN DERS RANGES, visiting part Plrle, Port Augusta. Hawker. Blinman. Clare. Angaston. £10/10/-. i PIONEER DAY TODRS. I WEDNESDAY. June 12th—2.15 p.m. ! HILLS AND BEACHES, National Park, Kingston Park. Fare, mcl. Tea, 7/6. THURSDAY. June 13th—2.15 p.m. WATERFALL GULLY and UORIALTA FALLS. Fare. mcl. Tea. 6/6. CITY LIGHTS, 7.30 p.m.. Beauty Point.: Eslair Hill. Fare. 3/6. ! SATURDAY. June 15th—10.30 a.m. | CITY PARKS AND GARUEWS. Far*. 3/6. : TUiiSDAY. June 18th—2.15 p.m. MOUNT LOFTY RANGES, visiting Mount Lofty Summit. Piccadilly Valley. 7/6. ? ' ' 'j INFORMATION AND BOOKINGS. ] PIONEER TOURS. : j National Mutual Buildings, .' ANSETT AIRWAYS OFFICE. ] 91 King William si. Cent. 2514. ; ; , i 1 ? — OIBDSE V E ? 8 WEST COAST MOTOR HOLIDAY TOURS. i Firs; Departure—Monday, i7tii June, i Ciare Port Augusta. Iron Knob. Streaky I Bay. Port Kenny. Port Lincoln. Cowell. ; Whyalla. Port Pine. i Thoroughly enjoyable holiday, fishing. I ? picnics, &c. ! Bookings taken lor Port Lincoln. Streaky Bay and Ceduna. Bodkins* ana enquiries Blrdseye's. lla I , Hindmarsn sq C 4236. Cook's Tours. 91 . King William si. Ci 294. I ' ~~ I HOLIDAY TOORS ' n WITH COOKS TO ALL LOCAL AND INTERSTATE ; RESORTS. > i BOOK FOR DELIGHTFUL AND ' RESTFUL CRUISE ON THE I MURRAY BY THE MODERN M.V. MEKLE i EVERY MONDAY—£7,7/- THfIS COOK A- Sr>N LTD.. I 91 King Willmm strcrt. ?C2294|. j Opp. T. i G.

Port Ansnsta Mall Delivery-—! Mr. Russell MHR. has b?en in-i formed that a recommendation for | a daily mail delivery service at Port: Aueusta has been made by the De puty Director of Pasts and Tele-' graphs (Mr. F. W. Arnold). s. cTwARD^&^a j STOCK SHARE. AND INVESTMENT j BROKERS. 55 GRENFELL ST . ADELAIDE. | DON BRADMAN & CoTi "<a? <GFENVELL ST.. ADELAIDE. TELEPHONE CS23.

BARLEY Salt Water Damaged OFFERS WANTED For Immediate Sale on behalf of whom it may concern. 800 BAGS Apply Australian Barley Board, 34 Pirie street. Adelaide Telephone Central 7961. or Port Adelaide Telephone JIB3O for permission to inspect. Buyers to load own lorries and supply bags -where re quired. WHY SUFFER^ WITH YOUR^^^H FEE!^OH Why suffer with voiir feet when there is Znm?ukT You ea? i-njtiv real foot-comfort if yoa ilive tiiem a nightlr rub with this fine, soothing and healing ?.intnicnr. Kirst bathe your f?et every client In warm water. Then, Bfter drvlnjt thoroughly. i?entor massage the Zam-Buk into your ankle?. Instep;:, roles and b? (n'een the toes. Start with Zam-Buk to-nignt. ?dm?uk 1/6 at all Chamhti and Slsnn.

LINING 4 ROOMS FOR THE COST 0F ONE ' I HlllP^s Tou save en packir? *ni Irtlght : fill rfliSjgj^Ty^^ "on ?od <lecor?tinK. S/K Board i HFXRV BERRY * CO. NAME i Fr.n'u!p STM.; Mrtaidr. ADDBEBB Send for Free Sample Pleue lisa Pencil—Block Letters. 133 *