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(The following is a list, taken from Lloyd's London Weekly Newspaper, of persons who left the United Kingdom for Australasia, or were last heard of in these colonies, and who are inquired for by friends in Great Britain. Answers to inquiries should be sent to the editor of Lloyd's, who has the addresses of the in- quiring friends, and it is requested that in these answers mention should be made of the newspaper through which discoveries are made.)

DECEMBER 25, 1892.


A request (7th August) by Miss Jane Luscombe, of Torquay, for news of her brother, JOHN LUS- COMBE, who left Plymouth for Queensland in March, 1851, has brought to Lloyd's a singularly interesting letter from the second son of her brother, who has also forwarded his photograph for his aunt. The writer lives 800 miles from his father, but hoped to see him at Christmas. De- scribing the country he lives in he says:-"Labour   is very cheap. I wouldn't advise any one to come   out here until there is a considerable change in

these colonies."

Further information has come from Brisbane respecting SOLOMON and LAVINIA NEW (21st August, whose mother wrote from Pultney-street, Barnsbury, asking aid in finding them. If the mother will call at Lloyd's offices she can see and copy the letters. We have to thank Mr. John Aviss, of Brisbane, for the trouble he has taken in

this matter.


ANDREWS, Thomas, left England in the ship Blue Jacket for Sydney, N.S.W., about twenty-five years ago. Brother John inquires.

BARRETT, George, last wrote to his anxious mother 11th October, 1874, when he gave his address care of Mr. C. Waller, Bedford Boarding- house, Wall-street, Newcastle, N.S.W.

BERRY, W., has not written to his mother for four years. Last address: 5 Claremount branch, Q.C.R., Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.

BENNETT, George, was last heard of from Mount Stirling, York, Western Australia, in 1882.

Brother James.  

BOODLE, or BRANCHETT, George, left England about fourteen years ago for New Zealand, and was last heard of in January, 1883, from Weston, Omuri, Otago. His mother longs to hear.

BORRIE Alex., who left England for the gold diggings, Australia, in 1855, is requested to write to his cousin, Lavinia Miller.

BRICKETT, John, was last heard of eight years ago working at the Steam Tramcar Company, Sydney, N.S.W. Brother Walter.

BURKE, Lucy, is inquired for by brother Charles, who says: "In 1878 Lucy and her husband called     at Hulme Barracks, Manchester, to see me (then serving in 5th Dragoon Guards); afterwards   leaving Central Station for Southampton to embark in Orient liner s.s. Lusitania for Aus- tralia."      

BURNHILL,, Eleanor Dillon, was last heard of from Melbourne, Australia, in 1860. Her father

seeks her.  

CANHAM, John, of Accold, Suffolk, started for Campbell Creek in 1852, and last wrote home in 1854, letters to be addressed P.O., Melbourne, Port Phillip, Australia. Sister Mary.  

CARRETT, George Henry, of Brixton, sailed for Auckland, New Zealand, in 1864, and was last heard of about five years since in Dubbo, N.S.W.

Sisters Annie and Susan.

CHESTERMAN, James, was last known to be living in Wagga Wagga eighteen months ago. His father inquires.

CONSTABLE, James, for many years at Cama goldfields, Australia, last wrote to his sister, Mrs. Martin, on 18th August, 1889, when letters were

to be addressed G.P.O., Brisbane Queensland,


COOPER, George, James, and Edward, are

sought by sister Margaret. George left England in 1855 for Australia, and last wrote from Vic- toria in 1862; James went to Brisbane, 1873, and in 1881 was at Adelaide ; Edward, with his wife Anna, sailed on board the Arthurstone in 1882, and has not been heard of since arriving safely at


COTTON, or JACOBS, Frederick, left his home in the Isle of Wight eighteen years ago and sailed for New Zealand. His poor mother has had no news for twelve years.

Cox, John, a native of Ballagh, Newtownforbes, county Longford, sailed from Kingstown on 22nd June, 1836, in the ship Captain Cook, bound for Sydney. He last wrote from Parramatta, but was then going to Windsor, N.S.W. Brother Thomas seeks tidings.          

DE GLORION, Mlle., late of the Theatre Royal,   Sydney, was last heard from in 1882 when with   Harry Power's company travelling round Aus- tralia. Sister Lily asks.        

DELLOW, Emma, emigrated to South Australia  

from Hertfordshire thirty-five or thirty-six years ago. Her niece Eliza would be glad to hear from

her or her cousins.

EITE, Harry and Robert, wish for news of their uncle, H. Eite, who last wrote 13th June, 1860,

giving his address care of Mr. Barnett, Cottage   of Content, Parramatta, N.S.W.        

EVANS, James, who was last heard from in 1886 at Evandale farm, Kangaroo Flats, New South Wales, is sought by sister Annie.

EYERS, Robert, left Ballydean, Gorey, county   Wexford, nineteen years ago, and was last heard of in Auckland, New Zealand, about fourteen years since. Sister Maria.    

FEAN, Arthur William, left London for Bris- bane, in May, 1883, and last wrote home from Winton, Queensland, in 1889. His parents and brother Charles seek him.

FRASER, Margaret, wishes to trace her brothers, John and William Fraser, and sisters Catherine (Mrs. Anderson) and Jane (Mrs. Johnson), last heard of in Melbourne.    

FRICKER, John, William, and Richard, went to Australia from London forty-five years ago. The daughter of sister Eliza inquires.  

GAINEY, Annie, left Bristol in July, 1883, for

Townsville, Queensland, Australia, and last wrote home on 10th January, 1885, from Exchange Hotel, Ravenswood ; she then thought of going to America. Her father, brothers, and sister Carrie long for news.

GALLAGER, Edward, was sent from England by Mr. Tite, of Holborn Hill, about 1848-9; last   known address: Pandappa, Roesingo, Adelaide, South Australia. His only surviving sister Mary


GARLAND, Mary Ann, left England in 1852, and went to the gold diggings. Sister Ann wants tidings.

GARRATT, Joseph, sailed from England some fifty-nine years since, and wrote regularly to his brother until he died, March, 1854. He then   corresponded with his niece Susannah up till 1865 ; last letter dated 7th October, from Circular Head, but was then going to Mersey; letters     to be addressed care of William Von Ribra, River Mersey, Tasmania.

GREEN, Henry James, left London in the sail-  

ing ship Orari, bound for New Zealand, 28th   July, 1883, and last wrote to his aged mother in

September, 1887, when he gave his address as

George-street, Bathurst, Sydney, N.S.W.

GREEN, Christopher, sailed from Blackwall about forty-five years since on board the ship Walmer Castle with female emigrants for Sydney.

Brother William asks.

GRICKS, William, ironmonger, emigrated from Edening, near Newmarket, with his wife, sister- in-law, and two children (one dying on the voyage),

eighteen years ago. he last wrote home from   Brisbane about twelve years since. Sister Sarah.

HARDWICK, George, of Sherington, Newport  

Pagnell, sailed with his wife and family for Aus- tralia in ship British Enterprise, 11th January

1877. He at one time kept the post office at  

Ashton, near Adelaide, but when last heard from five years since thought of going to the gold

mines. His aged father and mother long for  


HARMAN, Jane Elizabeth, is inquired for by her

mother. Her address when she last wrote on  

23rd December, 1890, was care of Mrs. Cooke,  

private boarding-house, 32 Cumberland-street,

Dawes Point, Sydney, N.S.W.

HARVEY, Joseph, blacksmith, formerly of King- street, Poplar, sailed from Gravesend for Bris- bane, 1874-5; last letter from there 3rd November,  

1875. Sister and brothers seek him.    

HAWKES, Thomas, started from Brighton in

1861, enlisted as a soldier, and was with his   regiment in New Zealand during the Maori rising, but left the regiment there. Brother Henry in- quires.

HEARD, Charles, left London about 1884 for Newcastle, N.S.W.; thence to Stockton; lodged at a Mr. Cavender's in Stockton. His brother Albert is very anxious to find him.  

HEWETT, James, last wrote to his sister, Mrs.   John Cole, from Shearers' Arms Hotel, Spring- sure, Queensland, on 19th May, 1873.

HIBBS, Henry, builder, who built the Odd-

fellows' Hall, Port Adelaide, has not been heard   of by his sister Jane for twenty years.

HODGES, Walter, who went to Melbourne, is sought by his mother. Last heard of as going to   Adelaide. (Aunt Lottie is dead.)

HOGAN, Ned, left Bradford about twenty years ago and sailed for Melbourne; supposed to have   gone "up country" with a farmer. Brother   Dennis asks.

HOWE, Frederick, left England in 1878 on board H.M.S. Sappho, then bound for Australia ; both parents were then living and nine brothers and sters. His aged father and sister Emmie seek him; they have had no tidings since he arrived safely in Australia.

HUNTER, Mary Ann, nee Parker, sailed for Australia in 1862; last heard of from Pleasant Creek in 1863. Her mother longs for tidings.

HUTSON, George, left England in February 1873, for Tasmania. His sister Jane has lost all

trace since.

HUTT, Joseph, has not been heard of by his cousin, W. Weston, since 1865; was supposed   then to be trading as a corn chandler in Pitt- street, Sydney, N.S.W.

INNES, Charles, a native of Banffshire, left Scotland in 1852-3, and was last known to be in Dunedin, Otago, N.Z., about twenty years since.

Sister Ann.

JOHNSON, Joseph, left the Lower-road, Isling- ton, thirty-six years ago for Australia, and when last heard of he was at "Yomeo," Victoria side.   His brother John seeks him.

JONES, John, apprenticed to Christys, hatters,

City; when last heard of forty or fifty years ago   was working for a firm of hatters in Liverpool ; is supposed to have gone to Tasmania or Mel- bourne. His sister Mary Ann seeks him,

JONES, William, formerly of 129 Westbourne   Park-road, went to Australia sixteen years back. He is requested to write to his parents.

KEENS, George, sailed in the ship Northern Monarch, which arrived at Rockhampton on 1st March, 1884. His mother last heard from him four years ago ; letters to be addressed Newtown Post Office, Sydney, N.S.W.  

KENCH, Alfred Charles Edward, last wrote to

Mrs. C. Kench in August, 1889, from Garden- street, Alexandria, Sydney, N.S.W.

KERLEY, Rebecca and Elizabeth, natives of Sherborne, Dorset, are anxiously inquired for by sister Martha. Elizabeth married and went to Australia twenty-six years ago, and Rebecca followed aobut sixteen years since.

KING, Edward, last wrote to his parents on 6th January, 1880. when his address was Mitchell's Creek, Lincoln, N.S.W., Australia.

KNIGHT, Alfred W., blacksmith, left London for Sydney in 1888, and was last heard of from Bris- bane in 1889; supposed since to have gone to Gympie. His mother is anxious.

LATTER, Fanny and Arthur, are inquired for by sister Eliza. Fanny left London some twenty- five years ago and Arthur about twenty years

since for Melbourne.

LEE, Emma and Thomas, were last known to be living in Sydney, N.S.W., five years ago.

Brother John.  

LOWE, James, wishes to gain tidings of his grandfather, James Lowe, who went to Australia about forty-eight years ago. Also of Harry Lowe, painter and plumber, who left Ventnor, Isle of Wight, in October, 1883.

McCABE or WARD, Ellen, left England in October, 1888, for Queensland, and last wrote home about a year since. Friends ae very


MACKENZIE, Henry Stuart, Hall's Creek, Kim-

berley goldfield, Western Australia, has not been heard from for fully five years. Sister


McONADA, Henry, formerly of Clows [Clones] county Monaghan, Ireland, was last heard of as manager

to Edward Hussey Burgh, Esq., Violet Hill, Windsor, Sydney, N.S.W. Sister Sarah asks.

MADDISON, John, tailor, left Willington, Dur- ham, five years ago for Wellington, New Zealand, and went to Australia twelve months after. He was last heard of in Sandhurst Hospital three and a half years since; his mother is broken-hearted - he is her only child.

MASLING, John, left England for New Zealand in the s.s. Ionic (N.Z. Shipping Company) in June, 1884. His parents await tidings.

MATTHEWS, Richard Jethro, left Liverpool

twenty-one years ago, and was last heard of from   Australia in 1881. His children seek tidings.

MITCHEVAL, William, of Hamilton-road, West Norwood, left England in the Maid of Venice for Sydney, N.S.W., ten years ago; last heard of from Melbourne eight years since. His aunt

Rebecca inquires.

MORRIS, Charles William, born at Marshwood, Hants, left London in s.s. City of London bound for Sydney in 1879. Brother Walter has had no

news since 1881-2.

MOSES, Michael, better known as William Morris, went to Melbourne, Australia, in 1854. Brother Aaron has had no news since 1873.

NOLAN, Patrick, emigrated from Liverpool in the ship Edmond forty years since to the gold diggings, Ballarat, Australia, and last wrote home May, 1854. Brother Maurice.

NOONAN, William Percival, of Liverpool, sailed from Glasgow for Brisbane about ten years ago.

Sister Sarah.

NUTTLAND, Worthy and James, left London in 1855 for New South Wales, Australia, and last wrote to Sister Maria about 1882.

OAKLEY, Sophia, left London in the emigrant ship Escourt for Melbourne in 1856, and was last heard from about 1858, address, Plank-road, Ballarat diggings. Sister Emily.    

O'BRIEN, Patrick, sailed from Gravesend in the Chimborazo, 23rd January, 1884, to his son, Michael O'Brien, boot manufacturer, Christchurch, New Zealand. His sister wants news.

PAGE, Charlotte, nee Binstead, was last heard of between North-street and Stepney. Brother James, who went to Australia twenty-four years ago, now wishes to hear from her.

PEARSON, James, last wrote home from New South Wales, Australia, about five years since. Sister Lucy longs for news of her only brother.

PLAISTER, William Francis, was last known to be in Sydney, N.S.W., ten years since. His niece Emily seeks him.

PLUMB, Herbert, has not witten home since 16th October, 1889. He was then a sailor on board the s.s. Defiance on a voyage from Mel- bourne to Auckland, N.Z., waiting in Bass Strait. Afterwards supposed to be sailing in the Southern Ocean. Brothers Frederick, James, and


PODGER, James, left Merriott, Somersetshire, twenty years ago, and was last heard from four- teen years since, when carrying out a small con- tract on a canal made near Bogie River, New South Wales. His aged mother longs for tidings.

PORTER, Thomas James, born at Broxbourne, Herts, who married Caroline Andrews at St. George's-in-the-East about 1868, and lived in Felton-street, Whitmore-road, Hoxton, left Eng- land in 1872 for New South Wales. His eldest daughter Pollie seeks him.

QUARTHY, Jane, last wrote from Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand, ten years ago. She was then a widow. Her nephew, John Lewis, seeks her. Letters have been returned "un-  


QUILLEY, Henry, who went to Adelaide, South Australia, in 1877, is inquired for by sister Jane.

REEVE, Thomas Henry, was discharged from H.M.S. Nelson in Sydney Harbour, 24th May,

1886 (time expired). His father longs to hear

from him.

REEVE, Frederick, was last heard of in 1872;   supposed to have gone to Australia. His sons Fred and Arthur inquire.

REID, Carolina, sailed from Plymouth in the Atalanta about 13th April, 1867, bound for Mel- bourne, and went to Combermere Cottage, St. Kilda. Brother Thomas had not heard from her since the September following.

SMITH, GEorge Gearing, who formerly went to a reformatory school at Redhill, was last heard of as a sheepshearer in Australia. Sister Julia seeks his whereabouts.

SMITH, Thomas, late of Upper Sutton-street,     Aston, Birmingham, sailed from Plymouth, 5th April, 1885, in the s.s. Texan for Sydney, N.S.W.; his last letter was dated Sydney, 1889. His parents seek his whereabouts.

SNELL, William, who went to Melbourne, Aus- tralia, some thirty years ago, was last heard from three years since when practising as a Wesleyan preacher. Brother Joseph.

STAPP, Henry, Josiah, left England sixteen   years back, and was last known to be living in Charles-street, Fitzroy, Melbourne. Sister Jane would be glad to hear from him.

START, Henry, was last heard of eight years ago when running a cab in Napier, New Zealand letter to be addressed Henry-street, Chaucer road, Napier. His mother, brothers, and sisters

are anxious for news.

STEAD, Henry James, a native of Borough- bridge, was last heard of in 1849 from Australia.

Brother Frank asks.

SPURR, Olivia Lexmere, would be glad to hear from her father or any of the family, who left tottenham about 1853 to join his parents, who kept the stores in Port Phillip, Melbourne.

TEDYMAN, Alfred, better known as Charles Elliott, left Bullen-court, Strand, about fifteen years ago; last heard of in Auckland, New Zealand. Brothers and sisters would like news.

THOMPSON, Charles, left his home in Com- mercial-street, Rotherhithe, on 3rd April, 1867, in company with Mr. and Mrs. Tune, in ship Sirocco bound for Australia. When last heard of by Mrs. Tune in 1882 was at Ravenswood, Australia. His aged mother and sister long for news.

TRACY, Charles, when last heard of nine years since was in the hospital at Melbourne suffering from a broken leg. His brother seeks him.

VARER, Fanny, sailed from Plymouth to Mel- bourne, Australia, twenty years ago; last heard of in Sydney, N.S.W. Her brother, Rowland Carr, seeks news.

WAIN, Harry, who was last heard of at the Paradise goldfield, Queensland, is anxiously   inquired for by his mother and father.

WALSH, Richard, better known at Cockney R. Hurley, sailed from the South West India Docks in the ship Torridon, 25th August, 1886, for Sydney, N.S.W., and was last heard of on 13th October, 1888, living at 151 King-street, West Melbourne, Australia, believed to be working for Mr. Merchant and Mr. Munro. His poor mother longs for some tidings ofhim.  

WARD, Thomas, watchmaker, late of Ipswich, Suffolk, left England latter end 1887; last address, Glenferril-road, Mlavern, Melbourne. His son inquires.

WATKINS, David William, left his home in Brick-lane and sailed for Sydney about 1836. His youngest sister Ellen inquires.

WITTLER, Mrs. James, nee Amy Gede, left Yarmouth for Tasmania in 1842 on board the Garland Grove, and last wrote home in 1861, when   her husband was a farmer. Her nephew James


Yates, Henry, plasterer, left Sutton, Surrey, with his wife, Ruth Pye, and family for Adelaide, Australia, 1878-79, and when last heard from was going 2000 miles up country. His blind brother and friends in London inquire.