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The aldermen oL South/Brisbane assembled within the Oounoil Chambers at noon yesterday and prooeeded to the election of a mayor for the onBuing year. Very unoxpootodly the soloo tion foil upon the formor mayor, Aldorman Heaslop, and be was unanimously elected. Mr. Hoaslop has thus boon three times chosen head of the South Brisbane corporation. AU the members of the oounoil were present, The chair was in the first instance ocoupiod by the RETunsmo-orFicKB (Alderman Stephens), who announced that the letiring representatives of tho various wards had boen roturned without

opposition. The town clerk (Mr, Hill) was

then votod to the chair.

Alderman FBANCIS moved that Alderman Heaslop be re-elected mayor. In doing so he gave as his principal reasons for wishing that Alderman Hoaslop be again mayor that during the two years the omeo had been oooupicd by him he had com- pletely done away with the unpleasantness which formerly existed between the representa- tivos of the eastern and western portions of the municipality. In addition to that Alderman Heaslop had while mayor shown a determina- tion to keep down expenditure with a firm band. In that he had been supported by the membors of the coUnoil, and as Alderman Heaslop had a thorough graBp of the requirements of the municipality, and knowledge of its flnanoial position, he considered that the members oould not' do better than again place him in the mayoral ohair.

Alderman Br.ocnsirmn seconded the motion. Ho agroed with everything that had been said by Aldorman Francis, and although ho had oorne to the meeting intending to'vote for another member of the council asnmayor he thought that a bettor man for the position could not be found than Aldorman/dloaslop.

Tho motion was carried without dissent.

The newly eleoted Mayor was thereupon con duotod to the ohair. Ho thanked his brother aldermen for the honour thoy had dono him. He had not sought tho position, in fact he had mado up his mind not to accept it ovon were it sought to bo conferred upon him, but as the aldermen apparently thought that the affairs of the municipality would benefit by his being again mayor he could not but accede to the wishes of the council. During the past two years he had done his best in the intorosts of tho borough, endeavouiing to act impartially towards all portions of the municipality, and ho would try to do the same in the future.

This was all the business.