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Nearly three years ago an agitation was initiated in South Brisbane for the construction of a railway line from the Dry Dock along the river bank to Victoria Bridge, a distance of three-quarters of a mile, the proposed line to be called the South Brisbane Wharf Railway. At a meeting of ratepayers subsequently held, the following resolution was unanimously carried:-"That this meeting, consisting of Stanley-street property-owners, having con- sidered the scheme proposed by the mayor for bringing a railway down the river bank towards the Victoria Bridge, approves of the scheme and pledge themselves to assist in carrying it out to the extent of giving a free right of entry to and across their respective properties, and recommend that the Railway Commissioners be asked to take steps to have a trial survey made." Later on a deputation, consisting of the mayor and the members for the district, waited upon the Railway Commissioners, and asked that a trial survey be marked on the plans which had been prepared by Mr. T. O. Deverell, the Municipal Council's engineer, showing the properties which would be affected by the line. Another meeting of property-holders was held on -2nd July, 1891, at which a letter was re- ceived from the commissioners stating that the Government were not in a position to sanction any further surveys. At that meeting the following motion was carried, on the motion of tho Hon. E. B. Forrest, seconded by Mr. J. Hardgrave :-" That the Minister for Railways be again requested to make a survey upon the strength of the offer from the municipality of South Brisbane, and property-owners particu- larly interested in the extension of the railway along the wharves to pay the cost of the sur-

vey ; (2) that half of the cost of the survey be   paid by the municipality, and the other half by the property-owners interested ; (3) that the mayor be requested to bring the resolution before the council for their consideration." Messrs. Forrest, Webster, and Luya agreed to become guarantors for the property-owners' share of the cost of survey, and sent a guarantee of £50 to the council, the whole cost of survey being estimated at £100. Not long ago it was decided to request the Government to have a survey of the proposed line made, and finally on the 1st instant the council re- ceived the plans and estimates.

Five different schemes are submitted for the bare construction of the line, which are as follow :-1. Round the head of the Dry Dock ; estimated cost, £5732. 2. Crossing the present caisson diagonally ; cost, £8232. 3. Utilising the present caisson ; cost, £13,982. -4. Crossing tho dock entrance by means of a new caisson ; cost, £15,732 to £17,732. 5. Crossing the dock entrance by means of a screw bridge ; cost, £19,087. The line is exactly three-quarters of a mile in length. Of course any scheme which may be adopted for crossing the entrance to the Dry Dock must be approved by the Harbours and River Department. At the last meeting of the Municipal Council the matter was referred to a Commitee of the Whole for report, but such report has not yet been drafted.