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An extraordinary general meeting of the Princess Royal Gold Mining Company, N.L., was held on Thursday. Mr. M. B. Hamer, chairman of directors, presided. In sub-

mitting the special resolutions lor recon structing the company, the chairman stated that after a period of Inactivity the direc tors were offered and accepted an option over the Royal Flush Mine, near Westonla, I which nas been very lavorably reported ou by several good authorities. Mr. W. Rose Grant, ol Westonla, commenced operations and the directors have obtained the services of Mr. Wilton Hack as manager, and are now awaiting the first report from him. Mr. Hack arrived on tlie mine this week In order to finance operations, a call of 3d. was declared, which made all the company's shares fully paid, and It now becomes neces sary to reconstruct the company In order to provide funds lor future working. Un der the scheme ot reconstruction, this com pany will be wound up, and each share holder will be given free one share for each share now held, and such new share will be Issued as paid up to 1/ each, and the first Issue will be 120,000 shares, leaving 80.000 shares In reserve. The company's solicitor, Mr. J. S. Murray (of Messrs. Symon Mur ray & Cudmore). then submitted the draft reconstruction agreement and memoran dum and articles of association ol the new company. Messrs. M. B. Hamer. W. A. Hughes, and F. J. Wimble were appointed directors of the new company; the special resolutions were carried, and the draft agreement and memorandum and articles of I association were approved.