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  • JTJennings 18 Aug 2011 at 01:14
    David Houston death (husband of Fanny Hailstone)

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BIETHS. MABBIAGES. AND DEATHS. Announcements under this Heading rau>v be authenticated by foe name and address of the sender, end are Inserted at a charge of Two Shillings and Sixpence lacb when oot exceeding five lines: over fire ilne?- Sixpence per line. Oe&th Advertisements in whicu a Funeral announcement Is made are charged for ss U tbe Death and Funeral were separate announcements, namely:—The minimum charge of 2/6 and 3/4 respectively In Memoriam and Oeatta Advertisements containing reference to more than out deceased are charged 2/6 each Cor eacnl deceased mentioned, as If they were dis tinct and separate announcements, i BIRTHS. SWIGGS (nee Vera. Knapp). —On the 22nd January, at Nurse McKell's home, Angas street, Alberton, to Mr. and Mrs. Lcs Sw-.ggs —a daughter (Helen Margaret). No visitors for seven days. BROOKS. —On the 11th January, st Sis ter Villis's Private Hospital. Kooringa. to Mr. and Mrs. Lance Brooks, of Hallctl —a ton (Brian Lance). Both well. POTTER (nee Irene Semmsns). —On tfce | 20th January, at Moonta to the wife of W. G. Potter —a son (Brian Ormonde). KING. —On the 18th January, at the Memorial Hospital, Adelaide, to Mr. and Mrs. C. I. King, of Toorak Gardens —a son (Brian Welbourne). McTAGGART. —On tv 16th January, to Mr. and Mrs. I. R. McTagsart —a daugh ter. CALLARY. —On the 23rd January, at Miss Sinclair Woods Private Hospital. Hutt-   street, to Mr. and Mrs. H. A. CaUaiy— a son. No visitors for five days. APPROACHING MARRIAGES. LARKIN —CARSON. —The marriage of Katherine N. L., youngest daughter of Mrs. and the late Mr. T. Larkin, late of Broken Hill, to Bertie, youngest son of Mr. and   Mrs. G. M. Carson, of Bacon-street, Hind   m&reh. will be celebrated at St. Francis! Xavler Cathedral. WakeneM-strect. on Monday. 23th January, at 10.30. Friends! and relatives cordially invited to ceremony. No reception LOWSON —MILLS. —The marriage of Muriel Olive, second daushtcr of Mrs. Froh lleh. and the late Mr. A. G. Loirsun. Allen street. Coa-andllls. to John, youngest son i of Mrs. E. Mills. 71. Ba?ot-avenje. Httlon. will be celebrated St. Pr.uls Church, Pul teney-street. oa Saturday. 26th January. 7.45 p.m. Friends and relatives cordially Invited to ceremony. ENGAGEMENTS. MASON —SMITH. —The engagement is an nounced of Mavis, second daughter of Mr. and Mre. W. A. Mafoa. of Meribah. to Reginald, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. G. Smith, of Edmund-avenue. Unlcy. ELLIS —HUMBLE. —The engagement is announced of Stella M. B . only djusV.ter of Mr. and Mrs. H. EM*. "Glen Eos." Hamilton, to A. P. i Frank I, i!fth son of Mrs. G- W. Jones, Prospect, and the late Mr. A. E. Bumble, of Payneham. NAIRN —JACKMAN.—The engagement is announced of Elaine Jean, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Nairr. &;rr can. to Frank Downer, only : on oi Mr. aati Mrs. A. J. Jackmaii, Girneig DEATHS   MURRAY. —On the 24th January, at the residence of his slsier iMrs. A. Birrcll). First-itrect. Bowdea, James Joseph Uurray tminer). Age S3 years. R.U. ALBERTS. —On the 24th January (result of accident),William Hffrr.ion. Iwlcvod   husband of Editli A'.'oert?. of Eazelnrood aveuup. Tusmore agod M ycar<;. Tliy will be done. HOUSTON. —On the 24th January, at Lower Light, David, relict of Fanny Hous   ton, aged 95 years. At rest. NICHOLLS. —On the 24th January, at Brougham-street Magill. Wilfred Ronald (Ron). the dearly beloved and only son of Mr. and Mrs. F. Nicholls. age 18 years. FRELTJENBERC—On the 24th Jar.vary (suddenly). at Port Adelaide. Elizabeth An nette Frevidcn\)or;. of Buofcnail-road. G!en- Kathleen. Bert. Vivian. Ernie, und Maureen. NATT.—Alfred George Natt, late of Edith-   burgh, died suddenly on the 21st January,   aged 61 years, leaving a widow, six   sons, and oue daughter to mourn their   loss. Sadly missed.—Inserted by his lov ing wife, sons and daughter. Melbourne   papers please copy.   MIXES.—On f!-.i> 22rd J^r.uar-'. ot Clar ence Gardens. T:!orr.&* Henry iiuics, latf of MStcliara. in liis 65-.:\ yrar. leaving tferre =oas and five dauslittr^. At res:. 2S-5 '? OLOIGDLAX UJ'~e <-~iss Fit/cerold).—On ; the 24th Jr.nuary. ?t liro'X'-a Hill Hospital. Ciss. th? bo;ovr?1 tHtvr cf JacK aud May ; Fitz?frairJ. H.I.P. M()OI!i;.-Oa t:ic "4th January. I :??:. client d-arly l?<?Uv.vii din^jhter or ilr-. Katharine and t!vj S. A.-Moore. 4-i. Mary-street. Uulcy. Afu-r a- thort i:iur.-~. I n?)Uifccat in p: ?-!?. i DENNIS.—On the 24th January, a: Ade laide Eo.-pltal. result ot accident. William ' Harold, dearly beloved =on of Mr. and Mrs. James Dennis, of 67. Carlton-parade. : Tcrrensville, aged 43 years. INGLIS.—On the 241h January. J^sick. : beloved son of Mary. T. Oeorge-:-treel. ' Parkslde, and late Oliver lugils, Orroroo. Late A.LF. j INGLIS.—On the 2ith January, at Myrtle Bank. Sanatorium. James, beloved husbnnd of Emily InglUj, 101. Young-ftrecr. Park bide, and loving father of Mary and John At rest. INGLIS.—On the 24th January, at Myrtle Bank. James, dearly beloved husband of Emily Anne Icgli>. late A.1.F.. ag<.-d 42 years. mjMPKB.YS.-xOn the 2l£t January, at her residence. Kooringa. Burra. Miry, dearly beloved We of Flower HumpV.Tys Hate ot Manoora), ag?l 60 years. S5-C

DEATHS. I FlttXUl.—On ihe 23rd Jaiiu.irv. .V>;-.. i Y.:c'o-*- ol David French (late of Freeltaff and Sutherland* >, oped 92 yer?r?. CotonM or SO years. A; rest. Privately interred. Paynciiam Cemetery, January 24ili. i NICEST.-At Me.rose. on the 9th Jri.u- I I ary i suddenly I. TUotnos Joseph >Tom>, I drarly beloved husband of Anr.'.e tnee Nnyd.i t, leaving a sorrowful cue duushier. s>lx soils, and one grand-dauwhtrr jto deeply mourn their sad loss. Age. 57 ' years. R.I.P. W.A. pop?"., p'.eas- copy. I iially paptrs please copy. I COTTON'. —On the 24th January, ot Ade laide. Roblna. rt-:lc; of Frederick CHarles Cotton, of 303. Gilbert-street. Adelaide-. Aged 36 years. VF.NWICK.-On xhe 241 h January, at Sol / dicrs" Memorial Hospital. Mount Barker. | Sarah Fanny, relict of Henry F*ri*ick. in ] her 75th yeur. BORRETT.—On the 24th January, at her residence. Frauds, relict of John Borrett.. dearly beloved mother of Alice and Sid ney, of Luke Plains, and Mrs. R. A. nundle. of Gladstone, lri her 79th year. At rest. JONES.—Cn the 24tH January, at her re sidence Rlvrrton. Florence Adeline Jones. aged G4 years. At rest.   STOKES.—On the 24th January, at   Glenelg. Emily Rebecca Stokes. of Mount   Lofty and widow of Francis William Stokes.     of Konetta Station, aged 93 years.   MOORE.—On the 24th January. Ll'lle M .   ! beloved eldest daughter of K. and the !nte S. A. Moore, of 46. Mary-streec. TJnley. after   brief Illness.  

IN MEMORIAM. BADCOCK.—In loving memory of our dear mother, who passed away on 25th January. 1928. A wonderful mother, so true and rare, rhe trials she went through few could bare: She never complained, she wasn't that land. One of those mother; so hard to find. Her life was all love and labor. Her heart for her children beat true. Now sheltered by the Hock of Ages, Anchored on the golden shore. Besting In the arms of Jesus. Best, dear mother, for evermore. —Inserted1 by her loving sons. George and Clive. BWCOCK. —In lovng memory of my dear wife. Frances May. who passed away on 25tU January. 1928. ' ? It was hard to part with one so loved. But God alone knew fcest: He knew the pain our loved one bore. And called her home to rest. So dear to me. so sadly missed. But memory's golden chain Will link the memory of our love Until we meet again. Inserted by her loving husband. Spring street. Queenstown. BADCOCK.—In loving memory of our dear mother, who passed away on 25th January. 1328 She always lent a willing hand To those who needed help. And never spoke of what she dlo. But fcept It to herself. Her heart was always In her borne. She toiled and did her best. She bore her pain, she bore it well. And how she suffered none can tell. She beard a -voice we did not near. Which said she must not stay. Inserted by her loving daughters, Eva, Gs-ra, and Muriel. BARLOW.—In loving memory of our dear wife and mother. Ellen Barlow, who passed away on the 23ril January. 1326- Though absent from among us. You arc always In our thoughts. —Inserted by her husband, son. daughter in-law, and grandchild Thelma. BLANK.—In loving memory or our dear1 mother, who passed away on tlws 2flh January. IS2G. Though absent from among us. Ton tre always In our thoughts. And those who love you dearly. Still sadly feel the loss. —Inserted ?y fcer loving sons and daugh ters and s^>n-in-laws. CAIN.—In loring memory of our dear father, who passed away on the 25th Janu ary. 1923. We stood by your bedside, dear father. As the lonely hours passed. With tears, our hearts were aching. When we saw you breathe your last. —Inserted by Ws loving daughters. Ross and Edith. CHAMBERLAIN.—In loving memory of our dear and only son. Douglas, who passed away 25th January, 1922. Called away from those who love him. Away from care and strife. But a beautiful memory llveth Of a sweet, unselfish life. —Inserted by his loving lather, mother, grandma..and Tom. CROCKER.—In loving memory of our dear brother, Henry Ernest, who passed away at Marrabel on the 25th January, 1924. Too dearly loved to ever be forgot ten.—lnserted toy his loving sister and brother-in-law, Harriet and Jamss and family. GARDINER.—In loving memory of my dear mother. Ellen Gai diner, "who passtd away on the 22nd January. 1927.—Inserted by her loving daughter. Molly. R.IJ. lIAMLVN.—In loving memory of our dear husband and father, who passed away at Semaphore; on 25th January. 1922. Loving memories never fade Of one we loved but could not save. —Inserted by his loving wife and family. OARVEV.—In loving memory or Harry Harvey, who died on 25th January. 1923. Gone, but not forgotten.—lnserted by hu loving wife and daughter Emily. IRVINE.—In loving memory of our dear mother, who passed away on 25th January. 1928.—Ever remembered by her loving family. MOYLE.—In loving memory of our son. Leslie, who died 25th January, 192?. Thoughts return to scenes that arc post. Years roll on but memories last. —Inserted by fcis loving mother, fattier, and brother. O'SHAUGHNESSY.—In loving memory of our dear wife and mother. Rachel Tait, who passed away at Crystal Brook on the 23th January. 1928. Upright and Just In all her ways, loving and kind, to the end of her days. Honored In life, remembered in death. A beautiful memory is all we have left. —Inserted by her loving husband and family. PAUL.—In loving memory or my d?nr husband" and father. James Paul. who parsed away at Two Wells. 25th January. 1919. Sweetest memorires. fond and truo. Will ever remain In our hearts for yen. —Inserted by his loving wife and fan-Ily. POINTON.—In loving memory of dear little Moira. who passed away on The 25th Jsnuary. 1928.—Lovingly remembered by grandma, grandpa, and auntie Bell. FOINTON".—Loving remembrance of "Molra." the darling little p!*vm&tc of Ruth and Iris Mitchell. RUSSELL.—In loving memory cfmydenr father. Bzndolph Ssmml John Rustcll. who died or. the 25th January. 1927. Upright and Just in all his wnys. Loving acd kind to the end of his diiys Honored in life, remembered In death, A beautiful memory Is all we have left. — Inserted by his loving dauchter. Verna. 25x26 ROBERTS—III loving memory of my dear mother. Elizabeth Ann Roumt.?. ?nhc passed away on the 25th January. IS2S. Mother la heaven arc you happy? We think that it must be so. For when you Knew that the end was near You said you were reedy to go. And whroi v.-c thought or how you had pur fered t We could not bid you stay; So sleep your ever-needed sleep. We wil! meet again some day. | —In=cned by her loving daughter nnd I FOu-ln-)nw. Dorothy and Eru.. and gritia ! son. Boliuy. I ROBERTS.—In loving memory of my dear j mother, Elia-jibetli Ann Roberts. wiio I away on the 23th January, 1923. l Lying there from day to dny. i Passing dreary iiours ai^Tiy; \ Overjoyed Then friends would ca'l. I Mother loved to welcome all. I I mourn for you. dear mother, ' . But not with outward sliow-; j For those who mourn sincerely. ! Mourn Fllentlv find low. 1 —In-sertiil by tor lovlsig daushter. 80.-me. | and son-in-law. Em. ROBERTS.—In loviu; memory of our <l!-av mother. EHrabfth A:in. who died 2Sth January. IS2B.—ln.~erted by her lovlnc -*-:i antl daiichirr-ln-luw, Harold. May. :.\\?. i grandchildren. i SANDFORM.—In lovint; memory <,' <v.:r j dear son and brother. Arthur, who p.-.s-ed ? Away at Wallaroo, on the 25th January. i 1927. 1 Loving memories never faie. j Of one "we loved, but couM no* j-pve. I—lnserted by Ills loving lather, mother. I i-lsiers, and brothers. s.tMint?D.—Tu lovlnc n-.'-ii:<iry ol our j d< :-r brother and ur.cie. Artln;r. .passed away c-> Wa'.larcio. cr. 25;~n January. 1927. I Memory- is a golden chain. Time tries to Vnvak. but si'- '." >:..n. I—lnserted by hil; lovism si>ter a:?d brutinr in-:aw. Annie. Bert, and nieces Je^n r.nd Zelma. SAXDFORR. —In loving metuoiy cf my dear pal, Arthur, called home en tile 2i;:i jjunuerv. 1927. L:fe brines much that 1= altered. Time Uriii?s much that is nc*r. There Is one thing that never a'.:crs. "Tis tl-.e memory, dear Artliur. of yot: —Ever remeaibered by his pal. Laurie Hop kins. WaUaroo. 25x26 SCHLTZE. Paul—ln loving memory of my dear father, who passed away on the 25th January. 1925. Gone but not forgot ten.—lnserted *>v his loving son. George. SCHI'TZE.—In loving ir.emorv or my dear faih r. who pass?i nway o;i the 23th : January. IPI3. j Lovtiig memorj' never fades.. 1 Of one we loved but could not aavc. I—lnserted by his loving dauehtcrs nnd fcoa-ln-l?^. Florrtc, Se'uuo, rraufe.

I IN MEMOEIAM. VAUGHAN-—ln loving memory of Host. \ilio passed auny on the 25th January, 1925. Just- a line ol sweet remembrance, A memory, fond nnci true, j —Inserted by her friend, Kath. 1 VAUOHSN.—In lovins memory ol our | dear daughter and sister Hose, passed away on the 25th January. 1925. The Rose that Is fairest and rarest. Ls the Hose that is killed by Irosu And the one to us who u-as dearest. Is the Hose nc loved and lost. —Inserted by her loving parents and slsteis and brothers. WEAVER. —In sad and loving memory of our darling little Topsy. who passed away on 25tn January. 1927, aged 5 sears (under operation). Sadly mUsed.—lnserted by father, mother, Havler. WHEAT/ON.—ln loving memory of d?ar Hilda, who passed amj on the 25th Janu ary. 1927. Just a memory, fond and true. To show, dear Hilda, we think of you. —Inserted by Her loving cousla. Rose. ; WHEATON*. —In loving memory of my] dear sister Hilda, wlio passed away on the i 25th January. 1927. love and remembrance last rorcver. —Inserted by ucr loving sister Clara.