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1 The annual general meeting of the Civil Service Association was held last evening, when the report and balance-sheet weie adopted and

ofilcé-bearois balloted for.

Í -At' the half-yearly meeting of tho shareholders o£,the Queensland National Bank yesterday, the directors' .report was adopted, and- a dividend at the rate of 12 per cent per annum was de .elated. ' ' ? . »

-' Messrs. Cooper and Moffat, candidates for the position of councillors in- the Ithaca Shiie ?Council,' addressed'a meeting of ratepayers last night, ana .received a very good hearing.

> ^Superintendent Peut has presented a report to~the South Brisbane Pire Brigade Board, îe .commending thean to piocure a floating fire ^engine. - >

i , At the annual meeting of the Queensland Blue .Ribbon Society held last night, the report read -stated that the society bad-induced 500 persons to sign the'pledge iii Brisbane during the past year. >.'/'-» < ( <

Oounîillor ''Kibble was unanimously elected president of the Toowong Shire Council for the ensuipgyearl. ' ? ,-<?

. At the City Police Court yesterday, Francis Tumcer, accused of perjury, was discharged. Fresh, evidence was taken in the Goldsmith Taylor: cases,'' and the accused were further re-

manded for a week. - .

, ' The monthly meeting of the South Brisbane Tiré Brigade Board was held yesterday after

noon.' r

\ JÖatepayers of the Coorparoo Shire weie ad- dressed'last evening by Messrs. Barnes and Marriott, "Candidates for the two vacancies in Jthe Sime Council. » ' ; ' Tenders "for supplies for the Ipswich Hospital .for the ensuing half-year were decided yester- day, except in the casesof meat, groceries, and farm and dairy pioduca, which were postposed till to-day.

' Mr. Tliomos Robertson has been elected

Chairman, of the Normanby Divisional Board, ¿nd Mr. W. H.-Ackerley, of the Purga Boaid. > < Messrs.. Mathieson and Gray, Railway Com- missioners, '?$$& -Mr. H. C. Stanley, visited the Brisbane VànéVlme yesterday. , : Mr. H.'ÍJtántoh, ohe of the candidates for No. 1 Ward, South Brisbane, addressed the late payers in the School of Arts, West End, last evening. J ' ,

. The polling for the election of njorabers to

serve on the Redcliffe Divisional Board took jplace yeßterday. .

, A son of Mr. Bell, of North Pine, was severely injured ob Tuesday evening by the accidental . «lischarge of a gun.

. The telegraph' and telephone wires in Roma street are to bo removed and taken along the îîorth Quay.

A son of tMr./ George Agnew, M.L.A., was ¡kicked by a pony on Wednesday afternoon and rather severely wounded.

. Afr. A. L.'Petrie has been elected chairman of the Hamilton Divisional Board.

For the Redcliffe Division, Messrs. Silcock, MaO'DonneQ; "and Brookes, were yesterday eleoted for" So. 1 Subdivision ; and Messrs. Tubbs, Walsh, and Ham, for No. 2.

A seven-roomed house at Coorparoo was burned last evening, involving insurances

amounting to £1250.

, Constable Quinn cut his throat at Barcaldine yesterday, and is' not expected to recover.

The Bank of North Queensland has dociared a dividend of 5 per oent.

. A small cutter loaded with copra, and with two'-nien on) board, reached Sandy Cape yestor üayl t The men state that they were blown off the coast.of Noumea seven days ago.

. William , Blackett committed, suicide at Lithgow bn .Wednesday by blowing his brains


. The intercolonial cricket matoh New South Wales v. Viotoria was won by the former by au innings oud- 94 runs. _ ' j

Mr. Wragge lias returned to Sydney from Noumea and the New Hebrides, where he has established meteorological stations.

?" The Mercantile Bank in Sydney has decided to amalgamate with the Commercial Bank of Australia, i ' <

. A loan bill for £1,886,000 has been intro-

duced in Western Australia.

J At the invitation of the local agents of the B.I.S.N. Company the1 m«mbeis of the Mel- bourne Harbour' Trust and a representative gathering of importers and merchants took lunch yesterday on boaid the steamer Mom bassa, which îs the laugest vessel that has yet' gone up the'Yarra River. ,

The question 'of opening the sittings of the Federal Convention to the Press and public has been discussed by the representatives at the Federal Council. Sir S. W. Griffith is in favour of Ule' deliberations being held in private. l '

The sohocoief Surprise, with a cargo .of coal¿ while being towed from Newcastle to Sydney,! sprang a leak and sank. . ¡

An amendment on the Address in reply was moved in the' New Zealand House o£ Repie sentatives yescörday.

. South Australiahas issued a Si per cent loan of £1,200,000 at a minimum of 98.

The Loudon'wool market remains firm at the opening rates "of the present series, and com- petition is ke,en. '

. Isolated eiutwigea and damage to property are still reported, in connection with the, railway strikes îniScothind. . ,

There is some excitement in financial circles ip New York, Mr. Jay Gould having threatened to withdraw. fiom the Stook Exchange in consequence! of 'a quarrel with the direct ors. .

- A bill br/s been introduced in the American Senate eanpowering a company with a capital of £1,000,000 to work a telegraph cable from San Francisco to Hawaii, Samoa, and Japan.

The French Government have declined to recognise the right of the colony of Viel «ria to terminate the poBtal convention except iihrough tne Government of' Great Britain. .

t One hundred and fiixty-eight persons were killed by the recent colliery explosion in Pennsylvania. '

1 Mr. Bradlaugh, who has lately boen seriously ill, waf according to latest íeports unoouscious.

Slaun and Mitchell will hoxton rounds in London in Febiuaryv ¡

Mr. ' Goschen, Chancellor of the Exchequer, delivered a speech, on "financial matters at! Leeds on Wednesday.

The men who struck at Perth have resumed

woik. ' j

The Chilian revolution is still progressing,' and the Frenteh Paoific squadron has been

ordered to ÇWû,_\_ ;

'According io an American' writer there is a . most remarkable tree or shrub in a small gulch

near some/ springs, about 12 miles north of Tuscarora. U.S. It is 'about 0ft. or 7ft. in height, with a hunk which, at its base, J"B three times the size of a man's wrist. It has in- numerable wanohes and twigs, and resembles somewhat/the barberry tree or bush indi Renoua to certain localities in the Eastern States. But its uemarkable characteristic is its ïoliage, which, ai certain seasons of the ye sr, is so luminous that it can be plainly distil iguished in the darkest night for a distance of m ore than a mile, while in its immediate vicinity it emits sufficient light to enable a person to 'read the Bnest piint. Its foliage is extiemely i link, and its leaves resemble somewhat in size, si lape, and colour, those of the aromatic bay tree of Cali- fornia. The luminous pioperty is evidently parasitic, and consists of a sort of gui amy sub- stance, which, upon being transf ¡erred by rubbing to a person's hand, imparts to it the same apparently phosphorescent lig bt, while that on the leaf entirely disappe irs. Tho Indians regard it with supeistition ; and will not approach it even in the daytime i t they can a>oid it. They have a name for it, which, literally interpreted, signifies " witch- troo."