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(from our own correspondent.)

April 12.

We have had 0. 39m of rain here during the last three days. The fall must have been much heavier higher up the river, as the   M'Intyre rose considerably last night, and is now running three parts a banker. A westerly wind has set in, and all further appearance of   rain has cleared off.

Distressing reports of the sad losses sus tained during the late flood are daily coming to hand. Welltown station heads the list with   a loss, which at first was computed at 70,000

sheep. It is now hoped that the number was over estimated and that 50,000 may cover the loss .But this reduced estimation   means a heavy blow not only to Messs. Laughlin and Co, the owners, who thus have their stock reduced by one stroke to one half but it also means a loss that will be severely felt by this town and district generally.The resident partner Mr D Sinclair  

has spent many long hours patiently     working up the Welltown sheep to a high pitch of superiority, having spared neither labour nor expense in striving to bring the breeding of the stock as near perfection as lay in his power until the Welltown studs have come to be known and admired far and wide, and now the relentless flood has swept them to


Among the other neighbouring stations on either side of the river the following losses of stock have been reported -Cappyrauruinbilla, 15 O00 sheep, Tulloona 20 000, Merrimas,   2400 sheep and 200 head of cattle Boobera (an out station of Callandoon), 6000   sheep, Umbercolle, 1400 sheep Winton expected to find that its loss   will extend to half the sheep upon the station. From Baronga and lower down the river no news has yet come to hand, but it is   feared that bad tidings must be expected. Of smaller losses, speaking numerically, among surrounding selectors the list is a painfully long one. Among others may be mentioned Mr B Cook who estimated his loss at 5000 sheep, Mr H Deighton, w ho has 200 sheep left out of some 4000 ; Messrs. R. Allen, Chamber, Carrigan Bros. and M'Millan and Byan have all lost heavily. The two latter, who are partners, when they found the flood coming got their sheep togetheir on what they considered safo ground, but the water rose so rapidly that they were soon hemmed in, and finally all swept away before the eyes of theie owners, who had to take to a tree to save themselves from     similar destruction. Mr. Lalor, of Bengalla is said to have lost a great number of cattle, but   no reliable account has been received. So far two deaths by drowning have been reported from the neighbourhood, that of a boy on the New South Wales side, who was swept off his horse while swimming across a watercourse to save some stock that were surrounded, and a man who being short of rations, attempted to swim to the Wyndham Arms Hotel, on the Winton run to obtain supplies, and lost his life in the attempt .The strong current of water that was flowing through the streets of the town during the floods has cut them up badly, ond the Municipal Council is now taking steps to get the necessary repairs pushed on without delay.

The Waggamba Divisional Board held its Anual quarterly meeting on the 9th instant Mr W. T. Hooper was appointed chairman for   the ensuing year, and the clerk and foreman of   works of the previous year were both re- appointed. Several tenders are to be called for at once to repair flood damages on the Ingle   wood road, which has been greatly damaged in places, and arrangements initiated for a new valuation of property within the division.

Inquiries have been held relative to the origin and circumstances of two recent fires- namely, that which resulted in the destruction of the Bengalla Hotel, some months back, and that which occurred more recently at Ah Foo's   general store. A representative of the various insurance companies concerned came up from Brisbane to watch their interests, and the in- quiries were long and searching, with what result remains to be seen.

Patrick Benn, the prisoner who was awaiting trial by Judge Paul at the District Court   and was relegated to the local police magis- trate to be dealt with summarilv on a lesser charge, was found imilty of illegally using a certain mare and sentenced to three months in Toowoomba Gaol, or to pay a fine of £10 The fine was paid