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SWORN AT UNDER £226.000.

On Friday the will and codicil of the late Sir Henry Ayers, G.C.M.G., was lodged for probate by Messrs. Ayers & Gall, solicitors to the executors, the cross value of the estate being

sworn at under £220,000. Tbe trustees and executors named in the will are the testator's sons Frank Ilichman Ayers, Harry Lockctt Ayers, and Frederic Ayers, but the last named having predeceased the testator probate will be taken by the two former. The whole estate is devised and bequeathed to tbe trustees upon trust after payment of debts and liabili ties, and the following annuity and legacies for the testator's four sons, Frank Richman Ayers, Harry Lockett Ayers, Frederic Ayers, fend Arthur Kmeet Ayers in equal shares, with a provision for division as therein men tioned amongst the children of any son who should predecease the testator of a aim equiva lent to the value of the share which the deceased son would have taken had he sur vived the testator. The annuity and legacies, in addition to provision made for old servants, are:— \ Mr. John Breaks Ayers (brother of testator), annuity of £300 per annum. Mrs. John Baeot (daughter), in addi tion to settlement and bequest of carriaftesand horses „. ... £2,000 The Lady Ayers Homes ... ._ £300 Home for Incurables £100 Adelaide Children's Hospital... ... £100 The Sisters of St. Joseph £100 St. Margaret's Convalescent Hospital £50 Tbe Samaritan Fund, Adelaide Hospital £50 S.A. Institution for Blind, Deaf and Dumb, Brighton £'50 Industrial School far Blind, N. A. ... £50 Church of England Institute £30 Young Men's Christian Association... £50 Tiie above are free of succession duty, which is to be paid oat of the estate.

The Rev. K. T. Dunstao, of Pitt-street Con greKatiooaJ Church, Sydney, who is visiting tuis colony in connection with tbe special meetings of the South Australian Auxilliary of tbe Ijondoa SliMbiouary Society, which are being held, ? announced to preach at the Port Congregational Church to-morrow morning. A journal in Madrid tries to increase ita circulation by printing ita news not on paper but on men. Instead of ink a composition is used which readily dissolves iv a. liberal water hatli. After absorbing ttie new? the reader merely places the sheet under a public foun tain and there is a anowy handkerchief. All plants, even in tropical countries, require a period of rest. Some repose in the rainy, others in the dry. ?r>d others again in die cold or in the hot season. Herr Johannsen. a Scandinavian, beljevus hit can abridge this period by intensifying tiie "situp" with chloro form or ether. Bulbs or bads exposed to the vapors of these anaesthetics resume their period of activity feoouer than those not so treated. It has also beenobservml that the tubercules of orchids placed near warming pipes and tints more completely dried began to spring sooner than others kept in the ordi nary way.