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IN the course of his singularly interesting and able speech as retiring president of the Queensland Medical Society, Dr. Thomson raised a question compared with which the progress of medical science itself falls into insignificance. The speaker, while ad- mitting with characteristic frankness that even yet tho profession did not know every- thing, that in certain common ailments we are as much in the dark as our grand- fathers, and have perhaps not acted wisely in abolishing some of their methods of cure, such as phlebotomy, had nevertheless to record, as a matter of course, largo and happy advance both in surgery and medi- cine. Aids to surgery in anaesthetics and antiseptics, a bewildering array of instru- mental nids to diagnosis, a new acquain- tance with origins in the line especially of bacteriology, a materia medica swelled by the discovory of valuable drugs, above all the initiation'of the science of hygiene, to which the world's attention is now called as its physical salvation, unitedly demon- strate the progress of tho healing arl, and call for the gratitude of suffering humanity. Even boards of health, not over-well treated, Dr. Thomson thinks, or ap- preciated ns they should be by a sceptical Press,, havo arisen to bless the world, and there eau bo no doubt that if only doctors met as a board would sink their proverbial differences so as to givo weight to their decisions, and if further the Government would but confer on thom some power of enforcement, these boards would have made a deeper and happier impress than has

hitherto boon seen.

And yot against all this talk of benefit there lies the big prior question just referred to, and whioh, as wo have said, was raised by Dr. Thomson him- self. Speaking of sanitation, tho learned presidont took occasion to give a certificate of competency to " old Moses tho lawgiver," who ho declared was " sound in sanitary science." Tho doctor's speech was curiously interlarded with roforonces to Holy Scrip- ture ; and it might havo boen well if, in this connection, as ho did in others, ho hail given chapter and verse. But the point to bo noticed is that in tho speaker's view tho result of tlie carrying out " through all tho ages " of tho sanitary regulations laid down by Moses would havo boon tho overcrowd- ing of our cities if not of the world itself. This may bo readily believed by thoso of our readers who observed tho littlo calculation of Sir "William Herschell, quoted by ns a few days ago, from which it appeared that liad tho popu- lation of the world not been intorferod with by destructive and restrictive powers, such as war, pestilence, and famine, humanity would not only fail at this date to find standing room on tho earth's surfaco, hut would bo piled up in a mass extending oven beyond tho sun I No wonder, there- fore, that at this point tho speaker should ask " how far wo aro being benefited by tho lives which an observance of the laws of health is annually saving ?" " Tho cry of the past was tho survival of the fittest, and they who answered to it wero tho strong and bravo ; the weak and puny wero trodden under foot in the race and the

struggle. Now tho cry is the survival of all ; and if all survive-if the weak grow up and the puny exist; if deformities and debilities and defects, mental and physical, marry auj intermarry-will this bo counter- balanced through the survival of all, of tho strong growing stronger, and tho bravo, braver ?" This crucial question Dr. Thom- son says ho cannot answer, and ho hides the peril of the situation under swelling words touching tho " possibilities " and "potentialities" of this "grandest and noblest of all our arts." Yet surely it is tho first duty of a thoughtful man to find un answer to the question, especially as ni tho touch of it the " nobility and grruidcur " of the lauded art is in danger of assuming a shape which most people would set down as a monstrosity of ignobleness. All tho more was it a duty to answor tho question inasmuch as on the Bystcm of philosophy which is supposed to bo the favourite with medical mon, the answer lies upon tho surface, and is in direct contradic- tion to all that society in general holds sacred. If the natnre and destinies of the human raco aro to bo explained on tho principles of materialism, tho answer to Dr. Thomson's question must bo emphati- cally against not only what ho calls hygieno but tlie ontire system of medical practice and humanitarian effort. Man in that caso must be regarded as an animal, and be dealt with as wo deal with animals. Stern efforts must bo made in tho first place to keep the race within the numerical limits which the earth's limited acreage imposes, and which shall permit of the best racial development. If this cannot be dono according to the system of Jinlthus and Mrs. liesant, it must bo done on the rough and ready system (which in this point of viovv is still humanitarian) of knocking tho surplus population on the h«ad. Equally stern effort must bo made to maintain the raco in highest efficiency by j forcibly preventing the perpetuation of its ! weaker members. In the interests, further,

°. . of humanity itself-materialistic lumianity v ? of course, for that by hypothesis

it,- till that is-tho wcRk, tho old, ' the useless, and tlie incurable, that li entre section of society whoso esis

11 truco is a burden to others ami >' I even to themselves, must bo put out of the

I way, us painlessly us possible indeed, bat £ resolutely. Our asylums for the aged and

. infirm, for the incurable, for the hopelesslv

insane, should be closed, and their wretched inmates placed under tho last and coin pletest anaesthetic of death. Tho practice of our hospitals and our physicians gene- rally should be rostrictod to thoso cases in which thero is reasonable probability, not only of the prolongation of life, but of tho restoration of health and usefulness. In short, our medical practice must bo reduced to that of tho veterinary surgeon, and tho first question to bo decided hy the medical

attendant- must ho that between the sick bed and tho knacker's yard. If hygiene is to bo conducted on tho principles of ma- terialistic utility, its gospel for a largo section of our raco is annihilation. Tho fact is that in view of thoso principles Dr. Thomson's question is an iuipertinouce. He wants to know whether the evil of the existence and perpetuation of tho weak, the deformed, and tho defective will be counterbalanced by tho strong growing stronger, and the bravo braver. But the materialistic philosophy points to it as a needless curse, a burden gratuitously borne by fools, that thero should bo any weak, or deformed, or defective. Why should such men live any more than similarly disabled cattlo ? Why should debility of any kind be left to " counterbalance" the progress of the strong and bravo ? There are but two answers that can bo given to these ques- tions. Either man is but a superior animal, ,to be dealt with in health and disease as an animal, and our pre- sent practice ' ' is ? superstitious folly, and the medical men, who know better stoop continually to caiit to carn their position and their foes ; or materialism has been tried and found wanting. Thero is a spiritual side to human nature which cannot ho ignored, and which overrules morely material considerations, and . the inmost and grandest reality is still that at which it pleases somo scientists to sneer as childish superstition. It goes without sa3'ing that in other departments of human interest, besides thoso of life and health, matorialism would make a tromondous

change for the worse. People must come, as Ctvrlylo said to Froudo to something of what he has told thom, "or else let them look out for their spoons." But life is more than moat, and the body than raiment, and it may bo safely said that the regard for human life which has beon born of our religion, aud from which have arisen countless institutions whoso loss would be felt as degradation, presents an insu- perable barrier to the advanco of materialistic theories. There will come a time we hope whon tho weale and the deformad will bo soiisible onough not to perpetuato themselves, or so few as not to appreciably affect tho population ; but thero can nevor como again tho time when men and women-the youngest and the oldest and the weakest-will bo killed off or allowed to dio, hecanso they have become useless burdens to society. Tho measure of civilization in its highest aspect is the measure of the success with which tho law of the survival of the fittest is defeated.

AMID all the local government activity and tho excitemont ovor the municipal

elections in Brisbano North and tho sur-

rounding districts, tilings have boon stag- nant in tho South side municipality stagnant, that is to say, so far as tho rate- payers aro concerned. Theso happy-go lucky people seem quito contented with the composition of tho council. No doubt thoy havo boon duly impressed, after a long courso of public demonstration, that the South Brisbane aldermen, in their collec- tive capacity, could not bo surpassed for sublimo bumptiousnoss, for supremo cock suredness, for tho hoaven-born genius of their finance, and for tho sweet reasonableness of thoir counsels. As specimens of colonial bumbledom of the purost villago pump order thoy aro facile princeps. Thora is, porhaps, moro wisdom in this childliko and bland appreciation than is apparont on the surfaco, but at any rato thero maj' bo quite another explanation of tho complacency with which tho sly dogs in tho communal ranks accept tho inevitable in tlie shape of tho re-election of all tho four gcntlemon whoso first aldermanio engagements had expirod, In tho absenco of a temple dovoted to tho sock and buskin on the

south sido of tho river tho Municipal Council Chamber has proved a good substi- tuto, and the jovial peoplo who constituted tho admiring gods at tho periodical enter- tainments, must havo boon ploasod at tho ro-ongageiiient of the old stock company to play in a round of now characters. Tho corporation meetings havo in truth beon often as good as tho broadest comody or tho most screaming of farces. It is true that tho aldermen may not havo emulated "Tliospis, tho first professor of the art, who ut country fairs sang ballads from a cart." But thoy havo dono everything short of carolling comic dittios to anuiso tho admiring citizens who laughed und applauded-thoy some- times even so fur forgot thomselvos as to hiss-as prompted by their humour. Now that tho Lord Mayor of London has sung to his own pianoforte accompaniment, with great ncceptaneo and amidst thunders of applause, such ' classic songs as " Yillikins and his Dinah " and " Tho Low-backed Car," tho musical members of tho South side council might follow such a brilliant and imposing example. Imagine what a furore of enthusiasm would bo roused if Alderman Stephons wero to sing tho favourito of our all too remoto innocent childhood, " Sheep's skin and beeswax makes tho best of plaster," or if Alderman Lose wero to warblo "Up in a balloon, boys," or if Alderman Kennedy wero to recite " Maloney's Feniau Cat," or Mr. Raven if ho wero permitted to join tho company, and wore called upon to render " There was a black crow perched np on an oak." There is something to bo said in praiso of a musical municipality over a municipal bear-garden. It must be admitted, however, that in thoir cooler moments tho South Brisbano alder- men are consciousoftheir shortcomings. On Saturday when the returning-olhccr, Alder- man Stephens, nude the official declaration of tho nominations, tho burden of tho bpeeches inado hy tlie retiring, renominated, und re-elected aldermen - Mc-bsrs. Hird gravo, Ileaslop, Lose, and Jones-as well as by others win had mt passed through that biniplo ordeal, was tint thoy wo'ild work more harmoniously and moro peace filly in the futuro than in the past. They id ! metaphorically fell upon each other's necks, ie rae'pt tears of contrition for put natighti it ness, and &woro to be cool bays in the

id j coming year. Nay, at a later stage, Alder

v I mau ileaslop, with bowe perception of the i

ludicrous, beseeched his fellow councillors to cut short their bickerings, put a curb upon their tongues, not to bo rash with their mouths to utter anything- foolish, and to " cease to give those newspapers opportunities to write leading articles and special paragraphs in referonco to the way in which things were carried on." The fair hopes thus excited were doomed to disappointment. At the very first meeting of the reconstituted council tho peace and harmony which had boen so pathetically promised wero broken with a vengeance, and something like adder's poison was under the lips of this

alderman and that. Tlie cause of all the

backsliding was the choice of a mayor in succession to Alderman Stephens, who the first year had been elected by the council and the second appointed by tho Chief Secretary when the council was unable to agree. There had evidently been a little caucus of the West End Ward repre- sentatives, who agreed to put up Alderman Jones as mayor, and accordingly Mr. Ken- nedy proposed that gentleman as a good worker, a man of long experience, and long residence in the colony and in his own ward. Ho might have gone on to say of Mr. Jones, as Jeff Davis said of the Scotch, that ho was " clover without being heavy, honest without being rude, witty without being sarcastic, hospitable without being ostentatious," but that his eloquence was cut short. The East Enders had had a little caucus of their own, and Mr. Caswell pro- posed Alderman Morry for the mayoral chah on tho indefinite but high-sounding recom- mendation that Mr. Morry wa3 worthy of their confidence and would act justly and do that which was right to all parties ; while Mr. Heaslop, with becoming modesty, declared ho had a prior claim to Mr. Morry but would waive it in his favour. Alderman Kennedy was taken aback, and tho moment ho got breath exclaimed, " This appears to bo a game of checkmate," whereupon Alderman Stephens said with a chuckle, " And the trouble is you aro check- mated." Crimination and recrimination followed, and tho air was full of such phrases as, " Don't toll untruths," " Moro honourable than you," " Audacity," " Con- ceal the truth," anti the liko. Eventually the voto was in favour of Mr. Morry, who, aftor all that had been told of him, might have said liko Dogborry, " I am a wiso fellow ; and which is more an aldorman ; and which is more a householder ; and which ia moro as pretty a man as any in South Brisbane ; and ono that knows the law, go to ; and a rich follow enough, go to ; and a fellow that hath had losses ; and one that hath two gowns and everything hand- some about him. 0, that I had been writ down-a mayor." Once the mayor was installed peace descended on the troubled breasts of the wordy warriors, and Mr. Kennody shook hands with Mr. Morry, though ho loftily refused to participate in the vote of thauks to the retiring mayor, Alderman Stephons. If only tho business capacity and amenity of debato shown at the evening meeting bo continued for tho rest of the year, the South Brisbane Council may redeem its character and set as a metropolitan borough an oxamplo to the other municipalities of the colony.



10.15 a.m., Kilkivan Gold Mining Company,

animal, 188 Queon-Btroet.

11, Flood Relief Committoo, Town Hall.

Noon, Proprietors Queensland National Bank ;

half-yoarly report, oloctlon of ono director and two auditors.

2.30 p.m., Deputation to Premier, re Sugar


8.30 p.m., Members Brisbane Stock Exchange.


A p.m., South Brisbano Fire Brigado Board.

7.30 p.m., Membors West End School of Arts.

8 p.m., Toowong Rowing Club, Eogatta Hotol ¡

election of officers,


9 a,m. to C p.m., Polling Toombul and Enoggera


7.30 p.m., Addross, Mr. Hipwood, Protestant

Hall, Ann-stroet.

8 p.m., Addresses, CandidatoB No. 3 Ward,

Windsor, Massoy's Briek-j-ard.

8 p.m., Addross, Mr. Valentino, Kelvin Grovo


8 p.m., AddroBscs, Messrs. Cooper and Hors-

fall, BOIL, Norman Hall, Bed Hill.


8 p.m., Breakfast Crook Grounds: Second

Sliofflold Handicap, first and second rounds

and final.


8 lu«,, Gaiety Thoatro : Variety Company;

Songs and Dances. WEATHER FOIIECAST,

North and South Queensland : Electric distur-

bances, with rain moro or lesB inland; snuallj* with rain on Boaboard, sea rough. SUN, MOON, AND TIDE.

Sun risen, G.31 a.m.; sots, 0.53 p.m.

Moon rises, 2.38 p.m.; sets, 0.31 a.m.

High Water Brisbane Bar, -1,32 a.m.; G.5 p.m.


Messrs. .Tames R, Dickson and Company, at

thoir Mart, at Eleven o'clock: Household Furniture, Map of Brisbane, itc.

Messrs. King and King, at their Rooms, at

Eleven o'clock : Groceries and Provisions.

Messrs. A. B. Boll and Co., at Franklin

Valo, Racecourse, Rocklea, at Two o'clock : Cow», Heises, Pigs, Vehicles, Oaton Hay, iSrc. Messrs. Samuol Macgregor and Co., at tho

Enoggera Yards : Cattle.

A memorandum from the Telegraph Depart- ment published in this issue states that the overland line between Adelaide and Port Darwin is interrupted, and cable, messages ave conse- quently being sent bj- the lino recentlj- laid from Java to Roebuck Bay, and thenco through Western Australia to Adelaide. It would ap- pear, however, that there must also have been some interruption on tho Western Australian lines, ns no cabio niessagos had come through np to the time of our going to press.

Tho Minister for Lands and the Under Secretary for Agriculture loft Brisbane on Tuesday evening for Swan Creek, in order to be present at the opening of the Swan and Free- stone Creeks Agricultural and Horticultural Show, which took place yesterday.

Tho Department of Agriculture have re- ceived information from Messrs. Carto/ and Co., the celebrated seedsmen of Holborn, London, that they have shipped, per steamship Quetta, eleven varieties of " crossbred " wheat applied for by the department somo time ago.

A meeting of the Fire Brigado Board was held yesterday in thoTovvn Hall. Present-the maj-or (in tho chair), Messrs. Hipwood, Walker, and Wakefield. A letter was reçoive! from the Waterworks Board stating that directions had been given with reference to the

attendance of an oüici&l at all fires to turn ou the water. In the future, as had boen the case in the past, no efforts of the board or their employees would be wanting to assist in the extinguishing of lires occurring within the limits of the water supply. Tho Assistant Under Colonial Secretary wrote "?> i stating that the proprietor of the Opera House

i had been requested to take measures to remedy "' ( tho defective arrangements complained of with J' ! respect to the extra exit passages. He

sudeste.! that the superintendent of the brigade be asked to ascertain whether this had

been done Accounts it u-e amount of £239

were passe 1 or pij-Jirut. This conclude j the je j bunúieafe

At the invitation of the mayor of Sandgato (Alderman T. L. Holmes) the members of the Sandgato Municipal Council journeyed to Southport yesterday morning, leaving Sand- gate by the 8.10 train. The party wero entertained at Southport by Mr. Holmes, who thus celebrated the close of the municipal year, as well as the expiration of his term of


The following particulars are to hand con- cerning the death of Mr. J. S. Booth, saw miller, of Downfall Creek, which was reported in our issue of yesterday. The deceased gentleman was seated in his house making out accounts, when he heard a scream from a nursegirl in his employ. He ran to the spot whence the sound came, and found tho girl with the baby in a perambu- lator. The girl was pointing to a snake which the vehicle had just passed over. He promptly despatched the snake and, return- ing to the house, resumed his writing. A little

later he was found seated in his chair-dead.

Dr. Tilston went out and made an autopsy on Tuesday, and found that heart disease was tho cause of death. ' Deceased was a man who was generally liked and respected in the district; and the news of his death has occasioned genuine reglet. Quite recently Mr. Booth took a very active part in the agitation for the establishment of a school at Cabbago-tree. Ho leaves a widow and family, who are not wholly unprovided for.

At the Sandgate Police Court on Tuesday, be- fore Mr. J. Vivian Williams, police-magistrate, Joseph Murphy (3G) appeared in custody charged with having played an unlawful game on tho racecourso on the previous day, and was fined 10s., with the alternativo of forty-eight hours in the cells. The fine vvns paid. A first offender, charged with drunkenness, was dis- charged.

The annual meeting of the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce was held yesterday afternoon, the Hon. J. Donaldson presiding. The report of the oxecutivo dealt in an exhaustive manner with the work of the chamber during the past year, and tho financial statement showed that the receipts, including a balance from tho previous twelve months of £17 18s. lid., amounted to £801 19s. 5d., and the expenditure to £195 ös. 4d., leaving a credit balance of £100 14s. Id. The report and finan- cial statement were adopted, and office- bearers wero appointed, Mr. J. D. Campbell being chosen president.

The Stonehenge Lodge, U.A.O.D., held their usual fortnightly meeting on Tuesday ovening in thoir hall, Vulture-street, South Brisbane. There was a large attendance of members, the occasion being a visit of tho Grand Lodge

officers from Melbourne. After the usual

opening ceremonies the visitors wero announced. Bro. W. T. Simpson, grand treasurer, and Bro. A, S. Peacock, grand guardian, wero received with Druidical honours. Junior Past Arch.

Bro. H. F. Smith welcomed thom to Queens- land, stating that ho believed their visit would infuse great enthusiasm into Druidism and causo it to make greater strides. Bro. W. T. Simpson replied on behalf of tho Grand Lodge, expressing thanks for tho hearty welcome ex- tended to himself and his colleague, saying that ho was agroeably surprised at the able manner in which tho lodge was conducted and also at the hoarty manner in which the past and present officers entered into tho spirit of their work. Bro. A. S. Peacock, on behalf of the board of directors, briefly thanked tho lodgo for tho welcome extended to the dele- gates, stating that tho Grand Lodgo intended to send an offioor annually to visit Queensland. Ho also gave soma valuable information as to proper working. Tho lodgo then adjourned for harmony, the visitors being entertained with songs and recitations.

The Second Breakfast Creek Sheffield Handi- cap of 25 sovs. will bo run off to-night, including tho second round and final. An additional race has also boen put in the programme for Saturday's pony meeting, consisting of a Handicap Hack Race. A match ha3 been made botwoen Kit and

Centipede for £10, to take placo next Saturday at tho Creek Grounds. Tho weights aro to be 7st. 71b. each and twice round. £4 forfeit money is now in Mr. Grant's hands, and tho balance is to be made good on Friday night.

The following undofendod casos were heard at the Petty Debts Court yesterday, before Mr. G. P. M. Murray, P.M., when verdicts were entered for the plaintiffs for the full amounts claimed, except where otherwise stated :-E. F. Judge v. A. M'Nish Fraser, commission £13 Is.; verdiot for defendant. O. C. Warren v. D. Sheehan, tea sold £4 4s.; T. Parry v. J. W. Pitt, goods £2 10s.; H. Loso v. P. M'Grath, goods £17 10s. 10d.; Prosser, Taylor, and Co. v. Smith Bros., goods £4 10s. 3d.; Muir and Moroom v. Smith Bros., mouey duo £14 10s. Id.; B. Mountoastlo and Son v. H. L. Tasker, goods £1 ; King and King v. Matthew Trickett, dishonoured cheque £1 5s.; H. Corrigan v. A. Hart, goods £1 0s. 8d.; Lawson and Johnson v. William Robinson, goods £4 10s.; J. K. Eisner v. James Don, detention of goods £10 ; verdict for defendant, with £2 19s. costs.

The Post and Telegraph Department advise as follows :-" Port Darwin line interrupted north of Alico Springs; business going ria Boebuck Bay. Berne notifies cable Tara

Maranham restored."

The ordinary fortnightly meeting of the South Brisbane Municipal Council was held last night. The report of the Finance Committeo re- commending payment of accounts amounting to £14,402, including £11,703 to the Brisbane Corporation, being sum due under adjustment of accounts, was adopted. A charge against an alderman, contained in a letter forwarded to the town clerk, was referred to the committee of the whole for investigation ; and it was resolved to hold a special meeting to consider the designa receivod for tho Tovvu Hall build- ings. Tho various committees were elected. Mr. W. Stephens was appointed representative to the Firo Brigade Board, and the appoint- ment of a representative to the Metropolitan Traffic Board was delayed, tho voting for Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Caswell being eoual.

Mrs. Korff and Mdlle. Maillard, assisted by amateurs, gave a concert in the Centennial Hall last night. The principal performers, Mrs. Korff and Mdlle. Maillard, appeared for the first timo in Brisbane, though they gare a successful concert some weeks sinco at Too- wong. The first-named lady is a pianist of great ability, and her playing last evening made a very favourable impression. Her best number was Beethoven's Sonata, op. 27, which was treated with marked power and grace.

Other items for which Madame Korff was an- nounced were Mendelssohn's " Rondo Ca priccioso," Liszt's transcription-recitative and romance from " Tannhauser," arrangements from "Lucia di Lammermoor," [bracketed with the " Erl King" (Schubert), and as a finale, a nocturne of Chopin's. Mdlle. Maillard is a soprano, who has a gool quality of voice but is somewhat uneven in her execution. Her first number, an air from " Guillaume Tell" (Rossini), was well sun?, but L'éclat de rire (Auber) was better suited ts Mdlle. Maillard's method, and it was warmly applauded. Of the other items on the programme, the only one calling for special mention was the song 41 Calvary" (Paul llalney). which was given with excellent effect by Mr. Finlayson, an accomplished singer, who should become populai with concert-goers. Mr. Finlayson is a hats» cantante with fair power, but his success i ¡CM principally in the admirable taste ', .vita which he sings»

The sittings of the South Queensland District Meeting of tho Primitive Methodist Church were continued jesteiday in the Leichhardt

stieet church Tho morning session was largely occupied with the completion of ha second reading of the stations In the after noon the following matters were considered - rrom the Brisbane third circuit, relating to the appointment of a connexional office, and alsc upon the íepresentation of Sunday schools m quarterly meetings From the Bundaberg circuit proposing consideiable alteration m the basis on winch the salaries of ministers should be reckoned This matter was îeforred to the quaiterly meetings of the stations for their consideration The third and final readings of the stations wero then pioceeded with, but ft eta not completed,

The annual installation of the Worshipful Master and investment of officers of the Toowong Masomo Lodge No 230G, E C , took place jesterday evening at the lodge i oom m the Toowong School of Aits Among those present besides members of the lodge were Wor Bio Ballon L Bainett, DDG'M

PDG, Wor Bio J D Reeve, DSGwJ Wor Bio John Fenwick, DG Sec, Wor! Bio W Gaitside, DJGW, as director of ceiemonies, seveial masters and past masters of the lodges in the various constitutions, and a fan number of visitois The ceremony of installation vvis conducted by Woishipful Bro Fenwick Aftoi the Woishipful Master had been installed the vanous officers were invested by the Woishipful Master, Bro J W Stack and inducted by the installing offioer, who then dehveied the charges in a veiy impressive manner Befoie the lodge was closed the Worshipful Master piesented the immediate Past Master, Worshipful Bro Galley, with a veiy aitistically designed Past Master's jewel, manufactured by Messrs Mossop and Maxwell, and, m doing so, bore testimony to the very

gieat servico ho had lcudered the masoma ciuse m founding the Toowong lodge Wor. Bio Galley who was taken quite bj surpnse, responded in felicitous terms On the lodge being closed, the biethien adjourned to the hall below, vvheio they paitook of an excellent suppei pi opal ed by Mr J Do Raevo. The usual lojal masomo toasts were duly honouied and weio inteispeised with musí

cal solos by several of the brethren. Tlie following aio tho ofiice beaieis for the ensuing jcar - WM, Bro J W. Stack, IMP.Woi Bio R Gailoy, S W, Bro J Hamilton, J W , Bio W Johnson , tieaBurer Wor Bio A C Short, secretary, Bro A W Michael, S D , Bio H Courtenay Luck , J D Bio Win Ohailes Tieomau, I G , Bro Trank B Bates, tjlei, Bio J Harlen

The following telegram was íoceived jester day afternoon fiom the secietary to the Marine Underwriters' Association, Adelaide, by Mr D G Hutton, secretarj to tho Queensland Association -" Surv ej or wnes from Beachport noon to daj, armed fiom Glenrosa, tug want« mg coals, havo biought 230 tons cargo "

Yesteidtiy Messrs Finnej, Isles, and Co foiwaided to the office of this paper a cheque for £2 2s , taken fiom then chantj' fund, with mstiuctions that the amount should be handed to Mis Jackson, widow of the man who was diovvned at St Lucia on Sunday last

Befoio Mi W H Day, P M , at the South Bnsbane Petty Debts Couit, jesteiday, verdicts w oie given foi tho plaintiffs m the following amounts -T Harris v C Palm«, monej due, £5 Is Cd , Phillpot Bios v J Dillon, money due, £7 Is Gd , oosts 8s , Moreton Newspaper Company, Limited, v J Hanson, monej due, £2 18s Gd , costs 5s , South Brisbane Saw mill Company v J Blown, money due, £1/ 19s lid , costs 5s , H B WilhaniB v T Cool mg,claim 15s , veidict foi 2s without costs S R O Sullivan v. W 1Î Bil mingham and J Williams, monoj due, £10 17s , verdict for £6 103 and £117s paid into court, oosts £2 11s

Wo aio lequested to stato that tho cottage a Coorpaioo, which forms the chiof gift m tin« j car's distribution of tho Dight hour Anm veisaiy Union, was handed over by the con tiactors jestoulay The land on which th« cottage is erectod was presented to the union by the Bnsbane Land and Investment Cora pany with tho proviso that a house of the value of £200 at least was to bl elected thereou Tho cottage now com pleted is of four rooms, 28ft by 24ft, lined and ceiled thioughout, with two verandas, fiont and leal, each 7ft Gin wide, doublo chimnoj, stovo, and GOO gallon tank , and is valued at £250 Tho looting iron was given bv Messrs Lysaght and Co The other prizes will bung tho total value of the gifts up to £500 All who wish to participate in the draw ing must puichaso their tiokets before the 28tt Tebiuaij , no tickets will bo sold on Eight hour Daj, 1st Mai oh It is not necessary for ticket

holders to be personally íopiesented at the, di awing

A meeting of the South Brisbane Municipal Council was held at noon jest rdayfortho dual purposo of hearing the íesults of the election, aud piocceding to elect tho major for the ensuing jeai All the aldermen were present The proceedings weie commenced by Alderman Stephens announcing, as returning officer, the icturn unopposed of the aldermen who had letnod at the end of the jeal Thero having boen only two nominations for the position of auditors, ho declared Messrs B Forrest and B Sheaiei duly elected Ho then vacated the chair, and his place have been taken bj the town cleik (Mi Hill), the election of major was pioceeded with This business was enteied upon very quietlj, but it soon became exciting Some very warm speeches were made, and several little scenes were the result Alderman Kennedy proposed as major Alderman W Jones, and in doing so hoped that that gentleman would be unam mouslj elected He spoke of Mr Jones as one vvho»e interests whose length of residence, whose age, and whose experience eminently qualified him for the position The proposal was seconded by Alderman Hardgrave, who waimly endorsed what had been said about Mr Jones He had scarcelj resumed his seat when Alderman Caswell pioposed Alderman Morrv as a fit and pioper person for the mavorsl ofhee All the good qualities attributed to the

othei canditate weie claimed for Mr Mom,

with the addition that his professional experience as an architect and his practical knowledge as a builder fitted lum pecuharlv to look after the outside work of the borough yderman Heaslop, who had been looked upon as a possible candidate, but who intimated

that he had withdrawn in favour of Mr Morn

seconded the proposal Alderman Kennedy at once jumped up and declared that this appealed to be a game of checkmate Alder man Heaslop interjected, " Oh, no I" but the speaker again asserted that it was, and Mr Stephens interjected, "And you are check- mated " At this Mr Kennedy became verv warm, and made quite a characteristic speech A somewhat heated debate ensued, and ultimatelj Mr Jones rose to explain th<

circumstances under which he had been pre vailed to offer himself for election Th« amendment was put and carried bj a niajontv of 8 to 4 Alderman Kennedj theo proposed Alderman Midson as maror Alderman Midson promptly declined the honour, but not to be beaten Alderman Ken neJj proposed Alderman Heaslop That gentleman also declined, and hav ing no one el»« to propose Mr Kennedj sat down. Alderman Morry was then declined duly elected a» major, and was escorted to the chair by his proposer and seoonder Among the first to congratulate him *ete Aldermen Kennedy and Jones The proceed^ mgs closed with a vote of thanks to the retiring