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GALLON LICENCE GRANTED A successful application for a gal lon licence at Menzie's was made by Thomas Alexander Bryce, for whom Mr. E. M. Heenan appeared. Inspeotor Simpson, of the Liquor IBranch, objected to the granting of the licence on the ground that the reasonable requirements of the dis trict did not justify it. The applicant said that with his partner he purchased the general store at the corner of Brown and Shenton streets, Menzies, from John William Sutton, last month. At W roolgar (Yunndaga) four miles dis tant, there were 50 residents, 40 of whom were customers of the store. At Riverina, 28 miles away, they had about 100 customers among the 120 residents, whilst at Mt. Ida, 74' miles away, 60 of the 70 residents were customers. Davyhurst was 40 miles distant and there they..had 40 customers among the 50 residents. There were 20 residents at Copper field 40 miles away, .and 14 or 16 of ,these :dealt with. the applicant. Mulline was ?)0 miles distant .and there practically the .wholef ,the 25 residents were customers. TIhe. firm delivered to these people once a week regularly. The only other. gallon licences were at Broad Ar row, 46 aniles away, and at Leo nora, 64 miles distant. A number of requests had been made by cus tomers for a gallon .lAence and if suoh were granted they would be able to-supply liouor in quantities cheaper than the hotel could do. Leonard Moss Vercoe partner of the applicant John William Sut ton, and Jeff field, mail contractor, gave evidence in support... John Quinlan, of Yunndaga, who described himself as "chairman of the Menzies Roads Board and leading justice of the peace in the district," also supported the appli cation. He said .a gallon licence would be more convenient as most amen on wages' were paid fortnightly and cotild run accounts with the store. Beer from a gallon licence would be cheaper than from the hotel, where Kalgoorlie bottled beer 'was 1/9 per bottle and Swan beer 2/. The chairman Mr. Cahill, in an nouncing that the' licence would be granted, said that the bench was satisfied that the people in the dis tant centres were well catered for by the store and a gallon licence would be a convenience dor those people.