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Tlio funeral of tlio late lion. William Miles, M.L.A., Minister for Works and Mines, took

placo at Toowong; General Cemetery yesterday j afternoon, the body having been convoyed iu its coffin from Toowoomba to Brisbano by special train. Weloiii-u by telograin from our Toowoomba correspondent that at 9 a.m. yes- terday the remains of tho honourable gontlo man wore removed from his house, near Toowoomba racecourse, to the railway station. ' Notwithstanding tho early hour, a largo number of ' private and publie vohiclos wero prosent. The coiliu, ns it rested in tlio drawing-room, was covered with beautiful wreaths and crosses of camellias and violets. Tho relatives of the deceased who wero present inoluded Mr. Itunter and his sons and Mr. Nicoll ; and amongst others wero lion. P. II. Holberton, Messrs. It. Aland, W. BaynoR, J. Garget, Struver, and other prominent local mon. Tho llov. J. Crook ston road a psalm and offered a most impressive prayer. Tho coffin was then re- moved to the hearse, and the procossion moved on to the railway station, where alargo number of rosidents of Toowoomba had assembled near tho gates. The speoial train which had boon sent from Brisbano for tho purposo was in waiting, and tho coffin was placed in the mortuary box which was laid in the convertible goods-passenger van that had boon attached to the train. The engine drawing tho special train was partially draped in black, and black flags wore flying abovo the cowcatchers. Tlio mourners-Mr. Herbert Hunter and his two

Bons, and Mr. Nicoll-tho Bov. J. Crookston, and Mr. B. Aland, M.L.A., onterod the sleeping car, and tho train sped on its way to convoy the body to it last resting place. From Toowoomba to Ipswich, with the road signalled clear, tliero was no interruption. At Ipswich tho train stopped for ten minutes, while a number of oflioials and employes from tho railway workshops ontorod the carriages. A larjjo cro\vd of residents had giithored at tlio railway station, and in respectful silence watched the train arrivo and dopait. Tho Bpeoial resumed its journey, and Bteamod slowly into tho Brisbano station at 3.30 p.m. Although tho platform was orowdod, tho police under Senior-sorgoant Browno wore nblo to keep a clear Bpaco for tho passongors to alight and tho coffin to bo removed to tho cloak-room, which had boon cleared of its con- tents, nnditewallseoverodwith black cloth. Tho porters' room and several of tho pillars on tho outer veranda of tho station wero similarly treated. Tho sombro ohuracler was, however, roliovodby aprofusionof ferns, palms, andahrubs. Tho coffin, whioh was substautiallv con- structed of cedar, with solid silver handles and mountings, was homo from tho train by In- spector Burton, Mr. II. Popoll, assistant

station-master, Mr. Thompson Edon, and Mr. R. Scott. It was placed on a kind of bier in tho cloalc-rooin, and to tho number of beau- tiful wreaths and crossos of camellias and violets wero added othors. Sovoral gentlemen walked through tho room, and paid thoir IUBI respects to tho docoasod Minister. The station yard rapidly fillod up with vehicles of all kinds, and at last it bocanio necessary to provont uny passing through tho gates but thoso convoying members of Parliament and passongors for tho various trninB. About 4 o'clock tho collin was placed in tho hoarsojwhich then took up its posi- tion rendy to Btnrt tis Boon as the procossion was formod. This would havo boon moro Bpeedily efleotcd if a marshal had boen previously appointed, and mombors of Parliament would havo been cnnblod to follow in proper order. At 4.15 four mounted polico headed tho hoarse und cleared tho way for tho procession, in which moro than ninety vehicles took part. Tho hoarso was followed by a mourning coach, convoying Mr, li. .Hunter, Mr. Nicoll, mid Mr. Hunter's Iwp sons. The second coaoh convoyed tho Under 'Secretary for Works and Mines, the Commissioner for Railways, tho Chief Engineer of Railways in tho Southern und Central Divisions, tho Engineer for Existing Liues, mid tho Traffic Manngor of the Southern and Western Railway. In tho third coach wot'o' tho Rov. C. Ogg, tho Rev. J. Crookston, of Toowoomba, and tho Rov. R. Korr, of Toowong. Thou fol- lowed tho Governor's carriago, with Mr. W. A. B. Musgrave, Private Secretary, as his Exeellonoy's ropresoptotivo ; and tho Premier's carriago, convoying Sir S. W. Griffith, tho Hon. B. B. Moreton, Colonial Secretary, and Mr. J. L. Woolcook, Private Secretary to tho Premier. A mourning coach followed with tho bon. tho Minister for Lands, tho Attorney General, and Mr. It. Aland, M.L.A., followed by another coach conveying tho Speaker and the Clerk of the Legislativo Assombly. The carriages which carno after

convoyetï among otliors who paid thoir hist tribute of respect to Mr. Milos, tho following: The Presidont of tho Legislative Cormoil, tho Pcfatinaster-Gciiorai, lind Mr- W. IVWilson ; Sir Thomas MTlnVaith and Mr. C. II! Buza- cott; non. P. Perkins and Mr. John Cal- laghan ; Mr. J. II, Daniolls, Engineer for Bridgos, and tho officers of his doparlmont ; Mr. A. Prewett, chief clerk, and Mr. Troguithu, accountant in Uio Riiihvay Depart- ment, Mr. Thompson Edon, locomotivo fore- man, Ipswich, Inspector Burton, and Mr. Buttersliill, traflio, auditor ; Messrs. Goo. Cow- lishaw, T. Finney, and tho Govornmont Printer (Mr. J. C. Beal), Von. Archdeacon Matthews, JfossrB. T. Mylno, Registrar of Titles ; J. T. Annoar, M.L.A.; R. Porter, ,T. F. Buckland, M.L.A.; and H. Wakefield, M.L.A.; Messrs. J. Stevenson, Lutnloy Hill, F. R. Murphy, andE. Pulmor, MM.L.A.; Mr. Ilonry Bolton, Mr. W. Williams; Hon. A. Raff, M.L.C.; W. G. Power,, M.L.C.; and Mesflrs. John Petrie and Geo. Phillips ; Mr. W. G. L. Drew, Audi ter-General ; Mr. 13. B. Cullen, Under Pocreinry . to the Treasury, and Mr. J. B. Hendoison, Hydraulic En gineor ; Messrs. Simon Fraser, M.L.A. and R. S. Hurd ; Inspector Lewis ; Lioutonant-colonel Adams ; Messrs. M. Mel- lor, J. B. L. Isambort, and J. Hamilton, MM.L.A.; Hon. T. Murray-Prior, M.L.C., and Hon. A. C. Gregory, M.L.C.; Hon. T. Macdonald-PateiBon and Hon. P. Mnophorson, M.L.C.; Messrs. S. W. Brooks and W. G. Bailey, MM.L.; Hon. J. R. Dickson, Hon. George Thorn and Mr. W. Salkeld, MM.L.A.; Messrs. J. M'Master ondF. Kulos, MM.L.A.; Mr. H. Honnblow, locomotivo onginoer, Mr. R. T. Darker, locomotive superintendent ; Mr.

P. D. G. Stanley, ox-Colonial Architect; tho clerks in tho ofllco of the CommiBsioner for Eailways, and in tho Works and Minos De- partment ; the principal Under Secretary (Mr. It. Gray), and tho Clerk of the Executive Council (Mr. A. V. Drury) ; Mr. Geo. Connolly, Colonial Architect; Mr. Glen Cameron, chief olerk of mines, and Mr. Robertson, accountant, Works Department; Mr. H. Coxen, Mx. Geo. Agnew, of tho Nundah carriago works, and Mr. W. Jones, of Brydon, Jones, and Co.; Mr. T. H. Annott, principal assistant Engineer of Eailways, Southern and Contrai Division, and Mr. A. Hamilton, chief olerk of the Engineers' Department ; the members of tho Land Board (Messrs. E. Deshon and T. S. Sword); Major J. A. Grieve and Major J. S. Lyster ; Messrs. J. Hardgrave, B. Babbidge, J. S. Kerr, T. Bunton, and John Watson ; Messrs. J. Campbell and Henry Jordan, MM.L.A.; Hon. J. D. MacanBh, M.L.C., and Hon. Geo. King, M.L.O.; Messrs. D. L. Brown and R. L. Armour : Messrs. John Scott, A. Norton, and John Ferguson, MML.A.; Messrs. B. D. Morehead and W. Pattison, MM.L.A.; Hon. J. M. Macrossan and Messrs. C. E. Chubb and J. Lalor, MM.L.A.; lion. W. Graham, M.L.C., mid Mr. W. Allan; Hon. J. C. Houssler, M.L.C., and Mr. Robert Douglas, ox-Sergcant-at-Arms ; his wor- ship tho Mayor, Aldermen Byram, Stephens, Galloway, and Leftwieh, and the Town Clerk; Mr. W. Day, water police magistrate, and Messrs. J. G. Drake, R. Mar, and W. Kinnaird Rose ; Mr. T. M. Kim?, Collector of Customs, and Mr. W. G. Chancellor, Chief Inspector of Distilleries; Messrs. W. K. Higson, M.L.A., and L. J. Byrne ; Messrs. J. 8. Jessop and H. M. Nelson, MM.L.A.; Messrs. Virgil Power and Jameson; Hon. W. H. Walsh, M.L.C., and Mr. J.Donald- son, M.L.A.; Mr. H. Radford, Chief Clerk of Parliaments, and Mr. Chester Master, Usher of the Black Rod ; Mr. W. T. Blakeney, Rcgis ,trar»General. and Mr. H. P, Abbott ; Rev*. J. P. M'Swaino Und Mr. W. M'Callum Park ; Licutenant;Colonel W> H. Snelling, Major Newman, dnd Mr. J. M'Lonnan ; Mr. Georira Milne, senior railway guard; Hon. F. H.

Hart, M L C, and Hon W Aplin, M L C , Messrs A W. Cluimbus, J R Baxter Bruco, mid J M'Nab, Mr E Griffith genoral manager of tho Royal Bank, Mi J Moffatt, soerotary of the Metro- polit m Poiinanout Freehold Land and Build- ing Sot-iot) , Di Wia>, lion James Swan, M L C, Messrs Moigun, Kollott, D S Wttlhioo, R Bulcock R B Shot ulan, P White, and J F G Foxton, MM L V , Mi J G Anderson, Under Saerotaiy, and Mr D En ai t, gêner il mspcotor Education Depart- ment , Mr W O Hume, Undor Secictarv for Lands, Mr W H Parrj-Okeden, immigra- tion lisent, Messis Robert Cribb John FoiBvth, T Isles, G li Wibvui, of Ipswich, W S Paid J Kennedy, D S Thietlo tbvvajte, assistant onginoor, W Hamilton, W Thomson, railway arbitrator, G L Do pie», Assistant Engineei for Suive} s, G M. Collodgo, îailway Btntion-niastei, Toowong, S Kaye, and B Biooks

Tho route taken bj the procesaron was by wav. of Romn-btioot, Pttno-terraoo Bridgo, Mdton-road, Noith Qiay, and Svlvnn-ioid to tlio coniotoiy. Witlun tho procuiots of the íailway station groat coufiunon piov ailed in consoquonco of the hugo number of empty cabs standing in tho yara for hue, but outside tliotadwii) gatos tho ti allia was well ordered This was owing to tho prompt and proper mo isuics talton by Inspootoi O'Carroll and his oflicers, who unfortunate!} woro not poiuntted to oxeroiso thtir authority msido as well as outside tho station yard

The majority ot thoso who left the liuhuiy station remained m tho piocet>siou to tho cemetery Tho hito ol the gi ino-or rather buck vault-v, as, as »heady stated, on tho hill near tho tombs ot the latoGmornor Blackall aud Sir JoBhua Peter Boll 'Iho samo officials as at the railway station carried the collin fiom tile lionise to tho vault, luto which it v, as at onto low orod Iho collin w as follow od by tho Ro\

Chailcs Ogg in his sdk gow n, Archdeacon Mat thows, Rov JiimosCrookston, ¡uidlto\ It Ken Iramcchatel v boland thoso walkod Mcssi a Hunter and Nicoll, tho Govornoi'B pmnto mcreteiy, the Prciruor and his Ministerial colleagues, the AVorks, Mines, and Rail v> ay officials, and

a number of members of Parliament

Uio Presbyterian funeral sorvico-bogiiu at Toowoomba by tho Rev Jamos Crookston was oonoludodat tito gui\o Tholtov Ginnies Ogg read se\ oral appropriate poi tiona of Sonp turo, and a suitable prayer was ofTcrod by tho Re\ J Orookston, who closod tho simplo son ico by invoicing tho Divino bonodictioii on all prosont After tho dooonsod gontloman's oolloaguoB and flionels had taken a last glauco at his cofim, tlio workmen bogan to olouo up tho vault, and tho very largo crowd quickly dispersed Tlio only insciiptious on tho collin M eio- ' William Miles, aged 70 j oaia," and ' ' Rest m peaco ' ' _