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A correspondent writes on 16th May.--One of the largest meetings ever held during the   history of Kilkivan took place in the school-   room on Saturday night to discuss the matter of     separation from Nos. 1 and 3 subdivisions of the Widgee Divisional Board, and to effect an     amalgamation with a portion of the Barambah Divisional Board. The action of the hon. the   Minister for Works, in granting the prayer of         the petition of the whole of the ratepayers last             year, gazetting the Kilkivan Division, and then         rescinding it, was gone into. It was resolved     to present another petition immediately. The neglect of the Widgee Board shown to the   Kilkivan portion of the division was seriously   commented on, as also the present disgraceful state of the roads in and around, and approaching the railway station, whereby all traffice was at a standstill, and the revenue to the Railway   Department very seriously affected. Another       matter showing the utter neglect was the non-         placing of residents on to the ratepayers' roll:

there were no less than seventeen bona fide   ratepayers in the room who had not been rated       at the last assessment. Some had been living       in the town with their families for years. The proprietor of the Royal Hotel, the oldest public house in the district, was not rated, show- ing the underhand motives in disfranchising the ratepayers, so as the Gympie end may         ha o an oviiwh having majority on the board. fit e m ! m iiij o h r matters mie iii'lj dis

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ti ilhi tins i ,'jd, cippr, silveí, i 11 nu- ll ib n < i s ' load vlight) nie eomiiigd ivvn, and tins it mi limn \ going up to tho inn < and it must bo th i u.'hli undi i stood t1 it mt a io id his 1 n formed is vet During tho heavy wcatb i *ho toaras wero bogged at tho voiv uulw IJ slihon gates and all iinfho stepped even now, with tho low wicks rfdrj w c ailier the c imers do not feel s ifo in i i hir- ing cm th i ids « ¡111 the heaviest pinions of tb mu iniiriv, nul i ousequi ntlv tho hi sr pert <it the m ituid is ordered to he in Mar} biri ugh, or ciu-so to tho dcuiuient of the proper dei elopment of tho mines and a loss to the icvenuo ol tho Rulnuy DejMitaient.

.- Mail arrangements in this district aro also in a very unsatisfactory state, but I havo no doubt this will rcceivo serious attention by tho inhabitants beforo very long. Tho population -if the district is increasing very rapidly, and Ihoj- mo becoming moro united than heielo foro, so it is to bo expected that tho negleot shown to tho wants of tho district wili b» brought beforo tho proper authorities with a little moro energy.