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May l8.

Now that fair weather lias sot ia tho railway works in tho neighbourhood of Southport and Coombabah aro making fair progress. Tho lino may bo traced by gangs of mon working in the cuttings, not.0 or which, howovor, aro of sufficient muguitudo to roquiro special description. Tho bridges over tho Coomera and Tatala rivers will bo tho main difficulty on the lino. Until those aro fairly underway thoro need bo no special hurry as regards the construction of tho earth- works. The sito of tho railway station nt South- port has boon clom-ed. It is situated on tho Esplauado, not far from tho properly known as Dunmore, and Booms to fulfil tho necessary condi- tions, being central and easy of access.

Tho s.S. Water Lily has for some days beon iu attendance on tho wreck of tho Scettuh Prince, ono of tho masts of which, with tho yards at- tached, is all that is now visible from tho shore. A portion of tlio must has beon pulled down by tho Water Lily, aud mon from tho steamer aro daily lo be seen nt work ou tho yard-arms. Be- tween tho action of tho waves aud the sand tho hull has disappeared. Tho salvuRO of tho re- maining cargo will probably bo effected by tho uso of dynamite. A valuable horso belonging to Mr. Tolin Cowderoy was drowned on Monday on its way to Stradbroke, whither it was boiug towed from Southport by the Water Lily. It had been hired for uso on tho island for some purpose iu connection with tho oporatious now going.on thoro for the rocovory of wreckage from

tho Scottish Priuco.

On Tuosday evening, at tho School of Arts, the Rev. E. Moores commouced a series of four lec- tures, outitlcd "A Tour iu Three Continents." Tho first lccturo doalt with "Egypt, Past and Prosont." It was illustratod by a powerful magic lantern, tho viows being pjhotographic, nutl ex_ coodingly woll taken. Tho procooils of the series will supplciue'iil the funds of St. Potor's Church. SOUTHERN AND WESTERN DISTRICTS.

CFrom Local Tapers to WhMayJ

At a special meeting of tho Roma Race Com-. mitteo Messrs. J. Carter, W. H. Sparks, and J. Lipscomb wera appoiutod handictippcrs, and tho Q.T.C. definitiou of au amateur rider was adopted.

Three nominations havo boon rocoived by the Roma Municipal Council for tho vacancy caused' by tho death of Mr. Charles Mooro. The candi- dates aro Mossrs. Alfred P. Spenco, John Raper, anil John Sparks.

Tho Morvou Jockey Club hold a race meeting early in June'. Tho total amount of added money is £110, und thoro aro six races, the prin- cipal ouo hciuç tho Morven Jockoy Club Handi- cap of £10, with a swoop of£l each from starters

for socond llorac

A sale of Crown . lands, comprising fiftoeti J-ncre town lots, six ö-iicro lots at Hodgson close to the railway station, and two lois suburbau land south-west of the racecourse at Roma, com- prising 10 «ores each, took placo at the land office Roma, ou 17th May. , Owing to" tho "bad times, scarcity of money, and the inadequate publicity givou to tho sale thoro was (says the Western Star) only ouo parson presont in addition to tho commissioner, Mr. L. Jackson. The usual routiuo of reading conditions of sale, proclama- tion, andontoriug "no offer" was carefully gone through, at tho conclusion of which it was found that threo toirn allotments only lind beon dis- posed of, all nt the upset prico of £20 per lot.

Tho Star adds that tho ouo investor was its owu reporter, and that when ho was about to loavo after nmkinç his purchases ho was bogged by tho agent to wait until tho suburban und country lots had boon gouo through", as ho had no dosiro to

offer them to tho vacant walls.

Tho Roma farmors and vinogrowors' meeting, which was to havo taken place on Saturday last, again foil through ou account of paucity of


A, meeting of the creditors of Mr. J. H. Irwin, of Roma, was hold by invitation (says tho Star) on Saturday last, when about eighteen persons uttonded, several of thom also representing ab- sentee creditors. Tho debtor, it transpired, had boen in his present business about threo years, and bogan with a capital of £400 or £500. The total indebtedness was ostimatcd at £0325, most of it boing for bills bearing the debtor's endorse- ment (£2091 5s. -k1.), bills made by the dobtor (£527 Cs. 7d0, and a Muk overdraft. Thoro woro also claims for wilges amount- ing to £17-1 3s. 2d. Tho balauco con- sisted largoly of dishonoured promissory-notes, and thero woro sovoral current accounts. All real ostuto and somo other property wero held by tho bank as security, and iu consideration of the transfer of a cortaiu station nnd thoso securities to the bank, £500 cash would bo available for the creditors to divido amongst thom, that giving about us. to tho £1 sterling to unsecured creditors. It was expl'it.'.cd that tho workmen had consented to accept half the amounts duo to them for wages ; and tho debtor, alter explaining thut his difficulties' arose from tho rccont drought, tho depreciation iu value of'town and other proper

ties, badness of trndo, and the number of bills he had ondorsed (almost all of thom, ho said, without any cousidoiatiou), being returned on his hands, ottered a oonipositiou of 5s. in tho £1 sterling. After a long discussion, in which tho crédito s appeal oil to think it was botter to accept theos, in the pouud lather than get nothing at all, which it was behoved would be the case if tho estate wore put in tho Insolvent Court, a motion to accept tho offer was unanimously carried.

On Saturday afternoon, on tho lloma course, Johnny San made his first appearance, and çatitoroil slowly twice.round. Ho is very Bhort of Condition, hut moves very nicely. Sauntoi'or and Bri tomarte cantered awhile and then went another round fast. The maro iiuiskecl in front, but li td it lot tho best of tho weight. Novel aud Myitlo cantered twice lound Slowly and carno homo strong; Cocoa went two milos slowly, and would havo liked to go faster. Harlequin and Coona Sarsfield wero out but ouly did walking exorcisa. On Sunday Vixou and Miss Fedora did long slow woik. Harlequin did walking exercise ouly. Owing to rain nono of tho horses worked ou Monday.

Tho Queensland Ladies' Jubileo Fund is beiug ivuriiily taken up in Toowoomba, and a committed of ladies has been appointed to canvass tho town for subscriptions,


(From the Gympie Times, 11th May.J

At a public mooting of ratepayers of Kilkivan and tho neighbouring district, which was held on Saluiday, the notion of tho Widgoo Divisional Board in suggesting au alteration of tho bolin- da riot of tho proposed now division of Kilkivan, and without consulting the ratepayers affected, was condemned. It was docided to present to the Minister for Works a fresh petition in favour of tbo cioatinn Of a now divisional district to be named Kilkivan, differing somewhat in its boundaries from that proclaimed ¡.onie timo back and subsequently cancelled. Tho division, as now proposed, commences at the junction of Wide Bay Cieok willi tho Maiy Eivor, and is bounded thimto by tho river upwards to tho lange dividing Widgoo Crook from Glastonbury Creek, theuco by that rango to tho range dividing the Wido Bay and Burnett districts, a ntl thence by the boundaries of the caucolled division. By this nmeudmont tho selectors on Curra run and in the vicinity of tho junction of Glastonbury Creek aro ex- cluded, or in other words allowed to remain in tho Widgeo Division.

Fiom a recent visit to the locality, tvo (Times) learn that at the Kaboonga Gold Mining Com- pany's mino, tho work of developing the lodos known to traverso the property is beiug pushod forward with vigour, thoro boiug about fifty mon omployod. Ore is being raised iu considerable quantities, and throo bullock teams aro constantly engaged conveying it to Kilkivan, without, however, being ublo to keep abieast of tho out- put. Tho company purposo having a receiving store oroctod m tho Kilkivau railway yards shortly, and instead of despatching thoir oro to Maryboreugh load by load us it comos from tlio mino, intend storing it at Kilkivau until sufficient has accumulated from timo to tiino to mako up a shipment.


(From Local Tupen to nth May.)

A costume crickol match is to bo given in tho Queen's Park on Queen's Birthday.

Mr. Stanley Hill, clerk of potty sessions, is still lying in n dangerous condition through injuries received to his hoad by falling from his horse.

A meeting to urruugo for tho celebration of the Quoou's Jubilee fell through, only sovou porsons attending. Another meeting is to be called on Friday, ni rogard to which tho Bulletin says : "Piobably there trill bo a little moro interest exhibited m the matter then, otherwise tho move- ment bad better drop altogether."

Sovoral agriculturists who have farms on the Kolan Hiver visited Rockhampton hist week, arriving by tho schooner Fleetwing, on board of which was the first shipment of maize from that locality to Rockhampton this soason. Thoy speak very gloomily of the lossos they roceived through the floods a few mouths ago, and one gentleman, who has n largo area under cultivation nour tho rivor, declares that tho wholo of it was submerged. Tho consequence was that ho lost almost all tho crop, which would havo boou a very heavy ono. Tho cargo of tho Flcetwing on hor last voyago from tho Kolan consisted of a largo quantity of maUo, and a small slu'pmeut of poultry. Tho former brought at auction fiom 3a. 3d. to 3s. fid. per bushol, aud tho latter (including a number of lions and about fitty-f ourducks) sold very rapidly. Tho fowls wero snapped up by the hotel-koopers, and all tlio ducks wore pmchased by a local but- cher. Tlio Floottviug, which should havo left on tho return voj ago on Monday night, bad on board a quantity of limo and about 18,000 bricks for Bundnboig.

Mr. Lukin has a pleasant way on the bench. On Monday a. young mau named Wilbnni M'OiolIand was cbargod with being tlruuk. Mr. Lukin lomarked, " Well, M'Clollaud, you seem a decent young fellow, and as you haveu't spout your time in tho lockup, I suppose you don't ob- ject to giving something to the hospital. Como, I'll leavo it to you to say what it shall bo." Tho defendant, " .bay 5s." Mr. Lukin answered,

"All light; you can givo it as a donation, you knoiv, uot as a fine." The money was paid.

The Yeppoon correspondent of tho Miilletin says:-Tho country is looking splendid. Grass and tvntor are abundant. Such a favourablo winter has seldom boen known hi tho auuak of this part of Queensland, should it end as it has commenced. Otherwise, things aro dull. .Tho sudden stoppago of tho Tainugnuba íeof is the main causo of it. It bus disgusted minois, who looked forward to work for many years to como, and has thrown a dumper on mining interests generally. At Rarmoyoa tho contract work in the tiniuel is boiug pushod forward with a will ; 21ft. has been gone through since the contiaot was taken, but there in voiy little iiupiovement in the stone up to the prosent. Should payablo gold not bo struck at tho ond of the oOf t. it will doubtless also be thrown up. In tho Oceanic theie aro somo who havo confidence, really behoving p.tynhlo gold will ultimately bo struck. I was talking with ono of tho minors who has been woikitig on tho îeef, and ho is very sanguine that payable gold will bo got.


(From Local Papers, to 16ih May.)

Wo (Standard) learn that several of tho mills will get to work very early this year, and among tho fiist to start, wo maymoution that the Marian is likely to bo set in motion nt tho bogiuuiug of next week. It is expected that from 750 to 800 tons of sugar will be tinned out at the Marian this season, and as the cane looks remarkably woll in its vicinity wo have every reason to assume that tho most sanguino expectations of the pro- prietors will bo realised.

At tho May sitting of the Land Court the fol- lowing applications for certificates of fulfilment of conditions wero dealt with;-Albert Cowloy, No. 0S1, Homebush ; mid Con. Kelly, No. 701, Chelona, both held over from last sitting, granted. II. C. Siovers, F. E. C. Cook, and John Cook, ndjouruod for another month. For the present month, the following applications worcgranted: Patrick Hughes, No. SSI, Hector ; Joseph Stewart, No. 1073, Ossa; Robert Craig, No. Sló, Hampden; John Bro'vn, No, 955, Hampden; Iticliaid Neill, No. 03G, Hampden j Isaiah Mar- chant, No. 7tW, Grooiuiiount ; Colonial Sugar Compmy, No. G78, Eton; Noieme Collet, No. 1341, Homebush; and Andrew Diehm, No. 672, Homebush. The applications of Elizaboth P.uelly, No. S5G, Hector; and Barbara M'Douald, No. -397, Greenmount, wore refused ; and that of Elgar Oiaysou. No. 80u', Abingdon; adjourned for a month. Esther Pogsou's application for No. Ó39, Abingdon, was tyithdtatvu. An application to select au agricultural farm was granted to Charles Woolden, for 100 aoros, Hamilton ; and a sunilnr application by Joseph Antouey, for 180 acres, Abingdon, was adjourned for a mouth. Hvo selectors were called upon to show causa why their selections should not be forfeited, mid tlio court was occupied until past -1 o'clock in hearing otidenco, but in one caso only, namely, that of Jamos Russell, was the solector allowed hy tho commissioner to continue his occupation. Tho ovideuco in the other cases, uamoly, thoso of John llnmil, E. M'Donnoll, W. J. Boll, and J. J. Lalor, will be forwarded by the commissioner to

tho Minister for Lands for his final decision.

The men's kitchen at the Victoria Mills has been destroyed by fire, but tho confiugration was by groat exei lions prevented from spreadiug (o

tho main buildings.

Various rumours weio carrent ou the morning of lGth May concerning a large find of gold at Mount Brittou, but ou inquiry wo (Standard) leam that tho i timour is exaggerated. The fouu dation feir the repoi t is a letter from the mines from which wo give tho following extract: "13th May, to-morrow, the crushing of 10 tons Of quart/, from Valoutiuo',3 claim is to bo put through, gold is to bo seen in it, so we hope it will piove payable, some think it will go 2oz., but loz. will bo good enough for such a body of stone and in ground easy to work. In tho Erratic Stai drive they havo struck some difteient stone. Üiblurd prospected two lots, und got a little fino gold, so that is encouraging."


(From Local Papos to 16fA May.J

The first of the year's wool clip lias been do liveied at Prairie Creek. It consists of a con- signment to Messis. Samuel Allan and Sons of sixty-eight bales from Cambridge Downs.

Mr: Joseph Hughes, Haibour Mujtor, is at pro

sent on a cruiso m the nüot söwl ~~ ^ islands immcdiatelj to tta north °?fl aiaonS tt, ributiug the annual dolo of blanket *° POtt° d* lying on the islands umu*ets to aoonguah,

ïhero was au uuuauallv larrT ^m

ness transacted at the 2¡ ZT°T<?1 bus>

Court yesterday, before Mr | 'Vh?>»<¡ Lands Commissioner Tho follc,TT,, odfell°w. ot the business transacted -Ehint? recotli ugricultuial farm» conditional v mí^í10113 f°t

WObdniau 160 acres, Sob/TTvrTl,R

acros, Rokebj W Cottp/ nn "0°í, 1G0

downe, William Morton ho acroff 4M

Apphcitious foi giuuisfai-msconilii. » olJ pioved -Mulcolmsou Merroe is in'"" llh»P till, S irah E Goidon, 2320 nee's Am.K' ,An GOUIQU HfO au s, Amill, II V T'Ä acres, Antill Arphcations fot ^""V900 lostb) ballot -T M,, 1900 a-,f S.nrms

Bourke, 1900 acres, Antill, T B InÄ"

amos, Antill, G R Iivui¿, 1900 aero SA 1?,?° O J Gitfoid, 1320 acres Antill,jâ,n« ¿1?" jun 1320 acres and I860 acres Autm tti Gordon, 1360 acres, Antill, Robert flnr^. »I acres, Antill The application of \ C' 'f0 1320acies, AntiU, «aslieiocted,audtA?foî fined£1 2s 8d fornon-atíondance Tliefo' ÎT apphcations for certificates of fu mm ,Tj conditions woio granted, subject to tho Tis

icports -204, A A Roífo, 440 acre Ä' 3,9, B J Ins on, 48 acres, Rokeby, Ä

riutntug, 80 acre», Rokeby 360A, S Thom 1 160 acres, Jarvisfield, 36U, L LionIra

acres Jatrisfield, 397o, Silas Allen, 474 aer« Inkerman The appiivation of James Mout ?m certificate for selection 458, iu0 acres, Ilahfa, was postponed for one month '

iho many frieudsoflh OThnu m,">

of llmlocalWk of tho Qu&HO

Bank, w ill bo rejoiced to hear that he if T,

nouueodby his medical attendant to bo Ou Of <lau¿<u after luvuug boon m a critical state fo

so\ùialdays, sulïoiuig from a so\ero attirl λ

fovoi wu- "

At a meeting of the Cathedral Budding Com inittee it was stated that the low est tender Sr the first section of tho work was that frora Mossi» M'Mnhou and Chfle for £M9> Ti,f first section includes lovellmg and pruñnuc 11 grouud and constiuetmg concreto foundation with a base course of stone A long discussion ensued on tho expediency of appoiutui» a clotk of works, but as the fticlntoct suggeatel coram' norn Sydney per on illy to start tho woil it w¿ decided to recommend such \isit and tonost

pono the appointment of a clerk of «oiks until tho architects ai m al As the catho hil is m tended to be a memoual of hoi Majestj s jubileo it A as lOsoh ed that 21st Juuo should b observed by a special coronionj oi inauguration but the dotails weie left to bo settled bj tho Bishop Suico the last meeting about £1 o0 has been sub scnhed to tho Cathedral Budding Purni

Tho uuannnous decision ainvedat (saja the Hallam) bj the committee of the roHus\il]e Ttuf Club not to nccopt tho nominations of inir play and Beckwith, owing to then? being a day late, will meet with tho appro\al of oury straightforward racuig man It is unfortunate that the club shoujd lu\ o to sustain tho pecuniary loss necessitated by such lejechon, and to lessen tho interest iu tho meotiug by reducing tho fields but had tho outnes boen accepted a dangerous precedent would ha\ o boon established, and one that would coi tandy bo a\ ailed of by unscrunu lous persons w ho might bo desirous of adding to tho nominations aftpr thoy had beon mudo public It is the invaiiablo rulo m w eil legulated clubs to rocen e no nomination after the hour named It is to bo feared the custom of allowing nomina- tions lying undelnorod m letters oi tolcgrains at tho local post and telegraph oftices en tho muht

of nomination and not dohvoied till no\t inoinui"

obtains in niauj towns in North Queensland" This is a great mistako, as it opens thodooito malpractices


("Ft oin Local Tapers to \Gth May J

Tho Times says that Mr Sellheim is not cou fimug himself only to the work intrusted to him in connection with tho rovision of the mining rules and regulations, but is taking ndvaniigo of his piosouce in Brisbane to piess upon tho Gouru mant some of tho requirements of Charters loweia, and, wo aro informed, with success Ho is saul to have obtuuicd the piomise that tho gaol aud police quarters will bo taken in hand at once Thoio will bo ino colls, inspectais' oiliecs aud gnoloi's quaitcis


(Tram Local Tapéis to Hth Uaj)

lu roferonce to the departure of Mr Cluster, P M , for Cloncurry, the Jost says -" ino m

hibitauls of that district aro said to be both

intelligent and ' white,' and Mr Clustoi shud» a chance of fanor ticalmout at thou bauds than ho has lecen oil hoio "

Hie engine biought to Canns by John Robb to dm o the inachmerj of the saw null it New Canns, was scut out tlus week, and has u mel safelj on tho ground

Tlio îoils mo laid up to tho ballast on the It r barton side of the Salt Paus, and mater ii is non being biought down by tho train fir the con ciotiug of the turntable in the rulunj MU! Tifty now hands ha\u been engage 1 this«c L and ha-\ e pioccded to woik on the second section of tho îaiiw ay

Ajouug mau named Wilkinson, sales elcuto Mr Macuamaia, auctioned, met wilka] miful accidont at the Oddfellows' ball ouTuesd j mjit He w as skj huking with some othei leuug men whou ho slipped and fell, breaking hu arm in tin oe iilaces

the Glnueso fishonnen lmng neil Ivcum ind Co s oaw-mills cuptuied au alhgutoi iu then nets meamiiug 13ft in length, and weighing our 4001o It i-> to ho "hippo I to tlio South eio long to delight the MSitois m a Southern Ziolojie ii



(mOM ODB OWN C0MH.Sr0M)h\T )

Alav 9

E^eijone auxiouslj awaited tho lesult ot the Comet ciushiug, and when it became known disappointment was manliest ou all side» "ii tons j íelded only 4o0oz Manj tullj onvetel it to go 3oz Howe\or, the uuue is good pioperh and when sinking is accomplished, should the îeei inaiutuiu its piesont jield at a depth, it will bo of cousideiablj greater laluo I think it M as bid pohcy ciushing the pooi oi interior stone au I thou allowing the good to bo mrxed S Pinte ci ushings should hav o been taken It « as th blight the supei lor lookingstouoi\ ouldh i\ o cousuhrably o\eitopped thopooi Agam.itisnitlimtlieboimds oi possibilitj that gold was lost Tlio boxei. aio not thoso usuallj employed foi gold crust mg butthoso used fortín Taking Cíenthmg mto considontion, such as excess ot wvtor «eia\ = bieakage, and nuinoious othei little dnwui k tho first cnishing of Uie companj uu\ bo cou sidered suceessful ., ..

Two waggons, nftor bemg four month» ou tue load, armed during tho week, the first tu» leir Now teams aio able to traiel, I belMe in attempt will bo made to ruu the co ich again

Jil /ichlhc receutlj appoiuted »ur cou o our hospital, is thinking of le nmg clueth lueou* quence of not beuig paid by pmate pncticc 1MMin Paikmsou who has been hou -o r farr

and member of the State School C mm ti m

resigned Mi T C Davies has uni cn Uu the duties of hou sociotan Aheartj >oto ot hauk» was accorded to Mi Paikmsou foi hi» iU '"" soiMces deumg the last two md a lilli i 'i Iho committee failed to induce huu to re usiae the step The N acaucj will probablj be failed m Mr Coates, of the Ida township "_...-hen,

rathol C owe, fwm Cooktown «m«^ tho other elay and raimsterod to the » 7^h°cr

his Church The ro\ gentleman visiten

places and held mass ,"tli

The Comet have stilted crusliuig agiui 100 tons of inferior stono to put throu ii

The kauoka who murdeied jouug vin d still at laigo No motive is a-signed 1 rm> ^ except refuge foi mi nuagmuiy unun fiend is armed wath a woher, and Iruei^

rounds ball cartudge Senior-constable mr

on th« lookout for lum in this part ons

Mr T P Parkinson, cleA dW hlu has been elected vice-prtotdeut of the no»i

loom of Mr J B M««^,,», Medical Board lune.taken the tw»W«W

the Hospital Committee that-asthejj«TI ^ »Mi " Böhlke is not a legal!} q» u^' ull " man, jet the Go^eminent re*"* ' , 0I such'when they-confçnedI upon. hun.** 1 lh, r

Government M«heal Oftcer foi tue L

Dr Ziehlkeis du j reg'stei-ef m > ,_, i

Wales and South australia, but tue u w Boaul refused to pass him, not 6 m" r produce lus Imperial cmtificatc or?£ { ^ The comnuttee aie perfectly «ltiic t , \ subcommittee has been appou «e > m

replv ktter to the board A°0»^ ", ,«si

ot the AMP Societyhaveb^»«' M^0I o wxug to ballot pápete ^"f fecorelíd thai T -

thosTw ho i ecen ed thom 1 m e recome just to show tho feeling here _

HimarodslfSe^rfelkl«*«^c^ year ftom Oregon and W «^«^¿X h^ England, where they are hung «P » cf of &enobditj ns eMdenoes of tnej.

thetiÜednunrod tíyarnT >

Accordnig to a recent issue of ttói ^ o ,

Cape Colony, South Afiica, lw» =" ^ ci buiiues» of rauui makins, ana ^ ^ _, raisin exhibitions are to Lo a ^ towns1!!! the oolouj