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Election of Mayor.

The first meeting of the newly-elected coun- cil of the Borough of South Brisbane was held at the offices of the Woolloongabba Divisional Board, Stanley-street, yesterday.

There were present Aldermen Kennedy, Caswell, Heaslop, Morry, Luya, Nott, Drake, Jones, Midson, Stephens, Scanlan, and Hardgrave. . There was also a very large at- tendance of the public.

The returning-officer for the lato oloctiona, Mr. W. T. Blakeney, occupied the chair.

Mr. HAEnonAV£ said that as one of the oldest inhabitants of South Brisbano, ho having been a freeholder there for thirty-fivo j-ears, he had very much pleasure in proposing on the present occasion, as tho first maj-or of the new borough, one who wa9 born in it, and one who had been reared in it from his in fanoj-. He had been brought up amongst them, and they all know him, and he was placed at the head of the poll at the late elec- tions. Ho alluded to Mr. W. Stephens. He

was sure no man who had voted for bim on that occasion would regret having given his vote as he had done, and ho had much pleasure in proposing him as first mayor of the borough of South Brisbane. (Applause.) It was a high honour to be conferred upon any man, more especially on a native of the borough, and ho]_felt doubly gratified at being in a position where ho could pro- pose a Bon of the soil to the proud poaition of mayor of South Brisbane. Thoy all knew Mr. Stephens as chairman of the Woolloongabba Divisional Board, in which capacity he had done his duty faithfully and well, as ho (Mr. Hardgrave) could say from personal experience. A majority of tho old board had been returned to the council, and ho

was sure thoy could all speak to the homo effect It was doubly gratifj mg to nil to think that m Mr Stophena they had a j oung man of ability and eneigj, who would do credit to hmiaolf and to Uio ratopaj crs (Heir, heal )

Mr IlrA^ior seoonded too a.otion, belie ving that Mr Stephens would do all that waa wanted of him, and that as ho han worked m the paat so ho would m tho futuio It had boon aaid that Mr Stephens had too much private business on his hands, but ho believed Mi Stophcus would ,do his dutj in tho mayor's chair, and find plenty of tune for his puvato business Ho believed Mr Stephens w ould do justice to himself andtothoratepnj crs through- out the borough

Mr Jon es said that ho had montioned another name for tho oliau, but in dofeionco to tho wishes of tho majorih of the council, ho liad withdrawn that namo, and was roady to give his coulial suppoit to Mi Stophens's oloctiou Ho leinombercd Mi Stopliens when ho was a lad Ho had known him ever siuco, and ho had novcr known lum to do any- thing wrong in any way Ho had, thciofoio, voij much ploasuro in supporting his oandidatuie foi tho mayorohip Tho " mayor " wus tho pioper title, as South Bris- bano was a oity, not only a botough, and ho hoped tho aldoimen would at all times look upon it as a city

Mr BüajiEnti thon put tho îosolution, " That Mt Stephens take the chan as aluminan of the Borough of South Bnsbaue," winch was carried amidst loud applause Mr Blake

noj thon,vncatod the ohau, and Mi Stophens

took it

Mr SrcrniiNS, m rotuimng thanks, said that ho had scarcely ovpeoted to bo placed m such a position for two or threo rearons Ho boliovod there were oldei mon than Inmsclf to be lound, with moro nbihtv, who would be able to miiuugo and run things much bottei than ho could Ho wus fully avvaie of tho responsi- bilities of tho position Tho first twelve months would bo \eij uphill work, aud miiuj things would havo to bo startod and managed, but ho trusted, with thou hearty suppoit all round, ho would bo able to w ork in tho boat lntoiests of the whole borough Now that the oleotton was over, ho was suro thoy would bury w hatover httlo fooling thoro was boforo it, and all vvoik foi tho bast interests of the borough, as ho promised to do foi his own part A good deni had boon said about his having othei work on his hands, but ho promised to givo full attention to his duties as mayor Ho had mado up his mind, if ho w as tho first muy01, to be also tho best major, as far as giving his timo and attention and ability to tho woik wont (Hear, hear) ITo might make mis- takes, but ho would nsk the aldormen, if, thoj thought anj thing was wrong, not to go speak- ing of it to one unothor, but to como to lum at once, and if thov woro not satisfied with Iiib answer, thoy could bring the inattoi fot vv aid at tho uoxt council mooting Ho was suro that with tho present aldoririon nothing of the soit would occur, but ho hoped that thoy would not take any notice of what thoy hoard pnv atoly He would not tako any notice of what had been Bald about hnn (Luughtoi ) If tho inayot did not know on w hat iootmg ho stood with tho aldormon, things could not go on propoily rhoio was no doubt, however, that things w ould go on properly, and ho promised, individually, to do all ho could to fuithei tho luteiosts of tho new boiough

Mr John Ki vnioiy oftcrod his sincero oon giatulationB to Mr Stophons on having boen elected mavor As ouo who had talton on activo part in ondeavouiiug to prevont fcepnration, ho could assuro tho now mavor that ho would havo no moro willing or oainest supporters, m woikmg for tho general good of the borough, than tho gentlemen who îepio

nentod thoso views in the council

On tho motion of Mr Minson, seconded by Mr Luaa, Mi John Hill, cloik to tho luto divisional board, was appointed clerk p>o ten

to tho council

Mr Kevnlot asked that immediate atten- tion might oo given to tho clcumng of the wutcrtables in tho botough

The Mayo« promised to deal with the matter

at once

On the motion of Mr Moran., seconded by Mr Non, tho mooting adjourned until 4

o'clock this af toi noon