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The Brisbane Courier.


A CONTEMPORARY - the Australian In-

surance and Banking Record - in an article on suicide and life assurance gives a table of the ratio of deaths from suicide in the Australasian colonies from 1873 to 1883, and     it may be surprising to learn that Queens-   land heads the list, and that with a   remarkably high percentage. The table is

is follows -

Queensland, 13 3 pel 100,000 inhabit »its Victom, 118 New ¡south "Wiles, 0 0 New Zealand, S 7 , South Austt iii i, SG, Tasmania, 5 8 How gi eat is oui unetimble eminence m this leepeet may be iodised norn the fact that foi the sixteen jean, ending 1S80, the stn cidal deaths ni layland and Wiles iv eraged 6 9, the highest percentage having been in 1S70 when it VA IS 8 0, aud the lowest in 180", when it was G2 It will natuiall\ be aäked vvh) should the population of Queensland hive piopoitionately twice as man) suicides is England, md 50 pel cent moie than hei neigliboin, New South Wales Our eontempoiaiy quotes Mr Mulhall, the well known Lnghbh statis tictan, w ho, m hib Dictiouaij of Statistics,

states the most notable causes of suicide to be (1) the mere lie of i ail A a) s tud com merct, (2) the gi eat consumption of spirits and flesh meat, (!) the spiead of scculai education and infidelit), (4) the lapid gtovvth of uiban and decline of un ii life (J) the higher i ano of ms mit}, ((>) the m ci ease of weilth, (7) the new s>stein of divoi ce, and (8) the keener struggle foi existence m Purope owing to the gi eater densitA of population

It is evident fiom the last cause

quoted that Mr. Mulhall was dealing with         Einopeni statistics solely, and few of his causes apply to our colon) We are not iflhcted with a dense population which makes existence a struggle , our people do not war with hunger and destitution as millions in England do. So far as it could

apply to the colonies, this cause may be dis- missed , and so also may " the neiv system of divoi ce," though we confess our inability to comprehend how that eau inciease the tendency to suicide To oui thinking, the English laAv of divorce-(Ave do not quito understand Avhat "neivsjstem" isiefeued to)-would have an opposite tendency Tor if a man 01 Avoman could not, by a legal pioeess, obtun îeltase fiom a loathsome or bl utal consort, he or she might seek it by suicide Nor can the inciease of wealth be accepted as i cause applying to Queensland I Indeed, Ave may ask do the Avealthy

in any country commit suicide be- cause of the increase of their riches? So also our suicides are not to be attributed to the decline of rural   life-if it did Mr Dutton Avoulcl perhaps be responsible foi it-and the rapid giowth of uiban life The inciease of lailwajs and commerce, whatevei effect it may have on Europe in minds, assuiedly does not m Queensland inoculate a man with a suicidal tendency

Theie aie, how evei, tluee of Mr Mulhall's

causes left which prob ibly have a. îelation, j moie 01 less intimate, Avith the development of the suicide mama heie, namely-(1) The consumption of spnits aud flesh meat, (2) the spread of aecul u education and in- fidelity, and (3) the lughei îatio of jm sanity If nine times out of ten suicide was msinity, as Di Hainngtou Take, a gi eat authonty on the subject, aveis, we should seek i athel foi the c mses of insanity than for the causes of suicide, and we might theiefoie dismiss the spiead of secular educa tion and infidelity fiom eonaidei ation, for these do not, it will be allowed, make foi in- sanity It may, howcvei, be urged against this AieAv that self muidei, as in a recent notable case ni Queensland, is some

times dehbeiate, and peipctiated in full consciousness, and th it the victim or criminal is undoubtedly a Jdo de se And if this is conceded, the spiead of infidelity, which inculcates a disbelief in a heieafter of rewaids or punishments, may, by annilnl iting feai of a future, relax restraint in one who coutempl ites the ci íme But Ave think that the numbet of sane suicides -if theie le illy be such-who are suicides because of the effects of infidelity, is A ery insignificant If, with Mi SvAiuburne,

Pi oin loo much love of living,

Tioin hope mid fcai act fico

AVo th ink with bucf thanksgiving,

A\ hatevor Ood s m iy bo , Iii it no lite Uves foi evei

That dead men uso up novor, lit it oven the wounest inn,

AAinds somcwhcio safe to sea

we do not believe that even such musical agnosticism would impel the weanestway farer m this vale of teais to rush into ex tinctum and so lind test

We aie piactically left by this process of exhaustion with one, and only one, cause explanatoiy of suicide ni the coloniC3, and that is insanity The exce°sn e consump tion of spuits and meat ma) conduce to a highei latio of insanity, but without the inteiventioii of insanity, tempoiaiy oi chionic, cinnot cieate i tendency to self destiuction Di Hnmugtou lui e, Avhom Ave have befoie quoted, sa)S, "it is often disputed whethei ni) eise of suicide could be sepirated fiom insanity -md so Mi

Mulhall might hive peihips spued himself his seven other ciuses, ind begun and ended ivith insanity Wh), then, is Uns | foi m of lnstnity moie pieA dent in Queens

lind than in tho otnei colonies 1 Lxpei ience snows that those who ne engiged

'seieie m inn ii laboiu earned on tho open au, and by men compaiatively uneducated ne the classes amongst whom suicide is îaiest lhe Bntisli statistics foi 1878 83 show that the avenge annual suicides pei million miles was 222, the least w is imongst minéis then follow slnpwiights, cleig)men, quaiiymen, fisheimen, ¿ordenéis, masons, and agiicnl tural and othei labourers These ranged fiom 01 to 177 per million, while the highest piopoilions Aveie amongst soldieis (1149 pei million) inn eel vants (GoO), mu keepeis and public ms (471) and, strange to sa), medical pi actitioueis (472) " It is m contcstabl) the fact, sa)s Di Tuke, "that the peicentage of insinity was less amongst the educ ited th m the uneducated class - so thit the circumstince of medical doctors occup)ing snell a high place on the list of suicides is piobably due to the fact that then opportunities ire exceptional , the means is alwa)s at hand, md used befoie the excited nnud cm cool with îefiection

But consideiing the hedthy out dom life led by oin population, pin suing occupa tions the le ist influenced by suicid ii ten denciea m Engl md, it is difhcult-ev en making full allow ince foi the maddeuing poisons vended by bush "hütete - to iccount foi the " bad eminence we occup) m these giuesome statistics South Aus ti aha with about the same population and piobably a moie ti ymg climate, has but 8 G suicides per 100 000 against Queenslands 13 ¿ It Avould be íntei estiug to hear some reisonable theones why om lunatics are ptoue to self destiuction so fai beAond those of the othei colonie», and why the couifor table, health), w eil fed, well clothed people of Queensl uid should have tw ice as well developed a suicidal tendenc) as the people of England, which numbers in its midst millions of staiving, lagged, miseiable poor, whom sid ti uth have absolutely nothing wheiewith to be comfoited, "even foi a

little da) '

THF remits of tho caso biought )e=teida) bv tho Phiuiuac) Bond agnmst tin unicgisteied »oller of ding» i* doubtless m acooidinco with the leading of tlio Pharmacy Act lAoverthe lo^s it must be îogaielod is oxtie nely unsatis

factoi), Hinco it oflectivcl) pievcuts that stuet care for the public snfet) wluoli was mi

iloubtcdlv the mtcnt of the Vet Thero is no oversight whntevci cxciei«ed by tho Phaimuey Boar I if tho meio fact of a chemists shop bemg owned b) a ic0istoted poison anil con ducted foi Ins beucht does away with tho necessity foi tho achill dispen«ei being registered AT! AT J Costm of Potno ¡ Bight ma) bo ii veiy reliable und dcoiiaWo chemist himself but none othei than 1 vw) ei» w di bo nblo to seo how lu» being bo enables his assist mt Davis to dispense s His fictonlv at tho West End Tho Phnimuo) Vet is in this io peel cert uni) imperfect and should bo so amended as soon as possible th it tho ib«ponsoi md not the iib'ontee ptepuetoi will bo tho certificated put) If tlicre ii mi) uso whatevoi m legiitiatioii this is ncce «ar)

if them is no iibo of oomoo tho matter ma) bo letdiop But behoving th it restrictions upon drug selling und proof of cap lbihty m thoso w ho handle theso dangerous but much needed initcnals, is leqmred foi tho safetj of the coinmmut), w o hopo to seo tho board bestir itbclf and tho required amendment presented at

tho commencement of the next session. Itg passage should bo only a. matter of form, for ifc is impossible to think that any can defend tho

existing and defectivo seotion.

Tim extracts from speeches of leading Cana- dian Reformers, whick wo published recently place the effects of protection in Canada hi an altogether different light to that thrown upon thom by members of tho Macdonald Miiüsh-y and local advocates of tlie same fiscal policy. They show beyond all disproof that trade has shrunk, that prices of fnnn produce have fallon, that the manufacturing interest has been disappointed, and that a positivo loss has been borne by tho Dominion since 1878. After nine years of trial Sir Richard Cartwright, ono of the leading members of tho late Mackenzie, Administration, and liimself a victim to the protectionist Avavo vA'hich roso over so many Reform seats, thus summarises the results : " That the residt of the tariff lins been largely to increase the cost of manufacturing ; that it has dhninished the number of tho manufac- turers' customers, and it has diminished their power of purchasing manufactures ; that it has led to an enormous waste of capital, and, so fut- as manufacturers aro concerned, tho domestic competition to which they have been exposed has been A-ery much keener and moro injurious to them than tlio foreign competition thoy were so desirous to escape." This latter charge refers to tho insane manner in which Canadian capital was diverted into manufacturing channels, people apparently thinking that the tariff Avould entibio cvoryono to put out unlimited quantities of everytliing. Tho effect AA-US a temporary boom folloAved by ahciwy depression, bound btibiuesses were upset, struggling businesses wore ruined, capital AVUS largely Avithdrawn from paying investments and simk in speculation. This, added to the natural and unavoidable loss of protection, prevented the manufacturers from reaping tho benefit which they hud expected. In a few days AYO shall hear Avhich party tho appeal to tho country favours, and whether Canada desires to stand by protection or to return to freo-trado. But, whichever way the tido turns, AVO have the hard stern fact that in both Canada and the United States largo and growing parties advocato the free-trado doctrine, Avhilo in Eng- land opposition to freo-trado has praoticully


WHAT has become of the Kennel Club ? It started like othei short lived associations in Busbane, with a pictt} little flouush of trumpets, droAV up a cuioful und elaboiato code of rulos, and w as going to thoioughl} îefonu tlio Avholo dog question Mongiels weio to bo abohbhed, nono but w oil hied dogs w eic to walk otu btieots, mid winks sttay dogs AV 01 oto be caie fully impiOAcd out o' existence, the ieA ernie VA is to bo laigel} mcienscd by the registration fees pud b} conscientious dog ovAiieis into a staiAiiig; tiettsur} It is IIOAV home time suico the Leoniiol Club AA as founded, mci its public actions have been suipiisuigl} lew and ineftoc tiial Thoio hiivo bcon soACial meetings held, BOA er ii albo have lapbod foi liol of a quoi um A doputation waited on tlio Colonial Ticasuici and A uni} tucd to pciatiudo hun to abolish tho duty on clog bibcuits Tlio onl} othei action of any account peifouned hythe club was then obliging ofici to inako tho Siimmoi Show a buccoss b} exlnbiting then dogs and taking ovei tho outuo manago ment of tho dog section To this oflei they attached sov oi al conditions, and it w as piomptly îejccted Hub lust snub luis iippiuentlypioAcd too much foi tlie club, w hich-liko tho Queens- land ribhmg Association, Avhich at ono time pionused gieat tbingSj and was going to do as much foi Queensland fishes as the Ivennel Club foi Queensland dogs-may HOAA bo legaidod as pi actic ill} dead Tliesc clubs and societies all boom to load a shoit and eliequeied life that piescnts ne ul} ihv i} s sundiii fe itures Theie is plent} of eagerness and excitement ut first, but the second } em of subscuptiotib generally proves latal, and the} "softly and suddonly Mimsh away ' to lmgci onl} m the memoiy of a few amiable enthusiasts The enthusiasts, howeA oi, console thomsclAes with tho thought that all's foi the best, and AA e fane} feAv o£ them reglet that the doctune of îoaiuiection does not apply to thoir pot and defunct societ}

On Wcduosda} aAAiitAAas soi ved upon the sohcitoi of the Bnsbano Nowspapci Company by the solicitors of Mr R J Cottell, aue tioneei, claiming damages foi libel The caueo of action is uudeistood to be contained m two oi thiee piuagruphs m tho "On Dit" column of tlie Daily Olatuci leflectmg upon certain alleged practices of tiuclioneois in this at} A,Vc undoistand that on Tue-dny last Mi Ruthmng Avióte to Mi Cottell, as secietaiy of the combination knoAvn as tho ' associated auctionoeis,'' asking him to nanto a solicitor who would accept sei A ice of piocess on his behalf in coi tain pioccedings about to bo mstitutod b} tho Bnsbiue News paper Compaii} foi the lecoveiy of damages sustained tluough the operation of an alleged illegal agieeraent mutuallj enteiediiitoiii July hist by the seAen "associated iiictioneeia " having foi its object tho exclusion of all auction adveitiscmouts of tho membeis of that com- bination fiom the columns of tho Bl isla ¡e


Tlio Acting Chief Secretary gai o iiigent m stuictious }esteidav morning that the fullest m quuj should bo instituted b} the Imnugi ation Department into tlie cncunistaiices complained of by Mi Reade as i elated m } eaterd i} 's i«sue

The evidenco tal en b} tlio Inmugi ation Bomd at the inqum mto the EI171 Maiy case, md tho îopoit of tho board theteon, have been A ei} carefull} constdeied b} tho Actuig Chief Sécrétai} Mi Dickson has appioved the findings of tho boaid, and has declined ttv dop ut fiom the dnections gn en by the Premier some weeks ago, that Captain Baxcll and his son w ero not to be again employed in Aec els sailing lind« the Pacific Ishudei» Acta of

Quoeiisl md

Vn occasional correspondent on the Downs states that in some parts the flood AA IS seAcral feet huhei than that of 1SG4, and the tam AA lulo it lasted w us the heiiA íest in the remem bi meo of an} inhabitant <U Ellangowan station it carno on w ithout any w arning Like an immense unpenetiablo wall itadAanced with inde«cnb lble fun, sw eepmg ovei} tlnng before it The whole rim was completer1 swept, and the de traction to fencing was enormous In consequence of the suddenness of tho storm henv} los es in sheep and lamba occurred, and but tint all hands turned out and woiked night and day tho whole of tlio stock would have pen bed Cecil TI uns and Kunowuh lost nothing, owing to tunel} notice b} telc ginni from Toowoomba that tho tiver ATOS coming down Tho losses at Ymidüla did not, it es leported, exceed 200 sheep It is st ited that Mt Pierce, of the Lemon-tiee, lost 1000 sheep and Mr Murphy, eelectoi, Tan dill i, about 300 The Glengallan and East Talgai los os havo already been chronicled lesterda} morning (the 2nd) the Condamine was again using There has been ram every day for tlie last fortnight, and the heavy clouds portend another heavy downfall

Tho Colonial Treasurer has received a letter from Mr. J- A. Gibson, of Tatala, upon some matters connecte d with tho recent floods in tho Lc^an district, and directing his attention m tlnTo-allant behaviour of tho mon employed on tho Government olain-sholl dredge, and also to that of OaptainBurko and the crow of tho steamer Fanny in the saving of lifo during tho rising of the flood waters. Mr. Gibson emphasises tho fact already stated, that tho men. of tho Fanny gaved over forty lives in ono placo alono, and suggests that thoy should bo suitably rewarded. Mr. Dickson has called for a full roport from tho Harbours and Kivors Department as to the damage sustainod by tho dredge, and wiso upon tlio conduct of tho mon during tho flood; and in reference to tho gallantry of Captain Burko and the crow of tho Fanny, the police-magistrate at Beenleigh has boon instructed to furnish roport fully.

A letter has been received by tlie Acting Chief Secretary from tho New Zealand Govern- ment congratulating the Government of Queensland upon tho enactment during the last session of Parliament of tho Offenders' Probation Act. It was stated that such a nicasuro was passed in that colony some time a^o, and liad boon found to work exceedingly well. It Avas regarded as a subject for con- siderable satisfaction that now in two of the Australian colonies criminals who Avoro con- victed for their first offence wore afforded a chunco to reform. In this connection, it may bo mentioned that tho powers conferred on tlie Government by tho provisions of tho Offenders'' Probation Act havo boon exercised in the case of the young man Morey who, a few months ago, was sontenced to a tonu of imprisonment

for embezzlement.

The report of Mr. B. Cribb and the evidence takon by him in the inquiry which, he recently held at Cloncurry into certain charges of alleged misconduct; on tho part of Mr. R. C. II. Uhr, poUce-inagistrato and gold warden -tit that place, haA'O been perused by tho Hen. the Colonial Secretary. Tho report entirely exonerates Mr. Uhr from the charges, and Mr. Moreton confirms that decision.

News was received in town yesterday morning of the death of Mr. Alfred Hubbard at Southport. Mr. Hubbard was for twenty years a well known and respected citizen of Brisbane, and was an alderman for several years, and mayor two years in succession. Tho deceased gentle- man had been ailing for two years past. His death is much regretted by his large circle of


Isaac Taylor was fined £3G, including costs, ut tho Boulia Polico Court on AVodnosday for sly grog-selling at tho Chatsworth mail stage.

The members of tlie Waterworks Board paid a visit of inspection to tho Gold Crook reser- voir yesterday, principally to examine the bridgo and pipo which Avere Avnshed away dur- ing tho late flood, but aro now repaired.

John Davis, chemist's assistant, was sum- moned yesterday morning at tho Polico Court under the second section of the Phar- macy Act with putting up a certain sign, to wit, " West End Pharmacy," thus leading peoplo to believo that ho was a pharmaceutical eliemist, when ho waa not registered midor the Act. Mr. Baxter Brtico uppearod on behalf of tho Pharmacy Board, and Mr. Mansfield for tho defendant. Mr. Frank Taylor, regis- trar of the Pharmacy Board, guvo evidence that defondimt had not boen registered under tho Act. It appeared, however, from tho evidence that defendant was an assistant of Mr. AV. J. Costin, licensed pharmacoutical chemist, of Petrio's Bight, and after an expres- sion of opinion from tho bench as to tho defendant not being responsible for tho sign, Mr. Bruce withdrew the caso. Costs, however, wore not allowed the defendant as Mr. Pinnock said that

tlie ease was brought by a public body in tlio interests of tlio public.

Mi AV C istles, of Beenleigh, md Mi AV | Gtaj, of Ithnc i, waited on tho Colonial Tiea

Miiei joiteidiy to bung undor his uotico tho

htr utencel condition of some of the fin moi s m Hie Log in district and to suggest that a plan bo eleviecel vv horeb) the GoAeinmeut should loud to each fu mci n sum hugo enoughto pay off tliomoitgiges which the f mnoi» had given on tlio >-coiiiilj of theil holdings It was sug- gested that the loans should be mudo m a similar inaiinoi to the loans tinda tho Local Woiks Loan Act tho îepa) mont extonduig oveiapenodof fifteen ) ears and tho bal mco unpaid to boar mtciest at 5 per cont Mr Dickson pointed out tlut the pioposii, if eamod out, would be an

citr loidin ti) step to lako Questions of public I polic) weio involved m the pioposal, and it vvoidd theiefoio, hivo to lecoive theconsidcia tion of a full Cabinet Ho said ho was unable to hold out any hopo that the Government would enteitain tlio idea, and suggested that it might well be taken up by a pnvate company or an ngricultuial bank if such could bofoimed Mr Dickson nlso expressed an opinion that having regard to all the circumstances of tho f innors' trouble, tho present mortgagees should

show considerable forbeaianco

We acknowledge with thanks the îeceipt, from tlio Government Printer, of the bound copy of Vets of tho Paihament of Queensland for the scsbion of 1880, together Avith Acts of tlio Toderal Council of Australasia, and ceitain Acts of tho Imperial Parliament These latter include the Evideuco by Commission Act of 1883 tho Arm) (Annual) Act of 1886, the International Cop) right Act of 18S6 and the

Medical Act of 1S86

The annual meeting of tho A ohmtcer Tito Brigade w is held at the Longieach Hotel last evening at S o'clock Mr II Wukefleld, M L V , tlie newl) elected pation, was present, md piestded lu takmg tho chair ho thanked tlie membeis for placing him m tho position of p itron, and said he wotdd make it Ins duty to alw a) s w atch the interests of the brigade, and he hoped that the good woik done at fires by the men w ould bo properly acknowledged by the public The minutes of tlio piovious meeting were read and confirmed, aft« Avluch the statements of the secretary and treasurer Aveio presented, upon which a good deal of discussion took place It was ultimately decided to appoint two auditoi s to examine tho books and the accounts,

and to present a report at a meeting to be held next Thursday night. No further business of importance was transacted, but teveral matters in reference to the proposed visit of a team to Melbourne were discussed. It was stated that tlio Commissioner for Railways for Netv South Wales had refused a pass from Tenterfield to Sydney, consequently a deputation was ap- pointed, consisting of Captain Phillips, Lieu tents Jones and Aykitlock, to wait on the Minister for Works here, aud ask him to

represent tlio case to the Minister of the other

colony. Tho teams are noiv in full practice, aud they intend to make a goodshoiv. Captain Phillips, in the early part of last year, offered to award a trophy to the fireman who had at- tended most fires during the year. As no record of attendance was kept, the matter could not be satisfactorily settled, so it was decided to allow the matter to stand over for twelve montlis. The meeting mostly assumed a con- versational character, and at times was rather lively. Mr. Wakefield advised them on enter- ing the neAv year to try and pull together, and obey tho officers. He would like to seethe brigade supported by tho public, and offered to give a donation of ¿5 ôs. annually. Ile would

hke to see the property holders in the city also supporting tlio movement. After a quantity oí unimportant business had been disposed of, the meeting terminated with a vote of thanks to the patron, who was toasted in bumpers by

all present.

Tho first regular practice of tho Musical Union for tlio scasou of 1887 AA-as held last

night, AA'hon tho difficulties of " Alexander's Feast," undertaken by the union for the first time, were fairly grappled with. Notwith- standing the heavy rain which fell early in tho night, tho attendance was A-ery good.

Pull rehearsals for tho Reliof Fund Concert will be hold to-night by hoth Liedertafel und Muaical Union in their rospoctivo meeting Iliacos. Tho final united rehearsal will bo hold in the Exhibition building on Monday night, whee it is hoped that every performer-both vocul and instrumental-will make a point s)f uttonding.

Tlie usual monthly meeting of tho Lady Musgrave Lodge was hold this Aveek, Mrs. Brentnall presiding- The matron reported that seventy-soven i-Qcaates had been in tho lodgo SiU'ing tho month of January. Twenty wore engaged as gcnoral servants, four as drcss enakcrs, thirteen housemaids, seven nurses, "three sick-nurses, three laundresses, two cooks, .two in business, one kitcheiimaid. one waitress, ono needlework, ono married, and ton made uso of tlio lodgo as a toniportiy home. A subscription of 10s. Od. Avas received from Dr. Binn-Southnm, a load of firewood from Messrs. Bonney and Co., and papers every

Aveek nom Mis Lewis Tor some considerable

time the average nnmboi of inmates in tho lodge daily lias boon eighteen, anti the acconio

dation not being sutlicient foi su h a Jui^o number m addition to tho lmmigi nits who must bo accommod ltod pei lodieall) , tho com nuttco havo made ainngeinccts to i cut Mont

poboi Hoviec, Wickham tenace lins houso is much largoi th m the houso in w inch tlie lodge is now located It is al o moie centiall) situ itcd, and is in othei io-.pects i dosuublo losidonco Tho committee hope to havo tlio lodge m tho now houso m a few clt) s

At about li ilf-past 11 o'clock last night a woman named Mugaiot Dick, in coiupmj w lth i man w lioso nimio is giv cn is Richard Baioham, endenvouied to cios-, from the old A S N AYhaif to Ü10 s s Baicoo, which wns mooied dongsido A piopoily ippomtod gang w a) vv as laid opposite tho foieh itch, but tho mun and woman, who woio both uxdei tho influence of hquot, endeavouted to gi m tho vessel bv moans of a plank vv Inch AVas lesting on the biilvvml s, neiul) opposite the lileah itch Bofoio thoj leached tho vessel thoxdauk slipped fiom tlie bulvv inks and botli fell into the vv atci betw eon the A essol and thoAvhaif The ship s caipontei and another hand immediatcl) endeivouicd to assist thom, but tho Avonnn Eauk almost at once Balchara succeeded in

gottmg hold of ono of the piles, to which ho clung untd ho AV as icscucd The pohco vv cto qiuckl) on tlio spot w lth di lgs, and aftoi one oi two thiovvb the bod) of tho unfortmuto woman was giappled just below wheio bhe was list seen Di Hill was piomptl) in atten- dances, but when the bod) was biought to the hiufaco at about 12 10 am bio AVIIS quilo extinct The deceased AVIIS II native of Scot

land, und was about 20 )oais of age

AVe have been loquested to diaw tho atten- tion of the samtai) authonties to the dangerous state of the di amago fiom tho Gonoial Hospital

Pnt-sing along tho Bowen Bndgo roul OJO cannot fail to uotico a stioam of dut) watei which tumbles over tho odgo of tho bo pital grounds into the loadvva) pist opposite tie Acehmatisation Society's gate Phis, ap paientl) comos fiom the kundiy, mid must be highly dangerous, paitiouhul) as tho watei riinumg down tho sido of tho io id tow mels Bowen Budge passes closo to two houses Thero aio mon at AV oil m the hospitil giounds seemingly engaged with chain pipes, but it is pointed out that a gieat deni of mischief m«) to done befoio thoy havo finished, and tho

nuibiiuco should bo dealt vv lth at once

Only a few of tho delegatos of tho Anti

CluncbO League met )csleiday ovenmg at feloss's rooms m Queen stieet, piobabl) on account of the ram flic mcotmg, thoiofoie, w as postponed

Mr. II. J. Samuell, business director of tho St. Maur Comedy Compuuy, shortly to open at the Gaiety Theatre, lins arrived in Brisbane. Mr. St. Maur is oxpoctcd hero early next AA'ook, as ho AA-ill personally superintend the arrange- ments for producing "Tho Candidate," his first piece.

lu tho list of Defence Force subscriptions published in the Courier yesterday morning the sum of £2 10s.,snidtoliavo been contributed by " Sergeant-mnjor Lewis and N.C.O.'s, andmon of the Brisbane Engineers," should have boen ' ' Sergeant-mnjor Lewis, N.C.O.'s, and sappers, detachment Royal Engineers."

Tickets for the benefit concert in aid of tlie Flood Relief Fund, to bo given by tho Misses Joran ¡it tho Theatre Royal this evening, may be obtained from Messrs. Beale ¡mci Co., Queen-street, and from tho lion, .secretaries ¡it the TOAVTI Hall. The programme appears in another column, and it AA'ill be seen that the Misses Joran will ho assisted by other artists. Tho concert Avili bo preceded by a brief lecture by Professor Pepper on tlio chemistry of tho flood, with brilliant and beautiful experiments.

A meeting of tho council of the Queens- land National Association AVLU bo held on Mon-

day afternoon, at 3 o'clock, also a special general meeting of members ¡it i p.m. The business for consideration by tho council is ns follows : Correspondence : Motions by Messrs. Grimley and Boyd ; report of Summer Shoiv sub-com- mittee ; ¡md appointment of Exhibition Com- mittee. The special meeting will bo held for tho adoption of rcA-isod rules and by-laws.

Tho following small debts cases wore de- cided in the Police Court yesterday, and verdicts Avere entered for the plaintiffs except

w-hero otherAviso stated : - Before Messrs. Stamm, Fitzgibbon, Moffatt, and Myers, JJ.P. W. H. Brown v. Wm. Scott, board und lodging, £1 19s. 3d.; Dr. Kcstcvin v. F. Simonsen, professional services, £19 19s., verdict for plaintiff with costs according to ficalo ; F. C. Emmott v. S. Burton, goods sold, £19 16s.; E. Willis v. W. B. Johnson, goods sold, £5 11s. 5d.; Yorston Bros., v. Wm. Smith, work done, £2 4s.; Georgo Lamb v. Thomas Beaston, goods sold, 18s. 7d.; Beujumin Bros. v. Rose Bowen, goods sold, £10 los. 1 Od., judgment confessed, verdict for plain- tiff with 21s.professioiialcosts ; Yorston Bros. v. Patrick Coghlan, goods sold, Gs. Gd.; Jas. Pitt v. W. Parker, board and lodging, £5 7s.; Geo. Goold v. A. B. Gorday, money lent, £3 10s.; Jas. Wherry v. A. A. Gordy, goods sold, £8 Gs. 8d. Defended cases : Beforo Messrs. For- rester and Payne, JJ.P. S. Pollock v. Solomon Isaac, detention, £20 10s.; Mr. O'sullivan for plaintiff,Mr. Sheridan for defendant; verdict for plaintiff for £i 10s. Yorston Bros. v. G.

C. Bennet, goods sold, £7 12s. öd.; verdict for plaintiff, to be paid in two monthly

instalments. J. H. Peterson v. P. Martin, work done, £10 0s. od.; Mr. Ross, instructed by Mr. Thynne, for defendant; verdict for plaintiff for £9 9s. Gd. Sheehy and M'Kenzie v. Arthur Manetti, damages, £10 11s. Mr. Winter for plaintiff, Mr. Ross for defendant. Verdict for plaintiff, with £1 Is. professional costs. In this cof-e Mr. Ross gave notice of appeal. Before Mr. Pinnock, P.M. R. M. Heilbronn v. H. H. Tooth, wages, £2 los. Verdict for defendant, as Heilbronn had left his employment without giving notice.

Tenders are invited for erection of a care-

taker's cottago at tlio drill-shed, South Bris-


The time-table for tho border extension of

the Southern and Western Railway, to come into operation on Monday, 1 -1 til instant, is published in another column.

The monthly meeting of the Royal Society of Queensland will be held this evening in the

Museum library. Papers will be read on ' pleuro-pneumonia amongst cattle, nud on poisonous plants.

Tho Woolloongabba Divisional Board an- nounce thatThomas-btrect, AVest End, between Vulture and Jane streets, and A7ulture-street, between Thomas and Princhester streets, are


Sufferers by the flood, replenish lo3ses at Carew, Gardner, and Bulinirton's Great Salvage Bale, and save le. in the pound.-[Aovr.T