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NEW FILM STUDIO OPENED BY CINESOUND. An idea of the enormous amount of work involved in the production of a motion picture was given visi tors who attended the opening of Cinesound Products Ltd.'s new studio in Fitzroy-street, St. Kilda. recently. Under the direction of Mr. A. R. Harwood a scene from the picture "The Secret of the Skies" was "shot." "The Secret ,of the Skies," which has been produced by Centenary Films Ltd., will be ex hibited in about a month. More than 100 people attended the oflicial opening ceremony, which was performed by the Mayor of St,. Kilda. Councillor H. Johnson, who said that the heartiest congratula tious were due to Cinesound Pro ducts Ltd., for its enterprise. There was no reason why St. Kilda should not become the "Hollywood of Aue tralia" ; there was not another place that appeared more suitable. Cine sound had spent several thousand pounds to adapt its studio, a cony verted picture theatre, for the film ing of sound pictures. The studio was the second largest in Australia., Mr Theodore Fink, who intro duced the Mayor, said that tfe in auguration of the vtudio would haive a widgapread and beneficia effect.