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THE annual dinner of the Queen's Park Football Club took place at the Imperial Hotel last evening. Mr. T. Mylne, one of the vice- presidents of the club, occupied the chair, being supported by gentlemen representing the different games of football played in Brisbane. There was an excellent roll up of members of the Queen's Park Club. The dinner was in Host Danniel's best style, the tables being decorated with evergreens and flowers, which added considerably to the effectiveness of the scene. The footballers were in grand form, so far as appetites were concerned, and soon made their presence felt. On time being called, toasts became the order of the day.

The CHAIRMAN proposed the usual loyal toasts, which were drunk with enthusiasm.

Mr. PRING ROBERTS, in an appropriate manner, proposed "Success to the Anglo- Australian game in Queensland," coupling Mr. D. Forbes's name with the toast. In the course of his remarks Mr. Roberts, while admitting his weakness for the Rugby game, acknowledged the increasing popularity of the Anglo-Australian game in the metropolis and the great strides made since its revival by the Anglo Football Association some two seasons ago. He concluded by wishing every prosperity to the members of the Queen's Park   Club in promoting the interest of their chosen game. Mr. D. FORBES, the popular and ener- getic secretary of the Queen's Park Club, responded to the toast. After dwelling on the difficulty which was at first experienced in in introducing into the field here the British game in the midst of the Rugby and Austra- lian games, Mr. Forbes expressed his regret at the defeats which the Queen's Park Club had suffered, but asserted that far from being dis- heartened the members were only stimulated to renewed activity. He protested that the club would forge ahead until they could claim the premier position amongst the clubs of their


Mr. D. SHARP proposed the toast of "The Other Clubs," which was responded to by Messrs. H. Nathan and P. Roberts in modest little speeches in which they besought the players of the British game not to overrun them entirely in popular estimation.

Mr. J. A. HAYES proposed the toast of the "Queen's Park Club" in the most flattering   terms, seasoned with a few words of encourage- ment to stand together firmly during the time

of successive defeats which would be sure to turn into victories later on if the members plodded on resisting the tendency to demorali- sation consequent upon a run of bad luck. Mr. G. M. Manson, the captain of the club, suitably responded.

Following on this came the "Chairman" Mr. Mylne responded in a very happy speech urging the necessity for all young men to en- gage in athletics and claiming that football, and particularly, the British game, tended to develop those qualities of restraint and perse- verance which proved invaluable to a man in fighting the battle of life. The "Press," which   was proposed by Mr. D. Forbes, and responded to by the representatives of the Courier and Sportsman, concluded the toast list

The CHAIRMAN then presented to Mr. Wylie, of the St. Andrew's Club, the trophies which were won by the representatives of the St. Andrew's in the football contest of six a-side with the champions of the Queen's Park Club.

Mr. WYLIE, in receiving the handsome trophies, expressed his hearty thanks to the members of tbe Queen's Park Club, wishing them every success in the field in the coming


Mr. H. Nathan favoured the company with some capital songs at intervals during the dis- posal of the toast list, while the chairman re- cited an amusing Scottish poem. The com-

pany then adjourned upstairs, where songs

and recitations were indulged in for about an hour, the proceedings being brought to a ter- mination by three lusty cheers for the chair- man.