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THIS match was played at the Albort Sports Ground on Saturday afternoon before a large number of spectators, and after a really tino tussle, resulted in a win for the Intercolonial team by 22 points, although tho scores do not by any means represent tho game. The team elected Hickson as their captain for the forth- coming contest, and he ut once tossed with Arthur Feez, who had charge of tho Eighteen, and winning, ho chuso the railway goal, with a slight breeze in his favour. Arthur

Feez kicking olf, the ball was well roturnod by Hardgrave, and the first scrimmage took place in the Eightccn's half. The first mau over, the forwards settled down to very steady play, and appeared to be pretty evenly matched. The game became very fast and exciting. At length, owing to some good Îassing between Anderson, Byron, and T.

'ratten, the Fifteen began to forgo ahead, Baynes and Tuyloo, from a loose scrimmage, dribbling over tho line and forcing their opponents to save Bell got possession from the kick out, and passing well to T. Pratten, tho latter by a good run brought the ball right up tho ground where he was well held by Gardner. The leather getting away, Hascler picked up, and made a good attempt to relievo his lines, but did not get very far. The opposing forwards coming with a rush, the Eighteen wero again compelled to save. From the kick our, tho Eighteen»' forwards rallied, and for a few minutes moro than held their own, until from a throw-in the loather was sent back to T. Pratten, who again by a good run changed tho sccno of action, and from the succeeding scrimmage Anderson picking up, quickly dashed through the opposing backs in his usual brilliant'styio and obtained the first try for the Intercolonial team. As the try was right behind the posts, Adolph Feez had little difficulty in converting it itito a goal. Arthur Feez kicked off from the centre, the ball being well roturned by Hardgrave, tra- velled up to G. Pratten, who made a short use- ful run, but was tackled in the act of kicking. Tho wind was now blowing much stronger than at the start, and as Hardgrave, Roberts, and Adolph Fce<5 wore all kicking well tho op- posing backs had a lively timo of it. They stuck to their work manfully, however, ana although the Fifteen worked the ball over their lines on several occasions, nothing more than two or three force-downs resulted. At length Arthur Pritchard got well away, the ball being passed to him by Francis carrying the oval to the centre, where ho was well collared by Michac'. From the scrimmage that followed Tayloe brought tho ball back by a splendid dribble, the Eighteen being again compelled to savo. The play now becamo very fast. From u throw in Byron got away, and after a short run transferred to Feez, who made a flying kick at goal which was within an ace of scoring. The Ball was well returned by Williams to about the Eighteen'» twenty-fivo yards flag, and after a scries of loose scrim- mages Anderson picked up and transferred to T. Pratten, who was well held by St. Paul Francis and Eddison dribbling down to Michael, the latter brought the leather back to the centre flag, whero, on boing collared, by Snell, he passed to Anderson, who after a very strong run along the touch line, again grounded the leather behind his opponents' goal line. Tho kick for goal, which was at a very difficult angle, had not the desired effect, the ball going about a foot wide of tho cross- bar. From the kick-out some really good drop-kicking took place between Roberts and Geo. Pratten, until a splendid kick of the former all but gained the covoted point, and compelled Williams to save. Prosently Adolph Feez bogan "potting" at the goal, and things becamo very warm for the Eightoen's backa, who had all their work cut out to defond their goal line. This they did successfully until within al fow minutes of the call of half-time, when by a combined rush the Fifteen's forwards brought the ball on to their opponents' goal line, and Byron picking up was well collared by Arthur Feez, and tbo ball rolling away fell at the foot of Bond, who grounding, secured tho third try for the Intercolonial team. Adolph Feez kicking a splendid goal therefrom, half timo waa called with the scoro standing at twelve points to love. Aftor tho usual interval tho game was recommenced, und the Intercolonial forwards, aided by a good run of Anderson's, took the ball down the ground, and from a loose scrimmage Baynes carno away with the ball at his toes, and dribbling finely along tho touch line, passed the opposing backs and scored the fourth " try " for Hickson's team. The kick at goal did not come off, ' From the kick out the Eighteen were again called upon to defend their lines. Byron getting away with the ball, which ho passed to F. Pratten, who having full steam on, carefully threaded his way through the opposing backs, scoring fifth "try" for tho Intercolonial team, from which Adolph Feez again kicked a goal.

Tno Eighteen now rallied, and for the first time began to press their opponents, and the wind, which hud died away at the commence- ment of the second half of the game, having freshened greatly, aided the backs in their kicking. George and Frank Pratten and Arthur Feez rendered good service in this line. Some very neat passing between Anderson and T. Pratten at length relieved the Intercolonial line's, and took tho ball down in front of the Eightecn's goal, where, from the scrimmage, Pratten got possession, and, after a short run, transferred to Roberts. Tho lat- ter with great " judgment secured the downfall of his opponents' goal by a splendid running drop-kick. This made the points 23 to love. Still'the Eighteen were fighting bravely, not at all disheartened, and from the kick out they again pressed their opponents, forcing thom down for the first time after a scries of hard-fought scrimmages. Arthur'

Beez made a good return, and his forwards being handy, T, Pratten waa well held within his* twenty five." From tho scrimmage, Francis, Eddison, and Ross same away with a fast dribble, taking the ball up to Hard" grave and charging down his kick. Snell, who was following up well, had only to fall on the ball to secure the first try for the Eighteen. Arthur Feez tuok the kick at goal,1 and although ho made an excellent attempt the score waa not increased. The Eighteen, greatly encouraged, now played up harder than ever, the forwards especially working well together. Some good passing between Francis and M'Callum, and a short run by Orr, took tho ball in front of the Fifteen's goal, and Eddi- son, picking up from the loose, passed clean and low to Arthur Pritchard, who after clearing tho opposing quarter- backs, took his drop, the ball going well over the crossbar amid cheers. Hickson, evidently not liking the look of things, rallied his men, and from the kick off they rushed the ball down the ground, and from tho throw in, near the Eiehteon's " twenty-five," Bell got possession, and paaaing to Tayloe, tho latter, amid erica of "off side,

was allowed to ground the ball over his oppo- nents'goal line. Tho umpire was appealed to, and as Bell certainly threw the ball back over his shoulder, Tayloe as certainly running forward to obtain possession, there was no alternative but to allow the "try." Adolph Feez again kicked a splendid goal. Again the Eighteen rallied and pressed their opponents considerably, rieveral force-downs following each other in rapid succession, Hick- son'and Roberts got tho bail away for a few minutes, but Orr, getting possession from a scrimmage, by a grand run brought it back right on to the Intercolonial goal lino, and after some very hard and exciting play Ander- son was compelled to "»ave." Time was now ni arly up, but »dill the Eighteen pressed on, and si emed determined to add to their score, until Byion, picking up in the loose, forced his way tin'High his opponents, and »as within a few yards of the lîi(*;)itetn'-t goal line when he was will held by Arthur Pritchard, and, losing the bull, it was retui ned to the aentre by Williams. Ti mi' was called shortly afterwards, leaving tho victory with the Intercolonial team, after a splendidly-contested match, by 28 points to 6. Tlip winners did not play together as well as was expected, but showed very good form on the whole, and by the timo they ha\o played two more matches together should prove a hard nut to crack. Hardgrave played a grand carat* as full back, repeatedly saving his side, and only making one mistake, The half-backs all played well, and proved themselves a strong and dangerous trio. Anderson was "all thme" as usual at "quiirter," and Tom Pratton is certainly playing in much better form than ho showed at the comnionoi'ini nt of lhu season. Tho for vvuids played a good game, although they did not pasa nearly as often as they ought to have done, and, indeed, some of them might at times

have been fanly accused of selfish play. > The Eighteen all played up well, their captain , (Arthur Feez) G. and F. Pratten, Orr, and I Arthur Pritchard doing most work behind the i scrimmage, while conspicuous amongst tho fer- i wards were Francis, Eddison, Snell, M'Callum, i Ross, and Howell, who all stuck to their work t hke leeches. There was decidedly too much . talking during tho progress of the game. This

objectionable practice was not solely confined to the juniors, and it is to bo hoped tbat players will take the hint in futuro. The ground was in splondid order, and the spec- tators watched the gamo with keen interest


Tho following wero the players :

Intercolonial Team.-F. Hardgrave, bock; Roberta, Adelph Feez, and Michael, "half- backs; Anderson and T. Pratten, quarter- backs ; Hickson (captain), Baynes, Bell, Bond, Byron, Manson, Tayloe, Markwell, and Tag- gart, forwards.

The Eighteen -F. Pratten and Williams,' backs ; Arthur Feez (captain), G. Pratten, and Gardner, half-backs; Orr, A. Pritchard, and Hasclcr, quartor-backs ; Francis, M'Callum, Eddison, Gordon, Howell, St. Paul, Snell, Ross, Boyce, and Chapman, forwards.

Durham and Robinson were unavoidably absent from the ranks of the Intercolonial team, as were Stacey, Armstrong, and A. Pratten from the Eighteen. Thcso players will probably all take part in next Saturday's match, which is expected to prove a very inte- resting and exciting contest.


A match between Second Rangers and Second Queen's Park was played on Saturday afternoon, under the above rules, at the Pine Apple ground. The play, which was very fast and even throughout, resulted in a win for the Second Rangers by 2 goals to 1. The second goal was disputed, as Miller was said by one umpire to have been off-side when he kicked it. The referee, on being asked to give his deci- sion, recorded it as a goal. For the Rangers the brothers Cairns, Miller, and Hardgraves played a rattling game, while Geddes saved goal well several times. Among the Queen's

Park players M'Creadie, Elson, White, Mills, Hutchison, Haslehurst, and McDonald showed up most prominently. Several of the forwards were hurt through some very unnecessary rough play.