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A VERY pleasant mooting, which took tho shape of a social tea and convorsoziono was heia in the temporary Wealcyan Church, Ann stroot, lust evening, to welcome the Bov. J. A. Nolan, president of tho Kow South Wales and Queensland Methodist Conference, who ia at £ resent on a visit to Queensland. Aftor tho mae of moro than an hour, during which timo the good things provided were discussed,

The Bev. H. WILES briefly addressed tho meeting, and wolcomed tho Bev. Mr. Nolan. Ho referred to the absence of a chairman for the occasion, and regretted that the Bov. M. H. Parkinson, chairman for the district, waa unable to be present. His duty was to intro- duce Mr. Nolan, who occupied the highest office in connection with the Wealcyan Methodist Church in New South Wales and Queensland, who, in fact, was their arch- bishop, and ho was sure that all who had occupied that position hod been honoured by their brethren because of their superiority in some respects. He was sure that the rev. gentleman would receive a hearty welcome, as the people of Brisbane and of Queensland

were not one whit behind the best in New South Wales for hospitality and kindness.

The Bov. J. A. NOLAN, in reply, aaid he desired most sincerely to acknowledge the honour accorded to him and to the distin guished office which ho happened this year to

old. He would gladly sink his personality in his office, and accept it as a gratifying proof of the thorough-going loyalty of Queensland Methodism that they had chosen in such o manner to do honour to the president of the conference. Ho regarded it os a dawning of the good day that was coming when Queensland would have a conference and a president of its own. He anticipated a great deal of pleoBuro from his trip to the colony, despite tho almost insuperable difficulty ho had had in tearing himself away from his urgont duties and the troubles of a weak stomach on that most un poetic Beo. Queensland Methodism had mode wonderful advances, and had done so without the help of State aid to religion. Many and great troubles had been in the way, but it bad overcome them and grown from an infant into a comely and vigorous youth. The greatest thing about this country of ours was the future which was before it. Everything that went to make up tho nineteenth century civilisation was to be found in Queensland. On every hand there wore countless evidences of

wealthy and prosperous civilisation. But

was this civilisation secure 7 What was to become of it? Would it go on pro Ípressing indefinitely? Or would it reach a

imit and stay there, or sink back again into decay and darkness? In all the ancient civi- lisations there were elements of degeneration and disintegration that resulted in inevitable decoy and ruin. Was our nineteenth century civilisation free from such elements ? That it waa was his firm conviction ; and -that it was destined to livo and to bless the world more and more until the whole earth should be filled with the glory of God-that was if it were allied with the supernatural. For it was only righteousness that could permanently exaltour notions-the maintenance and advance- ment of our civilisation was bound up with the maintenance and advancement of Chris- tianity. In conclusion the rev. gentleman said he was very grateful for the honour bestowed upon him and his office.

The proceedings having relapsed into the social vein peculiar to entertainments of this description, those present were treated to various musical selections and recitations, which were much appreciated. An enjoyable

hour or so was spent in this way, after which

the meeting terminated.

THE Glengallan sheep for the Sydney ram sales left by the Burwah yesterday. They consist of sixteen rams and four ewes, the whole of ' which are very densely elad with heavy fleeces of very fine wool. Whether they are the type of sheep to take the eye of southern buyers remains to be seen, but they will certainly do credit to the colony.