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.J. C. S R I NG EETINGj AMOUNIS BRILLIANTLY WINS EPSON HANDICAP FROM 810N AND ROYAL ITUfE BINCGE HUMPHREY DEFEATS MOLLISON. LIMERICK AND WINALOT DEADHEAT Sydney, Sept. 30. The wholly unexpected defeat of Mollison was the outstand ing feature of the opening day of the A.J.C. spring meeting on Saturday. Brilliant sunshine favoured the 'day, and though warm with cheering spring mildness, the air was tempered by a faint breeze. A more auspicious opening day could not have: been desired. As is usual with this most popular meeting of the year record crowds, made their way to the course. T'he racing held many attractions, and many surprises, but. one felt: asqurpd' that uppermost in the minds of the thousands' of casual racegoers who attended was the desire to see the great' Mol lison run, and they saw him .defeated. Backers did not make. a good beginning, but they ,more than held their own as the meeting proceeded" For the burdle race they pinned their faith to týhlex, who it was thought' would have gained jumping experience as a result of his ritn, at Tatt's meeting. Triplet had every chance, and although he showed improvement in negotiating the hurdles he tired so badly that he beat only 'Brendon home.; Displaying wonderful -stamina and respjonding ' gamely to each call -of his powerful rider Prince humphrey gradually. , overhauled "Mollison nearing the post, and continuing. a great run, won the 1928 A.J.C.' Derby by threeguartere of a length, . Oatendale being a neck away third. It was an interesting race, one worthy of the momentuous occasion and added lustre to the already: formidable list of New Zealanders'' wins of the event, that included Ballymena, Cupidon, Glmng, Biplane and Kilboy. 'It is: little wonder_ 'that Mr. C0., 0. Ma inedoi, owner of Prince Humphrey, was onie of the" proudest men on. the course on Saturday when handed the .blue ribband. by the. Governor-General, His ambitino in tite 'raing; sphere. was to " own a Derby winner, and its had been ' accomplished with *4 horse that had cost only seventy, guineas at the disperlal sa!le of the New South Wales Woodlands Stud. By iiPorted Duke. Rumphre 'from Shepherd Princess, Prince Iumphrey is bred on good lines, for his dam is a half-sister .by: Shepherd King (imp.) to the damrn of Manfred, whose marvellous A.J.C. Derby win of a few years back will be re-called for. very many years. Saturday's field for the Derby was a replesentative: one; in cluding the Victorians, Yodehst,' Cimbrian and Mellison the New Zealanders Prince Humphrey and Roscrea,'nrid-he best of the three-year-olds of this State. The straightout wagering on the race was practically confined to Mollison, whose record of nine starts for. nine wins. certainly warranted his being a'7 to 4 on fav ourite. That his defat 'was a big surprise is the fact that at least 10 to 1 could be obtained aboutt..ny Of. the ether run ners, and a majority of.,-people probab' w?? wggered on ,the one. two system. It was a coincidence that the firp horse to show out at the start Prince Humphrey wa .also the first home. An.. even start was effected, and when passing- tdhe o.feial . Rtand, Ramulus and Mollison .ad' a slight 'advantage -over Coercion. each of the tri6 fighting hard for .his head.. j oscrea nmoved into fourth place going- out' of the straight and by the' time the horses had got fairly,. nto their stride. and were settli'g i down for the paile and a half struggle Coetcton htd forged ahead of SMollison with Roscrer, Ramulus; Princ Humphrey, Cimbriani and YoAelist following in that order and 'all' ivfthin striking distance of the pacemaker. The race this far 1it very pleas ing to the public, for the horses most frequently mentioned 'as 'the likely winner were in' the best positions. oing along the back there was no material changt and the only afteration, six furlongs .from home,: was the displacing of Yodelist by Oat-'' endale. Approachinig the' half mile the pace " was icriiaied:,..' but the horses still seemed, to be' gallopin withih' :themiuc'ves and were keeping in' reserve a dash 'for the run to the win ning post, Coercion was. the' first to give way. '" Slortly after passing the half mile he began to tite tidcaiine away froir. the rails. Ramulus and 'Mollisun were followintg closely at the time, and Toohey, on the for.mer, noticing the opportunitv for a run near the rails, accepte l It quickly and Daniels had no alternative but to t.ske NMo;rcn outside of Coercion.' itarnulus then came away from .the favourite,' and he :wits well e C.r into' the straight. ' He battled oni gamely, and Tobhey 'seemed pre pared. for, all emergencies. In the meantime Prince i?f?nhtey had lost a little groand, tl.eieuwh being uhable to pAs. ano ion' i in frontof him, . ut' he wiis fifth into the straight and was stii! pulling hard. Then thy race began in earnest.' Moollion ''et sail after Rlmulus and, although the latter disputed. inch' after i inch of ground, he was ptser:cd by Mollisoh aibout a'furilong 1rirm home. It lookedlike the favourite prevailing. Prince' lIum phrey, however, had now ranged alongside Mollison, but still the. favourite w?sa holding his own.. M-unro' set to work on Prifice Humphi~ey, and Diuiels kept't at Mollisdon'--:p 'sharp" and exciting %struggle and the favourite waj Beaterd.: He couild not withstahd the late effort of Prince Hamphrey, and for the first time in his wonderful career,:had ton.see a"horse pass the post in front of' him. The winner and his rider were given a deserving ovation as they returned to scale, and there were algo cheers for Mollison who, despite his defeat; had strihggled hard for victory." The time for the race, .1.3S, Was threequarters of a second outside Sslitros' record for' e event ' Munro :said after the rice that he had 'a godi run through out and that his mount responded gamely "i Iknew I had 'the favourite beaten in the straight,' he added, Daniels, rider of Mollison, said that Prince Humroplhrey was just a little too strong at ithe finish.. Mollison had a good run. "When Coercion rushed to the front I thou'ght it bette~r to settle down behind him, If he had not d~isplayed xo much pace early I would most likeiy have made the ,runnig, but I did not want to push Mollison 'along with him, and hh.e io fnishing effort left. It was a good rae. si Third last in a field o.f 21 at the seven furlongs, and fourth last half a mile from the Winning post; that gives an indicea, tion of the remarkable feat that had' to be a~ccomplished- by ' the favourite, Amounis, to win his second Epsomn Handicarp. Amounis was equal to the task, one of the 'greatest yet set a horse in a' mile race at Randwick. Ameunia nort only ever Seame the severe difficulties, huta, he acconiplished the feat ina' manner befitting the great gallopet" tha~t he i and is ndw oDe s the ?elest three that have tw in won the spring mile raea

Cheer after cheer rent the air as the favourite emergegd from obscu.ity in the straight and began. the irresistibe rlin that. took .,him to victory,: Even when he stretched out in inimit able, style a. little -mores than 'a furlong away his prospects of overhauling Soio n seemed remote, but Amounts did not falter, Snd he. terally, flew past the. winning post half- a length,. iu oxedible as it -may. seem, in. front0 of Sion, with Royal Tune a .length.away,. It was a: triumph and a vindication of the Sjudgement of: the public whose horses finished in"'the order in rhich they .were backed. S Consequent on- his win in the Tramway Handicap, in' wlief: he gave a somewhat similar exhibition, Amounis jonfed Sion ui4. the head of t'e quotations and further heavy support for h imn on the' eve of. the race and. on Saturday sent him out a? t? ? 2 favourite, with Sion and Royal Tune and fleonui the only other - horses inside:-double figure prices. The Spring Stakes .was probably the best finish of the 'day.tLimericsk, who had'.won at his previous 12 starts, and `th: Melbourne Cpp favourite,,Winaloui, raced "locked together over " Sthe" last furlong. First one- and then the. other' would secure the S..slightest advantage until a-few yards away when they were? in separable, Reed, who was having hi' first ride on the News Zealand champion,- drew . his whip and 'applied it withi-effect Limerick did not flinch. Winalot-seemed to 'falter slightly when" - he -joined -issue with Limerick, but fromn then' on he stretch- ed out in characteristic style and responde'd to the call of. - his 'iderr The result was 'pleasing from a raiting point of view, but .unsatisfactory to investors: Those. pbople who' had laid the' 2 to. I odds on Limerick labst on the race and'the others that wagered that they could pick the firsti.and second horses were * deliberating ovter. their 'position until after the last, race was - -decided. Lord oSetiers' - horse, Fourthi Hand, made all the running, but Reed saw-to iit that. Lhierick was not.asked to give away 'a big st0rt. In fact he had the horse 'behind " the pace ' makers entering the back a~d Toohey .also was on the look dut and 'kept Win'alot within easy striking distance all 'the I s way. He- Was about two lengths behind Fourth Hand and Limerick at the half-mile and imiediately Limnericks went to the front in the next furlong Winalot also moved forward. He did not, however, catch the favourite : until . opposite the stand; and just when he appeared to. have the. New Zealander t beaten, Limerick made another., effort and made the dead heat. Valamnita :finished well into third place in front of Spear- " felt. Limnerick's winnings now amount to £35,787. . Rionseup~'s win in the -Trial Stakes was an. impressive rehear sat for his ptrspects in the Metropolitan. tomorrow,. alttugh it must not-be forgotten that he was. uetiring me st .of his .p-. -ponents on terms -up to a stone .better,. At all events, the race showed that -there is little chance. of those, .:who .finisled behind him on. Saturday turning the :tables to-day, ,yet this -'ha becn written- before of t'he 'Trial Stakes form, and has. subsequently . proved 'wrong.' -Bookmakers ;asked for .odds .from the ..outset, and were so readily:accommbdated that at barrier: rise the quo tation was- 7 to 4 on. It lboked and proved even. .better than - that.- With such' an advantage. in Cte weights. Pike's move to gain t?he -lead- was -that- of a -tatlician.. ,e was in a position to, set: -what pace he desired, 'and so avoid any possibility- of a slow race. In do.tng so. bh'e -ensured that. Jis opponents ca~rrietd . 'their weights to 'the greatest dis?dvantage. .

l" tblfowing are et~ails of the `"reqult R-A . HURDLI* RA4E. -'i About t iv rites:' -3.'" liearne's Castles; Ib,: Eattax Lad (iml)---Iands6ine, 1O i (W. -Bakerr . .r . 1 G. C Wb. ksfl Hohest Jack, 9.10 'I'Tait) 2.: .. .. . . 2 3 '-. Iamps i'f, Burraf6orm,• .i '(N. Frueitrn) ... Others i Firatic (Al4ridge), Tre? let x.(W. i; ( '.), Sir Honor 'i Stuitrt), Bretyorn (Bell), Yeoval (W. Betting '2 1t I &gst Triplec, 4, to 1 Bbirraform, . to i. Roneal J:,i Ye6val, 7 to 1 Sir. Honor, 10 to, I Castles, 0 to I" Breadon, 33 -to .I Piratic . , Brendon and 'Iriolex were in IroantI early but at the pije furlongs Trip lex took charge atnd was. then'. joined by- Yeoval.' who fell at ?fhe Kensiog tofn jump. Castles x?pi to the front half a mile from .home. and won. by five lengths, with one and a half lenIgths between second and third. Sir Honor was fourth, Piratic and Tr!iplex followed. Time,. 3 muin 4Of sec. TRIAL 8FMS .. SOne ad a; ?uarter m.iles. J. . . Garvall's Rioplicuip. (imp),: by Teddy-Pri imrose Lane 8,10o . (J. Pike) ... . ... .. J I, R. Munro'i& Salife lue, 8.3 ~(.. Davidsoh)..,. . ....... W: OG Williamsion's Odtember, 8.7 G(J. Toohey) . ... .......... Others: Bob Humphrey (T. Web ster). Flinde? (J. Contfs), Harbill (W. Duncan), Nan Kourgan tE. El lis), Garoo (J. Simpson), Concen t?.te. (J. Ellis). ~Betting:' 7 to 4 on Rionscup. 7 to1 apgst. Octember, 8 to I Concen trte, .12 to 1 Flinders, 25 to 1 Sal lie Blue, 20 to 33 to .1 others. Rionscup went to. the front at the. nine furlongs and led along the back from Flinders, Concentrate, flan Kourgan and Bob Humphrey, with Octember last. rlinders jola ed the leader at the five and they. were well elear tound the bend with Octember moving up. Rions-' cup led into the straight and was held well' in hand to win by two lengths from Sallie Blue, with DOc.. tetiber a neck away third. Flind ers, Concentrate, and Nln Koueigan were next, with Harbill last. Time, min. ?t ste -KIENSINGTON HANDICAP. Seven furlongs. SFirst Division. P. B. Byrne's Golden Voice by .Demisthew)es (imp.)--Golden fli.e, 9 (B. Marsdea) .. ...

C0 H. Kemp's Leadlight, 8.6 (A. F. -G. Spurway'! Factor, 0.9 .(J.. 8impsoa) ..;... 4...4.. .. .. ...a Others: -Boaster (UR. Adams), Bra. vado.(3L Pike), Herilda (J. Munro), FaircroftW (H. Cairns),. Bat of :Avon (. Cautts)., Anorient, (T. O'Bryas). Ene~giq~ e< (JL Tpooey)k Chipwpqod (J:. McCabe), Renoir (H.: Jon sl. Black pouglas . (R. Reed), Rosam (W." Duncan ), Fortailk (E. Ellis), Rosea.of -York .(8.. Cracknell), .Beau: caire (Crowleys, Hustler (E. Bar Betting : 5 -to, aget. r Jerilda, to 1 Faotor, Bravado, -10 .to I Ener gique, 12 to 1 Boaster, : Leadlight, 14 to I Renoir, Golden Vokice.5 -to 33 to 1 others.. Boaster wrls in front when the field settled down, leading UGolde Voice Fortsi:lk and Auorient. Pass tag tie half mile thle -order we Boaster, Fortsilk, Ilosso, Bravado, (Molde Voice, Black Douglas, Boastiri had a slight lead. into tim straight 'fronm Fort?ilk. Rosso, UGo denl Voice, Factor Herilda and Leadlight, but fit the leger Golden Voice front and he won by h a a .Jeigth .from Ledlight,. who beat Factor by a heatd. Rosso was fourth and. then ,came' Chip wood,. Hcrilda,. Boaster and Fort silk, witk Faireroft a..t. Time, miin. 2 sec. .JC, . D-RBY. One and .a half mile.6 C. C. Macindoe's Prince luin phrey, by Duke Hamphrey (imp)-Shepherd Princess, 8.10 (J. MR nro) .................... E. M. Pearce's Mollison, 8.10 (J. Daniels) ........ ............ Mrs. J. Brennan's Oatendale, 8.10 (. Pike) .. Others: Yodelist (A. Wilson), Cimbrian (H. Cairns) Bob's March (8. - Davidson) Kinbally (R. Mara* den), The. happy Warrior (S, Jones), Ramulus (1. Toohey), The Dimmer (W. Duncan), Roscrea (A. [Reed), Coercion (J. Crowley), Betting: 7 to 4 on Mollison, 10 to 1 agst Princq Humphrey, 1B to I Oatendale, Cimbrian, 14 to 1. Rama. Ins, 16 to 1 Roscrea, 30 to 1 Yodelist, 50 to, 1 Bob's March, Kinbally, The ;Happy Warrior. The Dimmer, Ooero Clon: i Mollison was slightly squeezed ?-a the start but passinmg the stand he was running with Ramulus in front of Coercion and Prince Humphrey. Going out of the straight the order was Mollison, Ramulus, Ooerd% Prince Nmphre. Rosoreb . kiba , d

Kok up the running along the back where the pace was slowed down. Coercion was done with at the half mile, atol. lison and Ramulus being together a length clear of the field. Ramutus was clear into the straight from Mol. lison. At the distance Mollison had Rlamulus beaten, but Prince Hum phrey then tackled the favourite and was too good for him, winning by three-quarters of a length. Oaten dale finished. fast in third place a neck away and was followed by The Happy Warrior, Ramulus, The Dim mer, Yodelist, Cimbrian, Roscrea, Kinbally last. Time, 2 min, 31t see. EPSOM HANDICAP One mile. A. Pearson's Amounis, by Mag pie (imp.)--Loved Ctie, 9.7 (J. Munro) ........ . ............ 1 "J. Felix's" Sion, 8.3 (Toohey) 9 6. J.'Gallego's Royal Tune, car. 8.3 (S. Davidson) .............. 3 Others: Vaals (II. Marsden), Fuji pan (Pike) Cimabue (R. Read), lDon Moon (II. Cairns), 'Killarney (H1. Jones), Black Duchess (W. Dun. ian), Sans Culotfe (A. Reed), Maj. 'daft (Birmingham), Valparaiso (E. Ellis), Nepean (A .Wilson), Anam rah (E. Bartle), Wedding Eve (C. yan), Padicol (C. Findlay), laba ion (H. Tomison), Sir Chris ,oper (D, O'Connor), Pigeon -to (W. Cook), Stage Saint (Simpson). Betting: 5 to 2 agst Amounis, . 4 to 1 Sion, 8 o 1 Royal Tune Reonui 12 to 1 Iabashon Black Duchess, 20 to 1 Vaals, Valparaiso, 25 to 1 Bans Cul tte, Anamabah, Nepean, 33 to 1 Buji San, Don Moon, Magdaff, Kil. larney, 40 to 1 Stage Saint, Cim abue, 50 to I Pigeon Pie Sir Chris topher, 100 to 1 Padicoi. Wedding Eve. After some delay the field got away with the exception of Reonu.t who was left standing flatfooted. Cimnabue was first to get going from Sans Culotte, Wedding Eve, Royal Tune and Habashon. Sir Chris topher then took up the running and. led past the six furlongs from Sans Culotte, B.abashon, Royal Tune, Wedding Eve and Valparaiso. Sion then moved up and at the three the order was Sir Christopher, Sans Culotte, Sion, HabashGui, Black Duchess, Valparaiso and Royal Tune, with Amounis third last. Amounis was gradually improving his position in the next furlong but was about tenth into the straight, the leaders being Sir Chrioto her, Sien. Fuji San and Royal Tune. Sion was well clear at the leger but with an overpowering run Amounts beat him to the post by half a length with Royal Tune one and a half lengths away third. Then came Killarney, Black Duchess, Val paraiso, Don Moon, Padicol and Nepean, with Sans Culotte last. Time, I rin. 37' fece. SPRING STAKES One and a half miles. H. Knight's Limerick, by Limond--Mediey, 9.2 (R. Reed) x E. K. White's Winalot, by Ros sendale ifi nimp.)-.Princess Volga, 9.0 (J. Toohe) ..... . Xf F. Taverna and Mrs. I. Jacques' Valamita, 9.(. (W'f. Marsden) ,.. 3 Deadheated tor first. Others: Spearfeltt (H. Cairns), Fourth Hand (A. Wilson), Tibbie (E. Bartle), Statesman (Munro). Betting: 2 to I on Limerick, 4 to 1 agst. Winalot, 8 to 1 Spearfelt. 10 to I Statesman, 10(. to 1 Valamita - and others. Fourth Hand wa., the pacemaker and slow time was made early, but al!ong the back l.imerick forced the price aMd the order was Fourth Iand; Limerick, Winalot. States nin, Valamita, Spearfelt, and Tib bie. Limerick.went to the front at the three and was c' -ar into the straight from Winalot. Then a thrillng race wa seen. Winalot reached the leader and headed him, but locked together they passed the post, the judge declazitng a dead heat. Valantita was four lengths away third and was followed by Spearfelt, Fourth Hand, btatesman and Tibbxe, Tiuw, 2 urti. 1 see KENSINGTOkN lANDI.AP Second Division. .. England's Quince, vby Quan took (imp. Do-Desert, E.11 (E. Ilattl;le) ............ . . . ... 1 F. J. Gore's PI'.' -cpro, 8. .3 (Rt. Marsdebi) ................. 2 S. Arkell's V', r'..iiar Lcdy, 8.3 T3. Toohe) ..... ........... S Others: AH Mad .H. Iunes), EUgIa (R. Altamn?) ,t.huine (J. Crowley), Firi Aero (R.. ,qeed), Fool's Paradise (I. Pike), Canberra lorin (H. Cairns), Ring Ynal (R. Led) ~easnheath Ibj, DavideonI..

Miss Australia (J. Munro), William G. (T. O'Bryan) Segrive (J. Simp son), Orange i Prince (J. Daniels),. Boston (L. ElIis), ,Faultless . Sullivan). Betting: 5 to 2 agst. Perception, a to I Quince, 7 to I Eugia, Fool's Paradise Genuine, 8 to I First Acre, 12 to 1 Venetian Lady 14 to 33 to 1 others. Venetian Lady took up the run ning when the field settled down from Quince, Genuine, Perception, Boston and Fool's Paradise. Per ception was in front at the half mile from Venetian Lady, Quince, Boston and Greenheath. Percep tion led into the straight : from Venetian Lady but in the run home Quince did best, winning by a head, with half a length between second and third, Fool's Paradise, Fault less and Genuine followed. Time,. 1 mla. Se ee.