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Septoraher l8.

IT may be supposed that thoreäult of the interview of the large deputation to tho Minis- ter for Works on thu subject of our Western Railway, was looked for with considerable in- terest last night ; and generally, a feeling of satisfaction exists at the hopeful position of affairs. No one believes it possible that " the second town in the colony," with its fine natural port, can by any counter intorestj however powerful, be prevented from participation in tho benefits and communication with the in-

terior. It is therefore confidently bclicwá that the promise of due consideration means due consideration, and moans that when the Loan Estimates are framed, railway communi- cation with tho interior, naturally belonging to Maryborough, will bo provided.

Respecting the rival proposals, Mr. Chsrlton has completed a flying survey of the Kilkivan route, and reports adversely. It would be forty-four miles longer than that surveyed from Mungari1, and presents serious engineer- ing difficulties.

Two alleged oifenccs against tho laws relating to property have passed under examination at the Police Court, and resulted in committals to the Circuit Court, on the 25th instant. John Skinner, late schoolmaster, according to the evidence, kept a banking account, that is to say, a little balance of 10s. 10d., unaltered Binco April last On the morning of tho race day Skinner obtained change for a cheque of £8, presented to a publican in payment for a three- penny drink. The wife of tho accused has paid up, but subsequently to the information being given to the police. Bail was granted.

In the second case, a young man named Toohey, being tempted, abstracted a revolver from a shop window by smashing a pano of glass at night. It is tho too common pracl ice of shopkeepers to lcavo their windows full of goods unshuttered all night, and it has been a matter of surprise that more offences of this kind havo not been committed. A municipal by-law seems necessary to provont this too severe tax upon tho honesty of morally weak


Tho Tiaro Shire Council cannot proceed on its simple mission without violent vocal inter- jections. The latest catus belli ia credited to Mr. John Douzcr, who makes claim for tho sum of £(5 Cs., professional fee for working up the shire into existence. Party spirit was at »pring tide at the last meeting, one member not caring a little bit for the president or his opinions. Ultimately Messrs. Job and Dale gave vituperation vent and resigned. The adjustment of accounts between the shire and divisional board ia of so vexed a character that no local accountant is procurable for the work. It is therefore decided to obtain a Government specialist through the intercession of Mr, W, ¿Bailey, M.L.A.

A contest for a vacant seat at the Granville Divisional Board resulted in the election of Mr. NVcarin by a majority of ten votes over

Mr. J. X Wood.

A movement for a third Stato school of large dimensions has existed for some time, but now assumes moro definite form by the holding of a public meeting'and the opening of a subscription list. A fino silo in Ariadnc-strcet, Newtown, is provided for by Government grant. The btiilditin is expected to cost £1000, of which £200 will be subscribed locally. Energetic promoters havo the matter Jin hand, so that

success ¡3 assured.

The Hospital Committee received with somo astonishment on Wednesday the rumour that the Government purposed withdrawing the plans for a wooden building. Sinco then an authentic intimation is given that the now hospital is to be built of brick.

Some difficulty has arisen in tho benevolent institution with reference to the secretaryship. A section of the public desire an unpaid officer, but are unwilling themselves to do the work gratuitously. After considerable negotiation, the present secretary agreed to continuo the duties until the time of providing an emolu- ment, which is fixod at the receipt of Govern- ment grant, and deeds of a site for building.

An interesting assemblage of children repre- senting the Sunday schools of all the Protes- tant denominations, with the exception of the Church of England, gathered in the Town Hall on Sunday last to hear addresses from tho Rev. F, Duesbury and Messrs. Stupart) and T. S. "Warry in aid of the Biblo Society. Favourite hymns wore sung under the direction of Mr. Boyle. Probably over 1200 persons, young and old, were present.

Mr. Stanley's Juvenile Operetta Company, after tho Pollard troupe pattern, aro even a greater attraction than then- predecessors.

Another Polynesian recruiting schooner, the Young Dick, has arrived at this port in trouble. In this case, however, it would appear that [an irascible-tempered crew havo caused the uncompleted voyage. The special offender is the boatswain, a man named Austin, wlio stands charged with wounding tho captain with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The schooner only brought twenty-six recruits. It is singular that the Ethel, Stanley, Alfred Vittery, and Young Dick, all connected with trials and inquiries, .worein the service of the same Maryborough agents, who, by the way, and no wonder, aro now insolvent.

Presumably through the action of the Bris- bano Municipal By-laws, a largo number of 3'oung girls of ill-fame have boon driven from Brisbane to Maryborough. The hitherto unknown spectacle of street-walking is becoming now a crying evil in the town. An attempt is being made by several ladies connected with ono of tho churches to make reclamation, of theso fallen young women, so far with little


In tho matter of prospecting for gold, a small party of three started for Gigooganon Tues- day. It is considered that the association have been fortunato in securing undoubted spe- cialists for the work. Tho men are largo con- tributors to the venture, as they content them- selves with 15s. per week, exclusive of rations, but when finds are made the prospectors will havo first advantage. Some enthusiasm exists in the town as to prospects.

A much-rcspccted townsman, Mr. James M'Kinlay, died suddenly on Tuesday. The deceased, who was an old colonist and well known in the Brisbane and Logan districts, had during a three years' residence in Mary- borough gained high esteem in connection with, several of our local institutions.

At Hyne'« saw-mills a labourer named Cichouski met with a terrible accident throw* the unexpected displacement of a timber log which fell upon lum heavily. The unhappy man lies in a dangerous condition at the his pital. A child of Mr. Ez¿y, at Teebar, is not expected to survive injuries resulting from a

kick from a horse.

Captain Heath and Mr. J. H. Baynes, O.E.

representing their respective departments, have visited tho port to make reports which it is hoped will lead to further Government works for the benefit of our navigation.

The Polynesian Hospital Committee visited the institution on Thursday, malting close in- spection, and in monthly mooting duly examined proposals for water supply, drainage, and removal of the residence of the doctor. À report to the Colonial Secretary will be made.

Business is still depressingly quiet. Messrs. M'Dermott and Owen, the contractors for the Kilkivan Railway, are with us. initialing their movements. Tho'properties in the estate of the late Mr. R. Travis, comprising the Traveston and Solfoid estates on the Burrum River, aro in the market for sale. Mr. Stnpart's employées to the number of forty-nine picnicked together

on Friday.

Seasonable rain is falling to-day.