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.The scat of the local boaul of the Australian Mutual Provident Sociotv, rcti4ct«ed vacant by the resignation of the Hon. Jxs. F. Garrick, consequent upon his dopnitvrc for England, has been oïïeied to, aud accepted by, Mr, Graham L. Hait, of the lum of Hait,Mcin, and Flower, solicitors of this city. Mr. Hart's long réagence inBusbime, and the appiecia tion m which ho is held by so many, both in and out of the colony, combined with his well- town business capaeity, eminently fit him for the ofhee of directoi on the board of the Queensland blanch of this old-established and prosperous society.

RIFLE clubs arc mci casing in oin nndst, or "bid fair to do so. All interested in the foi ina *t10n of an Irish rifle club are lequested to -attend a meeting which is to bo held at tbe Imperial Hotel on Satin day evening.

The following adjudications were made m Chambers yesterday, hefoie Mi. Justice Hard- ing -YVilliam Geering, of Boma, plasteier, Carl Otto Sjoberg, of Kingsboi otigh, miner; YV. R Lawson, of Chartois Toweis, pnbhoan; William M'lntosh, of Charters Towers, engine


A. sonne V.TION signed by the Hon. K. li. ?Sheridan, and dated 11th instant, annaunces that the requirement of a special ciMloisomont on conespondenco foi and from the United Kingdom and the Continent of E urógenas been withdrawn, and all mail matter posted without special superscription and obviously intendod to go by the first steamer will be 60«ent with- out regard to the íoute 01 line of packets em- ployed. Coirespondence will be sent mia Torres Straits, unless otherwise specially maiked, when mails by the other routes cióse on the

same day.

A MEETING of the members of the Anglo-   Queensland Football Association was held at the Queen's Hotel on Tuesday night last, at which a good proportion of members at- tended. Mr. Wearne was voted to the chair. After the confirmation of the minutes of the previous meeting, it was decided that a selection   committee of three should select the teams for all club matches ; that the captain (Mr. Princeps) and the honorary secretary (Mr Sharp) should be empowered by the club to deal with the representatives of other clubs of the association with regard to arrangement of     matches during the ensuing season. It is understood that matches on Queen's Park will be fixed by drawing lots as usual. Six new   members were proposed and unanimously elected. A moonlight practice match for       this (Thursday) evening was arranged with the Rangers' Club, which should prove very interesting, if only for its novelty. The meet- ing terminated with a vote of thanks to the


Is the Supremo Court in Chambers j ester day morning, before his llonoui Ali. Justice Harding, in the matter of Stansfield v Her- berton Tin Smelting Company, un intei pleader summons, the Sherilf renewed application. Mr. Lilley, for claimant, applied for a winding up order. Older made for goods to be sold and money to be paid into court, to be recovered atTownsvilleCircuitCourt In the matter of the Kilkivan Extended Tunnelling Company This wasan ipplieation foi an order against the peisoiii on list of contilbutois to enforce calls Oidei iceonlmgly , further proceedings adjoin ned until 30th July Similar applications weio made in the matters of the YVest Coast Long Tunnel Comp my and No 3 YVest Coibt Long 'launel Compon), and similar oidtis viere nude In the matlci of Martin Keogh, Mi Tlowei applied to have the amount of the sureties deere iscd by one half, and an oidei was made that the bond of the adimmstiatiix would be allowed in the amount of ¿2000, and the bond of the London Gmraiitec and Accident Society as surety foi £1300 In the raittei of Ldwaids v. Pill and another, Mr. Chimbéis applied for judgment ; order accordingly. In the estate of Thomas Machcl, of Unsbanc, Mi. Durvall, curator, applied for au oidei to administer, order accoi dingly.

A j*iuy ate lottci i cceiv ed in Melbourne from the Most lîov. Di. M'E\illy, Aichbishopof Tuarn, contains the following íefeieuee to the new liornan Catholic Puníate of Sjdncy - "Godhas blessed join countiy by providing an admirable Archbishop No better selection could bo made I am vciy sorry the Irish Church is losing such a pillai as the Bishop of Ossory. He will be anirrcpaiable loss at our episcopal meetings Deeply versed in all kinds of learning-sacicd and piofane, ancient and modem-honest to a degiee almost appioach Jiiç to bluntncss, lush to the backbone, no man living can love Ireland and her sons at home and abroad w ith moi e intense, self saci dicing, unselfish lov e. Such is Dr. Moi an, who is to leave us on 28th June. YVe lose lum, you have him ; may God bless his labouis. If you lost a gi cat Atchbishop, you lune got a most worthy successor."

Ah occasional coiicspondent wilting fiom Coometa, undci date 9th instant, says -The roads of this division will compare veiy favour ably w lfch those of any othei from Brisbane to Southport Some reaches of the road from the fen y to Pimpama, a distance of six miles, are eqwl to any toad neal Bitsbane But there aie byioads which lequirea good deal of vv ork to make the settlers' homes comfort ably accessible An important meeting of the boatd was held on Satin day last, when a sptut of revision, if not of leformation, appeared to have come ovet the membcis Mr Lehcy thought the present system of woiktng with a patty and one di ay was disproportionate and occasioned loss Mr Cox thought the wages paul were high but the most important busi ness »as introduced by the clianman, by read ingalettei fiom the Hev Isaac Haidwg, re commending the board to i aise a loan of AJOC J to do the heavy portions of work in a thorough and permanent mann«, so as to save the ever recurring waste of money in patching after every stoim of lam The pioject was, how ever, aftei some discussion, relegated for furtherconsidciation at a futuro day-Cane and grass are both gi owing, and the autumn is protracted into the usual period of winter, the temperature all night being that of the end of April and the beginning of May - We have no signs of an excess of labout, hav mg no calls for beveia) weeks past fiom swags men going or returning from the Tweed, and good hands at felling scrub are in some places inquired for, but this is just the kind of hands that, as far as om experience goes, is never in excess -The sugar plantation at Nerang advertised foi sale, complete with all the machinery, by Messrs Philpott, does not jet find a purchaser, and a larger establishment down the river, projected six months ago by a tomi^syndicato with a pioposalof expending -£10,CC0, makes no show as jet, while one of intermediate dimensions, six miles north, with sixty acres of very fine cane, is relegated to the feeding of cows, and in this case vie are informed there is a block of 300 acres of Jand of equal adaptation for cane culture - Mr Dutton's and Mi Dickson * land theories H"o exciting much interest ae extraordinary ] lunges into the untned and unknown regions ot a political Hades and it is surmised that ra *n who aie not bold enough to go on risking tli Jr all m the crippled industry of the sugar pla *itcr will hesitate before going into tho ball »on of such daring adventurers who talk of spen iuig nine millions of borrowed money dunn g their first ascent But it may be that the c\ cess of gas w ill w äste itself at the stump, and th \t there may be loss of it in Pauliament.

FitESH tenders ate invited for construction of jetties at Woody Point and Redcliffe

The ai mual meeting of the Ironclad Tin nuning Co mpany is adjourned till Wednesday,

2oth June

A public meeting isto be hold in the Sunday school buú<.ün¿¡;, Kangaioo Point, toraoiraw evening to cemsidci the .desuabloucss of estât fishing a Sche'ol of Art«

Tiie programme of the -opening night of the Luiputtaa Opera Troupe at the Albert Hall

appears in our columns

Member*, if the lr M,C A are nwited to cend suggestions foi ei.ten¡>ion 01 impicvement of the work to the Bozjd of Monag<»niOEt, who "."U attend ihis evening, between 8 -and 9 0 clock, to hear suggestions or complaints

A> entertainment w ill feo giv en m the Albert itali this even n/r bj Mi°s jiate JJouglas., late of the Theatres lüo.aí, Svdáey and Melbourne, -»isted b j. number of iady ,ama¿curs St w11 con« o' a nuiibei of recitations, mtei' sper«ed » i h v ocal ai. din. .frumental selections

tv^'J"1"0** -John Cnmeroi-' j.pPorts having sold tVoabov-epropertron cioi n;»tß C ii Connel ncrW ti the mm oC ¿»»0 "be «rea of the P' o 1 nirV ,£eu\ee!' **> «nrt I» aci es anif the sale corn- ed n,*0 " hol° °£ »"' and in ""»cb llio house no» . trimprovements Mr C wron also re rn£?itne .°alu o£ 33»t front ne, t ja Plaide street

ÄLUn7U8hi° Buri" tñane, ii, xttbo Wes

"J an Chapel at £&> per foot

Tim light at Cape Kelson lighthouse is to be shown for the first time on the 7th July wxt (says the Melbourne Argus) It is de scribed as a hist-oider fixed light The dioptnc illuminating nppaiatus is elevated 2>0ft above sea level, and will be visible in cleai wcathei at i distance o£ nineteen nautical miles The height of the stone to-veiis79ft A icd light will be shown eastwaid over the Law renee Hock, and another red light will be exhibited to the west over the southernmost point of Cape Budge«atci, while seawards white light will be displayed,

A new. charging appaiatns for blasting operations has been submitted to the Mines Department (says the Melbourne Aijus) Mr William Gramgei, inspectai of mines, who reports upon it, saj s that it consists of a coppei tube and i ann od lhe foinici is inserted ni the hole to be chained, and the runiod is used as theramiod of a gun The powdci is thus kept fi ora the damp sides of the hole until the entire «hal go is in, and thus a frequent cause of accident is i cmov ed The appaiitusis said to be a groat time saver, and much less dan"er ous to use than the old method The tost is .80s , and the makers aro Messrs Veale and


A<;\Ble message published a few daj s ago stated that ii German sloop of war had su-iixcd at Gibialtai, and was about to pioceed with a gunboat to the w est coast of Afi lea foi the purpose of taking possession of the port and bay of Angra Poquena, m Great Nauiaqua Land to the noith west of the Cape Colony A iccent numbci of the Noith Genua« Gazaite contains a semi olhcial comutuitigui, to the effect that the object of Br Nachtigal s mission to the west coast of Afiiea is to gather materials for enabling the Impciial Government to cs tablish a pioper consiilia i epi csuitation in those regions, and meanvvhilo to piotect and momoto the interests of German subjects there. Di Buchnei, the African truvcllei, has been attached to Dr Nachteil at the litter s ow n request, as also Horr Mobiua secretaty to the Gei man Consulate general m London At the same tinip thelmpeual Government contení plates establishing a permanent naval station in YYrest Afneau vvatei>, -anI meanwhile the gunboat Mt vc left Kiel on the loth of Apul for Lisbon, there to take on boiud the Iiu ponai commissary (Di Nachtigil) and his absistants, and to convey them to their destina tion, whcieit will leruain to suppoit them in

their task

A riEi-urmoN from the Wai wick Pro" ess Committee, consisting of the chairman (Mi

Nunn), and Messrs Macansh O Sullivan and Gibson, waited upon the Minister for Woiks on tiiday evening (sajs the II anncl li iii\) for the purpose of laj nig bcfoie lum a copy of Mr Gibson s report on the countrj pissed over hythe putj recentlj sent out to examine the Hange at the he id of Swan Cicek Mi

Nunn laid before the Miuistei a plan showiug the courbe of the existing line fiom j mu Vale to Brisbane, tin line suivejed ni Cunning ham's Gap to Rosevale and also the loute marked bj the exploring pirtj led by Mi 011111011,1(1 Swan Creik townds Harrisville He pointed out th it the litter would be much the Bhortci loute and while binduli, Warwick within mnctj six miles of Brisbane, would only ? equii e fortj tw o miles of line to be constructed He said the Progicxs Committee did not desire to dictate as to vv Inch waj the line should ¿o, but onlj wished to aesist in pointing out the shortest and the most direct route Mr Miles stated in reply that the line mentioned was necessary and must lie constructed He promised to send np survov oís to examine and íepoib upon the loute hu ' ested bj the com imttcc The deputation having thanked the Minister, vuthdiew

Till death of Mi h Lva Marsh ill the wife of Mi lied Mnishall the popular comedian, oceiured at hei lodgings Jackson street St Kilda, at 11 o clock yesterday morning (says the Al /iiioí6th instant) Since hei husbands illness Mis Maishall, who has been his con stunt attendant, has suffered occasionally from neuralgia headache«, and a sli"ht dei ange ment of the heart but her indisposition nevei extended ovci any length of time noi occa 8101K. d ailinn among hei f neilds About three weeks a(,o howevci, she contracted typhoid fev ei, and died j esterday at the early age of 32 Îcais A consultation was held between Dis

lobei tson und ¿Seild a few daj s ago, when it was found tint hemoiringo had supervened, and no hope was held out of recoveiy Hie deceased w is not well known on the st ige, she having onlj plajedafcw minoi parts (lining the fiist season of the London Comedy Com piny in Mclbom ne Mi M u sh ill s j osition has boen tendered all the moie dish casing bj the loss of his wife It is felt by his medical adviseis and his fneilds th it unless means can be devised for providing lum with a tcmpoiaiy home in the countiy this last blow will entnely destroy his mind The funds in hand have been neal ly exhausted owing to the illness of Alis M ushall, and unless the idea of sending the inv did into the eounti y can be caí i led out without delay it will become neecssiiy before long to obtain his admission to an asylum The condition of the sufferer i« desenbed as most pitiable and those who sympathise with lum m Ins deep misery ire asked to endeavour to alleviate the case as fai as possible

Till following items nie fiom New Cale donnn papers to 2Sth Maj -"A eorrespon dent of the Néo Cahdonten waites fiom Bouio lepan to complain of the wholesale cattle lifting which is being piactised bj the convicts in that neighbourhood On one occasion, as many as twelve of these dcspeiadoes had lounded aheid of milch cows mtoapondin his paddock, and weic makin" off with two calves, when theywcio surprised towards midnight, and dnven off, but, on two subsequent occa sions they w ei o moi c successful Ün the 23i d of Maj, a convict named Etchcvcrry, who was detected in the act of stealing a goat bj YVai dei Arnaud, aimed a blow at lum with an axe The waldor (how lus îevolvcr and shot him Although the man was moi tally wounded, he sptang upon Arnaud in ordci to grapple with lum, when the lattei dischaiged a second ban el, and his assailant immediately fell

He vvas removed to the militirj hospitil, wheie ho died shoitly aftciwaids In the camp on the island of Nou, on the 20th of May a convict named Bordj was killed by one of his fellow prisoners, and at Poembout, on the evening of the 4th ultimo, YVardcr Xavard shot a comict named Beaulieu, whom he had arrested in the house of a settler The shot, which piovcd fatal, was fired in self defence, as the pnsoner endeavouied to close with him A military tribunal has passed a sentence of lmpnsonment foi life upon Augiand a convict implicated in the murder of two of his fellow piisoneis, but it is expected that the Council of Revision will order lum to be executed In that case observes the Néo Caledonian, with a touch of sardonic humour, " the fifth act of the tragedy will bo played in the piesence of Beelzebub, when all the 6a» and arrière ban of the infernal regions will be undei aims in Older to receive a new leermt " According to the same journal the Goveinoi of New Cale donn will take his departuic from the island in the DEatiees, and will visit the principal cities of Australia, Honolulu, and the United States on his waj home

The following item of news is from the San Francisco mail summary, dated from Harper, Kansas, 30th April -A courier, this «vening, brings news of the daring attempt to rob the Medicine \Talley Bank, at Medicine Lodge, tim ty miles w.. t of hei e, in w Inch the cashier was hilled and the president fatally wounded At 10 o clock this morning-foui men, aimed with YVinchcster repeating rifles and tcvolvers, lode up to the bank Two remained with the horses, while the others entered the building and demanded money E YV Payne, presi dent, and George Guppcit, cashier, were in the bank Thcj refused to complj, with the re suit aboie stated The marshal just then ap peared, and opened fire on the men outside Citizens gathered rapidly, and the îobbers, seeing the game was up, quickly mounted and walloped ay ay without having secured their booty Witiun ten minutes thirty men were m hot pursuit Harper, Kansas, 1st Maj -Swift »-etribution has ovci taken the Medicine Lodge muideters andiobbers The jjossa in pursuit j esterdaj carne up w ith tho robbers three miles from tow n, captured them after a hi ici struggle brought the pusoners «sack to town, and lodged them m the cala boose A crowd gathered at 10 p m and at tswked the building One robhei opened file, wliweupon the crowd riddled him with bullets Thejemainin=' throe »et e taken out conducted to ti«; edge of the town, and hanged The ex citeracntwis intense They refused to listen to thecifhccis who endeavouied to quiet them One of the pnsoneis lagged foi meicy, but the others died game The ej-ctfement increased when it wa- found that two of the îobbeis were Henry Biev/n and James Wheeler, Marshal and As«istant-Warsbal of Caldwell The other too-John Wosiej and Henrj Bl own-were «otvbojs ' oin t\w 'Sei uitj five» Bange All the n,en were well known here Mr Payne, presi

dent of the bank, is r<s;jorted dj nig A bullet entei«d Ins biea=t tfje heart, aid cb-w out uuder the shouldei Gunnel1, the easlnei, * is «ist "hot m the back awî tjjiy m the 'p--f>n£;d, Jff djed instantly