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Tin abovo yunioia met for the first time this season on Saturday last at the Albert Sports Ground Oliver captained the Rovers, whilst Unmack did similar duty for the red» Bofoie starting tho gun« the central umpire (Mi Hiyes) drew attention to the fact of the agita tion now going on in football circles of the Australasian gamp, foi the exclusion of push ing, and urged upon those play ing to avoid it as far its possiblo during the game, a lequcat winch was very generally complied with by both teams Pi oin the kick oil it waa induit that the lieda had thp beat of the gamp, as tiny played up well to one another, and when their goal was in danger their back pi tyers kept the ball well away to the wing The lloveia displayed better form during the second half but even this fellshoitof that of hist spaaon and when time waa called tiley li id succicdul liiHcoiing only 1 goal and <{ bollinda to thin opponents' i Koals and 7 behm Is 1 oi the BiiHb-tncs Kievi disuvcs special mention for bia play Fern, Binnack and Ty 1er doing good service at their respectivo stations, whilst for the losing team O Comían (an ex Excelsior with a notoriety of fin 1 mg) followed well throughout Huntingdon Cooper, and Cole showed fair play, the lastnamcd making two splendid runs along the right wing during the afternoon Among the Koveis' rinks I ie coimsed an old identity ef \r«llpy foothill, YV

Crimes, but indeed sadly out of form Iho Lame has considerably unproved «mee the dava he used to boss the old Pi lniary behool team against the vanona school teams with such

noted success


A practice match waa played on grounds near the Mayne railway station, which were kindly placed at the disposal of the players by Mrs  

Edmonstone. I'herc was a very good muster of enthusiasts, and many of them showed splendid form, playing the game light clem out and avoiding the mistake too often made by some of our foothalleia of attempting bril

haut displays to cain the applause of the gods and ignoring the mtciests of then otu ti mi, Alcasia Lia and Markwell captained the respective sides, and they must hue been proud of the good stuff they wen supported In luue wen several militant runs, Andcison ami Sluivvbuiiig very conspicuous in tit it line Ihcdubblingof Dmhaiii was as pi etty work as eyes could wish lo gi/e upon Bclbiul'o showed plenty of dash in his quin lu back play Altclicla collating and back play was it notable fcatuic of the ."iniiii

Snell wiw always at woik m the "sciiinmiLc " but he muât tone down a great deal moie and bo piepaicd foi fast opinplay, ami try to avoid the close packed vvhiih he tnea to form , they do not jay eithci side, and aie fin fiom nice to look al 'Hie akippcis showed some of then old mettle, and wore always amongst then men in the foi wuids it was veiy giatifymg tosco auch an liiipiovemciit in the knowledge of the game, and the genual desire foi fast woik bei eral ni w faces showed up well

andholdoutgictit hopea to na of ourbeingublu to pul mcally lust claas team m the held to face the New South Welsluni n next month Din ham, Shaw, J E Huns (n colt), By nu Aim strong, ant Uievvci did gi cat tilings foi Alaik well s team, which they hi lpcd to pull throwji victo! ions by three trica and a goal lo one ti y acoicdby Le ia aide, which w is idiinrahly Blip polled by Alichel, Andcison, J ickson, Peiry

Holmes and Hawtrce

Hie match bctvvein the Wundi i era and 1 ire flies, which tikes place the week aftei next is CK iling ii gi tat atir amongst the mon, who in e getting very anxioua tonic isuie then stien"th

and teat their »kill


The first match under the auspices of the Anglo-Queensland Football Association took     place on the Pineapple ground, Kangaroo Point on Saturday, the contending clubs being the Queen's Park and St Andrew's. The clubs played eleven aside, being the usual number in     matches under this association. The colours   were-for St Andrews dark blue and for Queen's Park blue and white. Mr Shiers was

umpire for the Queen's Park, and Mr Curry     filled the same position for the other side, Mr Hudson being referee. The attendance   numbered about sixty, and most of them took   a lively interest in the game. The leather was sent rolling by the St Andrew's, who kicked up   the ground, which was slightly on a slope. The Queen's Park team, ably captained by

Princeps, defended the determined attack of   their enemies for some considerable time until at last Macreadie sent the ball through the posts, and goal one was scored for St.   Andrew's amid loud cheers. Almost imme-     diately it was seen that the blue and white were in trouble again, for Macreadie watched the opportunity and kicked the leather past the goal keeper and between the sticks and the result was goal two for the dark blue. Princeps then called on his men, but it was appa- rently useless, for, despite their efforts to keep back the enemy, goal three was kicked for St. Andrew's when half time was called. On re- suming play matters fared no better for the blue and white, who seemed completely over- matched, and not able to work well together as their opponents evidently did, no less than four goals having been credited to St Andrew's during the latter half of the play, making in all seven goals, when time was called, to Queen's Park nil the victory was a most decisive one, and the winners worked like Trojans throughout, and at a time well to- gether, and with a little more practice should take a lot to beat them. Wylie captained them, and deserves praise for the way in which he led   his men. It would be almost unfair to single out any individual player of their team for dexterity, although perhaps Macreadie worked harder than any, and with most success. The play of the dark blues pleased the spectators   most, although apparently their sympathy was with the blue and white. Princeps laboured under the disadvantage of not having, to all intents and purposes, a good team, and the   goal keepers should have been more on the alert. Some of his team did not seem quite at home, but being their first match it was ex- cusable. Amongst those who distinguished themselves for the Queen's Park were Princeps, who was frequently applauded for good play, Holland, Wearne, and Allison. All the others did their level best, no doubt, and with practice will improve. Some good 'head-     ing the ball was done by the Q. P. team,   evoking considerable laughter. A number of "fouls" occurred, which players on both sides should try for the future to avoid as much as   possible. Cheers for the losers and winners and all concerned brought the first Anglo- Queensland football contest to a pleasant con- clusion. It is understood the St Andrew's play the Rangers next Saturday, when there should be an exciting match.

Till Geogiaplueftl Society of Bcihn lins raised its voice on behalf of the Congo ter ritory, set forth by the ti av oller, D Peclniel

Lopsche, as possessed of numerous icsotnces and a good commentai centre, though, puhaps, less likely to become an important piovince than dtstucta more in the interior.