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At an early hour yesterday morning a col liaion of a serions charactci, involving conaidc i able damage to ptopcitv and jeopardy to life, occui red in Moreton Bay between the Q S S Company's stcamei Taldoia, Captain G T Potts, and the stcamei Atelier, Captain Janie« Lowrie, belonging to the same company The little stcamei Taldora, which is 12G tons rcgtstci, cast off fiom Mesara l'ai bin y, Lamb, and llaffs whaif, Uagle street, at half past 10 o'clock on Thursday night, hound foi Port Mackay, with about ISO tons of cargo, conaiating of piles for a now wharf at Mackay, a quantity of maize, and general merchandise All went well until reaching the Pilot Station, which was mado about half paat 2 o clock y estcrday moi nmg Thei e w as then a moderate south aouth west breeze blowing Tlio sea was com paratiiely smooth, but the sky waa darkened by rainy looking clouds When the Taldora had got between Cowan Cowan Point and Comboyuro Point the mast head light of an inward bound ateamcr was observed a short distance ahead Captain Potts kept on Ina courBC, but a few minutes iftcrwards the steamer, which proved to be the Archer, was observed to be in such a position that a collision was inevitable Accordingly the engines of the Taldora were promptly reversed to full speed astern, but notwithstanding this the two vessels caine together with a tremendous crash that shook the Taldora, »Inch, it will bo re membcred, was heavily laden, from stem to stern The laldora struck the Archer stem on, fair on the port quarter, ct ushing tlnough two of the saloon cabins, and

rebounded with the foi ce of the contact The second stcwaid, who was aaleep in his cabin at the time, waa completely involved in the wreckage, a plate of iron from the vessel s hull being rolled round him, so that ho had to bo dragged out by his shipmates Strange to »ay, he waa unhurt, beyond a few scratches and a sev ere ahock Had all the four bei ths been occupied at the time there ia no doubt that the resultwould have been verymueh moresenous On the laldora the effects of the con- tact did not result in any serious injury to those on board One of the ciew waa sent spinning out of Ina bunk and picked himself up amon¡, the chain plates, having sustained a few slight bl tuses and cuta, while a second was hui led from one bunk to another befoieltcvasawarewhat had hapj ened ÂY^hen the vessels ultimately got cleat they remained by each other for about twenty minutes, when finding that there was no immedi ite dangei to either, the Ai cher resumed her passage, and the Taldora, after landing thiee pilots at Bulwer, started back to Bnsbanc for repairs The Archer, unfortunately, took the ground outside the Weat Beacon, but succeeded in floating off with the midday tide, and berthed alongside tke wharf of her agents m the afternoon. The

Toldóla had hot stem completely smashed and her bow s stove in on both sides, leaving a laigo gap of Vshape, extending fully Cft tonaids tho hold, and fiom tho figuie head to the w ttor line It is foi lunate foi the Taldora that she is fitted with a wntei tight bulkhead beyond tho dimaged patts, 01 «ho might not havoiegamed the »half so easily Aa it waa considciablo dithetilty was experienced m bunging he» actoas the Bnv She had tobo (luven it a slow t ite of speed and stopped at ititctv ila in 01 dei to bail out the watct that was coming into hot foto coin patt mont Hie 1 ildoi i waa mooicd ilongsido the Mttntcipil whatves soon tiftet 12 o clock, and thedischaigc of hci caigo whiuli, bj the way, docs not appeal to bo much d imaged, was at once commenced She will bo lepaned with out losa of time The Al eliot had a bolo di tv cn m hot poit quat ter fully loft in length and extending from the hut ne me to the main deck, a space of 7ft 1 lvo butha and i linen loeUci wete sinashod almost lo fi urinints, in I the ttinei walls of the cibuis »cn tin own violently on to the siloon table sinislini}, the globes of the lampa suspended ovet it It ia loughly csti

mated th it it » ill eost about £100 to ltp in the d tilingo The Atcliei will eonuneuee d13 ellinging hoi caigo only tins 11101 ntn", aftoi »Inch she w ill be moot eil in lho slieani, when tendéis »ill bo called fot peiniiincnt tcpatta bete 'I he iej ans can bo 111 »di in the atienni, and »hen thoy ne completed Hu via^cl will be wuped into the lui» in,; dock to bo cleaned and painted I he optnieii has been ex picsscd that had tho liildoiA at the time of the collision been gom » nt hei full late of speed she would li ivcstuiek the Aichct

amidships and iiotliinn then would hue sued

citltei of them