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Sill,-I ser with pleasuic in your leading aiticle of to day that some thoughtful scientist in New »out i Vi ales is about to repeat in sub stance w hat I j i oposed to do foi Queensland, and I tiust that »ith tho moro educated tri

bundle filial public opinion,' which he will dot1 ti s Uni in tint mo-e settled and estab lis! ed regioi he will n jt bo un ippieciated or tteated with the nbuUl and n mow minded jokes and juig nents that weie showeiedonmy head Even m the City Police Court a person who was -umi >si 1 to be an educitcd mau went out of h s t i when the harned counsel stated that Id.d ii tiiniicwitli his analysis, to inform the comt ii at ho was not ' ii lainmaket," ant' tncrcfj-c did not cire foi my opinion Time a id iii-» 'iront of fate ' cause wise men to marvel, ni cien astronomer Russell, of feydnov, with his sm ill joke of comparing me to au i-idi in ' tom tom' pi ij er, mav yet see reason to accept as science ti hat franklin stamijed wit i the impicss of genius

On the 17th Octobei, 1SS.1, jour respected tonn ii pulili lied an i iticle of minc, entitled "Cuuent Scientific itews," in which I said "military balloon corps mo now organised is patt of oui Biilisn inililiiy seiwcc, and why may not the Qu rn»-Iind Government order a complete --et ut iiullouti appaiatiu., which would anewei t vo imposts' Vint it would constit itc tin look out and far seeing cyca of the Litton lort, and, secondly, it might be used foi making those mete© lolof,ical obsti valions in the higher regions of the air, winch tony help lo get inn;, ando cn if thej fail will i npaitknowledge to numerous lnqiiinng minds in Queensland, besides leflectuigsome lustie on the intelligent Government that mi y »pend a few hundreds as pioneers end exploiers of cloudland " In con nectiou wi h this h'atement I may also call the attention ( t j our leaders to another one that ap peal ed m the Jilejiuph, 21rd lanuaiy, 1SS2 - "Mi White (Sluw and Co ), bj the wa}, has stiuck out a happy thought in connection with this ' cloud compelling' business lie gets rid of the nine poundei Oiwt LUII, and the difficulty of its tian-portation into the bush, bj substituting a clnr"e of dynamite or olhei explosive attached to the tul of tho kite and firing it with a «puk if clectucity ob tamed fiom the clouds, anti diverting it into a fulminating fuse pi iced in the centre of the dynamite " Jt is cvidtnt that the honour of the idea oi bombit dins the clouds belongs to Queensland, although (with two exceptions namely, D ODohcity and Gcoif,c Hains, Esq , vi ho led a substi iption ni fat otu of moie expei lments which no one else 1 arkod up) she had no1 fh ciiteipincandcouiagcto giasp it Aguí the Vail!/ ubini 1er, 20lh Tanuaiy, 1SS2 - Oui iiai'eis must ltmciubci Hi it Pi of essor Pepper does not insist on the success of his cxpenm it lu. merely says as Dr Inankhn

said, /n.iijMi »mila -let the experiment be


On 0 h 1 'nuit.lSSí the'sterl kite having unfo-unnr ij iJLOn , educed in size, did not okei lilli went nea foi tin light wind that pi etílica to um it up but the Jdrtjuijih of that nat umuks - Iii proceedings com moneed with thi in.n"' or ionic laige ship's locket«, then a ball i s of n 11 j uns, lent bj Mi Gcn/e Iljin«, ti io Incd is fastas the single gunn i oui 1 man e them, and ti en a mine of dynamite tin I red by the clocáis "pink at i safe distance fiom the tisifois, making i 1 ni ítpoit and a hole in tlie ground a j aid in diamctci and is much in dejitli These conçu i mis un. ie jicated tip to 2 o'clock, when a --howei of i mi fell, which may or may not hate bein attit

btitible to the expenmenti» At 4 o'tloej a laiA unió ci-iituniurf 101b ofbluotiiiif poAdei uid 71 <tdjnannte was íned, caiiMiig a tie nifii is report, an 1 throwing up a dense t 1 inn ' blvk and yiuysmokc, the. wand bv Hilo ti c .julijleiito a tciy light au."

I venture to quote these statements to show that we have anticipated hei o the experiment about to be tried in Ntw South Wales, and I would fuithei lospcctftilly uigo the Govern- ment of Queensland to older the mihtoiy balloon appaiatus fiom the Wai Oihco m London, and allow this ve_.ed qutstion of "cloud compelling" to be settled m tho interests of science and the fanners who so frequently, but m vam, desne the fiuitful showers to descend on then crops, and apolo- gising for the length of these quotations, »hieb weie noccssaiy to lemind j oui leaders o

"facts,"-! am, sn. &c


Laboratory, School of Arts,

Brisbane, 24th April.