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The list which ia furnished annually by the English sporting paper par exLßllence, Bell's Life \n London, should possess some con- siderable interest to colonial breeders, as showing what strains of blood arc at the present time most successful, and consequently most fashionable, in the old country. The im- portance to which breeding thoroughbred stock in England has attained may be in some degree estimated by the fact that the list of stalhona for the preaent year numbers no less than 166, besides which there are twenty one sires of high pedigiee to bo found in the Emerald Isle. It may also be mentioned that the total return of brood mares (thoroughbred) for the year is, according to the same authority, 3255, of which number 700 were barren, 200 were not covered the previous year, 100 were sent abroad before foaling, the living produce being about 1900, while there is of course the usual percentage of losses, fee. The added money at the \ anona race meetings of Gi cat Britain and Ireland for tho yeer lbSá amounted to £208,577-ao that the prices paid for covering fees, even to the most faaluonab e stalhona, do not on conaiderution appear so enormous as at fust sight might be supposed. The famous Heinnt of course heads the list, roiftung in sobtaiy grandeur, at the price of 200 iuineaa, and the woid "full" aftci Ina name show» that his ownei, Mi. Chaplin, of Blankney, was well justified ni raising Ins hgute fiom the 150 guineas of previous years Hermit is, as is well known, by Newnunstoi out of Seclusion, by Tadmoi, and it is cm iota to note that though thero aro foin othei Ncwminstci sues on the list-namely, Cardinal Yoik, by New- minster out of License, by Giimeboy, Di. Templo, by Nowminstci out ot Men y Wing byBudcatehci ; E\mmstei,by Vewminstci out of Stockings, by Stockwell, ant Yictoi lotis, by Nownimatci out of a Jeiemy Dddlcrmarc, by Voltairo-they are all of thom quite at the bottom of the tiee, Canhniil Yoik and Vic tonoua atanding at 10 guineas, v hilo the ownei of Di. Temple and the highly bicd Evimiiatci (foimcrly one of the sues at Middle Paik, Eltham) estimate tho value of these sues at 5 guineas lcsptctivcly. Then aie, howcvei, seveial stilhons by Hennit who pionusc to continue the direct Newminster line, and of these tho two that show the boldest front aie the uutmd Pitei-a bnlliant, but owing to terapci a i athel uncertain, pei foi mel on the tin f-whose pi ico is h\cd at 50 guineas, and Reticat, by Heinnt out of Quick Alaieh, by Rataplan, who is advcitiaed at 20 guineas less. The famous Stockwell has but tlneo immediate lepiesentatives - namely, tho high pi iced Doncastor and tho Duke at 50 guineas, and Cncas at £40 -while his most famous dcsoeiidant, Blau Athol, lim dly looks like keeping up the honoui of the family, na his sous do not seem able to i iso aboie tho lovel 10 and 15 guineas, whilst his lelatne Doncaster has tho Derby winnci BendOi at 50 guineas, and Aluucnstci witha full subacnption of 20 guineas to lepicsint him. liai king back, honcvci, to the oidei in which they ai e placed as their value as sires, wo find Hermit, na befoi o mentioned, iii st on the list at 200 guineas Sterling, by Oiioid, by lush Biidcatchcr, comes next at 150 guineas; then follow Gcoige Predenck, by Mais}as, giandaon of Touchstone and Rosiciu cían, by Beadsman (the lepiesentative of the gieat Wcathcibit famil}),at 100guineas At oO guineas, we come ucios3nll the rcpiiscntu tiv ea of the moat famous strains of blood, and the names of Barcaldine, Benucleic, Bond'Or, Doncaster, The Duke, Hampton, lsonomy, Kisbei, Lowlander, Macaroni, Pet«, Petrarch Sec Saw, Speculum, Spnnglield, and Wcnloek, bung to mind the exploits on tlio raeccoiuso which piovcd the excellence of then pedigiee Of this number, Baicaldme and Peter have yet to earn their spins at the stud. The former, Barcaldine, is by Solon out of Ballyroe, by Belladium, by Stock- well; Solon being by West Austi allan, by Alelbourne, and his dam being by Bud catcher out of a mai c by llctman Platotf. In his pedigree will bo found two strains of Touch stone and two of Sn Hei enies, w bile Molboumo Stockwell, and Laneieoat each have had one share in producing the best horse in modern timca. On the tuif Baicaldme held an un- beaten certificate, having run twelve times without suilenng defeat, and m two of these

íaces he beat the cclebiatcd Tustan, by Hermit Ho also won the Oringc Cup at Ascot, and the Northumberland Plate under 1st 101b He was then pin chased by the Countess of Stamford for &000 sovs , and now presides ov ei the stud at tho P irk paddocks, Newmaikct In appeal ance he is saul tobo a vciy big horse standing npulv 10 hands 2in , a good hard bay in co our with black logs, with a much fiuci and moie intelligent head than might have been expected by Ins Melbourne descent Altogcthci he is described ¡is being about tho most pow ci ful lacchoi se that ev ci was bi id, and it is saul that lus quarters are vvido enough to fit lum foi a waggon hoise, and long enough to jilease the most exictmg m ince hoi se confoi niation His hocks nie of cone sponding pow erf ni oi dei and his flat legs, so big in bone, aie all in proportion Judging fiom his desciiption, Bal cahime should jiosscss all the points lcquued to pioduce iiicchorscs of spied und pow ci, and in this case will pi ove worth} of the high puce pud for lum Pctei, by Hcinut out of Lid} Mashain, bj Brothci to Stiaffoid, was remarkable on the tint foi gi cat speed combined with gi cat ccccnti ícity of temp«, and piovidcd he is iblo to tuinsmit to his piogeny the hist of these two qualities without the second ho will be likely to talco a still higher place in the list of succeeding seasons Of the othci oO guinea candidates, Doneastei, the Duke, Bond'or and Spi infield icprcscnt the direct Stockwell lines, while Bcnucleic, a son of Rosicrusim (who is one of the 100 guinea select few), repi cseiits that of Weathcibu Hampton, by Lord Clifden out of Lad} Langdon, bj Kotfcledi uni (a non of Rataplan), i epresentsthe family of New minster and 1 oin listone, ¡indthpsaineniay be saul of the inbicd Peti uch, bv Loid Clifden out of Laura, bv Orlando, uni Wenloil, by Loid Clifden out of Minenil, by Rataplan, lsonoui}, a son uf Stelling,by Oxford, thiough whom we obtain the best characteristics of 1 Bndcatchei, limning fiom lum in du cet line thiough Sn Hu enies Whalebone, Waxy, and 1'otStos, while the dam of Ovfoid, Honey dcai, is by Plonijiotcntiai}, a ton of Lniilius, and conse quentl} a grandson of Oiulle Kisbei ¡mil Seo Saw îepresont the cxpalmted Buccaneer the bo>ti epi cscntnUi c of \\ lid Daj i ull, Speculum, b} ^ edettc, repiesents the line of lllacl lock, and Mncaioni that of Venison , while Low- land«, a sou of Dalesman, isu soUtuij duett le

prcsentativo of the stout blood of Rataplan. Next on tho list, and only ono Btep removed, comes Albei t Victoi, by Mnrsyaa out of Prin- cess of Wales, hy Stockwell, at 40guineas, and then como siveial at JO guineas, pel haps tho most pionuncnt being Dutch bkntci, by the Flying Dutchman, almost the solo du cet icpie acntativ o of the Bay Middleton line ; and the Amciicau bud Pox hall, by King Alfonso out of Jamaica, by Lexington, with full subsenp tion list at that figure. Among the 25 guinea division maybe noticed Berti ara, the sire of Robert tho Devil, who is evidently in the opinion of bl cedéis worth on!) half the fee asked foi his fatliei as his subscription list is put down as full llieie aie also here to be found the handsome Bi uce, that failed in the Derby of 1SS2, but somewhat îedccmed Ins character by winning the Grand Pi ix de Pans , and John Davis, the best of the Voltigeurs at the stud, who also pi onuses to be a worth} companion to Speculum m continuing the Blacklock line Numerous are the candidates foi tin f honours whoso servicci arc valued at 20 guineas, 10 guineas, 5 guineas, and even 2J guineas , while several offer then services to Uioroughbied mares fee, and among this latter class may bo seen the names of Cymbal, by Kettledrum, Cypress, by Loid Clifden out of Idalia, Julius Cesar, by ¡st Alban's outof July, by Orlando; Maiden by Hermit, .Sportsman by Adven tin oi, all of them having the bluest blood in their veins, but apparently needing the same op portunity for distinguishing themselves which has been afFoided their moio fortunate iola ti ves In Ireland extravagance in fees is evi

dently not countenanced, as I1) guineas is tho highest figure at which Ârbitratoi, by Solon, Hollywood by Oiest, and The Hake, by Wild Dayl eli, ollei their sei vices to the public. Of the otheis, there aie ten sires who ask 10 guineas, while seven are content with tho modest fee of 'i guineas only It cannot therefore be considered, taking all the stallions in the United Kingdom together, that breeders have anyieason to complain cither as to the quality oi quantity of sues which aro available, for, though the services of the high priced fathers of the stud, such as Hermit and others, are fixed at a price that is almost prohibitory to bleeders of moderate means, yet even the most fastidious would be hard to satisfy if thoy would be content to ignoro fashion and choose from the ranks of those at 50 guineas and under sues well bied enough to assist them in breeding annuals winch might be capable of attaining to the highest honours on the turf, and prove a mine of wealth at the stud in } cais

to come.