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ITEMS OF 'EWS kA Snake Yarn.--From Gundi?aia comes the story of a thrilling snake hunt with musical acconipanmuent.' A snake rushed under the vurauan-. of John Egan's homestead. Hurried ly a mouth organ was procured?in the hnpe of enticing the enemy into the open. "Yes, we have: no ban anas,' and "On the road to Gun dagai" were played. without sue cess. Somebody suggested appealing to the sentimental side of the snake. Immediately. "Come into the garden, Maud," was played. Out came the snake. Incidentally he brought '"Maud' 'with him. The couple! were chopped ,up with an axe. An Opinion of Australians.--Re cently in 'the, Divorce Court, Syd hey, Richard Joynson, formerly a member of the A.I.F., was granted a divorce from Lily Joynson wlhoni he married in England. She did' not lik 'the farm life in Australia, and returned to England. She wrote to her husband from England in the .following d rain :--"That ghastly place, with its lack of re finement, and its hard-faced, cal lous, unscrupulous people, stands out like a hideous nightmiare in my life. With. conditions such as I found it was more than my nature could. acheve -to fulfil the vows I made to you. That, awful climate, the desolation of the place, and the general lack of refinement and vant of sympathy with the English was too much to bear. It is no ulace for any girl with any ambition, re-. finement, or a desire to live and not to vege ate." The ground fdor divorce was desertion. - A.I.F. War 'Medals.-- ititnay headquarters desire to inform those ex-niemoers of the Australian im perial Force who' have not collected their war medals and stars that it is intended to close the medals dis tribution branch in Perth at 'an' early. date, and to transfer those medals anid stars remaining on hand to Base :Records Office at Army Headquarters, Melbourne. Those who have nrot yet applied for their medals and stars are 'urged to d&o so at once; as no issues will pro bably be- itmde in Western Austra lia after April 30 next, and appli cations mnade after that date will be i dealt with only at Base Records Office, Melbourne. This must ne cessarily result in some extra ex pense, and delay in issuing medals, and' all who have not yet received. their' medals, etc. are asked to as- s'st in completing the distribution, of medals and stars by submitting early' application to Military Head quarters, Francis-street, Perth, quoting ;No., rank, name, and unit,. Boulder %Children's Court.--Mr. G. H. Rainsford and Mrs. G. A. Wiles .occupied' the bench in the Boulder Children s ('our.- Thm'dr morning, when two boys ,were bound: over for six months as the result of a charge: of having been on the premises :of -the Lake View and Star Gold 'Mine for an unlawful purpose,. to wit,. t6 steal: Another lad, charged, with disorderly conduct ,in the Palace: Picture . Gardens, was ordered to pay 1/ costs. Rainfall Record.--The ,average monthly rainifoll in Kalgoorlie for the piast ,27- years'? s 'ias' follows: January ?'39' points;' -:February, .73; March, 9'3 ; April, '93; '.May,:. 131; June, 120; July 189; Auc~us, 98• Septnrw?," 49: SOctober, 71 ; Notr ember; ~6.i Decemriber, 6.2. -The ram fall laIt 'yeSiar for: the various moanths was :-AJaniirv.. ,79; Febrt,~wr, 11 March, -31; 'Anril.: 132:. May,. .8; fnrie -294 ~4 J uly. 10 Aiutust.. 4 .. Septembwl. 27: October, nil; Nov: vembr, " -nil.': December.. '46.. This year's :rieords hir- as follows :~--Jan nary, nil; Febrt~kry, 185. Ex-Ausbralian Imperial Force Of. ficers.-All ex-officers of the :A.I.F. who'rrendered satisfactory service during the Great War, and ar. nOt now seririg :with the Australian Milit.'.- Forces, :are on' the reserve oof' flC~-,'· and in order, to retain the priviletee . obnerta:iinn?- thereto, it is necesary that each o0fiter fur nish t.o the O.nmandant. 5th D:s trict Thise, Franeis-street, Perth, h.cddress each vear in ?thse month of JTanuarv or February. Thoser who fail 'to~ comnly with th;s rearlation are e1·iae' to lav: their m)rmon re movvd frm thids list and thle:,. au pointmen.t2~ o th& reserve of officers, tenrrdiiated.