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SOUTlIl'OtvT, February 12.

The Divisional Boat d election io-day resulted as follows ¡-Welsh polled l'-".J, While HU, Biggs Di), Morris bli, Rawlins hi, Watson S2,

informal 17.

WARWICK, February 12.

His Excellency the Governor, accompanied by his privato secretary, the Minister loi Works, Colonel French, Major Moore, and Mr. Kates, M.L.A., arrived bj special train at half-past 0 o'clock this evening. He was re- ceived by alargo crowd, who cheered loudly. An address of welcome was presented from the Municipal Council. The Goveinor responded iu suitable terms, and then entered a four-in hand drag, and was driven through the prin- cipal streets, followed by a long procession of buggies and horsemen. The town was gaily deco- rated with bunting. Over the bridge leading into town from tho station a triumphal arch of evergreens bearing the motto " Welcome to Warwick" had been erci-b-d. The* Governor was heartily cheered as he passed along the strce's, and on arrival at the Commercial Hotel, where he is staying, his Excellency re- turned thanks for the very cordial welcome he

had received.

The show to bo opened to-morrow at noon promises to be a great success, considering the season. The horse and stock sections will bo particularly fine, and there will be a grand show of grain. Fruit» and plants also promise


The Governor holds an undresä levee to- morrow, and Colonel French will inspect the

Loral Volunteers.

The weather this evening is cloudy.

DALBY. February 32.

At a meeting of the committee of the Nor- thern Downh Jockey Club to-il.iy, it v,as de- cided to hold a two days' race meeting on the 15th and 10th May. The added money will

amount to í.*250.

BOOKHAMPTON, February 12.

TheR.M.S. Roma, from London, arrived in Keppel Bay this morning.

The Biirwah, s., arrived this morning from îîrisbanc mid Maryborough, and leaves on her

return trip at 11 to moi ross morning,

TOWNS AULLE, Februaiy 12.

The ratlw ty ins opened yesterday from Charters Toss ers to Homestead. Thei e w as no ceremony m connection w ith the affair, and very few pasicngois went up hythe fust ti am.

No ram has fallen hei e, but there has e been frequent shosvers between heie and Chaitcrs

Toss ers.


Mr. H R Ruthei ford bos boon elected Mayor of Charters Toss eis unopposed.

A man named James Small»ood has been committed for ti ml for attempt at criminal assault on Agnes Allen, a gil 1 under 10 j ears of agc. Joseph O'Lcary, charged svith a similar offence on Annie Kingstone, aged 12, was remanded.

COOKTOWN, February 12.

The weather is very stormy, with occasional heavy showers, and the Cambrian Princess, from Liverpool, was not able to come into port   yesterday, as was anticipated, though there have been very high tides lately, not hav ing   had enough cargo lighteted.

Great satisfaction is expressed at Mr. Bash- ford having signed the contract for the first section of the railway from Cooktown to May-


The lease of the Corporation Whar es for twelve months wass sold last week, and realised £1394.

Mr. Darcy has been re elected mayor of Cooktown.

HERBERTON, February 12.

Mr. Selig has again been re elected chairman of the Tinaroo Drusional Board.

ADAVALE (nil Charleville), February 7.

The weather is fine aud dry, but there are thunder clouds about.