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A FEW dauys ago we notified the arrival of

this fine vessel, and published a detailed de- scription of her which had been furnished by a Southern contemporary. That description

will be found in the Courier of 15th Decem-     ber, and to it we must refer the reader desirous of fuller information than space permits our giving today. 'Thc'âti'ile'joanls on her mult deck provide for'eighty'Ant class pissbni»cis and she" has an [otcçptiynally coniinotiious ^ladies* cabm. There is also lirst-iato accom- modation'for eighty "socoutl class passengers with a 'special 'citbin lor ladies also'

Her length is '230ft.;- bonn 'SOtt, ilciiih | 23ft., und grossi tonnage lö05. At' lier

H«"ííip"n"tJíu,Cy,?.".SVtt (i"clt'Pcda snoed

otWknoV,1 and worked up to an indicated

hd^otVórbf 2300 wit!iV8Wtons coal on bohd

fämee heil uinvil, hcip, the M truno i has le jCtuVcd a Elioi-ugh overhaul in the South lins banc gilli hit dook, and \nt,erd ly looked ,w flesh and cluan ns a now pin

?With" ai view to atfriaCt attention to their magnificent new boat,'the Itr.s'janO agents of the Q.tííS, Cümj-arry'(Me^äi-.'Parbury, Lim!., and lialF; yesterdayin.iitjfd .1 large nunibu of leading .colonists to u,< luncheon on boan!. Tho hour lixed for 'startnig was 10 :W in.ip , bub it wiis nearly ,un hour lalor when the Maratta» ilovvly.MnoVcll bli fronnn the w li.vt f with over 1ÖD gcntldmeti on boan!. Slio i was kept at half-speed for sonnt distance down

the river, bul as she passedanii through the new channel at full speed, dil tho teeth of a strong '-north-east Wind, 'she gave her passengers some conception of her great power and speed. At the anchorage the immigrant ship Berwick Law was passed, and after about an hour's run down the Bay she went about and returned to   the river, where she came to an anchor. We   may here mention that on repassing the immi- grant ship the steamer waa greeted with en- thusiastic and prolonged cheering from, apparently, about 5OO throats, the excursionists rather feebly reciprocating. Soon after anchor- ing the party were invited by their host,   the Hon. E. B. Forrest, to take seats at splendidly-garnished tables in the commodious and luxuriously furnished saloon, and in a few minutes every one of the seventy* two available scats was filled. Provision for   the remainder of the party, however, had been made by the laying of a lui)}* table on the upper decks, and' tile guests both ¡ibovo mid below soon ¿ave evidence of tjloshaipcuing effect of the sea bice/.o upon their um illy flagging ap- petites in the present, hot scir-on of the year. Tho four tables were severally presided over by tlio Hon. H, B. «Forrest,"Ali. George Bail, Captain \V. W. llaniptob (the counuitndcr of ,tho vqsscl), and Captai)). Hussard, tito com- pany's liiiu'inc superintendent. The attention and courtesy of these gentlemen to their guests,' who included pcraoi's of nil classes ¡and creeds, was the Jsnibjcpt of .runoral iciiifiik, and nothing couhl .Jinyo p-s-tcd qff more pleasantly than the ,'luncheon, nolv\ith stauding the high, temperature olsovvhero of a warm summer's day,.. The saloon, indeed, although full, was so tycll ventilated tjuil it was not,until tho spcfc-h-imiMng began ¿hat any iiieonvcnienccjrom the licit was felt.

Tho lion. E. B. FcqutLSr thoa rose und pro- posed " Tho Queen," .». hich having been loyally honoured, lnç gavo,/,',Tho 'Govornor," <ro|inu,k ing' that Queensland was lo bo congratulated in the, Belcctjioii 'puido of Sir Anthony Mus- grave, who ho believed .would prove in o\cry way,& desirable Governor, Thojtonst, having been enthusiastically'drunk,

. His, Honour Acting Chief Jnttice HahpiN'O rose and said Ino regretted no1 bîing much con- nected with .nautical matters,, and could not speak, with authority as |o tlio, vvortluncss of this noblp vessel., But speaking asa layman addiq.ssing layman nqt but reinaik upon'tho manner in which the hhip had been fitted up. They could,all,sco the ijlnoroingh in ovi sion niado for passengers in this beautiful saloon; and also for the, cqnifort of another kind 9! 1'cauty;, Usually, he 1 ogre tied to say, our better halves were,tho,wout provided for on board steamers, but boro, they were ticated

ntjloast us,well as their paitnei . He was cou- | iideut, without ^ committing himself as lo tho seagoing qualities of tl*u .stenier, that bIic would bo popula)* with f,ho hi'iics. Ho could not but recollect that, on, lint coining to Bus barm ho tva3 taken np tlio liver in the little Kmi'ïa, whicli. was thought inuct of,oven oftpr that time, Only two yens a¡,6, whim towel- ling on tho Fitzroy,, ho was ¡pointed out a steamer nailed tho Polly, which was said to bo ownpd by a new company, Ile ¡then inquiied who co-nipo-pel this company, and some ot the mon hoiiigi' he wainatislicd from that moment',that something wsb to bo done; and looking at tliisiiino vessel |,o*day lio was ccitainty not disappointed. He 'ifould couqluclo by proposm;*» pfospoiily, I9 li o Queensland ßteaut Shipping1 Qompany. Tip toast having received all the honours, ,

Mr, 1 PojUUí.st said ho supposed it,was his duty fo reply on behalf of the directors of- tho company, ¡, and thank the assemblage for ,tho ent'msiastie way in 1 which tho toast had boen received. Ho would lteie muko a, fow rein irks iu 'reply to inquiries mndo some lime J sinco as to who tho Queensland Stpam (-nipping Com- pany were, and as to where ¡thoy carriod on ti noir operations. IIo Mas glad to bo.ablo to give the public information on theso points. Tho company was established in tho latter part of 1881. For some years previously three steamer- hail been employed oil tho Queens- land coast-the 1 Corea, owiiodj by Mossrs. Charles Parbury and Gilchrist, ind the Tal- dora and Polly hy Mr. Andrew | M'Hwrailh. In 18S1 the British-India Compfjai-y, took up the Queensland Mail service, and lindingthe want of steamers to call at ports'at 11 Meit the mail boats could not touch,, tlio (attention of Mr. Dawes, of tho firm of Gray,! Dawes, and Co., was directed to the cireuiiiBlanco. He entered upon negotiations in Lotníon with Mr. Charles Parbury add Mr, Audron JVIÏlwraith, tho result being tho establishment of the Queensland Steam Shipping Company-the object being to carry on a coastal trade and provide, as already stated, for the wants of thoso ports at which "tho British-India Company's boats could not call. |T)io capital of tho now company was fixed at £100,000. The first directors were Mr, Charles l'lirbury, Mr. Dawes, and Mr. Andrew M'llwiafth. In De- cember, 1881, tho company piuphased the Gunga, and in March, 1882, tho Tiaganini. Tn November, 1882, it was determined by resolu- tion to increase t..e capital of the sompany to £250,000, it being admitted by well-infoimed persons at the time that the Queensland coasting trade had become greata- than tlio facilities for carryirTg it on. Since then four vessels had boen sent out-the Archer, the Gympie, the Warrego, and the Mai moa. As re- garded the inquiries made by the Press respect- ing tho resources of thoi company, his ' answer therefore was that in December,11881, they began with three steamers, and on ?.IstDocqm bor, 1883, they had nine-(applause)-and that theso steamers touched at every port on the Queenstand coast. Ho trusted this explana- tion would satisfy their newspaper ¡friends on this point. He thought the vviiter of the article referred to knew nothing of IiIb subject, but if he bad looked into the shipping columns of the Courier, or oven of his own.papor, ho might liavo found the desired information. He (Mr. Forrest) admitted that thd company was not in a sense a local one. The bulk of its capital was raised in London, but simo thou- sands of it were provided by residents o£ Queens- land, and the entire capital had beca invested in the colony. It was certainly localin rospoct of its working and its expenditure. ¡Its head quaiters were in Brisbane. Its vcisols were all repaired and docked in Brisbane, j Its crews were all, engaged hero. The wages wero all paid here, and its coal was as' far as possible obtained in Brisbane. As "to the aiiount the company spent in the colony ho was not pro Íiared to state precisely, but it ran into very argo figures. (Applause.) Spoakitfe as tho agents of tho new company,-they cheerfully recognised the -civilising influence! of tho A.S.Ñ. Company in past years. (Hear, hear.) But the time had come when better boats must 1 be provided. Passengers must not ha asked to

go to sea in colliers, iii times past tljß A.S.N. 1 Company had done its work well, but a new order of j things had arisen, and they had now to meet competition. What ,the* future of the-Queensland -Steam shipping Company would bo lomained to be som. T^iat would depend upon the 'amount of ¡support accorded it by the Queensland, public. Ho could express hi3 belief, however, tltat there would be any amount of money read; for in- vestment if experienco proved there was room on our coast. He thought the placing of such boats in the trade as the "Warrego and the Maranoa was a feather in the cap of Queens- land. He was confident of the substantial progress of the colony, and he hoped jet to see a good many Warregos and Maranoas 'find profitable employment on our coast.1 (Loud cheers,) I

Hon. J. Douglas, C.M.G., proposed Captain Hampton, whose appointment he regirded as an auspicious one for ourselves, forjhe had seen the world and knew how ships fjught to

be managed. The increase of our coasthi* traffic during the last twenty years was surprising, 'and it was impossible to say what it would

, .como tqan the noxt ion ^ twionry venr¡r I Tim

lfl*ft. »» of oui porta ],.CU boon consiftei d v dis_i>jmtl,Ke. butht appeared «hat bj»this cncnnfirtill'*. oUi M eat lilteuor would bo raoie îapidly de\eiè?n»J Hw Kondut tho Actm* t Chief Justice haa' lbs.1 spoken of the saloon

accommodation antVof tites ¿uovlsionnifido'for I the ladies, but he ¿Mr Jlóiijás) li Wbçui moi e ¿track with the '(kecll Uro" bf the steel ige accomiiioi1 itmn Hb.bul neeq; sebn ainthincr cqiTil to it Hid if he uanted to ti no11). this steamer his Aril} doubt ti oui I bo whbtlici ho should 119t try 1 steer ige pacage (Oucoi s )

.Tho ton«t W.,Mtig b on di mik, with nil the honoins,

Captiiolïviim.v bulli/ and móUatlj io P'iid lilla was lu-o Ut 1 11) nan 1 it it m tim buV foi tin Ve au pt t he hid been ougu-od upon lu,, steamer? \ 11 ho hope 1 to f,ivo sitist letiuli ni the vJieVUftluut ti ule (An plutse) *

Mi-.1 \V. XVii-wa-wV ¡local iiunftgur A.S.JN. Coiilp.ui}1) piotii>iod tln.-i'iealtljtt e>f Miwra.Par- bury, Limb, ,n>d li vlf, whose, selcetiou as agcfitytlidto.itod tlu? sitgiteify of lija; tliroctoiaat I home., Tjiej, bad scut Out tot^eUiof lite li rat j el'is's, /)\nfl luid cviek'ntly bceu convinced 1 hat

I no xvssi'l iiitoiioi to the Mii-iinoa wouldsiiecjed

1 Hi moctifio the e-uiiipotition on the Qiiei'iisUnd , | coast. , 1'no clfect unfst be 'io stimulate the '

older Cuuip.iiiics und to brinj hito the''ltvule vessels ahead of the .lillies, ^o impôt tlierfc I would bo trade for ¡til, ,mdi w neu tiny con

siderca" the divolopitiutit ol' tl'c p,i-.J sijvon I yen's the} cbuld enter'.ipi mi ,duu>it as lo tlib ' iuttii-p' He thought that at j liven I ijifio was I ii little tu« niiioli' tollington tii-C coast, lint tho j trade of'tlie'e'llin'iy itet'iloped very l.ipidly,

and it tt'a-i liettoi; tti li.u,e no i.aicli tonnage than t'io, lit.le. 'tf'he ft It bonnet to'say a few .words ou poli.t'lf of the jA.y.JN. Company, thoy riiiisl pardon his loyally to tho flag-(ehcois) but ho must say there tus ii little ci edit" Jue to the old company who li.ul i(iui steaiuois to tiiese ports, whell they ' fpim'dd ii poitiou ,of jbtrüw"'South Wales, and ' when no other company could bo got to meet the, wants of the colonists.',At that tuno the coast was not so well lit ns-all credit lo the,Marino Board-it now was, yet bin company had tor u long sei ics of years convoyed pasäohgei-s ni safety along the coast. Ho hoped thotiado of the colony ti mild make the investment of. capital in, steamers fairly rcuuiiiei alive, foi- it It 'did iiotp.ind thq

investment was an unvtousuinl i.itl'ioi- unstable one-llio public would et oittiialiy .sillier. ,

The toast having boon' duly hunournl, Mr. GnoiMHi RArr respotuleil,'piying a uiuiited compliment to the good taste of the piopuscv of thuró.ist, and rhatilcimi the company for the warmth with wiii'cli it hiid'beou drunk,

Oaptiin Dru lof Wright, Heaton, and q\>,), 'as nil old Ans:i.allan, colonist', UioWmii toung

<._iiei'ii"|jiuler, 'begged 'tb'proposo ¡l to tv, It 'was "Oij/tain iiausard,"tlic cuiipii'/yiiniiiiiQ siippi-iiil'e'Vlenr. The toast Was eitjli i«u¡)tically druitl', alni Captain IlANsilto hating suitably replied, in which hb paid .manu ti Ionia to Mr. Foi-rent, the company i ose. , " ,

The'anchor was thon weighed, unit tho Maranoa arrived ¡it theil li uf atö,ÜUp.iiiv utter an exceedingly pleasant tiny. It in.ij bo hero lrioiiHonuil that the maximum spee i attained bj' tho M'uiilioaycstcVil.iywus, allott ing for tho

title, lo) knots.

Rocklands is giuettcd a town whoro liquors may bo ihsposed'of by wholesale. '

"Manión's Combination' and Pantomime Company" open in tho Albert Hall on Boxing night. ' , ,",

A pay's athletic spoitson the UnioifClub ground, Toowong, is announced for Boxing Way- ,' , ' i

'Phi; programme,of tho Kedron Park iraces, to bq rim ou Boxing Day, aiJpears in another column, i . i m :u n '

Tut, dates for Rohling lund commissioners' courts'during 1SS4 ¡no'published in to-day's OuzHk. I » ? ' >\

A OALL of'.Id. por share is payable on 10,000 shares in the Shaun O'Ji'aucU and South New iíciilaiul Company, of (Jj rtipic.

, A QintlbJ'jUAS conçoit, consisting of carols, recita«, ¡mil sjiciedselociions, is to boguen in the Theatre Royal ou (Jlii'istinas nighl.i |

I 'A íLUütr un- ¿'GO tumlo is to bo um tit

Kedron Pink lim afternoon botweon Mi\ Poplnii's bay mare and Mr. Hughes'.)' Liioilbu

By proclamation itif'to-duy's Gazette the Reglsli tition of Bi amis'on blicpp Act is in filtur- to )>o in force ia tho sheep district of


' Tjih limc-t.iblc to bo obsci ved hy Clio Sand- gate mut Woody Point steamet s on Christmas Day and Bo\mg ¡Day appears in. tmother column. , - , , i

A.'TUffi ,to Ilmitnyiioiig by tho stoamer ICaliii'ii oiiiWow Yon in Day, in aid of tho organ fund of the Oieek-stioot Presbyterian Church,

is luiiiotineed,

AMENDED dcsoripl iona of the boundaries of it numbul' of sm vcyed i ans ni the unsettled districts of Burke ami JJoichhaitlt me pub- lished in lo-ilny's QazMo.

AT Tiinily Chinch, Valley, on Christmas Day, thcie will bo a eelcliration of Holy Com- munion at S o'clock, and the Bishop will preach mid celebrate Holy Opiumimion at 11.

Tia: adjourned meeting of the Licensing Boaul was held at noon yesterday, but only ono member of the lnuul (ñlr. Ii. Mtio Donncll) being piescnt, the mooting was adjoin ned to Friday next, _álli institut.

IN to day's Qazellfi the Gonimissioncr of Rail ways gives notice that the date to which tenders will bo icceived for stores, timber, &c, fori the Noilhcrii Railway, Townsville, has been ex- tended to Friday, 4th January, l&l'l.

Bv proclamation in this morning's Oovom menl Guzctla, the sheep districts of Taroom and Banana are abolished, and the ureas con- tained tlieioin aro henceforth to he included in the sheep districts of Maianoa and Springsure

respecta ely.

"PiNAroau" was ropoatcd at tho Theatre" Royal last evening, ami will form tho attrac- tion again to-night. On Boxing Night' the Royal Opqra Bolillo Company will ho joined by the Towers family in the production of a Christmas pantomimo.

Our Upper Brisbano correspondent, writing under (late 21st Decombor, says :-Weather still very diy. The maùo is being cut for fodder as other feed is very Bcarce. The cattle aro giving very little milk, and many aie dying

from extreme weakness.

Owners of ratable property in tho Ithaca Division arc reminded that they aro îequired to forward to tho chah man of Iho hoard notice in writing of any sale or subdivision of ratable property before the end of Jauuaiy, 1881, olhoraiso they will continue to bo liable'for


In consequence of tho illness of tho Rev. Mr. andMrs. Tranmar, theOliristmas troennd saleof gifts in aid of St. John's peal of hells was unavoidably postponod yesterday. It will bo opened to-day at 3 p.m. and Monday at 7.30 p.m., at the corner of Queen and Edward


Aï St. John's Church to-morrow there will be a celebration of Holy Communion at 8a.m., and again at 11 o'clock, when there will also be an oidination service, at which the Bishop will pi each. In tho evening, at half-past 7, the Rev. W. Vosper, of Toowoomba, will preach. On Christmas Day there will bo full choral celebration of Holy Communion at 8 a.m., and full choral service at 11 o'clock.

J3y notice in tho Ouzette, it is announced that his Excellency the Governor, with the advice of tho Executive Council, lias, upon the

recommendation of the council of tho Munici

pahtyof Maryborough,! been pleased to accopt tho services of a fire brigade enrolled in that municipality, under the name of the Mary- borough Fire Brigade, A further proclama-1 tion declares the provisions of the Act to be in force in Maryborough.

A numerously attended meeting was held at the Duke of Cornwall Hotel, Stanley-street, South Brisbane, on Wednesday last, for the purpose of selecting a suitable person to repre- sent the electors of No. 2 division of the Wool- loongabba Divisional Board, rendered vacant by the retirement of Mr. Heaslop by eflluxion of time. It was unanimously resolved that Mr. J. F. Oberthur, plumber and gasfitter, Stanley-Street, was a fit and proper person to represent the division, and the aid of a large number of electors was promised to support his candidature. In a few days Mr. Oberthur's address to the electors will appear in our


AMOMfjST many other advantages presented to I intending purchasers of allotments In the Mon- tague lístate may bo mentioned first-clas3 soil for gardening, water for Blnking a fow feet, conve- nience to Queen-street, with omnibuses passing in fiont of the catato, charming vlows, healthy position, on the bank of the river, anil a host of other attractive items which in tho aggregate contribute so much to muka a spot enjoyable for a home. Ho3t Daly will have the luncheon on tho table at 2, and the salo will commenco at 2,30, this


A Jlcver AitKEST.-To arrest decomposition in Milk, Butter, Meat, Fish, Poultry, &o.. Sec, uso "Qlacloline," which will keen thom perfectly sweet for days or oven weeks in tho hottest weather. "Glacialine" ia porfeotly harmless. Sold by chemists, grocers, and storekeepers. Wholesale agents for Queensland-Berkley, Tay- lor, & Co., Brisbane, - '