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Sydney, Dccombor 10.

A man named Thomas Shand was drowned yesterday through the upsetting of a boat in

the harbour.

A conference botwecn tho Hon. W. J. Trickett, Postmaster-General of New South Wales, the Hon. Graham Berry, Postmaster General of Victoria,and Mr. Warren, Superin- tendent of the Cabio Company, commenced its silling this morning- to consider the question of a reduction of tho charges for eablo mossages

between Australia and London.

Tho eloquent speech of Lord ltoscbory at the banquet on Saturday evening has been the thomo of general remark to-day,

Tho Hon. J. II. Reid, Minister for Public Instruction, resinned his oflieial duties this morning aflor his recent illness.

Some oxcltemcnt lins been caused at tho Mount Browne diggings by the discovery by a Portuguese miner of a good lead of coarse gold at tho One-mile. The depth of sinking is 10ft., and Hie prospects yielded ljdwl, to the dish.

The coronet's inquest concerning the death of Norah Costello, barmaid at Olliffe's Hydo Park Hotel, was concluded this morning.

Coonah, who was in custody, confessed to having accidentally shot tho docoased, and was committed for trial on a charge of man- slaughter.

Tho Queensland Steam Shipping Company's new steamer Maranoa arrived hero this morn- ing. Sho will bo employed in the trado bo- twecn Cooktown and Sydney, via intermediate ports, while the Archer and Corea will run in the Not Hiern trade. The Maranoa possesses great speed, and has splendid passenger accom-


Alderman Hard io has boen elected mayor of Sydney for tho ensuing year.

A Frenchman named Jules Dasmit has been committed for trial for breaking into the premises of Mr. T. Seldon, ironmonger, Pitt


The A.S.N. Company's new steamer Hesketh arrived from Greenock to-day.

The schooner Garfield, whilst crossing the Manning River Bar on Sunday morning, went aground .on the north bank, and is expected to become a total wreck. All hands wore


Harvesting operations aro in full swing in several districts. At Cootamundra the wheat yield ia averaging 13 bushels per acre.

A dinner was given by the Speaker of tho Legislative Assembly to - night at Parliament House, in honour of tho visit of tho Earl of Rosebery and the Austi alian delegates. A large and brilliant company was present, including his Excellency the Governor, tho Earl of Rosebery, tho Hon. Graham Berry, and Mr. AVhitnker.

Arrived : Ranelagh, s., from Brisbane.


Mbüboüiuíb, December 10.

Mr. Henry AVoods, a well-known resident of the Merino district, has been killed by the up- setting of his vehicle.

Telegrams have been received from Chiltern, stating that definite arrangements have been entered into for the construction of tho new bridgo over the Murray at Howlong, at a cost

of £8000.

The Salvation Army have taken commodious premises at Carlton for a home and workshop for discharged prisoners.

Archbishop Goold, Roman Catholic Arch- bishop of Victoria, yesterday laid the founda- tion stone of the new Catholic church to bo erected in West Melbourne, at a cost of about £40,000.

On Friday last a terrific boiler explosion occurred at Messrs. Malcolm and Co.'s flour mills, St. Arnaud.- A labourer named Samuel Duff was dreadfully injured by the explosion.

The magnificent now steamer Maranoa, in- tended for the Queensland Shipping Company, arrived in the bay on Saturday last.

Tho death'is announced'of Mr.' William Eastwood, formerly Mayor of Flemington, and

an old resident.

A complimentary banquet was given in the vestibule of Parliament House to-night to the delegates to the Australian convention vvio had returned from Sydney. The Hon. J. Service occupied the chair, and a large number of gen- tlemen were present. Mr. Service, in propos- ing the toast of " Our Guests," mndc a cha- racteristic speech.


Adelaide, December 10.

A determined attempt was made on Sunday night to wreck the train on the Semaphore and Largs Bny line, but was frustrated by a police constable, who found a largo piece of iron stretching right across the lirio. The perpetrator of the dastaidly act has not yet

been discovered.

Complaints arc being made in the country districts of the absence of sufficient railway rolling stock for the accommodation of the wheat traffic. The harvest yields continue lo exceed the highest anticipations.


AVellington, December li).

Tho positioa of tho stranded steamer Triumph is now considered to bo quite hopeless. She is lying broadside on to tho rock, hnviug a bolo in her hull, through which the water is flowing into the engine-room.

The schooner Sarah AV. Hunt has arrived at Lyttolton from Campbell Island, having on board only the captain and steward. Tiro re-. maindcr of the crow, numbering thirteen, left tho schooner for a sailing cruise, but did not roturn, and tho vessel being unable to discover any traces of the boat, mado for Lyttolton.