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WLDNKSDAV was a red letter day in the calendar of Southpoit As most persons interested m that thriving watci nig placo too well know, tho want of convenient jetty accommodation has always been a source of discomfort and apprehension to visitors, and a

barrier m tho way of progress About tinco Î'cars ago a spirited attempt was made by a few andowncis in the soutboin end of the place to meet this want by the erection of a, jetty at tho mouth of Nerang Creek, and that structure undoubtedly sorved its purpose foi the tuno being. Another attempt was aftcrwaids mudo

by public subscription to build a jetty in front

of tho Pacific Hotel,, and was successful to some extent, but it could not Bafely bo ap proached by steamers at any time, while the jetty on Nerang Cieok was also unapuioach nblo at low ivutci In consequence tho prac tice of transhipping both passengers and goods by means of small boats still con tinucd to bo an inconi eiuent and sometimes poi lions necessity It became obvious that if ever Southport was to becomo a thoroughly atti activo watci mc place better facilities must be piondod,and that neither Nerang Crcok on the south nor Labi ador at tho noith weie sufficiently central for a popular landing plae« Tho Nerang Divisional Board wcio appealed to, but they, having other demands upon thon resources, and being discouraged by the un willingness of the Engine« foi Hat boin s and ltivcis to accept tho responsibility of lcconi

mending tho building of a jetty olf Central Southpoit, declined to undeitiikc the woik Nine months ago theio appealed as little hopo as evei of the want being met, when Mi

John Camoronendeavoured with hiscustominy enthusiasm to aiouso tho people to iction Southpoit unfoitunately had two ends, each having its own vested mteiest, and one end ah cady possessing sonic small advantage in the shape of jetty accommodation,

did not feel particularly aimons to assist the othci LTndoi these ciicuinstanccs

sovcial genorous ollcis fiom Mi Camelon, hboially supplemented by Mr 11 I

btovens, M L A , fmlcd to pi oduce an adequate jetty subsetlption list, but these gentlemen, determined not to bo foiled, ulti

inately determmeil to beni the cntn e expenso themselves and risk the recovciy of their money at some future time Having obtained a fiontago lease fiom tho Goieminent, und the assistanco of the Harbouis and Rivets Depaitmcnt in piopnnng plans and speetfieii tions, tenders wcro called foi tho work and an eligibloone was accepted a few months ago, and tlie jetty has just been completed to the equal satisfaction of Messis (Stevens and Cameron and the people of Southport who

cnnnot fail to perceive tho important effect it must havo in enhancing tho value of their property and accelerating the progress of their town. Wednesday, therefore, was by com- mon consent set apart as a holiday for the purposo of opening tho jetty, with fitting ceremony, and a committee of towns- people wero appointed to carry out all neces- sary arrangements. Mr. Cameron, of course, had to bo present, and, therefore, he on Wed- nesday morning left Brisbano with a few con- genial spirits, including Mr. J. B. Stanley, of the Harbours and Rivers Department, by the steamer President. The day was a lovely ono. As tho President approached Southport the bright sun was tempered by an invigorating north-east breeze, and the azure heavens were beautifully reflected in tho rallied waters, which kout up their ceaseless roll on the bar. The new jetty, stretching out into deep water, was gaily''- decorated with flags and crowded with ahappy well-dressed crowd of allages, sexes, and classes. The town itself was also decorated with flags, and the entire scone was an enliven- ing and charming one. Despite the swell, caused by tho wind and rising spring-tide, the steamer approached the jetty without difficulty and lay alongside in apparent security. Shortly afterwards, at 4 o'clock, the ceremony be- gan by tho chairman of tho Southport Di- visional Board (Mr. Johnston) reading the following complimentary address to Messrs. Stevens and Cameron, tho proprietors of the jetty :-" Dear Sirs,-We, the residents of the town of Southport and district, con- gratulate you on the completion of the ' Southport Pier.' Wo trust it may long remain as a monument of your energetic interest in the welfare of our town and district. -Signed on behalf of the residents," &c. Messrs. Cameron and Stevens having succes- sively made their acknowledgments, were loudly cheered, and Mr. Stevens'« eldest daughter, a bright little child of 4 years, timidly seized the bottle of champagne sus- pended for that purposo from a pile, and per- formed tho christening ceremony amidst loud and reiterated, applause. The State school children, who.had assembled on the pier to ¿he number of about sixty, then, led by their teacher, sang the National Anthem with good effect,, and thus terminated the fcarmal part of the proceedings. The company then wcnli ashore, the children to be rpgalcd with buna, and fruit, the ladies to perfcam the office of interested spectators, and the - gentle- men to. Hanion's Hotel to drink each* other's healths, iu champagne. Hero some pleasant speeches- were made, Mr. Stevens expressing the hope that the jetty would bo a monument of Southport's progress, and prove-a general benefit, to. the town and districtt. and Mr. Cameron counselling the people to pull together in all mattem designed for the' public benefit, and always- to be pre- pared to. meet each other in i.'apirit of com- promit». He was confident thatthe jetty would benefit both ends of the town, and that every- one would participate in tho advantages derived from its construction. The. assemblage then broke up with mutual exchanges of goodwill. We are indebted to Mr. J. B. Stanley, for a technical description of tho jetty, which, wc may premise, has a ligLi and elegant although substantial appearance^ and gives an aspect of civilisation to Southport which it has not hitherto borne. The-following i» the descrip-

tion referred to :

The jetty is 800ft.. lung from hkh-water mark, and 8ft. Gin. wide, and has a depth, at outer end, of 10ft. below the lowest tides. At the outer end thoic is a head 30ft. by 20ft. to allow of vessels lying alongside, and to facili- tate the landing of passengers. The inner por- tion, 400ft. tong, is tho old jetty raised and strengthened, and tho outer portion, 400ft. long, Uconntrocted with pilw formed, of two

disused railway rails- fitcd back to back, pointed at the lower ends, and nvcttcd to- gether, cross braced with anglo iron 3in by Sin by ¿in , and diagonal bVaces of ljin, fbtmd iron bolted to tho piles A cap is bolted on tho top of the piles to receive the headstocks, above which arc tinco stnngeis and planking over, with a handrail on one side This is a new form of consti acting a ehe ip jetty, beinç the fiist of the kind ejected, an! was designed by Mi Nisbet, the Engincei of Harbouis and Riieis Tho piles aie a great success, and droie well, plthough the giound is rock, and the whole now bolted togcthci foi m a 101 y substantial structuic The contractoi was Mr Lnthci of Southport, and every ci edit is duo to bim for haling earned outthonork 111 so faithful a manner foi a cost of undci 11000

On the shoic end of the jetty, which in michel by a tramway, lins been oiccted a nevt and commodious building of haielwood 11 catheiboard, îoofod with non, divided into two com]) 11 tinonts-one foi use as a poods shed, the otlu 1 as a waiting room It lins a veranda round tluee sides and being fin mailed with scats will bo a cool and pleasant lince of icsoit foi usitois

It w satisfactorj to note that tho spirited proprietors of tho u tty will sustain no loss by then spidilation The) baie lease 1 thestiuc tin oto the (liiisional boaid for thieojeirsat a jcirly rental of illO 11 li ich will not only piondo mteiest on the outlay but also (,1 idually extinguish the pnncipal sum lins is a gratifying illustiatioii of the pim ciph of carrying out public 1101 ka by pin ito cnterpi lse, which should move m incoiitiic to I olsons in other paits of the colon) l'ho pi o

nuetois nae! seieinl othei otlersto lcasi tho

jolt) but piifciicd, in the public intiiest to put it 111 the hands of tin local anthoiitiis simply imposing the conelition that the charge shall not exceed a coi tain pi escribed maximum lhe bond nu manifesting sinulii public spuit 111 imposing a still lowci tai iff, and baie stated th it no charlo will bo made tovisitois using the jott) unless they go 01 ci it as passengers when tho steamer owneis will be liable Homo doubt is still cn teitamed wllothoi the new jetty will be usoful 111 ordmaiy weather, but tlio ixpeu once of yesterday mm nine was favourabh

When the President 1 cached it nt 8 S) thcro wiw-a good south cast biecze blowing, and it being high spiing tido at the time theio was 11 considerable ""jump" on The steamet, how nvci, lay alongside without difficulty, and haling taken 011 hei passcngcis cist olf and niocecilod on her wa). Tho belief of Mi Stcicns is that tho jetty will bo found pci

fectly practicable by all steamms trading in these watci s in any state of tlio tido and m any ordinary weather The 1 allic of the struc- tuic will thcicfoio bo great, and its complu tion quite justifies tho ceremonies which baie attended its opening

On Wednesday ci cmng a dinner commemo ratne of tho opening of tho jetty was gncn by the Colobmtion Committee in tho coffee

room of Hanlon'« Hotel, where about forty gentlemen sat down to an muting IC past Tho quality of tho viands, with th

jioi fection of the cooking 1 o which they h 11 been treated, was tho subject of general uppiobation, and the host and hostess recen ed nairn cou gratulations foi the exceptionally good ni ran c monts they hadimado for tho entertainment of the company The chun was taken b> 0110 of tho oldest residents of the district, Mr C M Moins, of Bundall, on his right bein,, seated tho member foi the Logan, Mi V J Stevens, and on his left Mi lohn Camelon Tlio vice

chair was takemby Mi K Mun, of Norang Creek, and there wcio present Mi R. 1. Johnston, the chairman, with most of tho morn bera of the divisional board, and most of the leading lesidcnts of tho ncighbouimg distnet The limits of oui spiico do not admit of cien a condensed roport of the speeches, but tho toasts, aftoi tho usual loyal ones, wcro as foi low -"The Pailiamcntof Queensland,' pro posed by the vice chairman, and responded to in tin oxcellont speech by Mi Stevens, 'lhe Guests of tho Licning, coupled with tho names of Mossrs Stoxen») Camelon, Stanley and C H Buzacott," pioposcd by the chun man, and lcspondcd to 1 eatly by Mr John Cameron, who concluded by proposing " l'ho Conti actoi (Mi Lathei)," who suitably lcspondcd " lhe Lnnincois of tho Hal boars and lliveis Do partmont," winch was responded to by Mi J. ß Stanley," The Press,' " The Ladies 'The Chairman, and "^lhe Host and Hostess" followed, all being di mik with enthusiasm, and 1 esponded to in uppi op) into speeches Some very capital son 1 followed, tho evening's pro endings concluding about half pastil o clock without a single incident to mai the lim mony of the occasion lho diiinci was gcncially hold to be 0110 of tho best soi 1 ed, most 01 dei ly, and pleasant cntcitammcnts cici (,11011111 this pai t of the colony

Southpoit has mado gi cut progiCHH dilling tho past six months. The now buildings uio numerous and of a supcuoi class lho Post and Telegraph Office is an ornament to the esplanade, whilo among othei buildings the houses of Messrs % W Walk« and 1 layloi arc paiticulaily noticeable from the watci lhe School of Aits, u neat chun li like build ing, stands in u atroot at the reai, and costing less than «¿200, is a min 1 el of cheapness , and as Mr Camelon is appealing to all his fi lends foi piesonts of books, a icry lcspoctablo bbiaiy will soon be foi mod Anotlio acquisition to Southpoi t is the newly constituted divisional boaid, who ate can ymg out that most tisi ful and nceessiir\ woik, the foi miition of a road along the (splaiiado fiom Haillons Hotel to Leniiebergs Altogether the prospects of Southpoit aro blight, and theil can bono qucs tion of tho detcimutation of its lesidcnts to

pcimancntly establish it as the promioi watci ing place of the colony Among othei pi ospec ttve benefits is the railway, which will, it is doclai ed, malta Southpoi t the second town in uiipoi tunco in tho southern part of tho colony.